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The broker is out of business

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2006
  • Headquarters: Limassol, Cyprus
  • Company registration: LQD Markets Ltd. (reg. #HE231759), Cyprus
  • Regulation: CySEC (license #103/09)
  • Notes: re-branded from Tadawul FX

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Please ignore the previous review that i have sent. Just saw that the withdrawal transfer was sent to my bank account instead of money bookers account.

Administrator note: Previous review removed: [ …I have problems with withdrawal too… ]

Dear Tom,

Could you please provide me with your real name and account number? Please send it to [email protected] and I would be happy to investigate the exact issue. I’m afraid we don’t have anyone in our system with your name.

Please note that Tadawul FX never widens spreads on Forex (with the exception of HUN, RUB and TRY which have floating spreads), and this is a fact. Please refrain from making false accusations about Tadawul FX.

Also all withdrawals are processed the same working day they are received and it generally takes 1-3 working days for you to receive your money (depending on the withdrawal method). If you could email me with the exact details of what happened I would be more than happy to look into it and help you.

Thanks and have a great day!

Best Regards
Tadawul FX Team

Dear Gabor Horvath and our valued clients,

Tadawul FX would like to make a public assurance that it has always acted within the scope of European Regulations and International Accounting Standards in all its operations, as well as in providing information/notifications to clients. In the case with Quantum XXL, Tadawul FX was absolutely not involved in managing or interfering with the trading practices of Quantum XXL who was operating under the privileges afforded to it by clients with a signed Power of Attorney.

To date, Tadawul FX has made every effort to provide you and all affected clients with full transparency of the account status in accordance with the available information. It is important to stress, that Tadawul FX merely provided the liquidity for transactions as it is obliged to as a licensed Broker. Any additional agreements between clients and Quantum XXL, or guarantees being provided by Quantum XXL, were not known to Tadawul FX and had nothing to do with Tadawul FX.

Additionally, Tadawul FX can confirm that it has not profited in any way from the losses incurred by clients whose accounts were traded on automatically in accordance with the technology developed and supplied to clients by Quantum XXL.

In line with our founding code of ethics, we at Tadawul FX will do everything necessary to protect the interests of our clients and provide assistance in any related matters. We would also like to remind you that client funds are kept securely in the banks with which Tadawul FX cooperates.

Moreover, clients should be aware that Tadawul FX is in full cooperation with the relevant Hungarian Authorities and is exhausting every available resource in assisting you in your rightful claims against the real perpetrators.

Tadawul FX will continue to update you regularly with the latest news in regards to this case, but should you have any questions in the meantime, please email us at [email protected] and we will do our outmost to assists you.

Kind Regards,
Tadawul FX Team

One of the worse brokers, go for any other broker but not them,, they trade against u…u dont believe ? try them.

Hi, guys.

I just wanted to see if anyone else was beginning to have problems with TDFX and unacceptable amounts of re-quotes?

They were fine for quite awhile and just this week became highly problematic — 80% of Open-order attempts thwarted by re-quotes, and — even worse — beginning to have orders prevented from closing due to requotes.

I can understand some degree of re-quotes in a quick moving market, but that’s not the case. And TDFX’s volume is a fraction of a couple of other brokers i use… could be part of the problem.

Like I said, their executions and fills were good til this week, and i wanted to see if anyone else was having the same problem?


they are scammers and just look at your charts and find out

Tadawul fx playing a rotten game and I have to send out a warning. I have accounts with FXDD Malta, GallantFX, Alpari us, GFT UK and FXCM when news are coming i`m getting a lot of disconnects , the platform is freezing only with Tadawul fx ,this is a big problem because as you all know we need fast actions.

I have an account with tadawul for a bout 5 months and have had two problem with them

1-I had a buy pending order on eur usd the price went 10 pip after my pending order and did not hit it !!!! 5 minutes later the price flay 150 pips up I most say this most be my pips.

2-one sale order been open , I never ever open it my ea never open it ,how I know because my robot is been set up to take profit and stop loss and this sale order been open with out stop loss and take profit .

I email them and answer my email with rejection they said that my ea opened the order .

I been testing the robot on 5 different demo account and never had this problem with any one else but tadawulfx.

so they try all they can to keep you away from making money.

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your post. This same post has already been addressed by TADAWUL FX months ago when you placed it on a different forum. But let’s try again, maybe this time around we can shed some more light on all the points you addressed and make things clearer for you and other readers.

First, TADAWUL FX was founded in Switzerland in 2006 by two partners, one Swiss and the other Swiss/Lebanese. They are not foreigners, Russian mathematicians, or from the third world, they are simply two guys with a wealth of forex knowledge and experience who decided to open their own company because they were not impressed with how other forex brokers operated. TADAWUL FX was founded on values of honesty, transparency and durability, and with an aim to stand out from other brokers by offering unique and ethical trading conditions as well as quality approach towards clients and partners.

In 2008 the Head Quarters of TADAWUL FX moved to Cyprus because a new law was introduced in Switzerland requiring all forex brokers to obtain a banking license. TADAWUL FX is not a bank and decided that instead of paying over 20 million CHF for a banking license, it would be much more business savvy to relocate to another EU country. TADAWUL FX understands that many traders are seeking reassurance and confidence in their brokers and this is why it places great importance on regulation, transparency and registration with financial regulatory authorities that are trusted around the world. As a result, in 2009 TADAWUL FX obtained a CySec license and now complies with MiFID, the European law that governs all financial firms operating in the EU. In addition, in January 2010, TADAWUL FX also received its FSA registration number and is now duly included in the FSA register in the UK.


We appreciate your opinion Mike, but facts speak for themselves! As stated before, TADAWUL FX is honest and transparent and we are more than happy to address any and all comments you might have, especially if they are false. You are more than welcome to come and visit us in Cyprus or Switzerland to see how we operate and what TADAWUL FX is all about.

Tadawul Fx is so far the most reliable company i know. They are very professional and they always aim to provide better services and financial instruments. They are regulated which is also very important for me and they are in Europe and switzerland.

Very satisfied and I highly recommend them.


I am working with tadawulfx since 2 years. I have alot of experience in forex and this is my main revenue. I am very very happy with tadawulfx because they support you at 100% and their team is always here for you. In other companies i have tried you are just a number.

I highly recommend tadawulfx and it is so far the best mt4 broker present in the market.


PS: their spreads are fixed and this is superb for my trading.

Dear All,

I highly recommend Tadawul Fx. Tadawulfx is very professional and have unbeatable conditions. Their marketing is 100% true not like other companies that tells you a spread of 0.5 and 99% of the time it is more than 2.5 pip spreads. Tadawulfx is the best Forex mt4 Broker available in the market.
Also they are under EU legisaltion and protect the customers by their compensation funds under CYSEC.

Wish you all a merry christmas and happy new year and Tadawulfx, i wish you all the best for 2010, i am sure you will be the first broker in the world.

Thank you for your excellent support.


I have tried many brokers in Cyprus since i am living in Cyprus.
Tadawul Fx was the only broker to invite me to visit their offices and meet all the team.
I had a problem withdrawing my funds with another broker BVI and they assisted me in all the ways and succeeded to take my funds back. I do not know two brokers that will do that. Also Tadawul Fx is a European Regulated Broker and in Cyprus you can count them on one hand.

I want to thank them for their excellent excellent support and trading conditions.


Hi there

I am an Ib for many companies and I wanted to express my great satisfaction with TADAWUL FX.

In one of the broker I was an IB, they cancelled deals of my customers (the one wining) and left the loosing deals. I have been in the office of TADAWUL FX and they cover 100 % of the deals. This is why they accept scalpers and all kind of customers. Other companies do not like people making money but with my Experience TADAWUL FX is a company i can vouch for.

I am also so satisfied because they have:

1) Outstanding support, every one can say that.
2) Excellent spreads and no widening during Asian sessions.
3)Fast execution on orders and NO SLIPAGE
Fast deposits and withdrawal. No restrictions what so ever.
4) Professional at 1000 %
5) Credit card deposits
6) Follow strictly regulation. Protection for my customers.
7) Expert advisor
8) Speak variable languages and so on……………………………

Please do not hesitate to contact me for additional info.
[email protected]
Thank you