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StoxMarket reviews

Average: 1.3 based on 8 reviews
StoxMarket broker reviews
  • Website:
  • Year since: 2014
  • Headquarters: Anguilla
  • Company registration: Marketier Holdings Ltd., Anguilla
  • Regulation: not regulated

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February 19, 2017

3 to 4 Total
3 to 4 month with this Broker

scam scam dont open any accont bad service no moey back .no money back .stay away stay away .

stay away. no money back scam scam scam broker my expirience itry 3 month . very bad service .

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Manfred Schall

February 3, 2017

4 Total
3 month with this Broker

Stoxmarket manipulates the Metader !

I had a managed account with Stoxmarket and – with an account of 6200 USD - made a withdrawal request of 3000 USD on Friday,27.01.2017. On Monday 30.01.2017 between 3:31 h PM and 3:36 h PM I looked incredulously at my Metatrader as my account collapsed back to 880 USD.
What happened ? In the above time frame the Nasdaq fell „like a rock“ – and my account account manager made one buy trade after another. The first trade looked like this:

126658281/30/2017 3:30:56 PMBuy1NSDQ-MAR175156.95000001/30/2017 3:32:20 PM5124.5-3245.00
In short:
Duration of the trade: 1 min24 sec
Loss: 3245 USD

Looking more closely I recognized after making a test trade that my Metatrader was disabled, Therefore these trades were virtual – for Stoxmarket, but real for me, because my account was reduced by 5400 USD.

I made a research in the internet if this kind of manipulation of the Metatrader ever occured – but could find nothing comparable.

I think what they did can be called criminal.

Tags: StoxMarket reviews

saudi arabia samirahqutub

January 12, 2017

4 years Total
1.5 year with this Broker

Not giving the money back . some one will trade on you behalf and will make your balance 0 , if you complain the submitted ticket will disappear after some time with out resolving . they are thieve so many are complaining from them

Tags: StoxMarket reviews

saudi arabia samirahqutub

January 12, 2017

4 years Total
1 YEAR with this Broker


Tags: StoxMarket reviews

saudi arabia samirahqutub

January 12, 2017

4 years Total
1.5 year with this Broker

this company is a rubber company they are letting customer to join and put money then they will let some one to trade o your behalf and will lose you all money let your balance 0.0 if you complain they will just give you miss calls and with out resolving your ticket they will omit your ticket and it will disappear. if you traded and asked them to withdraw your benefits they will never return you the money and benefits. there platforms are faulty takes wrong position with wrong data then you will lose your money. so many people are suffering but no hope.

Tags: StoxMarket reviews

United Kingdom

December 4, 2016

2months Total
2 months with this Broker

Have requested a withdrawal almost a month back and till today there is no response , I have called the office and a receptionist who for some reason cannot transfer calls states that the account manager would call me but till today there have been no such calls .Have tried the customer service online team and they can see all the details except why my money cannot be credited to me .Will be informing certain financial institutions so that ordinary people do not fall scam to this company who seem so legitimate except when withdrawing your hard earned money.

Tags: StoxMarket reviews

Russia Vita

November 27, 2016

6 mounth Total
6 month with this Broker

October 21, 2016, the Commission on regulation of relations of financial market participants (kroufr) brings in the "Black list" the company Stoxmarket.

According to the data submitted on the website of the company place of registration is the Republic of the Dominican Republic. Its activities Stoxmarket started in 2009, saying the provision of a wide range of services in the financial markets.

Complaints from existing customers to the company Stoxmarket became more frequent lately. Customer support is not responding on the withdrawal of funds. Also ignored questions incorrectly closed orders.

In the result, it was decided to include the company in the black list. As of 21 October 2016, the company continues to attract customers.

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February 29, 2016

6 Total
Italy’s financial markets with this Broker

Italy’s financial markets regulator Consob has been quite active in issuing warnings against unauthorized Forex and binary options brokers targeting Italian investors.

The latest addition to the Warning List is StoxMarket, operating though https://www.stoxmarket.com. The company is offering a variety of online trading services, including Forex trading on MT4.

Its contact page provides addresses of two companies: Marketier Holdings Limited, with an address in the Commonwealth of Dominica; and Profitier Limited, with an address in England. Regarding the latter, it is worth noting that the Register of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) showed no results for Profitier.

Italy’s Consob notes that Marketier Holdings Limited and Profitier Limited are not authorized to provide investment (or associated) services to Italian residents in any way, including via www.stoxmarket.com.

Tags: StoxMarket reviews
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