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OctaFX Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2011
  • Headquarters: 2 Devonshire Square, London, England, EC2M 4UJ
  • Company registration: Octa Markets Inc.(reg. 19776 IBC 2011), St. Vincent and the Grenadines;
    OctaFX UK Limited, United Kingdom
  • Regulation: FCA UK (#679306)

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Dear Kevin,

Could you, please, provide us with the details of your account in order for us to have an opportunity to consider the current situation and solve the problem, otherwise this complaint could not be considered as valid. If you don’t want to disclose your personal information publicly, you could refer to the OctaFX Custom Support Service any time!

We will be glad to receive really useful criticism in order to develop and improve our services and make your trading experience more and more convenient.

Best regards,

OctaFX Rep.

Hi. Just a quick note. Octafx doesnt have ctrader platform. So information is missleading on your other page. As far as i can find they got mt4 platforme

Dear Amin,

Thank you for your review. We would like to underline that we welcome clients from all countries and we are against any kind or racist attitudes. However, we may not work with a few countries due to the legislative or other reasons alike.

I would like to mention that this case has been resolved on FPA: “Octafx team they contacted me and mentioned, they did mistake about my Documents and my citizenship and they will be glad to Open an Account for me and it will not be an issue. Thank you. Amin”

Best regards,
OctaFX Rep.

Dear India & PG,

It is true that a certain set of rules is applied to pending orders during a price gap: for instance, buy stop and sell stop orders are opened at the first price after the gap. Please refer to the customer agreement p. 11.2.Basically, what happened is the order was closed when take profit was triggered. However due to the high volatilty it simply could not be filled at the take profit price. Normally mere milliseconds are required for an order to be processed, however when the volatility is high, those miliseconds might have drasitic effect on the position outcome. During major news quotes update fast, which can be easily confirmed by looking at the tick chart during the release. The price may also significantly change in just one tick.

We are sorry that your experience was not as positive as you expected. OctaFX support team is doing everything possible to help you with your issue. We hope your future trading experience will be more positive!

Best regards,
OctaFX Rep.


they are racist !! very simple they said : we are sorry we decided to dont approve your documents , we dont accept a trader from the middle east ”

i told them i have a live account with FXCM UK and also i had with Fxpro Uk and some other brokers in the past and they never replied to my emails.

i didnt like their behavior and they keep ignoring my emails.

i asked my other friend from UAE to try to open the account and the same thing happened .

my other friends from KAS tried and mentioned he will deposit 100000$ and they said sure we will open the account for you and we dont have problem with middle east customer.

i don’t know what to rate them except racist rating!!

Thank you


One of the pleasant surprises that I discovered recently. I’m trading with a few brokers here and there and Octafx is one of them. Not too bad for an island broker but they seem to be opening an fca office here in london too which sounds lovely. I hope they’ll do it soon. Anyways, they do seem to be fulfulling the promises that they list on their website. There are a few points that I wish they underlined clearer (for example, I deposited in GBP and they had to convert it in USD first which meant some kind of conversion rate. The sum wasn’t too bit so I didn’t mind that but I wish they wrote about those “surprises” clearer on their website). So I’d recommend contacting the support team first before doing anything to make sure you won’t face any issues. That’s no big deal though because I try to do this almost every time I join a new broker just to make sure I got everything correctly.

I am very pleased to wellcome bonus of $ 8 because I can to train the courage to take a position in trading in OctaFX. so I always gain little by little, and I will continue to trade on the OctaFX until I succeed better. selamta work and always sucses. terimakasi OctaFX

octafx did not pay my profit…

and if you win trader,never dont open account to this broker.
if you lose trader, no problem…!!

Dear, I want mealkukan withdrawal on my account for $ 30 please 66620 approved

I am very happy with the bonus given on account of this bous, but I beg to note will be honesty in giving every advantage we get with this difficulty, thank you

i have a trading experience for two years but its now only three months since i started trading with octafx. i like their welcome bonus account which allowed me to guage them on how well they are in market executions and low spread. in the period i traded with them i have made profits. now i am eager to do my first withdraw to see how good they are in it. once i successfully get through with the withdraw i will deposit in their ECN account and trade with them. i highly recommed octafx because i too have friends who are doing well with this broker.

sudah berkali-kali gonta ganti broker, octafx merurut saya terbaik.
karna proses verivikasinya mudah, tersedia beberapa jeis akun, no requote, spread rendah.
oleh karna tu sya sudah tentukan pilihan terakhir di ocktafx.

good job

Before use OctaFX, many times I change brokers. So far not bad. Moreover OctaFX had the lowest spreads in the pair that I use for trading. But I g will replace the broker again, because execution cs OctaFX and his response fairly quickly. Good job OctaFX!

Saya mencoba welcome bonus 8usd di octafx dan sejauh ini trading di octafx eksekusinya cepat, no requote, dan hari ini account welcome bonus saya telah mencapai 2 standard lot dan saya mencoba melakukan withdrawal semoga proses withdrawal berjalan lancar.

good broker for eksekusi

OCTAFX is a good brokers ,low spread, no re quote,high speed of implementation of orders
very good support
thanks octafx……..

Accidental chance see OctaFX exchange platform from the site, find some difference, clinch a deal the speed, user evaluation met my requirements, then opened a small account (account for 147966), is used to test run my EA.For those without formal regulation, founded the island countries I’ve made a few foreign exchange platform, is mainly used for testing trading strategies, dare not into the big money, didn’t think there is something wrong with the discrepancy gold, nature also ignored capital safety problem.I think if the platform test ideal at that time, I will help my friends in this account, because such a low point is poor, do not collect fees platform I’ve never seen.So I just opened an IB account, by the way (148809) account.Account normal operation for about four months, on April 21, I suddenly found that my account is $0.9, I thought my EA problems and make account suddenly and violently.
Check the transaction details, startled, somehow my account money is to be turned away.
I immediately log in my account of individual space, view the transfer detail, I found my money is from the first trading account to my IB account 147966 (148809), and then from the IB account to a 189384, I’m not familiar with account and the account of the registrant is Indonesia, name is HerryVerdyansyah, registration date for 2014.4.19.He registered as my IB customers first and then use the rules of the platform (IB with customer transfers money) turn my IB account money to his account.Because I never disclose to anyone the password and account information, I immediately communicate with Taiwan side, their reply is: you are not tell others your password doesn’t mean your account information is absolutely safe, even when QQ stolen after party personnel know.Leaks of this kind of situation because of your password or account stolen so that other people have access to your account.The implication is that they are right, wrong is a customer unlucky let others stole the account information and password, they will never apologize or compensation.For their handling of customer attitudes and methods I have different opinions:
1, since you know the customer information and password is not absolutely safe, will be easily stolen, but why you can allow between different customer account can transfer password alone, isn’t that your loopholes in management?
2, each funds transfer why no cell phone or email validation.What is the customer money safe?
3, on your own website pledged to “real account gold need email confirmation, but you no one can access your account”.Why did my stolen the gold received an email confirmation, it is not contradictory, defrauding clients?
4, how can you prove that the customer information and password theft, is not appear inside job in your company?Because only the background of your company to master the customer information.
5, QQ how can the information security and the financial system than money safe?Any transfer of foreign exchange platform and withdrawals must first have a username and password to enter space, individual account must input pin withdrawal, and then by the account holder to email or phone confirmation, then through flat island’s approval to complete the process of transfer or withdraw.You need to go through a lot of details to get away with that, money is so easily stolen, don’t shocking.
6, all formal foreign exchange trading platform is not allow customers to accept or transfer from other parties, but your IB account can account for money transfers to its development, this is the biggest capital hidden dangers.You in order to expand business and IB unchecked development, to send gold and low difference as bait, instead of customer capital is safe, isn’t it management question?
Some problems based on the above, I think it is necessary to open online money stolen my real experience, not to claim for compensation, and not because OctaFX can not pass, but can let more currency investors understand that choosing a platform, capital safety is first.Don’t cry because it is low, and various cashback cheated for bait.Because of the level is limited, I seldom speak at the BBS, and above experience can let you to take, will no longer be cheated, that I don’t think it’s Bai Xinre write so much.

Octafx is good broker , it has low spreads , fast execution , No re-quotes and welcome bouns , just great.
very thanks

low spreads , fast execution , No re-quotes and welcome bouns , just great

Menurut saya Octafx adalah brooker paling mengesankan selama terjun dalam dunia forex,alasannya :
spread rendah, leverage bebas memilih sampai 1 : 500, eksekusi Buy atau sell cepat masuk tanpa ada gangguan
adanya tawaran Requote, tanpa ada ganguan “Trade busy”.Mudah2an layanan seperti ini bisa terjaga dengan baik,agar supaya Octafx makin diminati pelanggan.Sukses buat Octafx ( salam hormat dari: Kingmaster)

octafx in the real broker with fast execution and ggood costumer support. this is tthe real place for you to make change your liife too be rich.
one more, you must to try the welcome bonuss, this is the real bonus broker.

octa forex is the one of the best broker in the world
no requote
fast service

i already get 100+ $ withdrw..it is trusty broker

Our Micro account is the perfect choice for beginner level traders or for those who would like to test their trading system. The advantages of Micro account are obvious.

It’s a great way to get used to your new broker. You can try out our requote-free trading, market execution in less than a second and Metatrader 4 trading platform with a starting deposit as low as 5 USD.

Minimum deposit is only 5 USD
Floating spread from 0.2 pips
Minimum volume is 0.01 lot
Leverage up to 1:500
No requotes

Taking into consideration all these advantages, it’s time to open a Micro account. You can trade the most popular trading instruments and try OctaFX top service level with only a 5 USD initial deposit. A great reason to start your trading today!

I choice this broker because..trading system is very well, low sprad…and…wellcome bonus 8$..

Octa Fx memang broker terbaik di dunia, yang telah memberi saya modal awal 8$ sehingga saya profit terus sasmpai modal saya sekarang menjadi 243.81 usd

octafx is the great broker i got 8 usd as wellcome bonus and then i made profit 47 usd and i have withdraw my profit from octafx thanks octafx

octafx trading easy and fast

octais a vary good brooker
he give me 8$ no diposit bounes
i take profit and when he give me i diposit in real occount

I have tried many brokers but I find Octafx is the best broker that I have ever tried. $8 welcome bonus is a good promotion for learners. Octafx gives very low spread as compared to other brokers. I recommend this broker to all my friends and traders. Thanks octafx.

2 weeks of work I loved it. Rapid execution. I think it’ll be a long run with it. I will write a review after 2 months.
.i am trading 1year in forex market. i am very hapy to work with octa. they are given 8$ no dipsit bounes .they are good brooker

i work with many brokars but he is best broker

thank you for service and fasilitas OctaFX Bonus 8 dollars without a deposit. Now my account is already a profit, and now I will do WITHDRAW from the Bonus Account Real 8 dollars without a deposit.
My first confused to choose a broker I was initially hesitant to broker OctaFX .. but after I tried, very impressive. I always get the benefit,OctaFX is a good broker.

i receive bonus $ 8 then i can to trading real account and i got gain for money.
we will promote comrades to open an account in

thanks,best broker I’ve ever found .. OctaFX the number one..!

thank you for service and vasilitas OctaFX Bonus 8 dollars without a deposit. Now my account is already a profit, and now I will do WITHDRAW from the Bonus Account Real 8 dollars without a deposit.
My first confused to choose a broker I was initially hesitant to broker OctaFX .. but after I tried, very impressive. I always get the benefit. OctaFX is a good broker, and not waste a lot of my time.with very low spreads, very fast execution. I get a no deposit bonus of 8 dollars. And to 88 dollars now. truly amazing. come join now and feel the benefits . very impressive, trade in OctaFX not harm customers.
thanks,best broker I’ve ever found .. OctaFX the number one

Octafx is a Excellent broker,fast execution., Low spreds. I get $8 bonus,I just ask for a withdrawal and hope i can get them fast

octafx is a simple and good broker

Thank you …United Kingdom, Obinna
you really saved my hard earned money, i was above to open a live account with OCTA FX .

I think that a good Octa Forex company and have a good spreads

Брокер очень порадовал… хочется и дальше продолжать торговлю именно с этой компанией! побывал торговлю на многих ДЦ но таких удобных условий не было не где… да на бонусах заработать невозможно… а у OctaFX все работает превосходно!

i have using octaFX with bonus account and its very impressive.. just deal with $8 bonus and trade for 2 lo, and you will get all the money..


And I liked them to trade spreads small order execution is almost instantaneous in general or anything bad I did not notice for nimi.Torgoval I have them for about a month on a bonus $ 8, if the pay is probably gain by selling them back to the trade.

this platform very good cheating .

my live account one week ea working good.and profit may be 200%. after one week octa fx company watch my account now i am close position profit 5 pips after account history i saw loos 2 pips cheating platform .

Three weeks ago. I’v got OctaFX 8 USD welcome bouns and trading in here.OctaFX is a good broker.Fast .Offer true and reliable.Using the $8 bouns I made a profit of $180. It’s lucky . Thank OctaFX ‘s opportunity.

Octafx is good broker. Simple trading and $8 bonus no deposit is good program

After I trade with the welcome bonus account, I feel more analized, be careful open the posisition. So, I have got how to arrange the money management. Before, with another broker I always fail to get the profit. I feel happy and satisfaction trade with OctaFx

This broker got fast execution and tight spreads. An ideal broker for the scalpers. I received the no deposit bonus and made profits. Let’s see how they do with the payment.

I started in Forex by Octa
It is really wonderful company

Meta Trader wonderful

Spread wonderful

Really wonderful company

octafx; really is sample and trust trading

OctaFX Support – please kindly re-submit your latest reply. Thank you!


I am a news trader and I opened an account with octafx.com, I made sure I had confirmed with them they accept news traders and they said they do before i opened my account. I made a deposit of $100 and my profit over time trading various news release rose to $1,127. Soon as I made my very first withdrawal request, they canceled all the profitable trades I have ever made on my account which was a total of 22 trades and the reason they gave is “Latency Arbitrage” I emailed them and told them I do not trade in this manner and I was a news trader which I clearly confirmed with them it was acceptable before I opened my account. All they offered was to give me back my initial deposit which was meant to be $100, however all they refunded me was $50 and every other email I sent them was ignored! I called their so called office number and it sounded nothing like an office environment, rather it sounded like some man in his bedroom answering the phone call. My big question is, if they were very sure my trades where Arbitrage trades, why did they not tell me after my first, second, third or fourth trade. Rather they waited till after 22 trades had been made and immediately I make my very first withdrawal request on the account, that is the moment they realise its arbitrage trading.


Please Stay away from this broker!!

Очень хороший брокер мало сейчас таких нет свопов маленький спред разрешены советники мне очень нравится

———- translate ————

Very good broker there are few of them no slippage small spread EAs allowed I like it a lot

I traded with a welcome bonus with this broker. I managed to achieve their minimum 2 standard lots. But until now they dont pay and reject my bonus withdrawal with a reason that i have another welcome bonus acc registered with them. I have asked the proof i have multiple welcome bonus from them. No answer

It is ridiculous statement they made since they dont want pay me. I have spent a lot of time on their platform.Please be careful with broker (OCTA Trader). SCAM…………………….SCAM…………………..

My acc is [email protected]

1st review on jan 2 (Malaysia)

Low spread all the time. Good place for begineer.

Exelent !!!!!!!!!! good broker forex 🙂