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  • Website:
  • Year since: 2012
  • Headquarters: Cyprus
  • Company registration: TTCM Traders Trust Capital Markets Ltd., Cyprus
  • Regulation: CySEC (CIF 107/09)

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Do not like the spreads and i will close my account soon.

I’ve been rating before, so im not rating again. I just like to add that this broker has insane swaps. The broker would deal negative swaps no matter if you long or short a pair (i was trading eurgbp here). Swaps seem to be higher then the commission (more then 4 times higher on a wednesday).
Also what apply to their stop losses will also apply to their take profits. I have seen a trade reaching its target and it still closed 1 Pip worse, althought the price moved into my takeprofit with a strong momentum.
I have been trading really good the first few days i was with this broker. Now i feel that the broker is trying to apply some tricks here to get the money back. That would imply that the broker bets against it’s clients, which i beliefe is the case.
All of my trades are simultaniously done with other brokers and i see a strong difference in the results. I really hope this helps anyone.