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MBA reviews

Average: 4.9 based on 11 reviews

MBA Forex broker reviews

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  • Year since: 2016
  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Company registration:MB Alliance Ltd. (reg.#10098976), UK
  • Regulation: not regulated

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Indonesia, A.A Ngurah Jaya Sempurna

January 13, 2017

1 year 8 months live Total
3 months Live with this Broker

Sejak 3 bulan lalu saya memutuskan untuk membuka live account dan sekaligus mendaftar untuk menjadi mitra mbatrade sebagai introducing broker. Selama perjalanan saya trading dengan mbatrade, saya sangat merasakan kenyamanan yang luar biasa. Trading tanpa requote, eksekusi pasar yang super cepat, tidak ada batasan dalam menggunakan strategi trading dan itu yang terutama buat saya karena saya selalu menggunakan EA atau robot trading.

yang kedua, sebagai mitra saya sangat senang dengan kemudahan penarikan komisi yang dapat di tarik kapanpun saya inginkan, kecuali hari sabtu atau minggu ya :) pasti tidak bisa diproses kalau hari sabtu atau minggu hehehehe karena komisi yang dibayarkan oleh mbatrade adalah instant serta portal IB yang disediakan di desain sangat bagus sehingga saya pun dapat membantu klien untuk memberikan informasi kepada klien saya tentang posisi transaksi mereka atapun kondisi equity saat ini tanpa meminta password trading platform MT4 klien.

Salut buat mbatrade, saya yakin dan percaya ini adalah generasi baru broker forex yang tiada duanya.

Tags: MBA reviews

Malaysia, Ng Sun Lai

December 28, 2016

7 years live Total
5 month live with this Broker

I'm literally stuck by so many negative comments to MBA and I just have to say even though I normally mind my own Business most of you negative people are mocking a reliable forex trading broker.

It does not take a rocket scientist to give the information they are asking for. All My transactions went smooth. If they ask for something I give it to them and have no problems.

Buy and selling is fast and editing my TP and SL is efficient. most of you sound like beginners that are complaining, I've tried multiple brokers and they all ask for this kind of paperwork, I mean you can even use PayPal or Skrill to deposit your funds... it's so simple.

I have not had any issues with MBATRADE. I use demos as well of other brokers and still I believe MBA is TOP Tier. I've been called by them just so they can ask how I'm doing and if I need assistance, this broker takes care of you and values you. If you're looking into a reliable broker don't listen to the negative people gain your own first hand experience, be smart and follow instructions. I will stand behind mbatrade as I've had great experience with them.

Tags: MBA reviews

Bangladesh, Mohammed Araju

December 25, 2016

3 years live + demo Total
4 months with this Broker

Amazing service and very reliable broker. Spreads are the tightest I have seen, and lowest commissions as well. Withdrawal very fast and They have always been very helpful and quick in answering all my questions.

The Best ECN trading account type provided by this brokers [MBA]. I personally highly recommend MBA, as they have kept my trading costs low and provide me with a very professional and reliable FX broking service.

No doubt with this forex brokers [MBA]!

Tags: MBA reviews

Thailand, KOVIT

December 22, 2016

3 years Live + Demo Total
6 Months live with this Broker

Great FX broker, No Issue, Always provide best trading environment, and fast withdrawal processing (not more than 24 hrs).

Tags: MBA reviews

Wen Ming. Thailand

December 19, 2016

10 years Experience Total
6 Month Live with this Broker

The support this broker offers is exceptional.
There are few brokers I can trade with and I am very happy with this brokerage. No issues with execution, withdrawal not more than 24 hrs or anything. Recommended highly!

Tags: MBA reviews

Thailand, MF Tan

December 18, 2016

3 years Total
7 month live with this Broker

This broker has many advantages. First i have to say about withdrawal. They are fast and without delays. It's some kind of challenge when you looking broker which honestly fulfills obligations which are set out on the website. Other reason, MBA gives complete freedom in the choice of a trading strategy and excellent speed of processing orders. This is my choice and I highly recommend this broker to all traders.

Tags: MBA reviews

China, WM Lam

December 15, 2016

live 3 years Total
4 month live with this Broker

overall i'm pleased with this broker, they have very stable trading platform, fix spread in any condition, high speed of execution and fast withdrawal.
1. Less bonus.
2. Not much payment method for customer from china.

Tags: MBA reviews

Indonesia, Halim Kuswaramurti

December 12, 2016

2 years 5 month Total
8 months with this Broker

MBA merupakan broker forex yang tiada duanya, sebagai IB saya sangat bersyukur karena mereka telah banyak membantu saya dalam mencapai keberhasilan di dunia forex. Urusan penarikan dana yang cepat, platform MT4 yang sangat stabil, spread yang tetap disegala kondisi membuat klien saya sangat puas dan menolong saya dengan referensi-referensi klien baru hampir setiap hari dan tentunya dengan opening account yang lumayan buat income saya.....:).
Always keep your best performance MBA!!!

Tags: MBA reviews

Indonesia, M. Ferizal

December 5, 2016

10 years Total
5 Months Live & IB with this Broker

Good broker for IB and my client. They offers highest rebate in Indonesia, very fast for commission withdrawal. Client in Indonesia also easy to deposit or withdrawal their account becoz this broker use local banks.

Tags: MBA reviews


December 4, 2016

1 years Total
3 month with this Broker

Highly recomend for indonesia trader who want fund account with local bank. This broker using fix rate facility and no use exchanger for fund account. They use own company name to deposit.

Tags: MBA reviews

Malaysia, Michelle Wang

November 29, 2016

Live: 11 Months Total
5 months with this Broker

Highly recommended with this broker, since 5 months ago I trade I never disappointed. Execution fast, deposit and withdrawal also fast, especially I can deposit with Ringgit Malaysia and got best exchange rate.

Tags: MBA reviews
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