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  • Website:
  • Year since: 2010
  • Headquarters: Cyprus
  • Company registration: NetoTrade Global Investments Ltd, Cyprus
  • Regulation: not regulated

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Hello Patience and thank you for you nice words.
We will certainly forward your message to Tom, as he is without a doubt one of our best account managers.
No doubt that education, especially in our market is very important and staying up to date is even more important.
We would like to give you a link to our educational section on our website where apart from fundamentals and technical analysis you’ll be able to learn about this market in other and new aspects:
Here you can find interesting articles with basics and advanced levels to read whenever you want.
You can also share them with whoever you know.

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this guys are not traders, This are criminals. They rob traders.

My name is Lojina Mostafa and I have been trading with Netotrade under account No. 16385134 My problem started when I asked Netotrade to transfer USD 2500, then company refused to proceed with my withdrawal request and they did not reply any of my emails. After a while Hassan Abdel Latif called me from Netotrade introducing him self as my new account manager after company fired my ex account manager Aly Elkhaldy because he was a thief!!!!! Once Hassan recieved the account he started to open lost trades and ends it without my permission, he made me lose all my balance USD 40000 in one day!!!!!! I tried to contact the company and I reached the hardly after telling them that somy of my friends wants to trade in forex with them, as Hassan started these lost trades without my permission and ended it without my consent, they claimed that it was trading and that forex trading is very risky, then I replied that all these trades happened from your end just beacuse I started to submit withdrawal request now company refuses to reply my correspondences and I lost all of my initial investment USD 10000 and all of my profit USD 30000. luckily they made a huge mistake by stealing from my credit card without my permission and I already submitted a dispute form at my bank. I wonder how to escalate this matter as theغ stole money from my credit card and manipulated my account with out my authorization, noting that I searched over the internet and found aout that they are unregulated company and I know many victims for this company who have similar cases like mine and also submitted a dispute request at their banks . Does any one know how to deal with unregulated forex companies??

I do not recommend Michael Bean I have read about him I see it seems as if it is how he operate on the few days while trading for you things are good and after a while he trade a lot in a gold in such a way that you account is on risk and told you to put more funds like$ 10K into you account for security but it seems it is a scam if you want to see yourself bankrupt let Michael bean be involve in our account you will see that you will lose everything in you account immeditealy after he start to be incharge of trading for you

Michael Bean of Neto Trade seems to be very “popular” wish I had read the reviews earlier, he seems to be adopting similar strategy and has mastered the art of ripping of geneniue people with their hard earned money, gold trading seems to be his favourate, all of you please be careful, and do not fall in his trap.

I was working with Micheal Bean from this company. Intially it was fine. Later I have seen a gold trade opened with major risk. When I asked Micheal, he said it is ok and nothing to worry. After few days, he recommended to add 10k USD to the account and still the account was in risk. I called him and informed about the market news that gold will drop below 1584 USD. He starting screaming at me….saying we are the best traders compared to iforex and easy-forex and threatened that you may go with them if you want……finally, i lost all the money. Finally Michael stopped taking my phone calls and skpe messages. He informed me that he will onlyhelp if I deposit another 10K in the account. same old game again……

Today Stephen called me and says to invest another 10K and tried to use all soft skills. He promised me to have 25% return on the investment. I was not convinced and Last when questioned him, Stephen got pissed off and said good bye.

Guys be careful when you trade with netotrade. I can say that these people are big time play bluffers. I have all the emails and conversations saved in my emails and Skype.