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ThinkMarkets reviews

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ThinkMarkets broker reviews
  • Website:
  • Year since: 2010
  • Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
  • Company registration: TF Global Markets (Aust) Pty Ltd, Australia;
    TF Global Markets (UK) Limited, UK
  • Regulation: ASIC (AFSL #424700) in Australia;
    FCA UK (#629628).
  • Notes: ThinkMarkets re-branded from ThinkForex in 2016

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April 21, 2016

5 years Total
1 month with this Broker

Recently I am finding broker, and try to test my new EA.
A lot of brokers have Slippage, when you add stop or limit order or set stop line, there will be Slippage, the max Slippage will be up to 30 points in XAUUSD.

When I test ThinkForex, and Deposit 250$ (minimum) to ThinikForex, and start to test. it is good, the XAUUSD spread is about 2.6, and almost no Slippage.

So I recommend ThinkForex.

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Brazil, Guilherme Fuchs

September 11, 2014

Live Total
3 years with this Broker

Review: Thinkforex the blocked ips again after my attempts to talk to them in chat.

Chat is unavailable to me.

And every email I send them back with error "sent to all domains @ thinkforex.com"

Blocked my email address on their servers.

I did a test to another address, email works perfect on the other.


2014-08-12 1Star 1 Being that I have not sent any official request signed requesting the cancellation. (For Purposes jurudicos is a formalization with signature required.

2 My account still generating commissions because I could see the amount receivable.

3 - I have not sent spam ... just have blocked my email address not to have more contact with me. (Lie them because bloquaram my ip because the CHAT was also inactive until I change the ip of my network) And my regular email arrived using another address. (Proof that it is not anti spam software)



Mr Fuchs,

We have not blocked your emails deliberately, but it is blocked by our anti-spam software for some reason. Please contact me directly.

However, that is not the issue.

1. You do have a signed agreement. You sent it to us already. You initialled every page and signed the necessary sections.

2. You emailed an acknowledgment of the termination, which was issued in line with the contract.

3. The screenshot of the affiliate portal you sent even showed next to the login, that the account was disabled.

4. We paid you everything that was owing up to the date of termination, which was the amount requested by you.

5. Because we have acted in accordance with our contract, any comments to the contrary or claiming we are withholding funds are defamation and we may instruct our lawyers to begin proceedings.

We will not pay you any additional funds, because we do not owe you anything, having acted in accordance with the contract.

If you would like to have your lawyer contact me, then that is up to you, but there is no point continuing this conversation further.


2014-08-11 1Star Another complaint are so dishonest.

That blocked my email address on their servers.
Because my emails are coming back with the error days.

They already have spoken before that will not pay me.

How do I attach evidence here?

Review Moderation Team Note: You can attach files in the forums thread linked to this page or else start your own thread in Scam Alerts.

2014-08-07 1Star The Thinkforex not want to pay what you owe me 1311.92 Eur

They claim that I requested the cancellation of the contract according to paragraph 8:34 upon request they can cancel.

Now I want proof that I requested cancellation

I have not sent any document, there is no formal request with my signature hand.

If I want to prove I requested showing my signature on something.

You are deadbeats do not pay what they owe. Had a loss of volume due to the crashes you guys taken from other IBs and customers.

Bullcrap are doing.

I have all necessary evidence to present in public. But you do not have any document signed by me asking.

I want to be fair ... and pay me to post here the proof they paid me.

I'll keep complaining, even with ASIC until they pay me.

2014-07-30 1StarTerrible broker

Excess slipage

Tried to close the order, it took over 8 seconds time to run.

And it happened to me and my clients who lived complaining.

How IB profi several customers because of bad execution of thinkforex.
ok, I did not signed any request they are calling me a liar and blackmailer.

They are owing me, canceled my contract, see the dishonest answer them.

Mr Fuchs,

Please note that we have never claimed that you requested the cancellation. That is a lie on your part. We cancelled the IB agreement having given you notice, that you acknowledged. By providing fictitious information you are being libellous against us and are now opening yourself to legal action from our end.

Please also note that you have attached two items. The first is a screen shot of the affiliate account. If you note in the top right corner:

It states ‘Desactivado’ which of course translates from Spanish to ‘Deactivated’. You have also attached the IB agreement, which of course states the process for terminating an IB relationship, which we followed, so you are providing evidence which backs us, not you.

We will not bow to your blackmail, your lies and your libellous comments. We do not owe you anything, and we will not pay you anything, especially when you resort to such underhand tactics.

There will be no further comment from us on the matter, as I do not have time to repeat myself over and over again with definitive evidence whilst you choose to ignore facts and send complaints to bodies not involved in the matter in hand.




In changing broker had to Fighting by email to them pay us our commissions. Are hindering the withdrawal of some partners and customers.
0% match | Checked Jul 30, 2014

Rebuttal: Added by Chris Reynolds on 2014-08-06
In response to Mr Fuchs. After your affiliate relationship with us was terminated, the most recent (and final) affiliate commission (for June) was credited to your account on 3rd July. You submitted a withdrawal on 4th July and the funds were sent the same day. There was a slight delay because you asked to withdraw all funds from your account whilst you had open positions, however the entire process was completed within 24 hours, so I am not sure what delays you are referring to, or what 'fighting' that occurred.

As for 8 second delays on orders, then I would suggest to anyone they should contact us with exact details of the orders on [email protected]. We could check the time or execution on the MT4 server, and it is likely that the order would have been filled within a few tenths of a second after reaching our server - perhaps there was a delay in the order reaching us, or the confirmation reaching you. We're a non dealing desk broker so we do not delay orders, although I would suggest that not even dealing desk brokers would delay an order by 8 seconds (in my opinion of course).


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Adel El Barcha (Australiua)

October 29, 2013

35 years Total
2 years with this Broker

My case has been resolved with think forex, I want in this occasion to thank all readers and 100forexbrokers of being helpful to solve any issue with brokers, and i would like to withdraw my old review against them

Tags: ThinkMarkets reviews

South Africa, Skhumbuzo

October 16, 2013

1 year, 3 years Total
I was actually looking with this Broker

I was actually looking forward to changing brokers to ThinkForex; since I have a relative with them, but after reading these reviews which began out well. I doubt they are on my list to consider anymore.

Tags: ThinkMarkets reviews

UAE, Dubai

August 9, 2013

3 years Total
2 months live with this Broker

Scammer ---- stay away

Tags: ThinkMarkets reviews

Australia, Italian Pete

July 16, 2013

3 years Total
8 months with this Broker

Excellent service. Friendly and helpful. I like the analysis email also. Spreads excellent. I like broker very much.

Tags: ThinkMarkets reviews

Canada , Gilbert

July 15, 2013

5 years Total
2 years with this Broker

I have traded with thinkforex for two years now and their services has been great.
I've made profit withdrawals of over 100,000 USD and no issues. I hav a personal account manager
who has been always helpful answering any question. I recently switched my account to Algo and
spread is much titer on algo account. I have no complaints for this broker, I highly recommend them.

Also, thank you for 100forexbroker best directory of brokers. I've tried all of them thinkforex is the best!

Tags: ThinkMarkets reviews

Craig, Australia

June 26, 2013

9 months Total
4 months with this Broker

Simply the best broker I've used. Execution and spreads are great and no complaints of funding or withdraw. Made a few dollars recently and money was back in my account next day. Staff have been helpful when I've needed them, but a good sign is I don't need them very often.

Tags: ThinkMarkets reviews

Australia Mini

April 24, 2013

5 yrs Total
2 yrs with this Broker

Been trading with this broker for last 2yrs . everything was good from trade ececution to quick withdrawls and server uptime .
From the time they moved to australia which is this year somthing has happened their services have become hopeless to the point where I have stoped trading with them .

I will tell you the resons
1. Earlier it used to be 3 business days for funds withdraw now its easy 10 days .
2. There used be very less slippage 1 or 2 pips max in all instruments now its 10 somtimes 20 , i even had slippage of 32 pips which is insane and that to not in news release time .
3. earlier execution was ligtning fast now wether you use hongkong server or london server you have to wait for confirmation.
4. they provide lowest spread for gold which is 2 pips and no trade goes without slippage whether its buy stop , sell stop or stop loss .
But interestingly never in take profit which makes me wonder ................

I have discussed all these things with their representative in melbourne office and they told me that's the way it is

From one of the best in the market they have become totally useless

Tags: ThinkMarkets reviews


April 24, 2013

6 years Total
8 months with this Broker

Customer support is the worst for all brokers. None of their staff understand the markets. The 1 pip stop distance also sucks, It means scalping is out of the question and tells me they are a market maker. Serious traders should look to go to IC Markets or Dukas, Thinkforex is only for newbies who want to donate their money to their broker. Good luck to you if you want to throw away your money and give it to this broker.

Tags: ThinkMarkets reviews

Sydney, jimmy

March 5, 2013

2 years Total
1 year with this Broker

Happy to use think as my preferred broker. Good spreads and fast execution. They don't have a web trader at the moment but the mt4 is my prefered platform so no problem.

Tags: ThinkMarkets reviews

Australia, Rick

February 14, 2013

3 years Total
6 months with this Broker

I have had a very good experience so far with Think, the trading platform is quicker than my other MT4 and the pro account is very comparable to Pepperstone edge but with a slight advantage. I'm a scalper and require very small minimum stop distances and Think only have 1 pip compared to 2 pips with pepper so my risk is slightly less.
Only negative so far with Think is that it took 24 hours to open my account so an automatic process would make things much easier.

Tags: ThinkMarkets reviews

Australia, ThinkForex

January 31, 2013

Dear Client,

Thank you for your post.

Please be assured that ThinkForex is a Non-Dealing-Desk broker. There has not been any form of malicious intent in how your trades have been processed.

We have tried to contact you numerous times over email and telephone, but you have refused to speak with our representatives or schedule a time with us to call. You have also refused to follow our review process instructions which we have emailed to you.

Regarding your leverage claims, Pro accounts are restricted to 100:1 leverage. You can read our full margin call policy here:
And the Pro account features here:

We kindly request that you follow the review process that we emailed to you in order to help you resolve these issues.

Please contact us at +61 2903 70158 or email us at [email protected] so that we can resolve this matter with you.

Thank You,

ThinkForex Management

Tags: ThinkMarkets reviews

Judgment, DiggerOfTruth

January 30, 2013

Under 12 hours Manual Trading Total
Two Days with this Broker

This Complaint has been filed with the FSCL and ASIC. The FSCL forwarded it to Nauman Anees, Managing Director of ThinkForex. We'll find out who actually owns this criminal outfit and post their names as well.

AGAINST ThinkForex.com

January 27, 2013

I am a brand new client of ThinkForex.com My Live Account number is: XXXXXX.

I know virtually nothing about Forex other than through a few robots (EAs) and installing them on Demo accounts and watching their performance. I have no other experience than this in the world of Forex.

When I signed up (January, 2013) for a Live Account with ThinkForex.com they asked for information on one's trading experience and I selected “No Experience” in the form. They knew I had no experience from the outset.

When I realized that I also qualified for a Pro Account I applied for same and also asked for leverage to be increased to 1:500. Both requests were confirmed with proofs.

ThinkForex.com Sabotaged My Account

After I allowed a bot to run and lose over 20% of my account overnight, I was surprised as this robot had a good track record in recent days. I eventually turned it off and tried my hand at manual trading on my new Live Account. Within a very short time, I became quite successful at making trades on my own. So successful, it appears, that some envious souls in the “Compliance Department” decided to – without notice, warning or reason – shut me down in the middle of trading and open trades, etc.

They sabotaged my account.

As I was making successful trades, all of a sudden, I couldn't place orders. I tried again and again: nothing. Nothing I did allowed me to continue as I was.

Was it a glitch on my end? Bad connection? I couldn't determine for sure.

I eventually had to phone their head office in the middle of the night (my time) and spoke to Neha, a supposed “Account Manager”, and told her what had happened and asked if she knew what was wrong: why couldn't I trade any longer?? She then informed me that my leverage was changed to 1:100!! That's right: unnamed conspirators (she refused/refuses to name them or let me speak to them, despite asking for same many times) in this so-called “Compliance Department” had devised to, and did in fact, attack me without warning or reason.

No email was ever sent to state what and/or why they had done this evil to me.

I was floored. Shocked. Traumatized. (But this was just the beginning of more wickedness against me.)

I thought, “How can this happen? This is what an enemy would do; not what one's own brand new & first ever Forex broker – who you are paying through commissions – is supposed to even think of doing!!” (My trading netted them ~3,000 GBP in commissions in a few hours!!)

They certainly wouldn't want someone to do this to them were situations reversed!! (Neha originally verbally agreed with this statement.)

Neha then said to email her the confirmation that was sent to me. “That would help,” she said.

I shouldn't have had to do anything. THEY were and are in the wrong and they knew it and they know it. However, I sent the email as further proof. I told her to change it back to the way it was immediately.

She then sent her only response by email telling me to be “patient and understanding”. What a sick joke.

She also said that she would reply with a further email.

She never sent another email.

I didn't try to make any other trades after the new leverage limited my ability to trade as before. Two trades were left open. Had the leverage been changed back to the original, there would have been no problem. However, as I found out the next morning, about 10,000 GBP was missing from my account balance and no trades were open!!

Once again, I am further traumatized by this broker's actions!! What is going on?? They are now stealing from my account!! I could hardly believe it!!

I was forced to phone Neha again!! She then tried to wiggle out of her and her conspirator's wrongs, to no avail. I had told her correct their malicious changes and confirmed with her the same in writing by email. She then tells me that the system “automatically” closed out the losing trades because of margin.

They had refused to change the leverage back to the original!! Now she/they try to blame me for their sabotage and trauma!! This was too much to bear.

I then sent them Terms of Settlement which were as follows below. (Please note that since they were wholly refused, out of hand and without even a written reply, new Terms are being drawn up presently. More trauma, more STUBBORNESS and FALSE ACCUSATIONS on their part mean more restitution that they are liable for.)

Original Terms of Settlement (For Traumas & Losses They Are Liable For)

This is the email that I sent to Neha.


No, I shall not 'understand' wickedness on the part of people who are being paid to be ethical.

Not only did they curse me by attacking me and my account without warning or reason, they - your company - are not doing what they would wish done to them aka The Golden Rule. I think I know why too.

Further, they have not only not repented of their original attacks, they have continued their assaults and crimes against me and my brand new account, once again without warning or reason.

Neha, you did not follow up with an email regarding these matters as you said you would...and things have now become nightmarish as you know.

I have seen what happens to companies - and people who enable them - who do these sorts of things to innocent people, and it's not pretty, to say the least.


Here are the terms of peace:

The parties responsible for these continuing attacks on my account and soul shall be named.
The named parties shall repent for these attacks in writing, signing and printing their names unless and except they are all fired. If that is the case, their names shall be given and positions held within
ThinkForex as well as the one(s) who fired them. This is part of the record.
The account shall be returned to its original state as per the original confirming email and leverage ratio and amounts therein.
All trades closed by the guilty parties today - once again, without warning/reason - are to be reopened.
As restitution for these ongoing attacks, all commissions shall be refunded and - if I trade through your brokerage in the future - all future commissions shall be 3 units per lot (not 6 as is currently charged).

If all of these terms are met, I will release all compliant parties from further actions.

In Truth,

From: ThinkForex Support
Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2013 6:36 AM
Subject: [#BDY-248-76355]: Leverage should be 500:1


Thank you for your email. This is to confirm that your request has been received and our compliance team is looking into it. I will get back to you as soon as I get more information in this regard. Thank you for your patience and understanding


In a follow up phone call, Neha refused – on behalf of the Company – to make any repentance, restitution or even reply to this email.

To add insult to the injuries they continue to cause, she then FALSELY ACCUSED us of “knowing” of the leverage change and blaming us for the injuries they wickedly caused and still defend!! Defending the indefensible.

I tried to reach Neha a few more times by phone, but she repeatedly refused to answer: she knew she was guilty.

“Feels Like”

The following account is how I feel – in spirit – ThinkForex has done me in.

Imagine that you have an agreement in place with an Outfit and you are new to the whole business. Now imagine that Outfit, after you are conducting business as agreed, conspiring to sabotage your business and crush you, all while you are thinking they are out to help you “win”.

See yourself walking by a dark alley, not knowing that the Outfit's Conspirators and Bullies are about to attack you. Without warning, you are struck on the head from behind by unknown assailants. You are severely injured & traumatized as you fall to the ground. You then struggle to see just who has done this to you.

To your shock and horror, it is the very same Outfit that you are paying and have the Agreement with!! As you continue to try and recover and find out why they have done this, they then – all together – start stomping on your head and laughing!!

To make matters worse, they then tell you: “It's all your fault!!”

This scenario is exactly how I feel ThinkForex.com – through its wicked agents – has treated, and continues to treat, me, their client and their victim.

Needless to say, one cannot feel safe with, nor can they trust, such wicked people.


It is clear now that I should not have accepted – without due diligence and fact checking, comparing, etc. - the very high and Number One recommendation of the software maker for the bot I used regarding ThinkForex.com. It makes me wonder if they are in bed together...

Bucket Shop

I did some extra checking on review sites for Forex traders and brokers and found out that ThinkForex meets the exact definition of a “BUCKET SHOP”, to wit:

A brokerage that takes the opposing side of all customer trades and seldom, if ever, passes orders on to the actual market. Bucket shops count on the fact that most forex traders lose money.

Since true bucket shops make money only from spread and from customers losing money, they will go to great lengths to make life difficult for customers who make money trading forex to continue to be profitable and/or to withdraw any profits.

They did exactly this to me.

Since the original Terms of Settlement (Out of Court) have been rudely refused and ignored, we now offer more expensive and public Terms of Settlement, if they do not wish to be sued in court.


These terms are non-negotiable because of the ongoing and severe trauma and losses ThinkForex and its conspirators have caused and continue to cause.

1. The guilty parties – inclusive of Neha, for LYING & FALSELY ACCUSING us – shall be publicly named & shamed on ThinkForex.com's website in a special Page for this purpose. Their crimes shall be known to all.
2. The guilty parties shall be fired – with written proof of same and the accompanying reasons – and Public Notice of these firings – inclusive of said reasons - shall also be posted on the same Page. Written confirmation of same shall be sent to the victim of their sabotage and attacks.
3. The sum of 33,000 GBP shall be paid to the victim as restitution for these wicked actions against him.
4. The victim shall – if he so wishes – trade commission-free in perpetuity using ThinkForex.com and its services. No fees shall be charged to the victim for any of ThinkForex's services.

If these Terms are met and agreed to in writing – in full – within five (5) business days, no further actions shall be taken against ThinkForex and its principals, agents, and/or employees. ThinkForex will then be released from all guilt and liability concerning these matters detailed herein.

Conversely, if these Terms are not met within the stated time limit, more expensive actions shall commence against you, your Company and the guilty parties, personally and severally.

To quote the wise king Solomon:

Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil. - Ecclesiastes 8:11

In Truth and to the Glory of God,

UPDATE – January 29, 2013


I decided to try and get what funds I had left in the account, after I had qualified for their 20% bonus (amounting to 1000 GBP) because I could no longer trust them.

But - and you're going to love this - they bring up the Terms of the bonus and state, after the deposit funds are withdrawn that I have breached the Terms by withdrawing them before 60 days are up. They steal the 1000 GBP as well!!

Priceless. More theft. More wickedness. 

THEY cause the trauma, they cause the theft, they LIE & DECEIVE all to steal from me and now they say the Terms are breached...but they can break every contract they wish...  BUCKET SHOP BASTARDS.

****ing sickening. CURSE THEM ALL!!

This reply to another email to an experienced trader and owner of his own brokerage (very new) spells out in detail what the criminals at STINKForex did and are doing and have done for too long.


Well, it sounds to me like they were blindsided by you making excellent profits against them, this means they would have taken the other side of your trade and expected you to lose, but taking the other side does not make them a bucket shop, using tricks to screw you out of your trades is in fact what defines a bucket shop.
Changing leverage with trades open tells me they held the other side of your positions as this is impossible in market trades.
I would suggest using the ECN as that is our most economical model by averages, The great thing about ECN is it is extremely easy to tell if the broker is doing ANY manipulation as it is SO obvious.

It is a ton of work to launch and run a brokerage (Even as Director!), it has been fun so far, but expensive and utterly exhausting.

i must say that making 300% in a night is an incredible feat, if you did that at Pellucid FX we would ask you to become a manager! :)

But making them commissions of 3000GBP from a 4000GBP account is a TON of trades, and by hand? I don't know how you did it.

One thing you can do is lodge a complaint with their regulator. I cannot know EXACTLY what happened without seeing the your statement and then seeing their settings for your account.

But it changing your margin mid trade in any circumstance is crooked for a brokerage to do, you should be able to take them to court or have their regulator all over them if you can prove it.


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Achman, Egypt

January 5, 2013

1 yrs Total
2 mths with this Broker

There is only one person working at this brokerage. She answers the phone, email and chat. When I ask to talk to someone about my broker transfer she says they are all busy.

This brokers operates on the verge of being a scam broker. I am sure all the positive posts here are from their IBs, they are obviously not from staff because they only have one staff member.

Tags: ThinkMarkets reviews
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