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One Question. Hwo can I find some with MIFIDII?

FXPRIMUS does not have a Mini account.

Could you do an article on the brokers that offer the best leverage for exotic / emerging market pairs such as USD/CNH, USD/TRY, EUR/CNH, AUS/CNH and USD/RUB?

It seems a lot of the brokers offering high leverage only have the usd/cnh at best, and even that is sometimes offered less leverage than advertised.

Feedback appreciated.


What happened to all the information you had on Admiral markets?
It is not on the search list anymore.The information you have on brokers seem somewhat made up or else you are receiving incentives for presenting information as directed.How can that information be trusted? You are acting as an advertising platform for brokers, now that’s conflict of interest because your information is misleading.

Thank you!

Yes, we do have this topic covered: http://www.100forexbrokers.com/newzealand-forex-brokers

Read difference between Regulation and Registration


If you continue FSPRs as Regulated Brokers, your website will have no crediility

Your listing of New Zealand Licensed Brokers is wrong.

See the official list > https://fma.govt.nz/compliance/lists-and-registers/licensed-derivatives-issuers/

Your listing is giving misleading information.

Read the haov caused by FSPRs > http://www.interest.co.nz/business/86990/pegasus-markets-and-solid-global-investments-two-nz-financial-service-providers-and

FSPR is not a regulation but a simple registration.

In case your listing to have some credibility change the listing immediately

Thank you!
Good suggestion.

While for now, all cent account brokers can be found here:
(scroll to the bottom of the article)

Can you add in the Search Brokers the possibility to search for Brokers that offers cent account?

Thought I’d take a look at EXNESS – quoted as having 1000:1 Margin
Seems great then find the following notice in the mailbox tab
Dear Client,

we would like to inform you that the margin for new positions opened today from 14:45:00 to 15:05:00(GMT+0) for currency pairs containing all currencies will be calculated based on a maximum leverage of 1:200. Please note this rule when choosing trading strategy.

Exness Team

liderforex says that it will give $50 no deposit bonus after registration and sending needed documents immediately, But It Don’t
this is the url for Checking:

see this link. one of my client suffering hard to get money back. No security of your funds here. open link below
I want to Inform all clients working with the broker grandcapital.net that this is a very very big scam. Stealing client’s money by offering bonuses and then If you made profit you will be kicked off legally.
I was offered bonus and when I start and deposit more than USD4000 total in my 3 accounts 485323, 485600 and 500528 they give me bonus 115%. Then I trade for a week and make almost USD11000 profit. then I requested withdrawal on 2nd of NOV 2016. Now they start delaying and after 7 days on 10th of NOV they block my member area access and then disabled my 3 accounts. I can not access my accounts and can not login to my member area. I go to live chat at website and talk. they told you will get email after an hour and I received this email after an hour,
Dear Ali Mazahir,

According to the Client Agreement “5.7. The Company has the right on its own discretion to invalidate any Client’s trading transaction or close one or several Client’s positions at a current price at any time, in case the Client violates the present Agreement and/or relevant Regulations.” and “5.8.To suspend service provision to the Client at any time, in case reasonable grounds are present, without prior notification of the Client and without disclosing the reasons.” your initial deposit has been sent to your details.
when I ask reason, they said we can not tell reason.
I have all proofs regarding my case some snapshot I am uploading for reference.
At live chat you can clearly see the tone of their lies. also they have accept at live chat by saying “YES YOU HAVE PROFIT”. I request you to invite them and I will prove everything they demand. They are ruining trader’s lives.

stay away from FxUnited. Constant excuses whenever withdrawals of funds are made. Server down, backlog issues, teething problems of new issues. withdrawal waiting times are ridiculously long, no definitive time, could be 4 weeks, 8 weeks or even 6 months. this is pure Ponzi scheme disguised as a forex platform.

About FXNet .Their client service very Bad. Beware all Trader.

Abdul Matin.

FXNet is not a good broker ,they are receive my money.But now not Response.

We need to gather full information about this broker. Currently it’s not listed with us, hence not found in the Segregared accounts listing.
We’ll work on it. Thank you!

Cannot find TriumphFX under Brokers with Segregated Accounts. How do you include them ?

STAY AWAY I can’t get my withdrawal from Noafx for over 5 weeks now you can read my full story at this thread