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RTFX Forex broker reviews

    The broker is out of business

  • Website: www.rtfx.com
  • Year since: 1995
  • Headquarters: Malta
  • Company registration: RTFX Ltd, Malta
  • Regulation: FSA Malta

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We strive to give the best support and do our utmost to help all new clients open their account with RTFX in the most secure and efficient way as possible crediting their gains or funds accordingly.

We do understand that it might be difficult to get the requested documents, however in line with international regulations, RTFX is obliged to perform due diligence checks on each applicant, which need to be meet the requirements set by our regulator.

Many clients and players have opened accounts successfully and are currently trading with their Free Margin or funds.

Please contact us in case of any other questions, we look forward to seeing you soon and hope that you will be able to open your account and trade with RTFX.


Hi,I came from China,I joined into RTFX championship contest last year.When I earned above 1000miles,I try to open one live account to claim it. I had sent copied passport+bank statement with local police station’s stamping and officer’s signal,still rejected by RTFX.

They said they need ” cerifitied copied”+”cerifitied offical” +” cerifitied translator” to verify my copied documents. When you submitted some documents,they need more again and agian,and finally you will find they have all your documents ,but still can’t get your live account.

I think,if you are not EU,had better prepare everything(application form+ID+address file),scan and send e-mail to [email protected],check they are available or not.Then you will know it is not easy to get your live account.

Don’t waste time with this broker, think it over, one year the contest prize is above 100,0000USD, totally scammer!! The purpose of its contest is just like cleaning clothings from black to white,I bet.