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137 Reviews

Actually, according to my trading experience, I think CIB FX is really excellent broker , they always ensures very easy and fast to deposit and for 1 important thing easy withdrawal system without long time process that sometimes becomes a sensitive issues. They always get paid within a few hours. Their client cabinet is really nice and simple but gives a very clear and effective information, very easy to contact. They also have large welcome bonus and no deposit bonus that are totally usable including lowest trading spreads as well as minimum margin requirements.

The experience with CIB FX is very good; I have been using this regulated company from last year. Basically the bonuses we get from our trading brokers practically cannot use at all due to margin stop outs. But from here I got 100% initial bonus that I can use at all times devoid of any kinds of limitations including lowest trading spreads with minimum margin requirements.

From last 3 month I have been using LQDFX due to their lowest trading spreads that is very supportive to make profit with certainly by using any kinds of trading techniques in particularly the scalping that brings profit in a short time. – 100%, most technologically advanced A-book ECN/STP broker

Business model: without dealing desk – ECN/STP
Host-based solution: EQUINIX
Liquidity provider: LMAX, Invast
Partner bank: BARCLAYS
FIX API, VPS – yesWithdrawal: automatic, processed within 24 business hours.
No restrictions: Scalping, hedging, automatic trading/experts are allowed.
Stop out: 30%Bonuses: no

For further information and cooperation issues, please contact me per skype – victor.options

For trading with Forex broker selection is really an important task. A trader who trade with renowned broker never think about his facilities as well as security. Because both qualities are available in this broker. Such as I am trading with ECN broker called Trade12 they have high security level as well as flexible leverage that is up to 1:400. They also have low spread. For those reason I have been trading with this broker for a long time without facing any problem.

Hello BrokerGuru,

I have uploaded the follow-up of my review regarding Profiforex but the publication process seems to be still pending. Please could you check if the uploaded succeeded safely?
However, glad to tell you that after my first review I received my money withdrawal by Skrill and I can therefore say that in my case there was no “cheating” broker at the end of the story.

Regards and keep up the fantastic job!

LQDFX is a broker that I am with due to their lowest trading spreads which is very supportive to make profit by scalping that brings profit in a short time.

As a scalper now I am great comfortable with TempleFX which does not restrict any kinds of trading techniques with scalping and hedging and for all time make sure best trading environment for scalping by providing lowest trading spreads from 0 pips which is very supportive to make profit with certainly by using any kinds of trading strategies in particularly the scalping that brings profit in a short time. nowadays in spite of a profitable trading policy scalping cannot use in a regulated broker due to many restrictions.

Checked, we don’t have it under MT4 brokers.
We’ve added the review page for ICAP. Thank you!

I can’t find ICAP on the list. But I can find it under the “MT4 brokers”. Why?

Thank you, doing great!

Yes, we have a counter on the Home page. Currently 372 brokers listed.
+11 new brokers coming up within the next few weeks as we finish gathering data for them.

Hi BrokerGuru….hope all is well with you :))
It gets confusing to count, but how many brokers are there here at your site?

Thanks in advance and all the best.


great review

Now I am with MTI Markets which is regulated and for all time make sure security of funds at any deposits with a wide range of trading technologies. And they don’t restrict any kinds of trading techniques with scalping and hedging.

I joined instaforex for deposit only $ 1, but instaforex give a welcome bonus of 30%. Conditions provided for is also very easy. I’m sure all the traders are also happy to join instaforex. At the beginning of their joins provide video education and providing a way that could make traders benefit when trading in a fast time. Just recently joined instaforex can provide very good service. I believe my future better with instaforex.

Thank you!
It’s now added.

I can’t find

Thank you!
VenusFX has been added.

May I know why VenusFx – is not listed for review. Thank you.

Why are authorities not empowered to take these scam companies to court and fine them Millions$ x100 till they go broke. Is there a problem with that? Or are the authorities in cahoot with the scammers?

The trading platforms provided on HiWayFx are supposed to be the best in the market. Featuring platforms like MetaTrader 4 (MT4), Myfxbook Autotrade and MT4 Multiterminal, it provides the best of technical analysis and trading benefit to the trader. Traders can also download these platforms on their laptop in order to use them whenever possible. Supporting multiple order types, all these trading platforms ensure a better indication of all trends and shifts in the market.


They do not own any platforms in there own right and simply piggy back on others and adding and increasing spreads to suit there own needs and expenditures, it would be prudent to go direct to the platform owners direct and trade with a tight spread than entertaining these guys who have a very evasive attitude to how the simplest of platforms work , please note this is not mentioned in there Terms and Conditions and you are mislead into thinking that the platforms belong to them thay also state thay will set up an account in your own name , this dosent happen and your money is held under STX and breaches there own terms and conditions. In my Opinion Steer clear and duediligence will pay off in the long run if you find the correct partner /broker .


ATTENTION to all traders are scum DO NOT open account with them they will steal your money if you have any doubt you can contact me personal
petros achilleos

Invested 5000$ in ZXMarkets. A fraud company. Made a profit of 25000$ in a month. Account manager named Mohsin Khan convinced me that zx markets won’t give me withdrawals and so I will have to withdraw back the amount I invested and so he asked me to make a loss of 20k. I trusted him , did that, later he contacted me from his mobile, asked me to invest in Mtrading, he said he will trade and give me big profits. After that in 2 trades, equity dropped. I’ve no idea why that guy wanted to ruin other people’s money. He did the same with 3 people I know afterwards. Forex market is full of scams and fraud people like these. Never let any one handle your account. Have some good equities, take some risks, make some profit, run away. That’s all.. cheers

I think would be better to indicate which broker is regulated

no nexusfx in the list

Dear Sirs
I’ve been contacted by a forex company called UTmarkets united trading markets based in the UK for forex trading with high monthly income.
I would like to know if this is a real legit company or a fraud.
That’s their contact and details.

57 Rathbone Place London, W1T 1JU United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (24) 7718 0000
[email protected]

I have one ecn a/c .good broker .but mt4 not working properly. in my trading experience ,i faced many problems in their terminal. some of the opening trades show movements to the market price .some of them don’t show any movements. freezing . one cad/jpy order , not trigger in stop loss .made me some more loss. but ,thank gbp/jpy selling orders ,i made profit .their support team was really good. they closed all my open trades. time now to update the mt4 . in future , i trade with them .very happy with their support…………..

I don’t see Tallinex.

Scam forex brokers and scam forex fund manger

Hi Everyone.. Even forex is a scam forex broker. Recently their fraud fund manager name Mr.Tamil his website his real name is Tamilarasan got award in china forex expo. have you people wonder how ???

it’s very easy , just apply any forex expo you may get a email from that contact the forex expo people to ask them what is the cost of getting awards. For brokers awards start from $1000 for other like fund manager awards $500. Just presenting trophy or stand with 2 people will give him a award that’s. its all about marketing cost done by evenforex company. Big cheater and also promoting their business through forex Tamil fake fund managers with all manipulation traders.. Just be aware of those scammers..

It’s listed as GKFXPrime ( Thank you.

Why is the Broker GKFX nowhere to find on your lists???

I am so happy to be trading with 5Stars Forex. I have improved all my techniques with them and have earned a lot of money trading with 5Stars Forex. Also, I haven’t had any problems up to now because their customer service always reply all my emails and give me the information I need to know on time. I had withdrawn my profit more than 3 times in 13 months 5stars Forex is the best and I love this broker.

PipIndex broker – the review page has been added.

There is a pending open court case against ICMarkets over at the Forex Peace Army. If the broker don’t defend themselves, ICMarkets will be rated a Scam Broker and all traders should be aware of that before having live account with them.


Thank you!
We’ll add a review page for it, though their site is not working properly, a few buttons are clickable. It’s impossible to obtain any information, including basic info on broker contact & types of accounts.

I want to know about a broker named as

fresh forex is best broker
1. register easy
2. low spread
3. fast execution
4. laverage up to 1:1000
5. online support
6. fast verivication
7. deposit and withdrawl fast
8. can by fasapay, skrill, webmoney, okpay, etc
visit broker

New Zealand brokers don’t have bad reputation.
Look at reviews at other sites, mainly see if there are any issues with cancelled profits or delayed/denied withdrawals.
This will give you an idea about it. We don’t rate brokers ourselves or provide comments or opinions. Sorry about that.

hi Guru,

what you think about FXUNITED?
how to check scam or not ?

After more than 4 years trading the forex market, I am back to square one in trusting and happy with any forex broker.

I thought ICMarkets was one of the best out there….i.e regulated by ASIC, reasonably low spread & swap values, multiple deposits which suited me perfectly, fast withdrawals….. BUT they too eventually turn out to be a great disappointment (read my review on them at “Review Brokers”) like the other more than ten different brokers that I have used over the years.

It’s like after the “honeymoon”, all brokers will manipulate your trading account one way or another to make you loss more money.



Total Withdraw impossible for 3 Months ago.

I highly recommend InstaForex for yopu traders. I am currently enjoying my trades here because of their execution speed. I trade commission. Also, I never had any problems withdrawing my money. So, I would recommend this broker.

I have the standard account with them, I traded quite often and they are nearly no requotes. they have complete program and service and their support very loyal. Trusted Broker!

hello…any idea about alfa financials as i got job in that firm. plz do the favour.

I will know about CFD1000, Imake a request of withdraw and not receive , have other trader the same problem? Please inform.

The reviews page for FXRANEX has been created.

We don’t review brokers ourselves.
Hopefully we can hear from traders soon about this broker.

Thank you once again for your suggestion!

any idea of broker name FXRANEX ? WEBSITE:
registered under Belize regulated
Now this broker currently famous in my country, Malaysia

Compared to all brokers I’ve dealt with Insta is my favorite. They only give the best to their clients. Good support, tight spreads, average execution speed, and good contest and promotions.

Hello !
I want to work with brokers who guarantee you will not be charged traders for losses greater than their deposit.
Please what is the broker?

Company names does not necessarily need to be used as trading names.

In order to register a company, strict requirement about the uniqueness of the name in the country/territory of registration should be met. It’s not always easy to find a short name for the new company these days. Hence, companies choose long names.

When it comes to branding, everyone needs a shorter version, which is easier to memorize and recognize. Hence, with your example, FxUnited is used as the trading name.

Dear BG

FxUnited is registered under name “UNITED GLOBAL HOLDINGS LIMITED” any advise why the name FXUnited is not used in registration?
I’m planning to invest big in this broker & build my network as well. Really need your advise and support.
Thank you

Thank you!
MXTrade reviews page has been added.
That’s a new broker (2014), that’s why there are no reviews for them so far.

Hi BG,

I’m trying to find about on your list but it seems that it in not included. A friend of mine ask me to trade with this company and she said that she was getting profit. It would be great if I can check the review first before I go ahead. Is there a chance that you might add it?


Thank you!
We have created the review page for NAS Broker.
To make a site-wide listing, we would need to receive a filled out form, which can be found here:

Thank you once again!

Hello Broker Guru! I did not find my broker – NAS Broker in the listing. Can you add it? here is the link for website.
Brokers with segregated accounts
Brokers with swap-free accounts
Brokers with mini accounts
Brokers with the lowest EURUSD spreads
Brokers with Gold, Silver, Oil & CFDs
Paypal brokers
Skrill Forex brokers
WebMoney Forex brokers
Neteller Forex brokers
Prepaid MasterCard® brokers

nothing outbeats , getting paid every week, fast execution .
they are negotiable for everything, they beat every other broker with customer service!

I would highly recommend that broker, feels good to get paid every week!


Great! Thank you!
All added to the reviews list.

Hi about , and

What broker you using?


Octafx is a superb broker for beginners and broke experienced forex traders. I started with welcome bonus account and I have managed to gain enough capital to operate a better ECN account with them hoping to make more gains as I am with two years experience in forex online with other brokers. The market executions is the best for sculping and it has little spread. I recommend it.

Thank you!
that’s not a broker though.

Hi about Thanks

Sorry, we don’t try to do such “research”. If brokers are connected in any way, it usually easily found by reading their terms of service and other official/legal documents. Comparing web templates along won’t be enough to confirm it. Why not also ask them directly? Honest businesses have nothing to hide from clients.

FXCarat seems have same website template with
BrokerGuru, could you please help me find the connections between them?

Thank you!
Yes, it’s a DMA broker. We’ve created a review page for PNB.



Please any one traded with Price Markets ? share your reviews .


Thank you! its new broker add this broker to ur review

Instaforex is a solid broker with no problems. Very fast response customer support.

Thank you!
Both are now added.

Dear BG,

Please add

Forex Optimum


Dear BG,

Please add

Thank You !

FinFX is listed.
Hanseatic Brokerhouse – doesn’t have an English site version is order to list them here, sorry.

Menurut saya Octafx Memang broker paling mantap dan bisa di percaya, transaksinya cepat dan no requote, Octafx is the Best…!!!

I miss the broker Hanseatic Brokerhouse


never heard of FX Carat before. Will be added, thank you!
I don’t have such deep details for Gold/Silver spreads for each broker, I’m very sorry.

hi sir which broker given gold spread at 0.1? one of person told given all vip account at 0.1 pip spread inclusive of commission it is true or not tell me sir.


Hi. I am mising comment on Finfx Please add

just best broker Insta Forex

is Alpari SV Limited new company of alpari

We sent you the completed questionnaire to list our company TopFX
more than a month now, nothing done so far.

Kind Regards,

TopFX Team

Sorry, I know nothing about DIBFX, but will make a review page for others to contribute.
Thank you for your suggestion, we’ll make a page with Neteller Forex brokers.

please add the brokers that support neteller for deposit and withdrawal..

Hi Mr. BrokerGuru

Do you any review about broker

Dear Webmaster:

I noticed your rating and total columns, (on this page above), cannot be sorted, in other words, to have all the five-stars at the top or have the largest number of reviews at the top, (and vice versa). This would be a handy feature for all from which to benefit.



It should be up for now, otherwise, please let me know.
It takes less than 24 hours, with some exceptions/delays that may extend to 48 hours.

Excel Markets will be added. Thank you!

I have posted a review regarding Robustfx broker yesterday but it is not displayed can you tell me how much it will take to display?

Dear Webmaster:

I noticed this broker is not on your list:

Please add this NZ broker for the benefit of others.



EU-FX offers only managed accounts services, but no full brokerage.
The website is less than 1 year old (domain registered in December 22, 2011).
No investors ever left any feedback about their services anywhere on the net.
It’s difficult to give any comments, since there isn’t much information even on the website itself.
Looks like a new business.
Hope this helps.


Anybody has some reliable information on EU-FX ?
Their site is
I’ll be looking forward for your reply.

Trader24 is a new broker. Most likely 2012 registered.

According to their Terms & Conditions, Trader24 is doing business as a Market maker, quote:
“FXEL is the counterparty to all Transactions entered into under the Customer Agreement and, as such, FXEL’s interests may be in conflict with yours. Our Conflicts of Interest Policy is available at FXEL’s website.”

We’ll make a reviews page for the broker and hopefully get more feedback.

PT Inter Pan Pasifik Futures Jakarta Indonesia licensed by:
BAPPEBTI (Badan Pengawas Perdagangan Berjangka Komoditi – Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency) with the license number of 427/BAPPEBTI/SI/VII/2004. We are also a member of BBJ (Bursa Berjangka Jakarta – Jakarta Futures Exchange) license number of SPAB-056/BBJ/12/03 and KBI (Kliring Berjangka Indonesia – Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House) license number of 27/AK-KBI/IX/2004. PLease add us into your list. @ Pons Terrobias

I see the same result – no site opening.
Quite stressful to say the least, but I don’t have any idea why they are not responding. Could be a case of very bad business practice.
If that’s the case, then, unfortunately, nothing can be done.
Try contacting domain owners directly.

Hi Broker Guru ………….It’s about actiwin capitals…….
I confuse what actually website name for actiwin capitals……….First time I’ve join with I have open account and trade with deposit $750 with that broker but I tried open the next day or today August 17 2012 with that website again but it cannot be open again…………so What the matter………I’ve send email to actiwin capitals 3 times since 3 days ago but they never give the answer…..What about my money? is it scam?

Thank you RahmanSL,

I also stumbled across their site a few weeks ago. Will make a review page for them shortly.

@ trader: FxPro reviews page is available at:


what about


Hi BG,

Hope all is well with you.

There is a new broker on the bloke called “FXPIG” which I think you should include in the above list.
I have not traded with them and so don’t know much about them except they are located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Alright, all the best!


We haven’t heard of Yadix before, that’s a new company.
However, a quick search shows that it’s a new brand of HF Markets Ltd, who also runs HotForex:

Yadix has been added to the reviews section:

anyone know about ?

Thank you!
True 8 FX is a registered in Mauritius, while they have an account in the HSBC bank (Hong Kong)
We’ve created a new reviews page for them here:
Hope we’ll hear some feedback from traders soon.


Has anyone heard of ture8fx registered in Hongkong?
I got the bonus but some things are strange.

thanks for the help.

Thank you Joy,

the new reviews page for JFD Brokers:

Hi Guru

I have been searching JFD broker,,,it is look like good regulated broker,,,but i need some review from anyone have live acc there,,,before make decision to join with this broker.
would you like to add JFD broker in your list?

Thank you

hi Bg

would you like to add mmcis broker in your list? because i couldnt get enough review about this broker

Thank you


sorry, I haven’t heard about those two brokers before: FXLider, FXRenew.
I’ll add them the reviews section within few days. Hopefully we’ll hear from other traders.

Hi guru

I’m trying to find some info about would you like provide some info of this broker


Hi BG,

I’m trying to find some info on I would appreciate some help if you can help.


Anyone here heard of a mob called Fiscal Focus? They cold-called me & been sending emails suggesting I let them trade for me. Daily emails show daily wins.
Thats why I’m suspicious.


how about OptionsXpress,ChoiceTrade,TradeKing…Thanks

I’m trading at Paxforex, the good thing about this company is that you can trade with 200 bonus. Which means that you don’t have too spend to open an account.

1lotstp & 1pipfix are related.
1pipfix was an IB for LoyalForex, that’s the connections I know about. Haven’t tried to research any further.

Hi BG is 1lotstp and loyal forex the same broker?

wisdom 🙂

Looking for a trustworthy forex broker is like looking for a perfect wife.

Yes, there is such search criteria in the BrokerSearch:

The 5th line: “US clients accepted” – “Yes”
Also, add the following parameter: “Country” – add a checkbox “Show all”

It’ll show the list of brokers who accept US clients from all countries. As a rule, with a non-US broker you can avoid the FIFO rule and get a higher leverage. But, as you know, according to US regulation, only US brokers are allowed to offer Forex trading to US citizens. Therefore, all non-US brokers who continue accepting US clients do it at own risk.

Do you offer a search criteria for finding brokers who accept U.S. clients?… To escape FIFO(non-hedging) and avoid the SORRY 50:1 leverage I think this is a must!

I’m having to go to each individual brokers’ website to find this out

Thank You

Thank you for the feedback!

Only US brokers apply FIFO rules, while all other brokers don’t. Simply select a broker outside US.
Plus try also filtering by Hedging parameter, since FIFO means no hedging will be possible.
Simply set Hedging to “yes” when searching.

Thank you for such a great tool in selecting a forex broker. I would much appreciate it if you could add brokers that do or do not apply FIFO to your search robot criteria.

Thanks again!

Thank you for leaving a review.
We’ll transfer it to the UFXBank’s review page:

Paul Barsha
Warning-warning -warning
UFXBANK rating = – 10 ( minus 10)

UFX Bank provide you with excellent trading conditions, execution and customer service in condition that you loose your money, but in case you win and tried to withdraw your profit they will block your account, prohibit you to access your trading platform and your account statement and chat service, and even if you want to call them to clarify what happened and to solve the problem they will treat you like a shit, no one respond to your calls or to your emails’
avoid get scammed by this scam company because the only way they allow you to fellow is to loose your money without pity, all profit you make will be for them because no one can have a profit under the reason you are abusing our system.

How delicate is their system to be abused by a customer, never ever trust them because they are liars, they promised me after taking all my profit I made me and my son that we will be able to trade again after passing 4 weeks from 24.12.2010 and till now they keeping fighting us with no justified reason

It seems to me that those people providing their customers a fake trading, and they take the opposite side of their customers, that is mean if you loose they win and if you win they will not loose because your winning is for them not for you.

I have a proof for every word here, I have a statements, closed positions, emails proof of every word I am telling and how they kicked us me and my son, and after a general and final resolution happened between us, that we will accept certain amount of 8000 usd instead of 132000 usd in condition that after 4 weeks they will let us access our account and allow us to resume trading, after this agreement made between us they refuse to allow us to trade with them, do you know why?
That is because we know how we can take profit from them, and because if we win they will loose.

Now and from now on, I swear that I am ready to teach every trader who can contact us how to make profit from UFXbank and I guaranty every word, and I will not stop until this scam company will go broke or shut down this fake business.

Those people never honored their word.

Never pay profit

never respect their customer except for depositing

never get real trading but false and fake trading

pay good bonus to loose your bonus + your initial deposit

those people can block your account any time and put you in the sake of god without pity.

from now on you are under my target because you harm us too much despite all our good intentions to solve the issue peacefully.

For contact details = [email protected]
PH= 61+ 393247247
MOB = 61433693420

I can’t guarantee safety of deposits, nor I can recommend brokers, sorry.
Trading Point is properly regulated and registered company. So, in this regard you should be fine. I’d suggest reading more reviews on other websites and also make a phone call to the broker to just make contact and may be ask a few questions.

What is your comment about “Trading Point”? Is it safe for new investment?

Hi Carole,

You did everything right: researches, reviews etc. I should stress out that the largest brokers (such as FXCM) will always have positive as well as negative reviews… Especially negative, because when the things are going well, a few traders seeks places where they can submit a feedback. At FXCM you’ll meet traders who have trading experience as well as those who just started trading. The reviews/claims/advice submitted by such novice traders should be filtered due to the lack of experience of such traders.

If you have concerns about opening $10 000 account, there is always an opportunity to run tests with smaller amounts before making a full commitment.

Concerning order execution, demo and real accounts aimed to provide identical conditions, but it’s difficult to achieve on practice. For example, the volume you execute through the demo means nothing to the real market, while in live trading large volumes will have effect on the market, and you as a trader may feel the difference.

At 100Forexbrokers we don’t recommend brokers, or suggest opening/closing accounts with brokers.
Our goal is to offer you facts & figures, so that you can make an educated choice.

This site can only guarantee 100% accuracy for detecting Affiliate reviews, while for other reviews it’s only 80% chance to be Authentic, which means that among those reviews there is a chance to see an affiliate review which hasn’t been detected.

It’s not difficult for website administrators to track what everyone submits. We don’t make bias decisions based on the words/content of the review, instead we use data and data only to filter Authentic and Affiliate reviews – there is a special tracking methodology involved. It doesn’t, however, make sense to expose the methodology to public, because we don’t want it to be manipulated by those who might be interested in submitting fake reviews, or boosting broker’s ranking, or even intentionally drawing someones’ ranking down.
Thank you for your understanding.

To summarize, we analyze tracking data, and with it determine whether someone is trying to abuse the system by submitting affiliate reviews or whether it’s a real trader rating a broker.

how the Authentic statute are confirm in here

Hi BrokerGuru,
I have been testing a forex startegy for 7 months on a demo a/c. Now that I am ready to go live (with a $10,000 a/c which is substantial for me but the most suitble form my trading strategy), I need to select a reliable and trusted broker. I followed the steps outlined in your article: “how to choose a forex broker” and came to the conclusion that FXCM (STP) could be the one to choose. My decision is based on the information that FXCM offer(advertise) about their services and their demo a/c on FXCM Trading Station II which I tested for 2 months and found it to be great. The only problem is that before going live with them, I read several reviews on different Fx reveiw forums that were mostly negative about their live a/c services concerning order execution and that it’s nothing like the demo and that it might not be (STP). I am ready to open a live a/c with them, if it wasn’t for these bad reviews. Now reading these reviews is holding me back.
Do you think I should wait and research them and other brokers or it’s ok to go with them, if you have ever dealt with them?
Your input will be appreciated.
Carole El Maten

Trader Oct 9, 2010: For starters, why are you looking at a broker who not many people on planet Earth has heard of?? This usually means that these type of Brokers are very2 small and more than likely to be “Deposit Only” scammer Brokers.

Stay away from lesser known Brokers….Go read up on all Forex Brokers Reviews for a selection of more established and less likely to be scammer brokers.

P/S Hi BG, how is it going with you? Been a while since I came back here.


This site can only guarantee 100% accuracy for detecting Affiliate reviews, while for other reviews it’s only 80% chance to be Authentic.

It’s not difficult for website administrators to track what everyone submits. We don’t make bias decisions based on the words/content of the review, we use data and data only to filter Authentic and Affiliate reviews. It doesn’t, however, make sense to expose the methodology to public, because we don’t want it to be manipulated by those who might be interested in submitting fake reviews, or boosting broker’s ranking, or even intentionally drawing someones’ ranking down. Thank you for your understanding.

How does this site ensure that reviews are submitted by real traders? I can’t seem to find in this site the methodology on how the authencity of “real traders” are established.

We don’t provide reviews or recommendations for any broker. Or goal is to collect facts about brokers while staying unbiased at all times. Thank you for you understanding.
In the future we hope to have more traders reviews on this page, so that it’ll be easier to learn about brokers. For now, you’d need to search for reviews on several broker related sites.

Can i trust One Financial Markets what you say about this broker

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, all I can do is gather and provide facts for you. I can’t do a custom research for every visitor, or even if I did, it is still against our website rules to recommend/pick any particular broker over the others.
We can’t be bias or work for any broker, and at the same time we can’t provide any guarantees that a selected/recommended broker will live up to its standards and promises over the time.

that’s why it’s up to you to pick a broker and take the responsibility for your decision, while we help you to compare the facts and figures we’ve gathered about each of them.

dear sir
please give me few brokers’ name that you think can be trust, i really don’t know how to choose, the rating from internet seems not so reliable, please reconmend some brokers
thank you