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  • Website:
  • Year since: 2007
  • Headquarters: Kaliningrad, Russia
  • Company registration: InstaTrade LLC, British Virgin Islands;
    InstaTrade Investment Company Ltd., Russia.
  • Regulation: FFMS in Russia (license #077-11737-100000, #077-11739-010000, #077-11741-001000)

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I have accounts with several brokers but InstaForex becames my favorite broker. I tried them with $300 and obtained 30% deposit bonus for three weeks ago. Their MT4 platform is suitable for all type of trading strategies .during this three weeks experience, I have different situations on market and nothing problem from the their side. Today morning I withdraw $375 from my total balance because of my money agency and they processed my withdraw in few hours and does not apply any charge. I’m going to put $1000 and let you guys know.

I’m searhing for a good broker. I’ve looked through reviews at this site and and seems to me, that InstaForex is a good one. Some dudes at forums also suggested me to try Insta. So i’m going to open an account with them. After a week I ll share my opinion here. Let’s see if Insta is really good. 😉

Dear Andrew,

We’ve been providing bonuses for our clients since 2008, and there are lot of traders who succeeded in making money out of bonuses without investing a single penny of theirs.

Hello Traders!

This is Gertrude, one of the official representative of InstaForex.In behalf of InstaForex, we would like to thank you for choosing us as your broker and for giving us a very satisfactory rate. We will continue to provide an excellent service.

And for those who have problem in their accounts, Please contact the support service by one of these two emails [email protected] or [email protected], providing your account number so they can assist you regarding your problem. Thank you and have a good day!

InstaForex Gertrude

Dear Traderfx,

The Bonuses and trading promotions are real. All our clients are got their bonus without facing any issues. Scalping is also allowed. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have problem using our services. You can also contact our Online Chat Support. Thank you.

Thank you mr z!

If we’re , however, to request identity proofs, no one would consider writing reviews.

We do our best to trace and identify fake reviews. Yet, the reviews field in general has always been one of the most vulnerable to manipulations.

Dear Trader,

Do you have any proof about your accusation? Thousands of our clients are satisfied using our services. In fact, they withdraw their profit daily without facing any issues. We urge you to please weigh all the information you have read specifically on the site that you have mentioned.

InstaForex is the best broker I have ever traded up to now. The deposit and withdrawals are very convenient and so easy to execute, they offer many different methods to all their clients and a wide range of trading instruments to trade with, the binary option trading is very convenient too. For me, this is the best broker.

For me, there is no other broker like InstaForex. I am having a great experience trading with this broker because their customer service always provided me all the information I need to trade, the trading platform is so easy and it is always connected to the network. Haven’t had any problems with my trading up to now. For me, this is the best broker

I have learned a lot since trading with InstaForex as this broker always update all their services and has a wide range of instruments in the trading platform. I havent had any problems so far. On the contrary, for me this broker is the best and I really recommend you to trade with this broker.

InstaForex is for me the best broker! I am so happy because I have withdraw all my gains with no problems and always receive all the information I need to have a nice trading experience. My gains have increased a lot, believe me, there is no other broker like this. Personally, I’d recommend you to trade with the ForexCopy system.

I am so happy and satisfied with all my gains and of course all the money received since I decided to trade with InstaForex Company and haven’t had any problems so far. Their customer service always give me all the response I need in order to have a confortable trading. For me, the best company of the forex market.

I have a live account with InstaForex , Trades are well executed and withdrawal process doesn’t take much time. Fairly satisfied with them!

I have Compared to CitiFX Pro brokers, I think that this is better at least because of their good system: low spread, fast executions, stable trading platform and best trading tools.

I only have excellent comments about my trading in the forex market thanks to my broker Insta! I have received very good bonuses just after making a deposit in my tading account and haven’t had problems up to now with them. Also, I always receive all the information necessary on time and the customer service is so friendly while replying my emails.

I am trading with InstaForex for 9 months and haven’t had any problems so far because they always give me all the information I need to know to have a trading with no problems and also their free courses for real accounts have made me increase my money a lot. For me, Insta is the most reliable broker and I recommend you to trade with them.

I don’t have any complaints with my trading in the forex market with InstaForex, as this broker has satisfied all my requirements and have made me increase my money considerably. The PAMM system that this broker provides is so useful, I have increased my money a lot trading as an investor and always can withdraw all my funds with no problems at all.

I decided to trade with InstaForex because of their services such as the PAMM and ForexCopy systems. Also, I haven’t had any problems up to now because they always give me all the information I need to know and provided the best tools to trade quickly and secure. The trading platform is so easy to use and their customer services is so proffesional and reliable.

I’ve used IronFX. It was so good, but now I try the demo account Instaforex. it’s much better. Better than IronFX.

I decided to trade with InstaForex following the recommendation of too many friends who have earned money with them. At first, I was scared but little by little I started learning, their courses were so useful for me. Also, they offer services for newbies as the ForexCopy and PAMM system where a newbie trader can trade as a followers or investor and gain money from the trades of successful traders. I am so happy with my experience so far, you should trade with them too.

Not many suitable brokers here in Asia so I use InstaForex after trying many others. And this is the best broker ever I had traded. Great support, great execution. Good product, like the Mt4, very responsive. I am now trading with $1.5 K and till now all my withdrawals are very quick, almost instant.

Very disappointed with eToro such a bad bad broker. I have to change and found this broker is the most reliable and fast deposit/withdrawal.

I am very satisfied with my trading in InstaForex as I haven’t had any problems. On the contrary, I could increase my gains a lot trading in the PAMM system. Also, their always offer good bonuses after every deposits. Thanks to their courses, now I can even make my own analysis and forecasts of the market movements. I really recommend you to trade with this company.

InstaForex has proved me to be the best broker, their services are so amazing. I have earned a lot of money up to now and haven’t had any problems with my trading platform. I really recommend you to trade with them. You are going to earned and also learned a lot thanks to their different services and courses.

I highly recommend this broker due to its excellent services. Since I am trading with it, my trading improved considerably. Its reps are very helpful and support me in all what I need.

I have learned a lot trading with InstaForex, their courses are so complete and have all the information I need to know. Haven’t had any inconvenience up to now because my tradiing platform is so easy to manage and understand. I have set up all my orders on time, this is the best broker.

I have decided to trade with this broker because of their advantages as a trader and also because I’ve improve my skills thanks to their contents and campaigns. This is the best broker so far.

They have great execution and low spreads; whatever issues from their servers before are now fixed. For me, they are the best among all.

Compared to other brokers, i will just say that this broker really cares about their clients. They have provided a complete forex introduction and guide on their website so that a novice trader like me can do trading easily.

They have a good support system and they really are dedicated to their customers. Very honest and very trusted company not only for me but also for all of my friends who are in trading.

I have 3 years trade with this broker and this broker is the best, I never meet some problem and anything is negative about instaforex, for me and my community this is the best broker

I feel terrible with easy forex. the name is easy but it’s not easy for trader. I have to decision change broker. now i work with Insta. make me comfortable.

InstaForex is a very good broker, I have no problem at all, good deposits and withdrawal and their staff are very nice and friendly and always ready to help their customers.

Spreads are consistently low, trades always executed. Opened my account 4 months ago, all good till now. Easy-to-use trading platform with lots of products to trade. Overall impression is very good. Easy trading platform and good conditions.

I like to trade with InstaForex because this broker is totally honest and thanks to it, i could learn a lot of aspects of forex market. They don’t cease to create new services. Every time I receive a call from its reps, they always offer me new bonuses or new courses to take. I am very happy.

I never had any problem with my fills. When I started making money during the news, they put me on manual, which means that when i enter an order, they will hold the order for more than 30 seconds and give me the worst fill. It never happened when I was losing money.

The execution and spread is very good for my type of trading. Support is also excellent and if I have a problem I basically get instant help.

I opened an account with Instaforex several months ago and I have been happy with how things are progressing. They seem like a nice company and I just hope I make some money here.

I truly adore this company and enjoyed trading using the demo account they’ve provided to the beginners to practice and accustom to their services.

I use ForexCopy system to copy trades from successful traders and, by this way, i can get earnings very easy. The best of this system is that you only pay commission is that trade was successful. That’s why I love InstaForex!

InstaForex have an easy and fast deposit/withdraw system. My account haven’t worked for few months but my money still there, they send to me an email when I’m make a trading. Very well, That’s settled

Execution speed is the main thing, in ECN account and all account very very fast execution. This company is very good, no re-quote or delay like other brokers.

Satisfied and happy with InstaForex, spreads and customer service is exceptional. Platform is MT4 which is also my favorite because robots work well and it is reliable.

What I like with InstaForex is they have this flexibility which their platform great for beginners and professionals. And what I love the most is that if you register with them you also get a free mobile application for all device, where you can view charts, quotes and you can trade everywhere you go.

I don’t have any complaints, at least so far. The system always works, my log ins are fast, when I want to get in or out of my position it’s fast. I also called customer service a couple times on some minor issues, and they were pleasant and responsive.

I am so happy trading with InstaForex because of their courses and benefits such as the PAMM and ForexCopy systems which have allowed me to gain a lot of money and withdraw without any problems. Also, this is one of the brokers with an innovative approach! I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience participating in their contests for even demo and real accounts! Try it out

I love Instaforex, because I have problem with my account and I called their support. They answer me with complete and patient to me understand and now my problem is finish.

I have experienced excellent support, narrow spreads, and , orders are executed very fast. I made also many withdrawal since several months. Everything was good, and I receipt my money rapidly every time.

I am very happy trading with InstaForex because they offered great and competent spreads. Orders execution is very fast. One thing at Instaforex when there is a issue they’re on top of it and fix it. This is the sign of a broker that wants your business and appreciates it.

InstaForex is the best forex company, thanks to this company I could learned and gain a lot. Now I can make my own analysis, and have a better perspective of the market. The trading platform is always on time. I really recommend this company.

Happy to trade with this broker. There is no hidden rules and payment is very fast. I like the latest money manager idea. Hope I will be able to become a popular money manager in future.

instaforex is an scam broker .

I am satisfied when trading with InstaForex. They provide alot of bonus and contest to their clients. Their deposit and withdrawal are easy and fast, I can deposit quickly and start to trade right after.

I think InstaForex is a great trading platform and I have never had any troubles. I’ve been using InstaForex for about 3 months now and I’ve been very happy so far. I’m an investor, not an active trader, so it suits my needs fine. I’ve been happy with the research options offered and the screeners are useful too

InstaForex is the best company, I am very satisfied with this company and all their services. I have earned a lot of money with them, especially with their ForexCopy system. I feel so glad trading with them and I really will keep in this company. 🙂

No issue when it comes to execution of trades as they instantly filled my orders without delays. For withdrawal and deposits, this broker is one of the best among others. I got my money less than 24 hours. Instaforex keep improving their services. Their persistent innovation add more confidence to clients.

What I really like about InstaForex is their different types of account to trade with, depending the experience and the needs of each person, and also their innovative approach. I haven’t met a broker with lot of benefits, such as bonuses, contests, leverage, low spreads, and so on. So nice broker 🙂

I like this broker. I am may be quite a newbie on the forex, but I have already worked with several others brokers, so once I just compared their service to InstaForex and chose only this one. In particular it concerns their technical support, which is the best I saw.

I am so glad with InstaForex and the performance of my trading so far. I haven’t had problems with their services, the trading platform is very easy to understand and always executes all my orders very fast, you should try it out 🙂

I can’ imagine trading in the forex market without InstaForex! Since I started trading with them, I have improved my knowledge and my trading strategies. Also, I have received very good profits thanks to the PAMM system, that is why I really recommend this broker. I haven’t had any problems so far, good luck 🙂

I don’t have any complaints againts this broker, I have learned a lot thanks to their forex news, technical analysis, and all the information displayed in their webpage. Also, I have received all my payments with no delay and could withdraw with no problems.

I have trading with InstaForex for 2 years and I have gained a lot of money thanks to their innovative services as the ForexCopy system. Also, I always receive all the information I need to have a very nice trading, no problems with my payments or deposits, everything is going so well until now.

This broker is so nice, I always can set up all my stop loss and take profit orders without problems as the trading platform is very fast, I haven’t had problems with my payments or my client cabinet, that is why I really recommend you this broker!

Opened an account, got the bonus, traded and won. Asked for a withdrawal of my money. Got them 2 days after. Their payment system works very well. Also happy with the service and the speed. Will redeposit again. Offer keep going!

I am so happy with the broker InstaForex because I have learnt a lot about the market by their free courses for real accounts and thanks to all the information available always in their webpage. I am really very satisfied with all the services InstaForex has provided me so far.

InstaForex has been my best broker since I decided to trade in the Forex Market. I haven’t had problems with my payments, the trading platform is very easy to manage and their customer support always answer all my emails. I am very satisfied my this broker up to now, my congratulations.

InstaForex is the most professional broker as their payment system and bonus and regular payment. You can earn money in a short period. You can also make your own strategy or foloows pro-traders on ForexCopy to make more profits.

I am very satisfied with the broker InstaForex because I have increased my money a lot and also learned more about the financial market, the news that may influence in the rate and so on. Also, I have developed my own analysis on the basis of the technical analysis displayed in their webpage. This forex is so reliable and I feel so confortable when trading with them.

The Customer Service of InstaForex is just amazing, they always replies all my emails and helps me to resolve all my doubts or problems. Also, I have received very good bonuses for every deposit and learned a lot by their different courses for real accounts and by their technical analysis. Ill definitely continue trading with this broker.

So glad to trade with InstaForex, for me this broker is the best of the forex world. I haven’t had problems with the platform or my withdrawals, their conditions of tradings are so reasonable and very clear as well as all the information provided by their Customer Support.

InstaForex is the best broker I have worked with. I have traded with others but InstaForex has provided me good benefits and profits by the ForexCopy system for example and their program fof bonuses for every deposit. Also, being part of their InstaForex Club is a great opportunity to have their InstaForex MasterCard to withdraw my monet from any ATM. This is just an amazing broker 😉

Don’t have any complaints againts InstaForex, their Customer Service is always willing to answer and clarify me all my questions or doubts. Also, I have gained much experience working in the PAMM system 3 months and now I am trading in the ForexCopy system too. I feel this is the best broker and I am very pleased to be part of it.

The services of InstaForex are the best of this market. I have received very good earning trading in the PAMM system as an investor and till now I didn’t have any problems with my withdrawals and deposits, very nice broker 🙂

I am very satisfied with all the services InstaForex has provided me so far, an excellent program of bonuses that made my deposit increase a lot to have more chances to trade, the ForexCopy system which gives me advantage to follow the deals of successful traders and benefit myself from their experience.

I am very happy to have been trading with this broker, I have received all my payments so far and very good bonuses for every deposit. Also, their trading platform is just amazing as this have all the functions I need to set up my orders with no delay.

Up to now I don’t have any complaints against this broker because all my orders have been set up perfectly and I haven’t obtain any requotes as the funcionality of their trading platform is unique and so fast. Also, I have received all the information I needed to start trading in this market, their staff are so polite and friendly. This is the best forex company I have ever worked with.

I have had good impressions about Instaforex. Very fast execution. The big choice of trading instruments which including exotic pairs. There is an opportunity of trading of precious metals on cent account. Very important foXunlIer me in work Instaforex is honest withdrawal.

I have a very good concept about InstaForex thanks to their polite staff and all the money I have received trading in the ForexCopy system, I didn’t have any problems with my deposits and withdrawals and always can set up my orders with no problem of requotes, I am so happy to have chosen InstaForex to trade in this market.

I have been trading with InstaForex since 2011 and let me tell you that this broker offers much more benefits than others. Over the years, they have improved a lot their services and developed new ones, I am completey sure they’ll continue with this approach and that is a great advantage for us. I have earned even more money than I imagined since I started in this market, for me Forex is not a hobby but a real business.

InstaForex has been my best forex broker so far. I have earned a lot of money trading in the PAMM system and I have received incomparable bonuses for every deposit, also my trading platform is so useful because I can trade with a lot of instruments to have a better chances to gain profits. You should trade with this broker too if you are interested in this market.

Hi, I have found InstaForex almost one year ago. At first, I was afraid to start investing in this market because as any other market, there are chances to loss and earn money, but I decided to join into because of the good comments I have received from some friends. I realized that this broker really cares about their clients because they always replies my questions and give me excellent trading conditions to trade, I have learnt a lot with this broker and I encourage you to start your trading with this broker too.

I am so happy with with my trading at InstaForex because they offer suitable trading conditions to get very good profits every day. I have learnt a lot thanks to their courses and all the informations displayed in their webpage, my best wishes to InstaForex and all their staff. 🙂

InstaForex the most reliable broker I have trade in this market. I haven’t had any problems with my payments and I always can withdraw without problem. Also, for me, they have the best trading platform as it is very dynamic and always sets up my orders on time. Of course I have had some problems at first but their customer support is very cooperated and resolves my problems very quickly 🙂

I think Instaforex is most of the best broker, they have a good customer service and the platform is very easy to understand, especially if you don’t know nothing about trading. They also provide Forex training course for beginners which is very helpful.

The things why i like and always trade with InstaForex are as follows:
1. Spreads are fixed
2. Fast execution of trades
3. No slippage and requotes
4. Fund withdrawal is very easy
5. Excellent customer support

In my opinion, there are good brokers but for me, the best is instaforex. Its excellent services are very profitable and according to the experience of a trader. Bonuses are an excellent opportunity to increase deposits and now, with the promo of non deposit bonus, it’s easy to have money in your account to trade.

Very gald and satisfied with the services of InstaForex because I have earned a lot of money thanks to the PAMM and ForexCopy systems (which for me are the best services of this broker). Their trading platforms is so great because it is very easy to use and always sets up my orders very fast. I am having an excellent journey in the forex market with this broker.

I am so proud to be working with InstaForex because this broker has, in my opinion, the best services of the forex world like an excellent program of bonuses which allow increasing my deposits up to 30% and even the chance to accumulate the bonus with another ones. Also, I have improved a lot my trading techniques in the different contests they offer for their clients (both for newbies and professional traders).

I have been with InstaForex since 2012 and already have an account with this broker. I stayed with them because I was comfortable with their tools. Also, the platform is supposed to make trading easier. I trade stocks and options averaging probably one trade a week. I must specially mention that on retirement related matters I have found their advice just wonderful which helped me plan things a whole lot better in a short time.

I started my tading with InstaForex in a demo account in order to know better this market before trading with real money, but I get tired to work only with a virtual money, it was like just playing and there wasn´t the emotion I was looking for. Now I have traded with my real account; and thanks to my learning in the demo account, everything is going so well. I encourage you to start trading in this market along with InstaForex, you will see the benefits this broker offers! Good luck 😉

I feel so confortable trading with InstaForex because of the high level of their services such as the PAMM system. Since I started trading with this system, I am earning a lot of money without the necessity to be all the day looking the trading platform because there is successful trader manager who trades for me. I really recommend you to start trading with this company too.

I started trading with InstaForex this week and i had no complain. I would highly recommend this broker to those still looking a reliable and honest broker. It is easy to earn money through contest and campaigns.

The broker I like the most is InstaForex, this broker has for me the best services of the forex market! I have earned a lot of money trading as an investor in the PAMM system and never had any problems with my withdrawals, their customer service is so proffesional and they always reply my emails very quickly, try it out! 😉

I am so glad to be trading with InstaForex Company because their Customer Service is very friendly and professional; they always reply my emails and resolve all my doubts. I have opened a real account after practicing in a demo account for 2 months more or less, and let me tell you that the demo is almost the same as the real one; it helped me to learn about this market before trading with real money. You should try it out too 😉

I am very happy to trade with InstaForex because I have earned a lot of experience with this company and they always provides me with the services I want and the information I need. I haven’t had any problems with this company so far, that is why I strong recommend you to open at least a demo account! Good luck 😉

For me InstaForex offers the best bonus of the forex market, because after every withdrawal I can increase my funds and the application form is so simple to complete and I receive the bonus almost instantaneously. I have earned to much money with this broker and to be honest that is the reason I want to continue trading with them.

I am so happy trading with InstaForex because I have received good earning and always have the information I need to make a profitable trading! Their customer service always replies all my emails very quickly and my trading platoform is always updated so I haven’t had problems with connection and settings.

InstaForex is the best broker I have ever worked with. Their courses have helped me to increase my knowledge about this market and more importantly, I always receive my payments on time. Also, my trading platform is so easy to use and understand, that is why I consider this broker like the best!

Instaforex is the best broker for me now. When I opened real account, I got their welcome bonus. After that, when each my trade, I also got bonus form Insta. I do like this broker and keep going on trading with them for long time.

All the services of InstaForex are really good, this broker offers different kinds of accounts to work and the minimum deposit is just 1 dollar! Also they have different types of leverages up to 1:1000, but of course, this leverage is developed for proffesionals, that is why I am trying to gain more knowledge before trading with this size. I recommended you to try trading with InstaForex 🙂

I decided to work with InstaForex because their innovative approach, they always update their services and all their contests to give us more chances to gain in this market. Also, I have improved my technical strategies thanks to their contests and campaings, specially thanks to their InstaForex Sniper Contest. Their Customer Service is so helpful, they always answers my email very fast and give me the information I ask for and you can always find them even by skype!

I decided to trade with this forex broker for the recommendations of some friends. At first, I was afraid to lose my money because I didn’t know a lot, but InstaForex has taught me a lot about this market, their webpage has all the information I need and their Customer Service always replies all my emails. I have earning good profits trading in the ForexCopy system. I really recommend you to trade with InstaForex!

I decided to trade with the broker InstaForex because of the good comments that some close friends gave me about this company. Now I am convinced that they really are the best broker, I haven’t had any problems with my orders and the trading platform is always updated to execute all my orders of take profit and stop loss.

I have worked with other broker before trading with InstaForex, but no one has offered the services that InstaForex did. Particularly, I like their ForexCopy system as I can follow the transactions of succecssful traders, copying them and gain profits. My gains have increased a lot since I started trading with this system, that is why I suggest you to do it too! I am sure you will gain too, but be aware that you have to be constant and tolerant. Good luck =)

I feel secure when trading with InstaForex. I have not stuck with any issues with my trade. Withdrawal is fast and easily. And I like the way that they give us bonus and provide contest for their client to earn more profit. They are also honest broker I have ever traded.

I learnt a lot about Forex using their educational trading tools and tutorial materials. Instaforex give the impression of being a good and reputable company to its clients.

MT5 works well and it hasn’t had any reported problems. My fill speed is usually under 1 second so I won’t complain with that. InstaForex is the best broker in the forex world.

Brilliant service since I joined. The fastest withdrawal time ever. Good customer support, excellent execution policy, guaranteed fills, fixed and variable spreads. Anyways I really recommend this broker for all types of traders. They are honest and reliable thus far.

During all this time I have been trading with Instaforex, I realized that this is a serious and reliable broker which I can trust on, the quality of their services is too great and also the safety they provide is at the level of any bank. They offer all the necessary tools to start trading successfully such as courses, good program of bonuses, analysis, forecasts, excting contests. I am sure I will continue earning money with this broker, so I decided to continue trading with Instaforex and I truly recommend you to do it as well.

Instaforex’s condition are well. I mean among the other forex broke I have trade with them, Insta gives me really the tightest spread. Can’t wait to start working on forex copy and PAMM system.

I find the posts very interesting in that i use Instaforex and have found them to be excellent. The execution sets them apart from the many other brokers that i have used, and it is the execution that i require to enable the EA that i use to make consistent profits for me. I have found that any problem that i have had has always been well attended to.

Instaforex has always been great to me. I have been with them for a year now and have had no problems, no issues, and have always given me everything I need to make profit. Great low spreads, Brilliant platform, terrific customer support, swift execution, and quick deposit and withdrawal, I highly recommend this broker.

Instaforex is good and regulated broker, it is safe to invest your money here. I had been trading to them since
December 2013 and nothing suspicious, i got my bonus after deposit.

When I decided to trade in forex market to increase my income, some friends of mine recommended me to use this broker. First, I wasn’t so convinced about it, but then, I realized that I could trust on this broker. They helped me a lot since I opened my account. Above all, I got good earnings with PAMM system, excellent for newbies as I was previously. The bonuses they offer also help me to increase my deposit and as I’m in InstaForex Club, i can get a little more. Simply great!

I have been working with InstaForex for ten months and I am very happy with the results of my trading, InstaForex offers a line of bonuses to us where I can choose the most confortable for me, such as the Instaforex club bonus, the bonus of 30% for every deposit, a bonus of 250%!! and even a no deposit bonus!! Don’t you think this is great?? I am very happy with InstaForex and I recommend it.

InstaForex is a good broker, good customer service and very helpful. Low spreads and I am using credit card to transact, super fast and convenient. Great metatrader 4 platform. I’m staying here for a long time now. You guys may want to try them too!

I have used this broker for a long time, firstly i started from their demo account and after 3 month tried their Forex competition on real account,at real account after completing lot size I hav got 40% bonus

Dear Iran,

We have thousands of clients all around the world, and most of them got their funds in time. The percentage of those who face withdrawal problems does not exceed to 1% and there’s no company secured from bugs which may occur. Probably, this is what could happen in your case, delaying your withdrawal. But we really want to help you, so please give us the details of your withdrawal order.

Dear Lam,

Please provide more details about your withdrawal: payment system, amount, and from what email you sent your request so we could check this for you.

It is so bad broker
it dont get back my money
its scam
know every one
and they dont show my vote

Very best broker / Great customer support

Instaforex is a solid broker with no problems. Very fast response customer support.

insta forex is totally scam broker so i suggest you don’t waste you time and money for today proof check this it’s happened with me today when i withdraw my profit from my investment ..

I like welcome bonus so much! Instaforex is very good broker and easy to withdraw.

I use it for 2 years, Great service minded , easy to trade

Beautiful and good work and full power insta forex company


The fund withdrawal request is very fast. I request for fund in the morning and I received the money in my Paypal account by 5PM. And I am planning to stay with Instaforex for many years to come. Most people who are having problems with them are scalpers and/or news traders. I think they will always have problems with forex brokers because they are just gambling and aiming only for the money not for the knowledge that they can possibly acquire.

Their customer support is very competent and professional in handling clients. I start making more profit with InstaForex because I learned from my mistakes. Actually I joined their contest and I am waiting for my victory.

It has been a long time since I made a review about my favorite broker, Instaforex. I traded on several brokers and I am glad to say I found this honest and decent broker. They are very transparent and I never had any issues on my executing my orders, they filled my orders as I expected. I left my 3 brokers I previously used because they can’t beat what Instaforex offering us, low spreads, instant executions, very good in funding of accounts and provides many trading services.

They helped me alot when I had trouble understanding MT4. There platform is easy to understand and in years trading with them I never had trouble with depositing or withdrawing funds. I think the bad ratings from most people here, are a result of a lack of patience.

This place is for honest reviews and not broadcasting your ignorance of naiveness as it relates to trading. You can place your stop loss, take profit as you place your trade with the Instaforex. Their charting platform is the best in the world for technical analysis. The platform seems really well done and easy to navigate and no other platform can even come close to it. I recommend although a very good connection to the internet for it to function perfectly, and if you have it I think this is one of the best choices you have for efficient forex trading.

Trading forex is not easy, and I’m the stubborn type so I learn slowly. I traded with some other brokers before finding Instaforex. Without a doubt Instaforex has been fair and helpful. The platform with extensive tutorials for the beginners and accounts to suit all. Using this wisely, especially with the advanced tools provided, has been rewarding on more than one occasion. Couple of months back I faced problems with the withdrawal process however now it is good and the best part is that if there is any such issue their support staff really help. I highly recommend this broker to anyone.

I am a very happy client with a very good trustworthy broker and as an experienced trader i can say InstaForex is one of the best.

WOW, after reading some of the other reviews and hearing what others have to say about Instaforex I don’t know what to think. I guess I am still a beginner at forex trading but have been using this broker for about a year. I love the software package. Combine it with the charting package and you can get whatever you need. I have no real complaints about this trader, They provide top notch customer service and that’s overlooked by most traders. The transparency is very important to me as a trader. Take some time before giving some comments.

Instaforex is a good broker and I have never had any issues with them. They have by far the BEST customer service out there. Instaforex live servers are fast and I find execution is better that other brokers. I’m very happy with the service offered. Spreads are tight and their deposits are really fast. It took them less than 15 minutes to put a deposit in my account. I hope they continue to keep the Good Excellent Service in the future. Using their PAMM for fund management and account was blown to near zero from $3,000 in one week plus. Fund manager insisted they were not his trades and said there were technical glitches then took up issue with them. They’ve refunded every penny to all accounts under that fund manager totalling $xxxxx from their own pockets. Thats what I call integrity! I can highly recommend this broker, not for just being a good broker but also for constantly improving.

the deposit takes only seconds, and the withdraw takes maximum 1 to 2 days, which is acceptable, I am not in rush for withdraw, and I can wait to collect my profits.

It is my first time to rate this broker not because I have an issue with them but I just want to praised them and to give thanks. In the past years I did not rate in any broker because its too noisy in the trading world…literary and even virtually. I want to give a special thanks to the support team because they assisted me always when I have problem. A good thing is the fast and competent help with skype contact inside the broker platform. I sticked trading with Instaforex because the spreads have gotten really low and absolutely no requotes, they processed my withdrawal order very fast, and they always continued upgrading their services; they have launched new Forex copy system, they allow clients to protect their investment which is a very good concept.

I have no idea why there are some negative posts , it could be the traders remorse. Guys…Let me ask you a question? Who is responsible for your own safety? Safety of your properties and all other things belonging to you which could sometimes mean so much to your life? Your safety is your own responsibility and NOW…why you all blaming others about your own mistakes? After all…you need to test waters before you dive in right? In this world…there are so many things you can’t understand sometimes…SO…its you…who is responsible. If you want to make profits….educate yourself….if you want to lose…just go ahead and trade without knowing what is really going on with those candles and wicks.

Its better to keep learning in Forex than to whine.

Their company service is very good. withdraw transaction is very quickly. They have very tight spreads and nicee leverage for such a small first deposit.

I have lots of referrals under my ib link and i always receive good ib payments from instaforex and within 24 hours.

Every Time I had problem, the customer support immediately resolved the issue I have. I only invest $500 through their Instadebitcard and after two weeks I earned profits and decided to cash it out and I’m proud to say that I never had a problems in taking out of my profit. I observed that they constantly upgrades their services to provide the best trading condition for us. I just recently joined their trading contest and I am hoping to win. Just what other traders said, Me, was also shocked reading for the bad reviews here. Currency trading is like taking a good education is a big university, it require a lot of knowledge, information, skills, and trading experience to become proficient to understand the market condition. I am an independent Forex trader with four years full time trading not affiliated to or working for any Forex broker.

During this time I have seen them, win awards for various things, this is a broker which is constantly evolving always improving on their trading services.

I have been using this broker for a long time now and I can say that everything they advertise is true.

I think they might be one of the best and I am giving them 4 stars because there is room for improvement.

It is the best fixed pip spreads I have seen. I didn’t think I would go with anything!!!

I have been working with them for over 5 years and they are giving great service and their platform is robust,

Of all the broker I have joined, Instaforex is the best experienced I have with Forex industry. They have great a promotions run from time to time and they offer incredible bonuses and deals to the clients. Everything is great and even I made loses in the beginning but with the help of my account manager I started making more and more profit. It’s not been an easy journey but now I’m making constant profit. I have no problem with withdrawals. Excellent execution of orders even when market is very volatile.

Their services are excellent and also i can credit my account in few hour 🙂

I haven’t seen any down time on the server. I recommend them as an honest stp, ndd, good company from what I see.

Fast customer support via email. Quick to setup and fund my account.

The withdrawal speed with InstaForex is very fast and I received my money within just in 1 hour 🙂

Their platform is excellent for newbies like me, it is user-friendly and offers a flexible position size

Depending on your trading style, you must select your broker. I choose Instaforex because of the diversity of services and the quality of execution. None of the other brokers even compare to Instaforex when it comes to their spreads. Their commissions are low and straight-forward and their customer service is outstanding. I am very pleased with the quality of the platform and trading environment given.All in all I am pleased and very happy with the exceptional service.

I have been with this broker for two years. The customer support is very friendly, they replied to my mails very fast and when I have problems, they gladly helped me to sort it our. The best thing is their fixed spreads. I’ve just made my withdrawals and received it in a reasonable time. All I can say in regards to the majority of bad reviews is that these people must be losing money. It’s some people’s second nature to blame someone else for their own mess ups.

instaforex SCAME BROKER, BED Broker forex. Don’t trade here

Now, This F**ng Instaforex…..take all money from all customer who deposit with Liberty Reserve….can be predicted total money that they take will be million US Dollar (if not billion US Dollar).
Where we report this robber ? …..I think they will be free robber.

Instaforex – beware margin account is not protected and you can lose above your account balance

Is this irresponsibility and a breach of the contractual agreement and the licence agreement?

Dear Fellow Traders


Background – on 2 Jan’13 00:29, I have 3 open sell transactions (GBPUSD) in my account. A withdrawal of US150x was then made and the bonus amount of US$39x was deducted. They were recognized by the System and both amounts were deducted from the account balance. After the withdrawal, there was still enough equity margins and no other transactions could be made as the System was shut down for the holidays. The System was reactivated sometime around 2 Jan’13 09:00 and the 3 sell transactions were stopped out resulting in a loss of US$39x. The earlier withdrawal of US$150x (bonus excluded) were added back and my account balance is now reduced to US$111x. Separately, if the withdrawals had not been accepted by the System, the open transactions would not have been stopped out and the net position would be in profits as the price subsequently dropped.


I just encountered a situation where my open trades were not closed by broker’s MT4 system resulting in a loss which is above my account balance. As a result, my margins for these trades (US$12x) were also wiped off and my resultant net account balance is US$39x negative.

The broker’s office was closed from 31 Dec’12 8pm (UTC + 2) to 1 Jan’13. It was only reopened for business on 2 Jan’13, 9 am (UTC + 2). By then the price had moved significantly and that’s when the above open transactions were closed at losses after wiping off the margin. Due to the negative balance of US$39x, my withdrawal earlier in the day was held back and used to compensate the US$39x loss.

Isn’t the broker aware that the Asian market is in session earlier. Is it fair for the broker to pass on the risk to the traders just because the broker shuts down its system for the holidays. Now who should bear the risk and loss incurred by us traders!

The leverage amount and maintenance of margins are fundamental requirements in forex. What’s the purpose then of determining the leverage amount and computing the `free margin’ continuously if they are not complied. These parameters once determined and set upfront are to assist the trader to manage the quantum of his trading lots in relation to the equity and some form of capital protection in the margin floats. But if the trader can lose his margin and on top of that additional losses like in my case, who should bear the responsibility!

Have contacted their support a few times and they do not acknowledge them. Their reply is:-

Broker’s Reply – According to Agreement point 3.15.5. In normal market conditions the Company guarantees, that after the closing of the last position on the account the balance and assets of 0% – 10% margin will remain, which is necessary for maintaining that last forced position closing. The Company reserves a right to recover the negative account balance of a client with the funds on the second client’s account, if the balance has turned negative in the result of a strong price movement (as a rule, in cases described in the paragraph 5.9.)

The Clause above states that in normal market conditions, the Company guarantees …………… the 0%-10% margin will remain……… . What’s the meaning of `guarantee’ and in `normal market conditions’. It would defeat the purpose if they fail to ensure the 0_10% amount is maintained. Might as well don’t guarantee. Legally, the above clauses seem to contradict but the word `guarantee’ itself would take precedence and should be binding.

I say the broker has a moral and legal responsibility and should bear the losses. Would anyone like to share his views and experience. Would we be able to check with the Ministry that issues the license. I believe these should be spelt out in the license or the financial laws of the country in which the license was issued to the broker.

Note – separately, if the withdrawal (and bonus amount) had not been recognized by the System the above stop-out would not have happened. For consistency, the withdrawals (and bonus) should be added back and taken into account to determine whether there had been a stop-out. Otherwise, we have the current scenario of win lose, ie the broker wins and I lose.

Thank You






Bad broker, execution is slow. leave this broker if you not willing lose a lot of money

hoak forex broker and big scam

hello traders, wake up, I ended my season definitely in InstaForex, InstaForex = champions in connection problems, champions in the time delay of execution, they just want attention traders that deposit, traders only make raising revenues have counted the days, as more sooner or later will not receive the income and arranges InstaForex any problem for you to steal your money. I speak from my own experience, and as such my job is to warn people the maximum possible, lest you happen to you guys, what happened to me.

They cancel my partner acount.

After dozens of contacts with no answer, here I leave the message “Pay what you owe me”

Trader, open your eyes and leave the InstaForex, they definitely are not serious.


I have acount and im partner since 2010, Instaforex cancel my partner acount, they dont like people that dont made deposits, if you trade and make profit one day, in the day that you witdrawl more than you deposit, Instaforex is there to f** you and stop paying you, they manipulate the orders process, and the acount´s with more than 3k´s are totaly diferent than one acount with low deposit, with hi acounts the order process nedd in the minimum 15seconds to enter or close, with low acounts the order process are acceptable (1 to 3 seconds to enter or close order)i have made more than 100k´s instaforex lotes with some acounts diferents deposit´s, and i know what im telling to all traders. Do not waste time on brokers that are not transparent.

Good pips to all

Forex Peace Army (FPA: Group dedicated to exposing Forex Scams) list InstaForex under category of “SCAM” on 17-Jan-2010.

At Forex Peace Army site, they have added: “Scam Alert! The FPA has confirmed a scam case against InstaForex.
We urge traders not to open accounts with this company. If you already have an account open with them, we urge you to withdraw all of your funds immediately”.


I trade with Instaforex company during 2 years.The InstaForex Company provides a complete spectrum of services for currency trading on the international financial Forex market. The company’s main working directions are: providing qualified investment services aimed at earning speculative profit on international financial trading markets.
InstaForex customers use leading online-trading technologies and gain access to news and information resources provided by leading information agencies. Today, thousands of customers—both new and professional money market traders— use InstaForex services.

The product, referred to as InstaTrader4, from the world’s leading trading platform software developer;

News feeds from the leading information agencies, Reuters and Dow Jones;

The possibility of obtaining help from major counter agents who have direct access to the money market.

InstaForex trading terms are universal money resource management tools:

Neither account size nor transaction volume is limited;

More than 100 trading symbols exist;

FOREX stocks and indexes;

Transactions are executed immediately, within the second;

Round-the-clock qualified technical and consulting support is available 24/5.
InstaForex seeks to provide a wide service package, and also the best trading terms in each working direction. That’s why traders choose us.

Evaluate the quality of our service by opening a real trading account.

If you are new to trading, open a demo-account in order to get acquainted with InstaForex trading benefits.