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Pepperstone reviews


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Australia, Alex

November 23, 2011

6 years Total
3 months with this Broker

I opened an account under cash back forex with pepperstone about 3 months ago. all was going ok and then during the japanese yen intention i was long usdjpy and made $97k profit on that huge market movement in less than a few minutes. I sent in my withdrawal request for my profits and my money arrived in my bank account the next day. since then i've been trading normally… no more huge profits but a very happy client with a very good trustworthy broker.

as an experienced trader i can say the pepperstone is one of the best.

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Taiwan, Maphis

November 20, 2011

3 year Total
2 months with this Broker

A scam broker. I open two razor accounts. They use virtual plug for me to my orders more than 5 seconds when I earn money. My another new account is normal under 300ms. I tested it many times and the results are the same. They also frozen the chart when a important news time. Please stay away the broker and save your money.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews


November 19, 2011

3 years Total
3 weeks with this Broker

I strongly recoment to shut down all your live accounts with them until they fix their problems.
This week i spent 10hours every day manual trading on live account (EU open until mid US) Heres what i experienced every single day!

- couple of server freezes 10-30 seconds before major news. Freezes up to 2 minutes.
- server freezes 3-10 times per day up to 30 seconds without news incoming.
- trade execution times from instant to 45seconds!
- slippages due very long execution times up to 35 pips!
Only positive thing about this was that couple of times slippage was positive. Still majority of times it was negative, so in summary i lost money because of it.

Clearly there is a lot wrong with theyr servers and price feed. Plus im suspecting price manipulation since vs Alpari account the price differs too much sometimes.

I am now slowly closing my EA trades, i already stopped manual trading with them and i will withdraw my money as soon as i have closed all trades.

My 3 week experience with them has been by far the worst broker i have tried!

In those 3 weeks i did not experience any malfunctions on alpari account, which runs on same computer simulatiously.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Brazil, SSf

November 12, 2011

3 years Total
5 months live with this Broker

Great support, fast order execution, the best spread I've seen. The iphone app is very useful with technical analysis and fundamental.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Australia, Psycho Pip Killer

November 7, 2011

2 years Total
1 year with this Broker

I can't speak highly enough of these guys... 100 times better than my last broker!(wont go in to that, though). I've been manual trading and EA trading (mostly MDP) for over a year now with Pepperstone and I'm going to stick with them. I'm using a VPS now that their server is in New York, and so far great execution. Even when I had problems with a trade, sent in a screen shot and was resolved in 2 hours. Also very quick with withdrawals (maybe because I live in Australia). Fast responses to my emails and very professional when I dealt with them to over the phone. I've recommended them to a few newbies and intermediate traders and all good feedback!

Tags: Pepperstone reviews


November 6, 2011

10 years Total
never with this Broker

This is a white label of ikonfx. Ikonfx has been accused and fined by NFA/CFTC for using an automated dealer which is the reason why you are having a lot of slippage. Stay away.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews


October 8, 2011

5+ years Total
3 months live with this Broker

a picture... they changed server/network after this screw operation.. server side stop loss and take profits, all disturbed. and one day, some worst thing happened..

Tags: Pepperstone reviews


October 4, 2011

3 yrs Total
2 weeks LIVE with this Broker

Its not for me. Pending order should differ 20 pips from current market price, and thats ECN?

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Canada, Gill

September 12, 2011

3 Months Total
2 months with this Broker

This is an excellent service. I am rather new to the Forex game, but the people at Pepperstone didn’t make me feel like an idiot like other services that I tried. I would try to make safe trades and wasn’t one for trading on a whim and these people helped take me by the hand and let me know all of the ins and the outs of trading.

Highly recommended, I cannot say enough about them.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Manilla, Philippines, Rafal

September 6, 2011

2 years Total
4 months with this Broker

Great broker, fast deposits and withdrawals. Highly recommended for EA or manual trading..

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

AU/NZ, Tim

August 29, 2011

a while Total
4 months with this Broker

I had a problem with a trade, one trip to Live Chat with Pepperstone and they fixed up my account. I withdrew my funds (including all my profit) and the funds arrived the next day. Since then I've re-funded and am very happy with Pepperstone. They offer the best execution and spreads. This broker is trustworthy, regulated has great customer support and best yet the trading conditions are fantastic. Highly recommended.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Pipstar, London (R. J UK)

August 28, 2011

4 years Total
2 months with this Broker

I do not mind occasional slippage but this is ridiculous.
poor excuse for a broker and to top it all they are never around when I want to call them. I live in UK so why are they not 24 hours???

In my opinion do not bother with them, plenty of others to choose from

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

UK, Jane

August 27, 2011

Pepperstone is a 5 star broker and I would highly recommend them. I have been trading for the last 6 weeks and speeds, execution and customer service is to

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Australia, Justin W

August 25, 2011

a while Total
a while with this Broker

highly recommended, I haven't looked back since moving to them.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

AU, Anom

August 18, 2011

a while Total
only just started with this Broker

spreads are great, execution fast. iPhone app works well.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews
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