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Pepperstone reviews

Average: 2.3 based on 136 reviews

Pepperstone Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2010
  • Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
  • Company registration: Pepperstone Financial Pty Ltd, No. 12 147 055 703, Australia.
  • Regulation: ASIC (AFSL #414530)

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December 19, 2016

They are no different to their scumbag mates GO Markets. Liars and cheats, they just closed my positions out with zero notice.

It's a scam

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profit erol

December 19, 2016

4 Total
1 month with this Broker

Pepperstone is real regulated SCAM!

Pepperstone is real SCAM who are closing your profitable positions without informing you eventough the market is closed.

I opened an account with Pepperstone and start trading on IT40. I opened some positions and my account is stop out. I deposited money again and open IT40 positions again on friday. And there was Italy referandum on the weekend. My positions were still opened after market closing on friday and they closed my positions on the weekend.

Then Pepperstone closed my positions on sunday night by saying that "we are invoking our rights to close out the trading contracts due to the abnormal conditions - Italy referandum" It means they understood that I will have profit because they see Italy referandum result. The reason is not important but it is totally unacceptable. They offer me 1750 usd compensation payment in order to solve this issue, but I don't accept this. Because if they did not close my positions, my account's balance should be 7577,83 usd on first second of market opening.

These positions number are #486534 + #486542 + #486535 + #486537, you can see on statement that I wrote screenshot link in below.

I am showing screenshot of opened positions after market closing > http://prnt.sc/dk7do3
You can see that they closed my positions on the weekend – 03.12 > http://prnt.sc/dldpg3

It is showing that Pepperstone is real SCAM. They closed my positions on the weekend because of abnormal conditions. Abnormal conditions means that I will have good profit if they did not close my positions. I did not accept their offer which is 1750 usd, because if they did not close my positions, my balance should be 7577 usd at least. If they don’t have mistake, they will not want to offer me compensation.
I saw their FCA and ASIC regulation, so I thought they are good broker. Be aware and don’t deposit them even 1 usd!!!

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October 29, 2016

5 Total
1 month with this Broker

They are not ECN they are Money makers, They will freeze trade and MT4 system at important announcement and will not let you close until you have maximum losses or your profitable trade turns in negative. You will have no issue in demo but razor live account is eraser of your wealth and money.

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October 15, 2016

8 yr Total
1 yr with this Broker

Pepperstone scammed me and I do not know what to do. I tried ASIC but they told me to go to FOS. I am worried about going to FOS as I think they will take to long to solve the problem. Please help someone.

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October 8, 2016

8 y Total
1 y with this Broker

They ripped me off in seconds right in front of my eyes. I didn't even see it coming when they sent a fake price spike into their system sending my positions into close out. This has to be illegal behaviour, I checked all other brokers and there was no price spike that is how I know this spike is fake. Their support is stupid though, they think it's all real price but even on Bloomberg and esignal this price is not shown. I closed my account, they are theives.

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October 1, 2016

5 Total
2 with this Broker

Servers collapsing for 1.5 hours and arrogant support staff made me close my account. Their stuffups have now cost me over $16,000.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Portugal, S D

September 29, 2016

several years Total
1 year Live Ctrader account with this Broker

I confirm that they denied responsibility for server outage and only offer small compensation leaving the clients with enormous losses on their failures. Fabricated quotes to trigger stop-outs is another reality. The support only denies responsibility and delays any solution, you have to escalate the dispute to regulator or FOS to recover your money. It's a trader's nightmare when your broker uses all illegal tactics to attract your deposits and then empties your account. Be careful because sooner or later you will suffer big forced losses.

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September 23, 2016

4 y Total
1 y with this Broker

Scammers had another server outage but this time for 1.5 hours. Now they refuse to honour my exit price.

Don't trust these sharks

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September 22, 2016

5 Total
1 with this Broker

Servers down for 1.5 hours and no compensation for lost profits?

Who are these idiots who claim zero responsibility for their poor IT infrastructure, they then point to their terms and conditions which disclaim them from any liability.

Bucketshop broker with zero IT competence.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Australia, Damon

August 9, 2016

8 years Total
1 month demo with this Broker

I only have a demo account and I can't recommend Pepperstone as their Demo accounts expire. This is very bad if you want to test trading strategies. My recommendation is to go for a broker that has demo accounts which do not expire.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Benji, Australia

July 30, 2016

7 years Total
1 month with this Broker

There is only one reason that I hate them and that is because they lie. They say things like best spreads, best service, biggest broker.. etc .. but none of this is true, there are brokers with better spreads, service and that are bigger than Pepperstone. I don't know why they just can't be normal and stop bragging and lying. This behavior really does not help them as people who know the truth think that they are stupid, maybee they do this just to attract newbies who knows. It's unethical and disturbing.

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July 13, 2016

5 yrs Total
1 mth with this Broker

I agree that a scam is a scam. Slippage, arrogant support, terrible technology and height latency make this broker a joke and a half.

Tags: Pepperstone reviews


July 4, 2016

4 years Total
I traded with them for 6 with this Broker

I traded with them for 6 months, quite good execution and trading conditions, but there were some things, that make me change this broker: big negative slippages, rejects, sometimes even platform freezing. Now i’m trading with regulated ECN brokers and i forget about such problems. So never trade with market maker. If you want to choose a really good broker, add me in skype, vovkfx, i will help you.

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July 4, 2016

6yr Total
2yrs with this Broker


I'm another victim of their poor IT infrastructure. Their edge03 server was down for nearly 24 hours on Friday. They finally admitted it was their failure after making me think I was stupid and blaming my ISP. Many traders were effected.

Read about it here

Tags: Pepperstone reviews

Kuwait, Amin D

June 25, 2016

8 Years Total
1 Week Live with this Broker


im with FXCM for past 5 Years and im really happy with them, few months back i was looking for ctrader Broker to open my other live account. ( i Can not Trade on MT4 because of my Strategy and MT4 is very weak Platform for money management )

i tried 2 brokers with ctarder and i saw many strange reactions and i closed my account. two weeks ago i opened an account with pepperstone.
usually, i do that when major news is on the way and most of the time is while NFP .to see the spread reaction and slp, and because of BREXIT, i said this is the best time to test ctrader in Pepperstone.

Opening the account was very smooth and fast ( Documents were ready ). i opened Live Razor account which as per their information is the best and fastest one .

a week before Brexit i start trading, as per my experience with ctrader live account in Fxpro-Tradersway-fibo, the pepperstone ctrader worked perfectly .
i tried many different ways of Sl & TP and even trend reached to 1 pip of my SL, and didnt triggered and worked perfectly. and also TP , filling orders and ex.... which 90% failed in other brokers i mentioned.

BREXIT NIGHT ( per my local time )
i had Fxcm Trade Station open and i asked my friends to screen share their ctrader in Traders way and fxpro as well .
Pepperstone really kicked all broker as.

8 Hours Brexit Duration :
Maximum Spread reached to 9 in Pepperstone
Fxcm maximum reached to 22
fxpro 17
Traders way 38

while LEAVE votes start kicking higher i start making crazy deals and execution for both opening and closing was fast, i keep changing SL and even very close to live rate and didnt triggered . the same position for my friends in Fxpro and Traders way was triggered
Fxcm also keep trades open and behaved perfectly.

at the end of Friday , i was very satisfied with the week of trade with Pepperstone. i didn't see what other users mentioning here
but i know a week is not enough for testing and ill keep reviewing the broker again after 3 months in here

for now, i will recommend this broker to everyone.

Thank you


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