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Tradeo is the only cross-broker, cross-platform social trading network connecting traders and brokers worldwide. Launched in April 2012, Tradeo uniquely offers community-sourced, global data feeds and sophisticated trading analytics which combine to enable traders to make decisions based on the community’s wide-ranging insight and experience. It is the only social network to offer rich and real-time market sentiment, along with aggregated user information.

At Tradeo, ‘Social Trading’ means empowering traders by combining online tools with collaboration and transparency, enabling the free and convenient exchange of insights between users worldwide absent any restrictions to either the markets being traded or the brokers being utilized. It’s about learning more efficiently, having fun, and supporting each other.

Tradeo has combined the ideal social trading toolbox with an advanced synergistic trading system. The ‘Cloud Trader’ following platform contains a dynamic leverage system, ensuring that a leader’s strategies, not solely his positions, are copied. A maximum stop-loss system ceases copying trades if the leader’s strategy loses a pre-determined amount.

Think about how cool that is… Instead of being locked by the trade following process into duplicating all of a leader’s trades, this sophisticated new system identifies the underlying strategy, continuously analyzes its performance, and automatically quits when it hits a loss limit that you specify. No one else is doing this…

Tradeo continually solicits community feedback and maintains a firm commitment to creating a revolutionary social trading application that traders actually want to use.

Forex Brokers currently supported by Tradeo

Forex broker Platform
FxPro MT4
ActivTrades MT4
Alpari MT4
AxiTrader MT4
BenchMark Group MT4
CMTrading MT4
Easy-Forex MT4
Esteem Trader MT4
Finexo MT4
Forex Club MT4 MT4
Forex4you MT4
FX Solutions MT4
FxOpen MT4
GO Markets MT4
HY Markets MT4
IC Markets MT4
InstaForex MT4
Institutional Liquidity MT4
LiteForex MT4 MT4
MB Trading MT4
Obroker MT4
Pepperstone MT4
RoboForex MT4
Saxo Bank MT4
Swissquote Bank MT4
Sunbird MT4
TeleTrade MT4
vPE Bank MT4
XForex MT4
X-Trade Brokers MT4
YouTradeFX MT4

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It’s a true experience and my honest comment about Tradeo as I got conned by this social trading network. I lost all my account following one of the traders in its website. The fact is that Tradeo is purposely supplying false, misleading and scammy traders performance information in its filters. If you don’t believe, try to search a trader to copy with a certain number of drawdown of your own choice, the website will display inaccurate data of your search preference. So what happens is when you copy that particular trader with false and misleading performance data, you will lose money. Tradeo never updates nor corrects its traders’ data even after I sent them emails and complaints. So STAY AWAY..!!! Better to look for other reliable and more professional social trading networks!

Tradeo started as a network only.
Now they say “Tradeo is a Social Trading Network & Brokerage”

Tradeo is a broker in their own right now; you don’t need to open up an account at any of the other companies listed.
It is amazing to be able to see what other traders are doing.
I was given free training by an experienced trader and now I know what I’m doing and I’m making lots of money….I would have
been so lost if I just tried to learn by reading free website.

Base on my personal account I have only good experience with Tradeo. They are actually one of the friendliest chat support I ever dealt with. They always offer bonuses when I deposit money, and they give me help and advice with my trading. I also love the social trading feature that they have because I can easily make direct comparison of my trades from other brokers all around the globe.

I think people should not be puzzled at all when they receive phone calls from account managers when they decided to give their phone numbers and ask for a call back.