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Trader's Way Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2011
  • Headquarters: The Commonwealth of Dominica
  • Company registration: TW Corp., Dominica
  • Regulation: Not regulated

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5 Reviews

I am a trader from the US and have been researching brokers outside the US due to limitations with US brokers. I must say I have seen mixed reviews about this broker and still haven’t decided on opening an account with them. Something that has been a little disturbing to me is that while researching the reviews on multiple sites I have noticed that most all positive reviews posted about this broker by US customers are written using incorrect english grammar, similar to the spam emails from Nigeria we have all seen. Something to look and think about, because remember if you deposit and win or lose, if they don’t send you your balance you have no legal way of pursuing your money. What if you make say $100,000. on a $10,000. deposit, are you that confident the will send the wire when you request a withdraw? Your pretty much limited to posting a bad review about your experience and there seems to be plenty of those out there about this broker and yet people continue to join and trade yet it is difficult to find many reviews about with withdraw experience except for the one with poor grammar.
As for me, I’m still searching for a broker with legit feedback.

As a scalper, for me, both rates and instant execution are important and so yea, this platform sure seems like a trader’s dream come true – instant execution, no lag time before orders are executed and the one that sold it for me, the near zero spreads….recommended.

Trading on this platform sure makes it all seem so darned easy – from spreads that go as low as zero – NOT kidding to advanced charting tools that makes it easy to analyze the market. Registration took a while but after that, this was like a traders nirvana – spot on quotes, direct access to the interbank market with low entry deposits, and of course, the mobile access. Yup, you lot need to check this one out, pipwise..

I am in trade in many year now..i do currency also metal. This platform is good because it is giving good rate also in making fast fast placing of order; withdrawal many option also. Over all platform is good in trading.

It’s kinda hard to work out what feature to comment on when every damn thing about this platform just floors you completely and that’s me, after a two month stint as a trader here. I guess, the one feature I found to be useful is mobile access, with being able to review all positions. Sure, will recommend

Just registered with broker for micro MT4, I will be shifting to ECN soon. Account deposit is small and have no difficulties when it came to putting funds into account, also customer rep are very helpful. I also like their social app, I can chat with other traders and compare notes. Charting options are many, trying it now.

The trading conditions for this broker is better than my last one, small spreads and instant executions. And the platform is very easy to use, so far no tech related issues.

Simple to use, very fast and no time lag in executing trades, low spread – like the mobile application; different accounts on offer. At the moment, doing demo on Standard account and moving to live account soon.

I trade with Trader’s Way and their spread is very small and the platform is very easy to use. No unwanted surprises when trading and the ECN accounts come with 5 digit quotes where as others offer only 4 – so yes, they are spot on. Nice functionality, great CS..

Some of the best raw spreads I have seen so far, and with fast executions, it does not take a genius to figure out how good this broker is..

Their pricing is really competitive and that’s saying something. Trying out the demo ECN account and it looks great, moving to live account shortly. These guys have really tight spreads and very fast execution..

I’m really happy with Trader’s Way..the staff answered every one of my queries, very helpful. And they have some great promotions going on. The only problem I have is that their registration process seems quite lengthy, otherwise good stuff

I would recommend this broker, yes. This broker has great features and provides accounts with both variable and defined spreads, real nice touch!

Very user friendly, had some issue with validating my account but customer service addressed the issue and very impressed with the website, quick quotes, no slippage, etc.

I like this site very, very much. It is fast, has everything I need and spread is extremely low.

Quite a few brokers out there and finding one with up-to-date content and really low spreads is kinda like looking for a needle in a haystack. You do not have to take my word for it, just check the site out and do a demo, you’ll soon see what I am talking about.
For my 2 cents, the broker is really good and does provide me with what I need.

I have to say that this broker provides with great options for ECN trading, along with some great quotes. In fact, at times the spread was so little, I would swear that the pip difference was just 1. Usually, for ECN accounts, I would need a huge margin but since that’s no longer the case, have set up a small account and doing very well.