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March 25, 2011

An exclusive interview with Jason K., cTrader representative for 100Forexbrokers.com

The goal of this interview is to introduce cTrader ECN platform to the trading community.

Question 1: cTrader is a new trading platform which traders will soon hear about. What is the main concept behind the product?

Jason K.: cTrader is a gateway to FX ECN markets. The main concept is to provide Forex traders a true ECN environment, which incorporates all possible advantages and features, needed for aggressive trading.

Question 2: There are several ECN platform solutions available to brokers and traders these days. Why another ECN platform?

Jason K.: Forex industry is rapidly growing and improving. cTrader is big step in its evolution. ECN is the future of Foreign Exchange and cTrader is the catalyst for it. We have worked very hard perfecting every single detail, to bring out a wonderful trading platform and take trading to a next level.

Question 3: Every trading platform has some advantages. What are the most outstanding advantages of cTrader ECN that no other ECN platform can currently offer?

Jason K.: cTrader has a combination of features, that wasn’t available for ECN traders before. The platform deploys advanced charting, together with detachable charts, single click trade execution, detachable charts, numerous technical analysis tools, informative and intuitive graphical user interface. We are constantly working to make cTrader even better and we won’t stop.

Question 4: What are other key features that traders would appreciate in cTrader ECN?

Jason K.: Every cTrader user will notice the difference in usability. We managed to deliver an extremely comfortable and sophisticated trading environment, though familiar to the majority of traders, for which you don’t have to adopt your trading style, in contrary – cTrader adapts to your trading style.

Question 5: ECN implies professional trading. Is cTrader ECN built for skilled professionals, or is it suitable for all traders? How simple will it be for a beginner trader with no trading experience to start with cTrader ECN?

Jason K.: cTrader is a perfect choice for everyone – for traders who have just began their journey and one’s who have been in this industry for a long time. It is easy to start trading using our platform, practice your trading in the ECN environment and afterwards move on and trade ‘Live’. Our goal is for every user to feel comfortable when trading with cTrader. The only problem I have noticed, that after using cTrader it’s nearly impossible to use other platforms afterwards. You will see what I mean.

Question 6: Let’s talk about brokers, since they decide which platforms to offer to their clients. What solutions and advantages can cTrader ECN offer to Forex brokers? How do you position yourself among the industry leaders?

Jason K.: cTrader is a turnkey solution. We fully understand the needs and requirements of brokers. From the beginning the platform was built for ease of use both for traders and brokers. cTrader is easy to implement and brokers will be able to offer an advanced trading tool to their clients soon after becoming our partner. However we are highly selective and we will only work with companies we would be proud of becoming our partner.

Question 7: As we speak, there is only a demo version of cTrader ECN available. When should we expect the official release of cTrader ECN?

Jason K.: We have just recently launched cTrader with FxPro. As a magnificent leading Forex broker, FxPro has managed to make one more smart step offering their clients ECN trading possibilities together with our platform.

Question 2: What else would you like to say to Forex traders and brokers today?

Jason K.: We have put lots and lots of effort to release cTrader, hoping that everyone will be able to enjoy it as much as we do. Our team is always expecting valuable feedback from our friends in social communities, for your support and suggestions on how could we make cTrader even better. We will not back down; together with cTraders’ we’ll keep on working and perfecting it in the future. You are really important to us, only because of you cTrader was born. In return, we only ask to drop us a line and promise to constantly add features and perfect cTrader in every possible way, with your help we will do it faster.

From 100Forexbrokers.com we’d like to Thank you for this interview!

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C trader platform is worst platform for trading, it good for brokers (kawase) who manipulate clients trades, it always freezes.

DCIFX – new broker (2016), not regulated (there is no Forex regulation in Iraq). We haven’t heard about this company before, and so far have no reviews either, sorry. Suggest looking at other resources/forums. While we will collect information in order to list this broker. Thank you for introduction!

Hello ,
Are dcifx broker is trusted broker ?
this broker is in iraq .
thanks and regards

manipulation also done in ctrader platform. http://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?p=8788826#post8788826

you can find all the details

Best platform………Aminur

Not able to control of your trade from broker side, this is major support for every trader peachfully confidence. So cTrader is best for trade…… theAminur.

fxpro is scam.
the *** play dirty.
withrawal decline,or closed clients accounts..
block live chat….

Great platform!!! Is there someone that has compared this to the Currenex Viking (software) platform?

Here is the platform link where you can download the cTrader and cAlgo guys with Zoya Direct DMA forex broker with no NDD intervention

cTrader : http://zoyaforex.ctrader.com/ctrader-zoyaforex-setup.exe

cAlgo : http:zoyaforex.ctrader.com/calgo-zoyaforex-setup.exe

I am currently using Zoya Direct cTrader and cAlgo its really good they have very tight spreads average of 0.2 in EUR/USD and th execution is really very good.i would recommend Zoya Direct as a best Trading Platform provider.

nice platform. it’s fast and real ECN can be seen here. I use with commexfx. (of course options are limited like indicators but still easy to work with.)

Their algorithm trading platform cAlgo is great,love the Robot from http://www.cAlgofx.com.

http://www.tradersway.com offers cTrader platform for every nationality. So U.S citizens are welcome.

i ve seen tradersway started offering cTrader, maybe they accept us clients

I Thing the best platform i ever worked is are forexcontrol.com . fast and smooth , i really adivce you all to check it . really perfect

i will try ctrader. i like mt5.

Is hedging allowed on this platform? With Metatrader 5 going rogue, it’d be nice to have an alternative in the years to come!

ctrader is the best platform I have used. I would love to open aa account with fxpro but they do not offer service to customers in the U.S. The next ECN broker to offer ctrader in the U.S. will be the future of forex in the united states. I am wondering why it is not available now.

Could someone share her/his opinion(s) on live trading with cTrader please.
I’d like to open life account with FxPro and use this platform.

Thank you

Nice platform. Will test various strategies before going live.

Nice 🙂