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Vantage FX Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2009
  • Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
  • Company registration: Vantage FX Pty Ltd (ACN 140 903 886), Australia
  • Regulation: ASIC (license #428901)
  • Notes: Vantage FX Pty Ltd is an Authorised Representative #343547 of Vantage Global Prime Pty Ltd.

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Прочитал, что брокер VantageFX на рынке уже с 2009 года и решил попробовать. Остался абсолютно доволен. Для тех кто плохо знает английский язык будет немного напряжно, но все таки есть смысл потрать несколько часов на брокера, который дает своё.

I am just wondering that with all the bad comment I read, if all or even half of them were real and genuine then the people working at Vantage FX, that on their website they show their physical address should watch their back, probably all or most of them would be be murdered from somebody by now, come on we’re dealing with money here and some people kill for very little

Hi all,
see below from ….

This is no comment or endorsement from myself, I simply noticed this and reposted ….. maybe it explains some of the comments below. Anyone with the comments and bad experiences noted below wish to comment on Vantage FX’s response here?
Are issues resolved as stated (please state if you were or were not using BTNLightning as was referred to by Vantage FX as the issue here)?

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post: 2013-04-11

We at Vantage FX are aware of the grievances and aired concerns of our traders and have been in the process of addressing these accounts individually, also undertaking further investigations of external third parties.
On the 20th March, 2013, following a request from our liquidity providers a small number of traders had their accounts temporarily suspended pending investigations into suspicious trading and in particular, usage of internet and connectivity delays in order to take advantage of arbitrage on Trading Systems. The suspension was in accordance to our terms and conditions for Margin FX and was necessary so as not to potentially contravene with our Licences from regulatory bodies. Full terms and conditions can be accessed here:
A formal correspondence via email was sent out to individual traders informing them, that the investigation may take up to 90 days and their accounts would be held within this time. Fortunately, this was not the case. All accounts were unfrozen after only 7 days and all accounts have been freed with no limits on trading or withdrawal.
During the week suspension, the frozen accounts were reviewed and confirmed as having used an illegitimate automated trading robot, also referred to as an Expert Advisor (EA), executing trades with the following characteristics:
• Causing systematic manipulation or abuse of markets
• Interfering with the markets efficiency and integrity
• Exploiting mispricing
• Operating in Breach of our Terms & Conditions 14.1, 14.2, 23.1.1 and 23.1.4
The offending EA which had produced these illegitimate trades was BTN Lightning. BTN Lightning ( promote themselves as a “news trading” EA, despite not actually working as so. BTN Lightning EAs target latency arbitrage. Latency arbitrage takes advantage of delays in the price feed and hence, an incorrect price. News trading EAs work upon the release of economic news reports focusing on short-term movements in the market as a whole, not mispriced feeds.

Such mispriced latencies occurred for Vantage FX during some minimal server down times. The server downtimes came at the peak of our client growth and trading activities greatly attributed to the sudden quadrupling growth in our Binary Options, online and mobile trading. We have addressed these server issues by expanding our existing Equinix servers redirecting client feeds to those servers closer to them.

We at Vantage FX do welcome all the types of methods, trading strategies and EAs that are not in breach of our terms and conditions, namely that of latency arbitrage trading.

All of the trades executed by this EA have been cancelled and the associated profit and loss have been adjusted accordingly. Some traders have mentioned that only profits were cancelled whilst losses were left alone – this is untrue. All trades executed by this automated trading robot were reversed. Manual trades were not and commissions collected by BTN cannot be reclaimed by us.

We are currently in the process of compiling research and evidence against BTN. We are aware that other brokers have also undertaken investigations and suspensions in light of BTN Lightning trades. Within their original promotions and reviews, BTN recommended Vantage FX as the preferred broker for use with their EA (without our knowledge). Vantage FX has attempted to locate BTN to make contact on behalf of affected clients.

BTN has now locked out some traders’ accounts and removed all contact details off their website. According to many websites and forums, many users are knowingly trading with BTN despite its suspicious practices – with some even encouraging secrecy and sharing of the EA. This is knowingly trading against the terms and conditions traders have agreed to not only with us but with nearly all brokers. BTN have told some of our clients that they will be refunded the commissions from BTN but have yet to see anything. This also goes as a fair warning to traders to be wary of handing over their trading account details to any sort of system that appears ‘too-good-to-be-true’.

We apologise for the delay it took in identifying the offending system and only took action once we were positively sure of the issue at hand. If any traders have any further concerns, contact us directly. We are more than happy to provide any trader with their transaction record, along with audit numbers, for every trade calculated in this adjustment. You may request this record or ask any questions related to your account by emailing us at [email protected]

Hi – have been with this broker and have constantly been breaking even , or losing , everything was fine. Over the last 6 months i have been making money trading the news. They have frozen my accounts and state they are going to reverse ( brokers code for STEAL) my profits. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT, open an account with these scammers , if you have a an account with them get your money out NOW , before you start to profit and they steal your profits. I am an independent at home retail trader. I also posted this same review about GO FX, as both of them have done the same thing to me.

I have been reading reviews on this broker and I find it strange that someone claimed (March 2010) to have traded 2 years with this broker…yet the broker was founded in 2009. Strange!!!!!!

Do Not trust this broker, all the positive comments coming from the staff only, with different fake names.

please trust me
I am a professional forex trader, 15 years in the business, this is my experience with this cowboy broker:

the real accounts are treble, pro account is discussing
unreliable platform,
many disconnections throughout a day, up to 10 times a day, from 1 to 8 minutes,
dishonest customer service
very slow execution, takes almost 5 seconds
you can’t win with this broker , no chance,
you want to lose money, welcome to this broker , that’s all I can say!!!

I don’t trade with this broker, but was reading reviews lately…

The article below can be shocking the first time you look at it (I was shocked too), but like in all articles, the journalists tried to scare us, while in fact, all there was to say is that US regulators filed a law suite against Vantage FX accusing them in accepting clients from US, while Vantage FX say they didn’t since October 18 last year, after the US Dodd-Frank Act reform.

Hi Jason, I have to disagree with you on that.
I don’t think that leaving a reply here is a bad gesture. In fact, quite the opposite: if a broker cares about coming to clarify issues and provide support – that’s a sign of a business being done well. In fact, I wish more brokers come to the site to clarify the questions posted by traders.

P.S. Jason, your star rating was removed, since you left a comment, not a review.

Wow you know you must be hurting if you have to get on a website as a broker and defend yourself.
I feel sorry for Vantage traders, get out while you still can like the rest of have.

Dear Forex Traders,

With regards to the comments posted by Donducky, China. We have looked into the trading activity for this account and this is simply a case of the client being closed out as a function of the market moving against the client’s open position. The client was not using Stop Losses.

• Client’s are margin called at 80%, when we contact the client to provide additional funds to cover their position
• In the event the client does not provide additional funding and the market continues to move against the client, the positions are closed out at 30%. This is a risk management tool widely used by brokers to prevent the client losing further.
• The margin call and close-out levels are indicated in the terms of business that clients confirm to say that they have read and understood the terms of business, as part of the account opening process.

The above is the situation relating to Donducky. Unfortunately the trader’s losses were due to a combination of factors – the market moving against the client, failing to provide the additional funds required to hold the position open, and not managing risk by using Stop Losses. We cannot be held responsible for this type of trading situation, unfortunately the client has made a loss due to their trading decisions and has unfairly blamed the broker, when this is simply not the case.

We have a comprehensive Education on our website and encourage all traders to view this, and use a practice account, before live trading.

Kind regards
Vantage FX

I take no joy in reporting the sad truth about Vantage FX:

This company outright stole my entire deposit. I have made others aware of this sham.

Maybe my mistake was in making money with them through the first three or four days that I had money on deposit.

Just as quicky, they reduced my balance to zero. Never mind that I had positive equity, in the hundreds of dollars, and a fully hedged set of positions. While I was away on holiday for a few days, Vantage FX seletively closed out my open positions at a loss, on each one.

I arrived back home to find that my new balance was either at zero, or about minus 25 USD, or at about minus 190 USD–all equally absurd and lying numbers, Vantage FX just plain outright having stolen all my money.

Don’t send these thieves a dime!

I have used a couple of brokers out of Europe and Australia and have found the tools at Vantage to be the most comprehensive. I regularly use the strategy builder to trade with, which has helped me become more of a consistent trader. Definitely recommend them and the tools.