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MRC Markets reviews

Average: 2.3 based on 6 reviews
MRC Markets

MRC Markets Forex broker reviews

    The broker is out of business
  • Website: www.mrcmarkets.com
  • Year since: 1971
  • Headquarters: Vienna, Austria
  • Company registration: MoneyRain Corporation, Austria;
    MRC Markets Financial Brokerage Company JSC, Lithuania;
    OOO MRC Brokerage Group, Russia;
    MRC Markets Ltd;
    MRC Consultancy pvt Ltd, India.
  • Regulation:Securities Commission of Lithuania (license number B109)

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Iran, S.W

May 10, 2015

3 years Total
2 years with this Broker

The web page is not available!!!

Tags: MRC Markets reviews

Russia, A.T.

September 5, 2012

- Total
- with this Broker

I guess, I ought to comment on MRC activity.
1) If MRC is registered in Austria, it should be regulated by Austria Law. However, it's not.
2) There is no such an address in Vienna (Schottenring 16, A-1010). The address Schottenring 16, 1010 does exist, however, there is no any registered in this address.
3) If you choose the German language, the page is broken. Unbelievable! It is registered in Austria and the German language is not available.
4) I'm surprised, but I found MRC in Wikipedia! However, again the German language is not available.
5) There are too many people in Russia who had negative experience with MRC.
So, the conclusion is obvious!
I wish you good luck in trading (not with MRC, of course) :).

Tags: MRC Markets reviews

Japan, Thomas

July 5, 2012

5 years Total
1 year with this Broker

MRC Markets is a scam. How can I put it? I have plenty.....

1. Trade execution is very slow and you will not get the price that you wanted.

2. I scalper traded on USDINR on June 27, and all my +$9000 profit are erased due to "wrong prices" as explained by their dealing department. This is bullshit because I traded the same thing on other trading platform, the so call "wrong prices" is actually the "correct prices". They never replied with the valid reasons.

3. On the same day of June 27, I carried our a short position on USDINR and hold (even till now), and if MRC Market erased all my profit due to "wrong prices", why then are they still letting me keep the current short position? Something is wrong.

4. Mrc Market took off some money every time you hold your position till the next day. Sometimes a lot. This is also another scam since they declared that they charge to keep the 2nd day. Yes, another reason to nibble their way into our pockets.

5. ....... I will post it tomorrow!

Tags: MRC Markets reviews

United States, Rob

March 6, 2012

2 years Total
7 months LIVE with this Broker

The registration is really fast, as well as the money transfer - started trading the same day as I opened a trading account.
Also the spreads are nicely narrow…

Tags: MRC Markets reviews


March 6, 2012

I trade with this broker for a long time. I have never had problems with them. They inform me about their promotions and bonuses. Their ECN platform is good and fast.

Tags: MRC Markets reviews

Belarus, Akulich Mikalai

October 30, 2011

4 years Total
4 months with this Broker

The worst broker, I've ever worked with.
1) The quotes they offer are fake! Once I've tried to close my position by market and the quotes they offered were 30 pips lower than real quotes!!! 30 pips! After I've closed the position, the quotes immediately rose to the real market level. Obviously they've stolen 30 profitable pips!!!
2) I've once participated in their "Profit rush" contest in July 2011. I won the contest, but never got my prize! 5000 USD! They've stolen it!
3) They won't withdraw your money!!! I've asked them to withdraw my money from the trading account. They wrote me a letter where they asked for my documents. They said they need 4 document (2 to prove ID, 2 to prove address). I've emailed documents, but they asked to send it via post in an envelope!!! Can you imagine! OK, I've posted the documents to their post address in Vienna. One month passed. They say, they had never received it. One month passed. I live in Minsk. Vienna is about 1200 kilometers from Minsk. Not so far!
Thieves they are!

Tags: MRC Markets reviews
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