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Profiforex reviews

Average: 4.3 based on 43 reviews

Pipfixed Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2010
  • Headquarters: Mahe, Seychelles
  • Company registration: Profiforex Corp., Seychelles
  • Regulation: not regulated

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London, Joe

April 10, 2017

4 years Total
5 months with this Broker

Awesome Broker!!! I am loving the mt4 platform here...

Tags: Profiforex reviews


February 22, 2017

18 monts Total
5 months with this Broker

I do not recommend.

Tags: Profiforex reviews

India gans

January 1, 2017

4 months Total
3 months with this Broker


Tags: Profiforex reviews


November 29, 2016

3 Total
2mth demo with this Broker

PLEASE do not fall for any promotions like bonus or high leverage offer from this company,they are scam that will make your trading lose in no time.
price slippage,trade goes wrong direction will make your trading not right.
It was easy to use demo,but to live account YOU'LL lose in no time

They use special bot to make customer lose.

Trust me you'll regret for using the service,if not give it try and you'll see how they rip you


Tags: Profiforex reviews


February 26, 2016

8 month demo and 2 years live Total
2 month demo and 4 years live with this Broker

profiforex Brokers are forex brokers. profiforex Brokers offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile forex trading top

platforms. profiforex.com offers over 50 currency pairs, equities, commodities, indices, and ETFs for your personal

investment and trading options.

Tags: Profiforex reviews

Bangladesh, Shahidul

February 25, 2016

4 years Total
3 years live with this Broker

Very very very nice support.I m totally agree with last few comments from Bangladesh.But one thing they dont give
deposit bonus.I will request them to give deposit bonus again.And withdraw is very fast within 30mins most of the
time.I m happy trading with this global broker.

Tags: Profiforex reviews

Mexico, Kirk

April 30, 2015

5 years Total
2 months Demo, 1 year Live with this Broker

Well, it's time I give my full opinion about this broker. My friend told me he preferred trading here, so I started with a demo account. The execution was crazily fast and when the customer support told me that live account would get same speed, I quickly went live. Turns out to be true and this is what attracted me to this broker in the first place. Paypal withdrawal request was done within 2 hours most times until Paypal was removed. I use Skrill for deposits now and withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours. Good for me as long as I get my money every now and then. Seriously, I am a fan of this broker.

Tags: Profiforex reviews

Sweden, Philip Ibra RTW

January 23, 2015

16 months Total
6 months with this Broker

Now I feel safe with this broker. The recent crazy market crisis did not affect my account one bit. While my friends complained about their brokers and funds, my account with Profiforex did not suffer any loss. Profiforex was calm during the crisis. I think I am going to stick with this broker for a very long time, because things are going perfectly. Highly recommended.

Tags: Profiforex reviews

United States, ED S.

October 20, 2014

5 Years Total
4 Years with this Broker

Profiforex offers the best conditions for forex traders.
Been using ProfiForex since they started a few years ago.
Never ran into problems with Deposits & Withdrawals.
Spreads are tight, even just before, during, & after major news.
Profiforex offers trading with Fixed, Variable, & ECN quotes.
Finance department is very helpful. Boss gets the job done!

***Stay away from USA-based Forex brokers, They're the WORST...such as FXCM, GAIN Capital, OandA, Monex, etc!
***Frank-Dodd Regulation is the Stupidest Law!!!
***50:1 Leverage is Stupid, FiFo is Stupid, No-Hedging is Stupid!

Tags: Profiforex reviews

FinLand, Frank Ivanovic

September 5, 2014

2 years Total
2 months with this Broker

I never thought this broker would have such a nice platform. First I judged wrongly by the look of their website. With two months with Profiforex, I can see that they have one of the best order execution performance. I will continue to trade here as long as I can.

Tags: Profiforex reviews

Poland, Harry L.

July 28, 2014

1 year Live account Total
2 months live with this Broker

2 months already with Profiforex and still no serious problem. This is a forex broker without issues. I was only concerned about their not being regulated in the US or Uk and now I don't regret giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Tags: Profiforex reviews

United States, Fargie

April 10, 2014

2 years Total
7 months with this Broker

I switched my account to a standard account. Was using a micro account. Both account are the same, the only noticeable difference is how the money is shown, in dollar and cent respectively. Overall, I am glad to recommended this broker for wonderful service. Since am trading from the US, which ofcourse my colleagues knows how restrictive most brokers can be. Profiforex have no restriction whatsoever.

Tags: Profiforex reviews


February 11, 2014

fast Deposit
1 day-2day Withdrawal

and get 5 $ Bonus,

05:51 10.02.14 Withdrawal -53.72 USD PayPal Completed —
13:26 01.02.14 Deposit 15 USD PayPal Completed —

Tags: Profiforex reviews

Netherlands, Chubby Ron

January 30, 2014

2 years Total
6months with this Broker

You should see how fast my orders are being executed. I am happy to find a broker that always honor my Pending orders, SL and TP on a timely basis. I have no problem edging my positions sometimes. I am completely happy with this broker.

Tags: Profiforex reviews


October 20, 2013

5 Years Total
2.5 Years with this Broker

I have been happy with ProfiForex from the get go. US based brokers don't even add up to the capabilities of this broker. I have never had any issues with execution, spreads are so thin that scalping has never been a problem. For some odd reason, deposits take longer than withdrawals. I have referred numerous traders to trade with them and all of them have been extremely satisfied. They are highly recommended. I wish all brokers are this way. US based brokers are the worst!(FXCM, Forex.com, IBFX, Oanda.) I'll move overseas 1st before I trade with a US based broker. Frank-Dodd Act SUCKS!

Tags: Profiforex reviews
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