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Pepperstone Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2010
  • Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
  • Company registration: Pepperstone Financial Pty Ltd, No. 12 147 055 703, Australia.
  • Regulation: ASIC (AFSL #414530)

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2 Reviews

They are no different to their scumbag mates GO Markets. Liars and cheats, they just closed my positions out with zero notice.

It’s a scam

Pepperstone scammed me and I do not know what to do. I tried ASIC but they told me to go to FOS. I am worried about going to FOS as I think they will take to long to solve the problem. Please help someone.

I only have a demo account and I can’t recommend Pepperstone as their Demo accounts expire. This is very bad if you want to test trading strategies. My recommendation is to go for a broker that has demo accounts which do not expire.

Their spreads are not that flash. Look at myfxbook to see for yourself and you will quickly discover other brokers that are better than them. I don’t like them mainly ba cause they call me to make me put money in my account, they are nothing but cheap hustlers.

I am thinking about trading, but won’t go with Pepperstone. Yes, they are regulated by ASIC, but they have been kicked out of Japan because they were not licensed to trade there.

This is confirmed on ASIC website

If they are able to miss-lead Japanese customers do you think they are able to miss-lead you? actions speak louder than words, their actions of deception of Japanese customers would indicate that they are able to also deceive you.

They have also been accused of been a B-Book not an A-Book and a number of other things. They have been accused of not been a true ECN and market maker. This I can’t confirm, I can only say that if a regular like ASIC warns them of what they were doing in Japan and the Japanese regular kicks them out of Japan then would you do business with them?

Enough is enough. Lies, deception, deceipt, misleading, deceptive and fraudulent. These are the only words to describe this brokers very public actions. Of course they live in a cocoon and cant see how stupid they really are. Their CEO is the lead clown in their big circus act.

No broker on earth is worse than this one. She is a big Scam with fraud chat operators wht know nothing about forex. They steal my last $300 deposit in 2 seconds because of of extreme slippage and manipulation of prices. Scammer down under.

If there is one forex broker who I have caught out the most cheating on slippage and telling lies to me on chat it is Pepperstone. Their reps ate like sales sharks, they will chase you to get you to trade with thrm and then slice your throat on unfair execution. Watch out people.

For my scalping strategy I have found this broker works well using their ECN Edge account (never upgraded to Razor). Execution is among the fastest of any of the brokers I have and much faster than most. No trouble withdrawing money, I’ll be keeping Pepper.


Many thanks the clarification. i managed to do 4-6 trades and all are winners [may be because its demo and i did not put real money 🙂 ]. Noticed if my account currency is USD they are charging USD 0.08 per round for 0.01 lot.

Their ECN Razor is excellent when compared to the Commodity trading, which I used to do earlier with real money from MCX, India. There price quickly turns against as soon i enter into trade.

I strongly feel this (ECN/STP) is the way to go but there should be similar brokers out there who charge lesser commission. I know will not take anyone’s side, but who is ( having the real time experience of testing all the brokers out there) really qualified enough to suggest the best broker.

So the search [ should use the broker search ] for a broker with low commission is still on. 1) Search 2) Shortlist 3) Evaluate till I find the no. 1 broker. Meanwhile do some trading in Demo account and double my capital.

I would request you for a kind of voting or ranking system, so everyone need not do this exercise. You can leave this to the visitors and still be unbiased.

Thanks once again and appreciate your great job here at

hi 100brokersreview Admin,

According to their website they charge a commission of AUD 3.5 / 100K traded. According to you its AUD 7. So which one is correct or we are talking about different accounts from same broker.

Admin: both correct.
AUD 3.5 / 100K traded – per 1 side (e.g. when you just open or just close a position – half trade cycle)
AUD 7 – per round turn (e.g. when you Open and Close the position – full trade cycle)

To JP Robot, who wrote:

“100 Forex Brokers, You have to open real account with this broker privately, You have to spend real money from your poket. and You have to see check up…”

We treat all brokers equally. We have trading experience with a number of brokers, but this doesn’t change our policy – we cannot show bias (positive or negative) towards any broker regardless our experience.

The same approach applies to the current matter: our reviews system has been abused, and it doesn’t matter who the broker is, we must take necessary measures to ensure that our site receives authentic reviews for all brokers.

We apologize to everyone for this temporary inconvenience, and remind that only reviews that contain live account numbers will be published. Thank you for your understanding!

At 100Forexbrokers we keep absolute transparency of everything & every single fact. Therefore we’d like to outline recent facts & remind about our website policy:

1. No side (be it a broker or a trader) is ever defended by us. is an unbiased resource.

2. The following facts has been documented since autumn 2011 at the Pepperstone reviews page:

In total 20 negative reviews-in-question have been detected, where:
– 4 reviewers hided their true country of origin & submitted reviews under different names. All reviews turned out to be from one country, clients of which are not allowed to open accounts with Australian brokers.
– 5 reviewers hided their true country of origin & submitted reviews under different names. All reviews belong to the same person.
– 2 reviewers hided their true country of origin & submitted reviews under different names. All reviews belong to one person.
– 4 reviewers hided their true country of origin & submitted negative reviews by using 2 different names. All reviews belong to one person.
– 3 reviewers hided their true country of origin & submitted reviews under different names. All cases originated from one country.
– in addition, 2 latest reviews submitted under different names belong to the same person. Reviews contained personal attack with claims of sexual harassment & information that questions their authenticity.

In response to the above, we now require that all traders who want to leave a review provide their Live account number to support own reviews.
Reviews that don’t contain account numbers will not be accepted.

Administrator note: Tom, due to recent events (outlined above), in order to validate your reviews, please provide your ASIC complaint reference number. Thank you!

Razor account:

Yesterday, i have filed a complaint to the ASIC regulator depending on all the typical bucketshop practices like platform outages,quotes and price freezes,slow executions,slippage,platform shutdown before/during news events,no filling orders etc.

ASIC really should act and shut down these cheating practices or shut down Pepperstone completely.

[…] Removed […]

Administrator note: reviews submitted by “Netherlands / Hadria” and “Germany, Martin” belong to the same person. Reviews contained personal attack with claims of sexual harassment & information that questions their authenticity based on the above.

A scam broker. I open two razor accounts. They use virtual plug for me to my orders more than 5 seconds when I earn money. My another new account is normal under 300ms. I tested it many times and the results are the same. They also frozen the chart when a important news time. Please stay away the broker and save your money.

This is a white label of ikonfx. Ikonfx has been accused and fined by NFA/CFTC for using an automated dealer which is the reason why you are having a lot of slippage. Stay away.

a picture… they changed server/network after this screw operation.. server side stop loss and take profits, all disturbed. and one day, some worst thing happened..

I had a problem with a trade, one trip to Live Chat with Pepperstone and they fixed up my account. I withdrew my funds (including all my profit) and the funds arrived the next day. Since then I’ve re-funded and am very happy with Pepperstone. They offer the best execution and spreads. This broker is trustworthy, regulated has great customer support and best yet the trading conditions are fantastic. Highly recommended.

I do not mind occasional slippage but this is ridiculous.
poor excuse for a broker and to top it all they are never around when I want to call them. I live in UK so why are they not 24 hours???

In my opinion do not bother with them, plenty of others to choose from

highly recommended, I haven’t looked back since moving to them.

spreads are great, execution fast. iPhone app works well.

after a while, negative slippage starts on server side stop loss and t/p’s. be careful..

My 10cents – Pepperstone clears through the Integral ECN Grid. Integral does have the best execution technology on the market right now and they match trades off against big names like JP Morgan, UBS and Credit Suisse. Pepperstone has servers in Sydney and execution to the grid is excellent. They must be getting liquidity from both US banks and Australia as both exotic crosses and AUD crosses are extremely tight for the retail market. In an ideal world I’d like to see servers housed in the US (as this would drop execution seeds to nothing – well almost).

I don’t really call brokers much as I like to get on with trading but when I had a connection problem these guys answered professionally and quickly. They resolved the problem within minutes and it turned out it was my fault (trade context busy – restarted MT4 and all was fixed).

Pros –
Really really tight spreads
Fast execution
Best Liquidity
Great phone service

Cons –
Account took a day to open
AU servers
I haven’t withdrawn yet so I can’t comment but I heard they are fast.

good broker, good service.. but mostly just great spreads. EURUSD hovering around 0.1 pips and it is often 0 pips.

The first guy claims to have been with Pepperstone for 2 weeks (10 business days), yet can confirm his withdrawal took only 4 days? So let’s get this straight, he opened the account, funded it, then withdrew money almost immediately? I call B.S.