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  • Year since: 2004
  • Headquarters: Ontario, Canada
  • Company registration: Investtechfx Technologies Inc., Canada
  • Regulation: Not regulated.

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2 Reviews

I really DO NOT recommend. They refuse to give me my money back. They claiming that the withdrawing takes 1 month!!. in time other companies process the withdrawing in 1-3 days. Even after a month, they do not replay emails. also, the ‘Live Support’ chat is not serious, they are good to insisting on you for opening live account. And when you need help and they know your name they either close the chat ‘Offline’ or do not take it seriously if you ask for help. If you want to believe that, Go and try them.

I also read on the internet that they are Scam.

InvestTechFX vs Steven Griggs Lawyer Respond:
The writer represents InvestTechFX and its principals. We have researched and note your complaints against InvestTechFX. There is no doubt you are entitled to criticize my clients’ company if you do not consider their services exemplary, but you are not entitled to libel and slander the company and its principals. You have a part of the story and my clients have their part which they will publicize if you do not apologize for the contents of your blogged correspondences. Your insults about their professional integrity and their business ethics will not go unanswered.
You verbally and in writing confirmed that my clients should close all of your open positions. Notwithstanding this part, you continued to smear my client’s name with defamatory statements which are untrue and knowingly false. Your aggressive statements on your blogs on the website indicate you will not stop at anything until you embarrass my clients or libel their good name and/or reputation so that you can extract a settlement from them.
If all statements are not dropped by you on the websites and a letter of apology posted, then my clients will initiate a libel and slander action against you without any further notice to you. We expect an unequivocal apology and assurance from you that your actions will cease and that you regret the action you have taken to date.
My clients are always ready, willing and able to review your account with you in a businesslike manner with or without counsel.
We anticipate your immediate response.
J.S – Barrister and Solicitor

I will convey my bad experiences to fellow FPA community. I have been InvesttechFX VIP member for a year, and I had no trouble during trading with InvesttechFX. But after I decide not to extend my VIP account, I began asking information about the end of my VIP account validity, because I want to withdraw my funds. Since then, InvesttechFX seemed to refusing giving me a concrete and reasonable responses, which for me, is a very disappointing act from InvesttechFX. Because I know that when my VIP account validity had reached a year, I should be able to make withdrawal.

As it said in the clause section 15A that the account holder should not publish any communication between account holder and InvesttechFX which could cause irreparable harm and significant injury to investTechFX. Actually, what I want to publish in the forum is not the communication between InvesttechFX and me, but I want to share my experiences and complaints with other fellows account holder in the forum. But, if InvesttechFX afraid that I or the other customers will publish the communication between InvesttechFX and me, I think InvesttechFX shouldn’t act so unproffesional refusing to return customer’s funds. I think publishing fact and experience is the different with publishing written or verbal communication, two issues are distinct and unrelated.

The clause section 15A is valid since December 2010, but since I signed the disclaimers on July 2010, so I think it’s not my fault that I do not know this clause. And so InvesttechFX did not give any further information about the rules. Do InvesttechFX usually change the rules without giving any notification to the customers? That is so irresponsible.

I wonder why can’t I withdraw my funds, since the end of my VIP account period has been passed. Besides, earlier in the month of June I had sent Investtech an e-mail to warn not to extend my VIP account. InvesttechFX have responsibility and obligation to fulfill my demand to withdraw my funds. InvesttechFX definitely have no rights to control and hold in my money.

In August 2010, I have requested a withdrawal, but Investtech explained to me that as a VIP customer, I had to obey the VIP account commitments and rules, which one of them was not to withdraw any funds during a year. At that time, that was my fault that I didn’t read the commitments and rules carefully, so then I obeyed the commitments and rules. But these time is not the same since my account is no longer a VIP account. Even if it is still an VIP account, I had throught the one year period, so I should be able to make a withdrawal.

Unfortunately, when I made a withdrawal request via e-mail to InvesttechFX, InvesttechFX refuse to withdraw my funds. InvesttechFX give me a very unreasonable reason. But since, I have obeyed the rule that I couldn’t make withdrawal until my VIP account had reached at least 1 year of validity period – which is of course not a short time – I think I have my rights to withdraw my funds. As a worldwide company, InvesttechFX should prioritize customer’s satiscfaction and should obey their own commitments and rules.

InvesttechFXacts like they don’t want to withdraw my funds. They keep giving me unreasonable reasons. In other words, InvesttechFX tries to keep funds which is not theirs. This is a very unproper thing to do, nor is illegal. So I think this is a very embarrassing issue for InvesttechFX. Until today, I do not violate any Investtech trading policies, and never got a statement from Investtech that I violated.

As long as I still make trading, InvesttechFX still receive commission. So I don’t made something that cause InvesttechFX any harm. But, InvesttechFX doesn’t give me my rights, and I feel aggrieved by that. It makes me think how funny it is that a big company as InvesttechFX to not treat their customers the way they have to be treated, even act to exploit their customers like a vampire.

On 2010-11-30 FPA forum, partly comment by InvesttechFX themselves: “At the end of the commitment period, our VIP customers will be eligible to withdraw all their funds including THE TRADING BONUS and ANNUAL COUPON BOND INTEREST provided to them by Investtechfx!This means that the total amount of trading bonus that Investtechfx has given their VIP customers will be theirs to keep!”. Very clear,there is no problem for those who want to withdraw funds after the end of VIP Account period. Please InvesttechFX give prove to the statement above. If InvesttechFX cannot prove, that means InvesttechFX has committed fraud against their customer like me.

I will further explain the detail of my bad experience with InvesttechFX in the next e-mail. I had reported to the OSC and the Department of Justice Canada for the action of fraud committed by InvesttechFX.

Official Statement from Investtechfx:

InvestTechFx takes customer service to the utmost level. In the case this client, “STG” as he has posted, we’ve obliged diligently, from the very beginning. Our history with this client dates back to May 2009, when “STG” accepted all terms as per our disclaimer and filed as a Canadian account. On September of 2011, the client withdrew his account balance in full and we have provided him with account statements as mandated. Contrary to what he states, we have always left voicemails, replied and addressed all his e-mails and calls. The client has access to his account, with the ability to download statements, with details and balances in order to analyze all of his trading activity, as transparency is essential. We are waiting for the client to perform his review, nonetheless, we are helping him during this process in every possible manner we can.

InvestTechFx does not intervene in traders’ decisions, positions, techniques or methods, as we are an NDD, STP and software provider of the MT4 platform, and do not serve US based residents.

I like service and answer question all tine cun trade busines gbp/cad y eur/chf eu fantastic the ea, no problem, very quick. I a make moeny and I trade busines for next 6 moths tine very content. Marco.

Support is very nice. There staff speaks many languages, I speak German and found the help I need.
I get trading bonus and 1:300 leverage. I trade and withdraw my profits every 3 months, for me ok because I put in retirement account. had problems with some late market orders, but know working fast.

The following is an official response from InvestTechFX –
InvestTehcFX has worldwide affiliates including Introducing Brokers (IB) and White Label (WL) that use our MT4 software trading platform for their customers. Those affiliates have their own independent business practices and websites which their customers are advised to adhere to. These IB’s have their own independent business practices, websites, company names as well as their own policies and disclaimers. Our affiliate’s customers are advised to follow all policies between all parties. To protect the practices and maintain ethics between affiliates and the clients, InvestTechFX recommends our affiliates use the InvestTechFX’s legal disclaimers or those similar in order to prevent any future misunderstandings between all parties and representatives.

InvestTechFX is not a true “Straight Thru Processor” (STP) broker.

Please notice the following excerpts from emails from InvestTechFX while trying to gain access to my earnings that they refuse to allow me to withdrawal:

InvestTechFX is a No-Dealing Desk (NDD) and a Straight-Through Processor (STP) Forex Trading software company. Due to the fact that we are a NDD we do not actively monitor customers’ accounts regularly. In every case involving withdrawals, it is mandatory that all accounts be reviewed by all parties, including our liquidity provider.

Attached to this email you will find sever journal logs from your account activities which were provided by the clearing department liquidity provider. We are sending these images as illustrations for your specific case.

The images we sent you are from the Liquidity Provider which handles all the coverage.

Your account was thoroughly reviewed and we determined that you conducted HFT activities by using unauthorized EAs, which interrupted the signal to the Liquidity Provider. As a result of these activities, we suffered some losses.

The first extract is interesting in that they tell us that they are a STP software company, but not a broker. It also says that the your withdrawal will be reviewed by their “liquidity provider”. This means that your account details and trading activity is intimately known by the liquidity provider.

The second and third email extracts referred to a screen shot of server transactions that, according to the email extract, is from the liquidity provider and not InvestTechFX. The screen shot was a MT4 Trader Administration screen that had my InvestTechFX account number, IP address, and trade information. Again, this information came from the liquidity provider and not InvestTechFX. In fact they say the liquidity provider is handling the transactions and they themselves do not have access to the server.

The fourth email extract states that the liquity provider “suffered some losses” as a result of the trading. S

1) There is no separation of account information between InvestTechFX and their liquidity provider.
2) The liquidity provider is actually in control of when/if trades are “unauthorized” and you can get any withdrawals.
3) The sustained losses as a result of customers making money.

Sounds like the “liquidity provider” is a money maker and InvestTechFX is nothing more than a front.

2 years ago I started with this company and am presently looking for a new broker, the reason is simple. 10 second delay`s in live trading.Never less than 10 seconds and then unless the market is totally still you will get requote after requote. the trades always go against you.They trade against you, its obvious, unless you are a long term trader forget this broker and there sister company <1 pip fixed>I dare anybody who trades with them live to call me a liar.

InvestTechFX would like to take this opportunity to provide our loyal customers with an update. Upon investigation we have determined that the recent posting regarding InvestTechFX was placed by a former associate and done so with the sole intent of embarrassing and discrediting our firm. The allegations contained in the posting are completely false, misleading and were placed with the hopes of scaring current and deterring future customers. We are continuing with this issue with the relevant authorities, as it is a serious matter and will be handled with the sensitivity and professionalism we always employ under these circumstances. However, we wanted to take this opportunity to update and reassure our several thousand worldwide loyal customers and potential new clients that InvestTechFX continues with its commitment to the highest level of customer care, support and service. We highlight that we are a Non-Dealing-Desk (NDD) and Straight through Processor (STP) working with the full cooperation of the Clearing Department to ensure that all funds are routed to cover the customer’s trading and account transactions. InvestTechFX continue to be the only company providing 1 pip fixed on all majors. Sincerely, InvestTechFX

InvestTechFX has seen the recent posting and is currently investigating its allegations. We take all postings seriously, credible or otherwise. Upon completion of our investigation we will post an official response. Sincerely, InvestTechFX

Dear InvestechFx

Can you please clearly state your scalping policy in this forum? I know, it is applied by your clearing department, but I would like you to tell us here in publicly, if it is not a secret formula.


InvestTechFX would like to take this opportunity to address the negative blogs/posts regarding our business. In a few instances we have an ongoing issue with the customer regarding their real trading account and/or activity.

These customers have now taken to using numerous review sites, such as this one, as their personal venue for expressing their dissatisfaction and frustration with all of our efforts to resolve these issues.

We have utilized a great number of efforts to reach an amicable resolution of these matters. The majority have been resolved. But unfortunately, the postings remain.

However, we would note that InvestTechFX has several thousand very satisfied customers worldwide and these postings represent a very small percentage of our customer base. InvestTechFX takes great pride in providing the highest level of customer support and service and strives to be an industry leader in world of ForEX Trading.

if you work with them things can get settled