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SunbirdFX Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2005
  • Headquarters: Seychelles
  • Company registration: SunbirdTrading Ltd., Seychelles
  • Regulation: Not regulated

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reviews Sunbird: it is not recommended. liars. the money is taken quickly, and the output is not quite. My customer number: 329659

I was kinda nervous at first until they processed my first withdrawal. The execution is good. 4 month now and I have not yet encountered re-quotes. Also, their support and customer service is far better than others I have encountered thus far.

anyone has withdrawn the money from Sunbird?

Being a long time forex trader, I have seen it all: been through several brokers and can write a book on the ups and downs of each (do you think the “Dummies” series would invest in me?). My experience with Sunbird has been nothing but positive: impressed by their professionalism (especially considering they are a young company) and services. Would be a mistake to skip over this one!

As someone relatively new to the Forex trading world, I struggled to find the right broker for me: The first year I really did not enjoy my trading experience, I pushed through it- learning along the way but feeling quite frustrated at times. Unsatisfied with other brokers, I gave Sunbird a try. Although not trading long beforehand, I had trading experiences with quite a number of brokers. Honestly, it has never been more pleasurable to trade! I feel no frustration (aside from when I make the wrong investments)- the customer service is wonderful: quick, responsive and resourceful. The number of trading platforms offered grants variety. As a new trader with Sunbird, I created a Demo account which allowed me to ease into Sunbird. I am so relieved to finally found my trading match- I highly recommend trading with Sunbird whether you are a newbie to the forex world or experienced: Sunbird provides it all!