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TradingBanks Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2015
  • Headquarters: Malta
  • Company registration: Grizzly Limited, Malta
  • Regulation: not regulated

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48 Reviews

I would like to know is this broker is recommended, because I have bee trading with BDB and I lost all my money coz of poor manager advice & after all search I am seeing a good review for this HYCM traders
if any one who is trading jus share your ideas
[email protected]

Very poor in corresponding with clients.some emails send is not reply promptly.
trading so far so good but very slow widrawall process

Hi Everyone.

I would like to suggest please please don’t trade with trading Bank broker. I have been trading with them from 2 months and when I asked them for withdraw they opened one trade which goes to negative balance and they told put some money in account so that we can gain more money and withdraw the money after my account comes to positive. This is the game they will play to deposit more money and once our account goes positive you cannot withdraw the money. Every thing is fraud, Please don’t trade with them. They will also disable your account if you ask for withdraw sometimes. They will play smart games with you to make money. My friend lost more that 60k by there game. They are not registered in any regulatory. Everything is fraud. If you have already trading with them please try to withdraw your money asap. If you are lucky you will get money and 99% very difficult to withdraw your money from them. Good Luck.

I’ve been trading for 8 months now and TradingBanks is not bad at all. I visit and checked their reviews and seen certain negative feedbacks regarding withdrawals. During my first 2 months, I sent a message and asked my broker with this, and he was able to explain to me that I have to provide verification documents first to obtain fast withdrawals. Over months, I haven’t got any problems. There are lots of forex companies that are offering greater benefits but I turned them down and I always say that I’m very satisfied with my current broker.

Thanks to TradingBanks and my broker.. I wished you’ll have more traders you can teach.. I know you guys are not after the money, but you really want to help traders like me to be a professional like you..

My uncle convinced me to try forex trading and I’m glad I had a good experience considering I’m just new at this. Their MT4 platform is kind of confusing at first, it took time before I get to familiarize all the tools with the help of my broker. I was disappointed in our few trades, but I realize that this trading needs a deeper analysis, after studying the flow, the next succeeding trades went well and glad their withdrawal just went smoothly. Still looking forward for positive results.

I have very good experience with TradingBanks. From last eight months I have been trading in this platform and I see here is available all kind of trading facilities. In addition, I want to mark their automatic transaction service. Because of having this facility I can withdraw my big profit instantly without any delay. Besides, I am enjoying their no hidden fees capability.

After researching a long time, I have found TradingBanks trading broker which is considered as an EU regulated trading broker in this market place. Due to many exclusive educational facilities, I have decided to trade in this ECN trading platform. By means of these didactic facilities, in a short time I am becoming a knowledgeable trader.

Even though, it is very much difficult to trade at all times, but in my trading career, from my first day of trading I am able to trade for all time in my trading platform TradingBanks due to getting very narrowest trading spread. By means of this trading spread, I am able to make profit by using any kinds of trading policy.

Actually, still I am new in Forex ground. By till now I’m enjoying my short trading career. I believe, a good broker can make us disciplined Forex trader by their useful trading services or huge spaces. Like, 100% welcome bonus of TradingBanks inspires me to make huge profit from my small investment. Besides, their low trading spread, zero slippage also useful to make quick money from trading. Really, It’s a good trading broker.

This is a fraudulent company, stay away and if you have money invested with them take it and run fast!
I invested far too much money with them, for a few weeks I was making money but was not allowed to withdraw in order to grow the account to large profit, then one day it was all gone. They asked for 50k to reverse the account, unfortunately I fell for it and lost so much of mine and my family’s money.
They are fraudsters that change their story on a daily basis, how could their registered address change from Malta to Belize overnight?
They are also not registered with FCA (and they have to be in order to trade shares).
They have an amazing website just to fool people, I wouldn’t be surprised if they shut down their operation overnight and disappear.
Run and run fast!!!

I traded more than 2000 usd with Tradingbanks just this month. When I tried to withdraw my earnings, it suddenly happen that it won’t withdraw my money. I was frustrated and I though that my account was locked up, so I decided to call them and told them what happen. The account manager that I spoke with helped me fixed my issue. Good thing I called them, they assisted me immediately and I was able to withdraw my money. The fast action of the support is a great job to address the concerns of their client.

At first i only opened a demo account on tradingbanks so i can try it out before i spend my hard-earned money on it. I can say that it is very easy to use even for beginners like me.they also have educational materials on their site and daily analysis of the market that helped me understand how everything works. After testing it i decided to open a live account and deposited 500 usd. i was surprised that they gave me 100% bonus for this first deposit. The brokers of this company are very good in predicting the market and their customer support are very helpful too. i never had any problems with them. they are good brokers for me.