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Invast Global reviews

Average: 3.3 based on 3 reviews
Invast Global

Invast Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2013 (Australia), 1960 (Japan)
  • Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
  • Company registration: Invast Global (ABN 48 162 400 035), Australia
  • Regulation: ASIC (AFS licence 438283)

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Australia MAN OF THE MAN

January 25, 2015

2 years Total
1 year with this Broker

Regarding the above review.
If they are not ECN, then they can not use ctrader.

Slippage during news times occur with any broker.

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October 8, 2014

3 years Total
6 months with this Broker

Hi, Invast has been a competent a broker in Australia. Their charting package are way much better than IG and CMC markets. Everybody knows MT4, no wonder they offer it, but C trader is a better try. What makes Invast outstanding is they offer ST24, which is a mirror trader trading automation system. If you dont know, try it. Make your life hopefully a lot easier.

IG and CMC, they trade against you heavily. THeir huge profits are made by trading against you. I used to bring this question up when facing an IG staff at a seminar, he said yes they do that, but not a lot of revenue are from that. If they say a little, i guess that means huge to us.

I have been with IG for the first 2 years of my trading. What makes IG good is they transfer money quickly and safely, thats it. CMC, just dont bother to look at it. the charting is awkward. I can only see the past 1 year data on 1 chart, useless. In Australia, I feel people think anything is good just because they are from UK, really cute. It happens IG and CMC are both from UK.

I think they have a monthly seminar and a few weekly webinars. Not a lot of brokers offer that. Honestly, FXCM is by far the market leader in Forex industry. I reckon you guys try their platform too as their platform is way better. MT4 is popular is just because they have lots of EAs.

Tags: Invast Global reviews


July 3, 2014

11 years. Total
Under 3 months with this Broker

Hi and welcome, just a bit of feedback for the speculators try Invast (australia) at your own risk. I traded with them and found them to be an absolute waste of my time, the staff all seem polite and well mannered how ever lack knowledge unless they were putting the dumb suit on. Couple key points....

1) Spreads on PRO FEED (PRO ACCOUNT) are great super low and minimum deposit is great ($10,000) however do not be fooled they make this up on the slippage against you. Slippage will occur on a 85%-95% rate again against you on entry orders, stop loss and take profit.

Note: Invast claims that this slippage is an outcome of news trading which is obvious and makes sense however this is not the case. The case is they have very low liquidity and use a virtual dealer plug-in. If you are unaware a VDP is a plug-in for MT4 platform that delays the execution of an order which in turn causes slippage.

2) There swap rates or rollover rates are some of the worst i have ever seen to the point that you are left with no motivation to trade specific currencies (90% of currencies) in either long or short positions as the holding costs of the position far outweigh any possible reward:risk value. Depending on your understanding of the markets this may or may not make sense.

3) Margin manipulation was observed on a couple of instances on my account, this was done via software i had loaded onto MT4. What this means is my margin was changed from its set value to a lower value while trades were running, this basically means that if i had many trades on at once and had low levels of margin when the manipulation takes place you soon experience margin calls which can lead to a total wipe out of your capital.

4) Last but not least Invast claim they are a STP and ECN broker (on pro accounts not basic). The truth is they are not, they are a typical dealer desk broker that manipulate price feeds and conduct the practise of requotes.

Please be aware Invast (australia) have conflicts of interest. If you do not know what this means simply they trade against you. So instead of the casual forex trader buying or selling a currency to someone somewhere in the deep world you are basically buying currency off your broker ie: you buy and they sell to you. You sell they buy off you. Its pretty simple and this practise takes place with many brokers out there and is very legal however it is your job as a trader to get the best broker out there. Remember you get what you pay for.

I am not going to recommend any brokers because i then fall into the category of a sales rep for another broker however i will recommend traders stay away from INVAST AUSTRALIA as there are many other brokers that are of high competence to what they are with in the tier of broker they fall in. Invast has been in Australia for a very short time which indicates they have low clientele applying pressure on their bottom line (profits) to stay in business, to top this off market volatility is at a very low so you could expect them to be ruthless and have no scruples in keeping their head above water.

Fellow Traders i hope my input has and will help in your future as a successful and profitable trader.

Tags: Invast Global reviews
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