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  • Website:
  • Year since: 2005
  • Headquarters: Marshall Islands
  • Company registration: LiteForex Investment Limited, Inc. (reg. #63888), Marshall Islands
  • Regulation: not regulated. Are under Marshall Islands Business Corporation Act.

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43 Reviews

Broker yang paling nyaman bagi saya selama ini. Delapan tahun saya trading dgn Liteforex, and it is good.
Batam, Indonesia, 15 Feb 2017. Long life and prosper buat Liteforex. Trims.

saya mendapati broker ini sering sekali menjelek-jelekan broker lain melalui IB dan pendukungnya.

Im so sory , I wrote this comment before but now this case is finished and i get 150% compensation and this is good company i wast si exited before and i write bad comment.Im so sory lite forex for what i done, i hope you accept my apology

This broker really will sucks your money out. They offer many promotion and free things but the facts is, they sucks all money out from your account with as i list below:
1- requotes like crazy hell. In your positive position, try to close and see how your account will be. Sometimes more than 20 times requotes and suddenly no connection at all. Don’t talk and say your account is ok if your deposit less than $10,000. For small money account, you will say that good broker as they never watch you trades.
2- Market dealer- they are control every single your trades. they are trying to minimize your profit and maximize your losses. How good you are in trading, you will NEVER AND EVER makes money with this sucks russian broker
3- Withdrawals- wow..that only word i can say..they delay your withdrawal day by day and saying your account is under review or under investigation for nonsense reasons. Try by your self and see what will happen to you. LOL
right now, i already remove all my deposit from this sucks broker after 5 months trade with them. I trying month by month and see never change in my account but become more worst, so i decide to take all my money (they are pay me after i loss total from my initial deposit $6300 different. To others followers in this broker, i not saying you cant trade here but don”t cry when they making something to you.

(sorry for my english as i’m arabic)
Thank you

fast deposit, fast withdraw
sometimes requotes but ok!

I’ve been with Liteforex and they always let me withdraw when I want to and spreads don’t widen. Price feed could be better, but what do you expect from a cent account broker? In overall, I would say they are ok option and safe to have money there.