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  • Website:
  • Year since: 2010
  • Office locations: London, Hong Kong, Sydney, Dubai, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Frankfurt, Milan, Madrid, Warsaw, Lisbon, Prague, Budapest, Athens, Kiev, Moscow, Mumbai, Jakarta, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, , Kuala Lumpur, Lagos, Johannesburg, Auckland, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Lima, Montevideo, Limassol
  • Company registration: IronFX Financial Services Ltd, Cyprus
  • Regulation: IronFX Global UK Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA no. 585561)
    IronFX Global (Australia) Pty Limited is authorized and regulated by ASIC (AFSL no. 417482)
    IronFX Global MENA Limited is authorized and regulated by Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA no. F002432)
    IronFX Global (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd is authorized by the Financial Services Board (FSP no 45276)
    IronFX Global Limited Milan Branch is authorized and regulated by Consob (Reg. no. 129)
    IronFX Global Limited Frankfurt Branch is authorized and regulated by BaFin (Reg. no.138683)
    IronFX Global NZ Limited is authorized and regulated by FSP (FSPR no. 298966)
    IronFX Global (Russia) LLC is a member of CRFIN (Membership no. A-8)
    IronFX Global (Ukraine) LLC is a member of UCRFIN (Membership no. 5)
    IronFX Global Limited is authorized and regulated by CySEC (Licence no. 125/10)
    IronFX Global Limited is a Member of Eurex Exchange

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3 Reviews

I’m trader since 2013 and i start with ironfx broker. Any day i receive an a telephone call where suggest me that investing more for get an a grow profits. After time i give return money part and they dont reponse (june 2015).

IronFX is scammer, rats, and thieves. I dont recommned this broker, is very deshonest.

They are scammers of west regulations I advise my country people you will never reach these companies nor you will get visas to go to their regulated countries for legal actions better spend that money on yourself instead of paying to them for nothing.Its surpise that with such big scams they are still working.

If any body wants his money back from Iron FX. then contact me i will tell him safe way to get his money. my skype ID : wahidalimughal

Dear Zalan M from Hungary,

You did more than enough already so your comments are absolutely not needed. When are you going to realize it? Dont you feel shame already? ๐Ÿ™‚ You can thank a lot to IronFX, and you know exactly what Im talking about. Go get a life finally!
Oh and please, make sure you know the English language good enough, before you place a comment .. would be maybe easier for you to comment only on your own language.
Regards, A.

Hi my name is Irfan Gujjar.I’m freaking pissed off about Ironfx. I am a client of them and trying to withdraw from last 2 months. First they said that the payments department
is overloaded, then they said that since I made a lot of profits then compliance has to approve my withdrawal.How the hell are they processing so long time?

And IronFX boasts on their website that they have ASIC, Cysec, FCA, Eurex license and membership. It’s a big bullshit.
Payment transaction are mentioned Below:

1) 23098813 2014-12-23 WMP3D6J23GNH1I97 Withdrawal โ€“ MoneyBookers 975.03 USD Declined
2) 23100175 2014-12-19 WM339E5649NGRT1C Withdrawal โ€“ MoneyBookers 89.00 USD Declined
3) 23102132 2015-01-05 WM4OBMXKM8NHP77S Withdrawal โ€“ MoneyBookers 1,000.00 USD Declined

This payment declined three times as you see:

4) 23106299 2015-03-02 WMHEFFEC0GNKITR8 Withdrawal โ€“ MoneyBookers 1,470.00 USD Declined
23106299 2015-01-29 WB9N8Y4SN6NK31ZK Withdrawal โ€“ Bank 1,470.68 USD Declined
23106299 2015-01-26 WBIJMLJTMONISZ56 Withdrawal โ€“ Bank 1,470.68 USD Declined

5) 23108970 2015-03-27 WM4SR4IX2BNLV5XK Withdrawal โ€“ MoneyBookers 500.00 USD Declined

Can anybody here share their experience with withdrawing profits from IronFX. I would very much appreciate it. I’ve just been fool not withdrawing earlier from Iron.

If you want to help me contact me on :

GMAIL: [email protected]
FACEBOOK: [email protected]
TWITTER: GujjarIrfan786
LINKEDIN: [email protected]

Hi, Thomas i am using the multiasset and i recommend it to you. Start with a demo account and you can check how it goes. it’s an impressive tool easy to be used and technologically advanced.

Hi Thomas, I started using the multiasset and is a professional product easy to be used and you can access multiple financial instruments.

Hi Zalan, I have started using the multiasset. Yes it’s impressive how easy it is to be used how technological advanced is. You can have access to multiple financial instruments.

I most likely have more experience than most when it comes to brokers. I advised my clients not to trade with IronFX because anyone can clearly tell they are about to POP. Sadly they did not take my advice.

Now my clients cannot withdraw money. I’ve seen brokers come and go. This one leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. We are talking much more than a few 100k.

Consider the lawsuits pending, consider the blatant need to spam forums, consider people attacking IronFX staff physically. Consider the fact they have pushed so much money to marketing channels. Consider they have been pushed out of certain countries.

They market make,,you win they lose,,you lose they win.. …..

The company employ mainly idiots who should not be working in a FX firm or even a kebab house. Their lies are thick and fast.

Don’t believe the hype. Be skeptical. Trade with them you will lose your money. Maybe not in trading but certainly when it comes to take money out.

In one call they will swear down they only STP and then the Dealing Desk calls you next.

Two other things you will lose, your sanity and time.


Im having great difficulties withdrawing my money. The funding department has held it back for almost a month, without any explanation. I have sent them many emails and they dont respond. I will escalate this to Cysec. I recommend to stay away as far as possible from them. They are scammers !!

Iโ€™ve been trading with Ironfx for about 6 months. Initially, I joined them for the welcome bonus, which gave me a small amount of free money to trade with. Then I became used to the platforms and the service. I used tips that my account manager gave me in daily market research on some of my trades, and made some nice profits luckily. Overall a strong and helpful broker

On the recommendation of one of my friends, I started using IronFX. I made some profitable trades based on tips that I took from the commentary of their strategy team.

IRON FX Scam Broker Pending Withdrawals

IRON FX is the scam broker, they are not processing the withdrawals of thousands of Forex Traders.
I request all of the Forex Traders do not invest more with them and immediately stop trading with the IRON FX

Hi everyone I have been with Ironfx for about a year and have been pretty pleased with my experience overall – particularly their research which gives me good tips for trading. their issue at the moment is with chinese abusers of their promotions. it looks like they have put some stops on abusers but as far as i can see (so far) normal trading isnt affected. my experience: Platforms are good, plenty of instruments to choose from, and some quite interesting ones too. account manager ok – good is that he calls me when there is about to be a big economic event, so i can make some moves on the predictions. i did a test withdrawal some days ago and succeeded.

Dear freinds never trade with IRONFX they made me begger i deposit 6700usd and made a profit of 3100 now they are not returning my deposit as well as profit i made a complain with regulator ill see what happens next. search on google for ironfx they have lots of bad reviews
and what i suggest you is before investing real money search in google for good brokers take 1 week time to search but dont fall in ditch like i did. as u can see now i m searching for no deposit bonus IronFX made my life so miserable.

They are out of money, dont want to pay the old coustomers, just lieing every day. They az investigating every winner accounts for months….

Do not pay for them!!
Ask FCA and Cysec about the claims and the investigations.

Being a Forex trader my best experience have been with IronFX, they have minimum
spread of 1 & leverage is 1:100.

Invested a good amount of money in IronFX forex services, as per the strategic tools of it available on its Mac platform.Happy with the tools & services.

Do not trust fully with below comments on this Brocker, please read some words from Forexpeacearmy “Readers of this review page should note the fake reviews left by IronFx employees pretending to be clients. These are from “Dimitri, London, United Kingdom” on 2013-08-02 and “Eva Leine, Stuttgart, Germany on 2013-02-04”. In order to know more about this Brocker, see all in this link:

I have recently started using IronFX, I am happy with their user friendly interface. IronFX has a tool EA which easy to use.

I am an active user of IronFX, my account manager always suggest the best deals for me which never have been the case with any other trading company. IronFX offers multiple schemes to trade in. Overall I am happy with the services provided.

This broker stopped withdrawal of money from trading accounts i m waiting since 1 month for my money..
never trade with this broker. ill wait for 1week more and i m going to rush in ironfx mumbai office.
Before u invest in any brokers Please google it and study about the broker many times. dont simply waste your energy by trading with scam broker.

They did not accept my documents for verification. I received a lot of excuses that it is low of quality and so on and so forth…

Usually I donโ€™t like writing comments about any company but now I feel obliged to express my opinion about IronFx. This broker is the WORST broker I have ever worked with, their trading platform is so slow and almost never executes my orders as I want! Their customer service replies my emails after a very long time and I haven’t earn as I want, so I decided to stop trading with this broker, have a nice day and please take into account my comment.

I was trading with this nearly a year because I had heard that they gave many benefits to its clients. But all was a completely scam. I could get some profits with a lot of difficulty because spreads change all the time and there are re-quotes all the time. But when I decided to withdraw my profits, I couldn’t do it because most of its payment methods didn’t work. I asked for help to its support team but none of my e-mails was answered. At the end, I couldn’t withdraw nothing. I was so angry! I change to another broker and thanks God, I don’t have problems.

Reported to cysec big scam broker

Not good brokers ironfx MY 3000$ Not withdrawal i wait 3 month but not send my money,,,

not good brokers i deposit $4000 and bonus $4000 than i profit $$6500 but not give me withdrawal IRFAN AND JETESH stop my withdrawal this a men not good

Don,t invest ironfx after 6 month close Ironfx





ironfx totally face company not in office Cyprus

company opp red india and after 6 month close ironfx not invest ironfx ……….

bd broker i withdrawal request 30 days but not riceve money not good broker not open account

The site of Iron Forex Looks Good and the information inside even better if we presume that this is not an honest broker.

What is the aim of an Fx broker? To attract more customers right? The way I perceive Ironfx is that they lie to you to get you in and then take your money. Why I am saying that? If you look at their site, home page banner number 3 its says interbank pricing from 0. and then in their site: they say “We offer the tightest spreads in the market, starting FROM 0.4 pips” Why not being honest from the first banner? Customers are not stupid, they know how to read.

In general I like their site and services but this makes me crazy to see such inconsistency in their marketing approach. I hope they will understand my post from a customer point of view and I hope they can provide an answer to me, why they are doing this. (Unhetical Behavior)

Admin comment: the rating is available once for reviews from the same client.

I don’t know about others, but i think Ironfx is good one in forex market and i hope you also like it. Regards.

kingofforex:-) It’s a great trading platform, Thumsup for Ironfx.

Ironfx is a topworth company which i ever seen in my life, because this company provide awesome ways of trading, instant execution. I love this broker.

I trade for 1 year with this broker and didnโ€™t notice any manipulation from itโ€™s part,
Vice versa there are minimum requests, almost no slippage, and spreads quite narrow.
I think itโ€™s quite honest and reliable broker.

Good demo no problems, also took part in demo competition they had on February.

Got my bonus getting ready for EUR/USD ๐Ÿ™‚

Very good broker.

Very good broker and stick to their word. Deposited by and got my bonus straight away!

I wasn’t able to close my order on monday in mt4 for more than 5 mintutes, (can you believe that?) Finally i was login to wedtrader and i did! I was short also in another broker (mt4 also, exactly same time) and i closed my order in few seconds! A friendly guy say to me they will investigate i will inform you

Hi, I’m client of this broker since July an I am really very satisfied with their services. Fast execution, low spread and good bonuses as well .
I recommend them as a good broker

As you can see I am a strong admirer of this site and follow it closely ๐Ÿ™‚

I keep an eye on this popular site as I want always to provide the correct information and never want a client to have wrong information.

Again to the comment below which is wrong information – ALL clients funds are segregated to the companies funds.

When a client opens a Live trading account and deposits funds it is totally separate from the companies accounts, in fact as a licensed and regulated broker clients are insured.

Please feel free if you require any further clarification or have any questions to ask feel free to contact me.

I have been trading with them since few months now and i’m quite happy about the execution and procedures. I’ve opened my account in less than an hour and started trading immediatly .. no one will allow you to trade with this turbo expert advisor whereever you go not only iron

Good as low spread

Hello all,

I don’t know whether you have heard or traded before with IRONFX but please take 1 minute to read my comments below:

Though its a newly established FX broker i can assure you that the benefits when trading with them outperform most of the older and established fx brokers.

1. It is backed by the security and experience of an international financial services group and is regulated by Cysec the european regulator.

2. Lowest spreads from 0.4 on USDJPY, 0.7 pips on EURUSD, and from 0.8 pips on GBPUSD and other major currency pairs. With the widest product range i think more than 130 instruments including UK & US shares, commodities, Indices, Oil and Gas, spot and base metals, other futures and CFD’s .

3. They have heavily invested in Technology by developing a superb client portal, reporting tools such as an excellent IB reporting system where IB’s can view online and real time the commission generated by their clients. Moreover they offer trading flexibility provided through 7 platforms most in house developed as they claim.

4. Instant execution without slippage and many more

The above points indicate that this is a serious broker that came to make the difference and quickly establish itself among the world’s best brokers.

I took some time to write the above because i am really excited about this Broker because they offer even more than they already advertise and because it feels nice when we reward Brokers that really deserve it.

Highly highly recommended

Below is the link to their website:

Hey Forex traders,

I would like Iron Forex to be added as soon as possible as I have just started working with them.

I have been trading for a few months and i came to Cyprus on Holiday (it is a nice country but it was raining ๐Ÿ™ and I was told it will be hot) anyway, when I was out I saw an advert for a company called Iron Forex.

I signed up with them for a live account and made some very good profit yesterday on EURUSD. I requested a withdraw and they paid straight away through my pay pal account.

Has anyone worked with them and found anything wrong?

It seems to good to be true, but so far I have experienced nothing wrong. but you never know I guess I have asked to meet them as I am in the same country and I am waiting for a reply.

I would really like some other peopleโ€™s opinions.
Sunil Prasath