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Pepperstone reviews


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Australia Steve

January 25, 2013

10 Years Total
1 Year with this Broker

For my scalping strategy I have found this broker works well using their ECN Edge account (never upgraded to Razor). Execution is among the fastest of any of the brokers I have and much faster than most. No trouble withdrawing money, I'll be keeping Pepper.

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Alfonso, Argentina

January 11, 2013

6 year professionally Total
too long time now closing account with this Broker

This broker is pathetic, staff is unprofessional, their platform can shut down all your trades without any warning, stay far from them.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Kanai, Japan

January 7, 2013

19 months trading Total
1 months with this Broker

They get pushed like hot air balloon with a big hole in it by IBs and staff in forums. They try to get me to open account when ask questions, but I know the are IBs or staff. I am smarter to see into these scam recruitment tactics. Take caution on forex factory, they have 3 IB's or staff ready to pounce. They must be bad broker if they need IBs to promoted them in forums like forex factory.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Dubai, Imran

January 3, 2013

3 yr Total
2.1 mth with this Broker

I now give up on Pepperstone, EDGE account is bad. I have experience with too much slippage to make trading profitable. I also see allot of unusual activity. It is also very disappointing that they close on days over the New Year and Christmas break when other brokers are open, this makes me suspicious that they are a real ECN broker. Prices on Tuesday morning 1st Jan 2013 also open later than normal ECN brokers. Pepperstone is not real ECN broker.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Sweden, Lars

December 30, 2012

12 years Total
1 month too much with this Broker

Terrible terrible experience with Pepperstone EDGE account. This account has maybee the worst slippage I have seen with any forex broker. I also see many unusual price candles, Pepperstone support team say these are bad prices from the banks that price them. They told me one of the banks with bad data was UBS, I don't believe them because I trade with many other broker which use UBS also and they do not have the same problem.

Please be careful with this broker, I am very suspicious about what they say.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

South Africa

September 6, 2012

10+ years Total
1 year with this Broker

A very good broker overall and definitely amongst the top in my opinion. They however seem to have some serious platform issues. I lived through 2 crashes on their Razor platform due to it being overloaded according to them as they signed up so many traders.This was sorted out later by adding more servers or capacity.

Most recently lived through two total collapses of the new Edge server. Was refunded my losses on the first one but now have a case going against them for the second time. Currently under investigation after which it will be escalated to the (FOS) ombudsman and also in discussion with legal firmin Melbourne in regards of instituting legal proceedings to recover quantifiable losses.

A very good broker, excellent service and setup bu be warned and be careful. Will be heading back to old broker in the UK after this has been resolved.

Also, Pepperstone is not a true ECN. Not able to place orders in the spread and or act like market maker. Excellent spreads and STP but not true ECN.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

India, pannet1

August 29, 2012

1 Month Total
1 Week Demo with this Broker


Just realized while reviewing the ECN MT4 broker list, you mentioned

" - pending orders can be placed inside the spread "

Pepperstone stipulates my order to be placed with a 20 points difference between current market price and order price. I believe this does not fulfill your above said parameter because if spread is very low (between 0.1 to 0.8) always the order will be outside the spread.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

India, pannet1

August 29, 2012

1 Month Total
1 Week Demo with this Broker


Many thanks the clarification. i managed to do 4-6 trades and all are winners [may be because its demo and i did not put real money :-) ]. Noticed if my account currency is USD they are charging USD 0.08 per round for 0.01 lot.

Their ECN Razor is excellent when compared to the Commodity trading, which I used to do earlier with real money from MCX, India. There price quickly turns against as soon i enter into trade.

I strongly feel this (ECN/STP) is the way to go but there should be similar brokers out there who charge lesser commission. I know 100forexbrokers.com will not take anyone's side, but who is ( having the real time experience of testing all the brokers out there) really qualified enough to suggest the best broker.

So the search [ should use the broker search ] for a broker with low commission is still on. 1) Search 2) Shortlist 3) Evaluate till I find the no. 1 broker. Meanwhile do some trading in Demo account and double my capital.

I would request you for a kind of voting or ranking system, so everyone need not do this exercise. You can leave this to the visitors and still be unbiased.

Thanks once again and appreciate your great job here at 100forexbrokers.com.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

India, pannet1

August 22, 2012

1 Month Total
0 Days with this Broker

hi 100brokersreview Admin,

According to their website they charge a commission of AUD 3.5 / 100K traded. According to you its AUD 7. So which one is correct or we are talking about different accounts from same broker.

Admin: both correct.
AUD 3.5 / 100K traded - per 1 side (e.g. when you just open or just close a position - half trade cycle)
AUD 7 - per round turn (e.g. when you Open and Close the position - full trade cycle)

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Indonesia, Benny Sihite

July 30, 2012

2 years Total
3 months with this Broker

So far so good for me. I will give a review later..

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Australia, Michael

June 26, 2012

10 years Total
1 year LIVE with this Broker

I have been with a number of overseas brokers previously (Alpari, FXCM etc), but would definitely recommend Pepperstone for their strong customer focus and great trading conditions. I've been with Pepperstone for a little over a year now and will definitely stay with them. Compared to a few other Ozzie brokers, their spreads are very competitive and I have had good results with scalping and EA trading so far.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Administrator 100Forexbrokers.com

March 30, 2012

To JP Robot, who wrote:

"100 Forex Brokers, You have to open real account with this broker privately, You have to spend real money from your poket. and You have to see check up..."

We treat all brokers equally. We have trading experience with a number of brokers, but this doesn't change our policy - we cannot show bias (positive or negative) towards any broker regardless our experience.

The same approach applies to the current matter: our reviews system has been abused, and it doesn't matter who the broker is, we must take necessary measures to ensure that our site receives authentic reviews for all brokers.

We apologize to everyone for this temporary inconvenience, and remind that only reviews that contain live account numbers will be published. Thank you for your understanding!

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Administrator, 100Forexbrokers.com

March 27, 2012

At 100Forexbrokers we keep absolute transparency of everything & every single fact. Therefore we'd like to outline recent facts & remind about our website policy:

1. No side (be it a broker or a trader) is ever defended by us. 100Forexbrokers.com is an unbiased resource.

2. The following facts has been documented since autumn 2011 at the Pepperstone reviews page:

In total 20 negative reviews-in-question have been detected, where:
- 4 reviewers hided their true country of origin & submitted reviews under different names. All reviews turned out to be from one country, clients of which are not allowed to open accounts with Australian brokers.
- 5 reviewers hided their true country of origin & submitted reviews under different names. All reviews belong to the same person.
- 2 reviewers hided their true country of origin & submitted reviews under different names. All reviews belong to one person.
- 4 reviewers hided their true country of origin & submitted negative reviews by using 2 different names. All reviews belong to one person.
- 3 reviewers hided their true country of origin & submitted reviews under different names. All cases originated from one country.
- in addition, 2 latest reviews submitted under different names belong to the same person. Reviews contained personal attack with claims of sexual harassment & information that questions their authenticity.

In response to the above, we now require that all traders who want to leave a review provide their Live account number to support own reviews.
Reviews that don't contain account numbers will not be accepted.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Germany Tom

March 1, 2012

5 years Total
Live Razor 4 months with this Broker

Administrator note: Tom, due to recent events (outlined above), in order to validate your reviews, please provide your ASIC complaint reference number. Thank you!

Razor account:

Yesterday, i have filed a complaint to the ASIC regulator depending on all the typical bucketshop practices like platform outages,quotes and price freezes,slow executions,slippage,platform shutdown before/during news events,no filling orders etc.

ASIC really should act and shut down these cheating practices or shut down Pepperstone completely.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Germany, Martin

February 28, 2012

4 Years Total
3 Month with this Broker

[...] Removed [...]

Administrator note: reviews submitted by "Netherlands / Hadria" and "Germany, Martin" belong to the same person. Reviews contained personal attack with claims of sexual harassment & information that questions their authenticity based on the above.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews
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