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XTB UK Forex broker reviews

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  • Year since: 2009
  • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
  • Company registration: XTB UK Ltd., United Kingdom
  • Regulation: FCA UK Register No. :522157

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Switched from SAXO bank to XTB, because f the attractive retail rates. One year later, as I have begun to read more on brokerages in forums, I realize these guys scam in all sorts of ways. In order to make sure I wasn’t being unfair, I installed different brokerage platforms on 2 other PCs. I also traded screen shots with colleagues in trading rooms. They offer live trading 3x/day via webinar. During that time, they sound like sports newscasters. They scalp back n forth, they contradict each other, and in the end they have drained the client emotionally/mentally, financially. Re. the indexes, ex. their DJ is over one hundred points below all other futures/cash quotes. Took me time to realize it. They told me they subscribe to a different maturity date than other brokers, but would not say more. Slippage is a constant game of theirs. The server freezes during key periods, they introduce those famous spikes before during, after key events. I complained several times on these issues and sent them the info they required to validate my complaints. I was always wrong, according to them. Trading after MKt hours is the worse. I am literally playing against their servers, not the mkt. They are what I have learned to be called a “bucket” to catch the newbie or simply non questioning retail trader