Forex brokers offering USD/INR

USD/INR trading is offered by the following Forex brokers:

Forex broker USD/INR pair USD/INR spread Minimum Account Maximum leverage
Alpari (India) yes 25 pips $200 500 : 1
Alpha Capital Markets yes 12 pips $500 400 : 1
BFX (USDINR Index Futures) yes 5 pips $ ?
COFX yes ? pips $2000 200 : 1
Core Liquidity Markets yes 10-26 pips $1000 200 : 1
FXTG yes 8 pips $1000 300 : 1
GCI Financial yes 10 pips $2000 400 : 1
Ikon Global Markets yes 6-7 pips $1000 50 : 1
MTrading yes ? pips $1 500 : 1
OANDA yes 25 pips $1 50 : 1
SkyFX yes 8 pips $500 300 : 1 yes 100 pips $250 200 : 1

Do you know another Forex broker who offers USD/INR?Please suggest by adding a comment below.
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how exactly?

Can I do arbitrage trade usdinr future and real cash market

Thank you, but we can’t find the pair at their lists:

instaforex broker

Would you please tell something about MRC? I have created a demo account there and doing trade. I am little bit afraid about funding there as I dont know much about it. Have anybody experience about its taste or regarding profit withdrawl (satisfied or not) etc?

MRC Markets, they list USD/INR pair among available instruments here:
Please contact their support staff for details how to add it to your trading platform.

yes, check for example Alpari India – they offer trading and you can deposit and withdraw.

Hey Guys, Small question. Can a indian invest in forex market and is he allowed to do the transfer deposit and withdrawl.

I didn’t found USDINR pair in MRC Markets. Not even in MT4!!!

Please help me to find out a platfrom where I can demo trade for USDINR.

Thank you!

i think alpari have usd/inr (

Thank you!

(We don’t give recommendations or rate brokers though, sorry).

CoFx also has the USD/INR pair on their platform……But am confused which brokers is the best…can anybody help…..


You can trade on the BFX USDINR Index Futures – visit

Any one can help for futures rates for USDINR

Thank you.
Can’t, however find this pair on their available currency list on the website.

NordFx is also providing Forex Trading in India for INRUSD

Indeed. MRC Markets has not only USD/INR, but also EUR/INR and GBP/INR pairs.
Thank you!

I think MRC Markets have it too, it was tradable on their demo.