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Land-FX reviews

Average: 4.9 based on 15 reviews

Land-FX Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2013
  • Headquarters: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Company registration: Land Prime Ltd, New Zealand
  • Regulation: FSPR (FSP264385) in New Zealand

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UK, Jack Taylor

March 30, 2017

1 Year Total
6 months with this Broker

With the Forex market being full of scammers luring naive traders through high bonus schemes, yet traders are nearly always tempted to start trading with a bonus. Brokers giving bonuses realizing that 95% will wipe out their accounts anyway, this, however, doesn't mean that all brokers will scam you of you money (why would they if most traders loose anyway?:). I'v joined Land-FX through referral from an IB friend, he got his share of profit, i got my bonus and land-fx an overly optimistic not planning to loose money. Will see how it works out for three of us.

Tags: Land-FX reviews

New-Zealand, Sergio Steavens

March 17, 2017

3 Years Total
2 years with this Broker

Had a problem with one of the GBPUSD trades around Brexit but Land-FX's customer-support helped me overcome the same without any damages. Good customer-service, very patient to especially panicky people like oneself.

Tags: Land-FX reviews

UK, Oliver Jones

March 8, 2017

2 Years Total
2 Month DEMO and around 2 year LIVE with this Broker

Their frequent market updates and technical analysis dragged me towards Land-FX but after certain period of trading I was really happy to feel their customer-centric services.

Tags: Land-FX reviews

Spain, Jeremy

February 21, 2017

1 month demo, 4 months live Total
5 months with this Broker

Love their trading conditions and customer service. A reputable broker with several regulations to back it up, as well as robust trading bonuses that are actually achievable to withdraw with a right strategy.

Tags: Land-FX reviews

UK, Giancarlo

February 15, 2017

2 years Total
2 years with this Broker

In my opinion, Land-FX is a respected company with competent personal (account manager i dealt with at least), trustworthy license in UK (FCA) and New Zealand and reliable trading platforms - MetaTrader 4.

I trade from my mac and iphone, both function seamlessly thanks to their mt4 for mac isntallation guide (mt4 not avalible for mac out of the box)

Tags: Land-FX reviews


February 9, 2017

3 month demo, 3 month live Total
2 month with this Broker

Switched after noticing robo forex stealing my profit. After two month of trading haven't noticed similar behaviour. From now on will trade only with reputable FCA regulated companies.

Good luck to everyone!

Tags: Land-FX reviews

United Kingdom, Peter Moreno

November 13, 2016

7 years live Total
1.5 years live with this Broker

Started trading with them before the fancy FCA license. Hope the new status will not undermine their approach to smaller clients like myself.

So far I had zero issues with Land-FX. Once during brexit, my stop-loss wassn't trigged (the SL prices was never reached), surprisingly with a help from my account manager Shadi - the funds were compensated within 5 working day.

So, yea, I Can't argue for the whole company, but with me (UK citizen) the level services is superb.

Tags: Land-FX reviews

Netherlands, Warren

November 13, 2016

2 years live, 1 month demo Total
7 months live, 2 weeks demo with this Broker

In mu opinion, Land-FX is a respected company with competent personal (account manager i dealt with at least), trusworthy license in UK (FCA) and New Zealand and reliable trading platforms - MetaTrader 4.

I trade from my mac and iphone, both function seamlessly thanks to their mt4 for mac isntallation guide (mt4 not avalible for mac out of the box)

Tags: Land-FX reviews


October 25, 2016

10 years real account Total
1 year Live with this Broker

With it's ups and downs i'v been trading fx and cfd's for over a decade, needless to say that fx market has changed quite a lot - less volatility, more regulations, etc.
Unfortunately, the positive change on the regulatory front has not fully eliminated illegal behaviour on the side of all parties involved in Forex trading.

Given the relatively unknown status of Land-FX this has been the main deal-breaker for me to start trading with Land-FX over their favourable trading conditions and payments flexibility. The doubt faded away as soon as they received UK FCA regulation. So for the last year I'v have not had an issue with their old-good-mt4.

Also, it seems like smaller brokers value their client base much more than established companies while providing the same quality (if not better).

Once again, Land-Fx - thank you!

Tags: Land-FX reviews

Spain, Sergio

October 7, 2016

2 years live Total
4 months with this Broker

Leaving the review as a favour to Shadi, my account manager who helped me get the funds back after my SL hasn't stop me from loosing over $400 on GBPUSD move last week.

Have only good things to say about this broker, they offer 15% bonus on deposit and provide lucrative trading conditions.

Everyone who want to get serious about trading should consider Land-FX as their partner.

Tags: Land-FX reviews

Estonia, Alex

October 6, 2016

6 months Total
I have been trading with with this Broker

I have been trading with Land-FX for the last 6 month. Aside from great spreads and help from their analysts I never had problems with deposit and withdrawals. There are many ways to deposit money and withdrawals have been very easy so far and very fast (sometimes under 2 hours). Since I don't trust brokers without FCA regulation - Land-FX is my choice.

Tags: Land-FX reviews

Spain, Fernando

October 4, 2016

2 years live, 2 month demo Total
1 year with this Broker

A friend suggested me to look into Land-FX over their simple trading fees calculations, relatively high, for Europe, leverage and multi platform MT4 access. Despite relativelly low key operations the broker turned out to offer robust trading conditions and great flexibility in deposits/withdrawals (up to two hours withdrawals - yes!)

Feel safe with them, due to FCA regulation with it's funds segregation and negative balance protection policies (fortunately haven't had a chance to test it usefulness)

Overall solid company, oh, and they offer bonus on deposit, i managed to get 15% on the first depo.

Tags: Land-FX reviews

Koke Costa

September 25, 2016

2 month demo, 2 years live Total
13 months with this Broker

Was trading with top 4 largest brokers before, but always got the feeling of being neglected. After switching to Land-FX over FCA regulations and trading conditions (no commission and spreads start at 0.2 pips) realised how much more smaller companies cherish their clients. Talking to my account manager on weekly basis, all the guys in the support team seem helpful and qualified, oh and, omg, deposits/withdrawals take just up to 2 hours during the week!

Tags: Land-FX reviews

South Korea

October 5, 2015

3 years Total
6 months with this Broker

They simply localize each market with different campaigns and local teams.
It's very nice to get prompt replies for inquiry, to enjoy the local campaign, and to enjoy their fast processing on trade.

Tags: Land-FX reviews

Japan, Tom M

May 6, 2015

4 months Total
2 months LIVE with this Broker

I decided to trade through them because they offer a very attractive spread and no commission.
It's nice for those who enjoy scalping or daily trading.
I have been satisfied with their offerings so far. No problem at all.

Tags: Land-FX reviews
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