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IFSFX reviews

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IFSFX Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2012
  • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
  • Company registration: Ideal Financial Services (reg.#091826), United Kingdom
  • Regulation: Ministry of commerce industries, Panama (reference #2324934-1-793567).

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September 11, 2015

1 Total
1 with this Broker

I loss all my money there.
There is no back up / education or any online consult .
Always and everyday there is many moment that server of web stop without any reason,.
I 'm sure this is a illigale & fake website / broker. there isn't any way to check out this web , their telephone etc.
Only one person arrange all correspondence or everything else with a false name of David - ( But his real name is Davood Alizadie Ghahveh) en living in Kuala lumpur.

There is no name, nobody who can give you any answer about this broker.
They use the transfer money from a illigale way and everything is unofficially.

I'm not sure too if this is an registered with a regulation broker. You can check it ? i did so more than 100 times without any reaction of them.

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Malaysia, Reza

November 9, 2013

8 Months Total
8 Months with this Broker

They have been delaying sending my signed contract for few months. My initial investment was $41000 , in 4 months they show I have benefited $9000, when i make a withdraw request they say they never received it and the month after they have shown negative trade results and now my balance is $20000. Its very suspicious, when u call the head office in UK the secretary says they are all busy. I know 3 other people which have totally lost their money in this company and im talking about more than $100,000 that they have lost. The company keeps giving u excuses and no results. I dont trust them. Save yourself and dont put your money there. IFSFX bank guarantee agreement includes the address of the headquarter in UK and the company registration in UK. When I checked the address belongs to an virtual office center in UK called W1. I called them and the reply was that this company was their client having a virtual office till July 2013 and they are no longer there. Can you believe it? HQ is a virtual office !!! The IFSFX company registration number which was in the contract seems to be fake. I have checked with the company house of UK and the registration number doesnt exist. It even doesnt have the number of digits that all UK company numbers have. Another reason not to trust this company. The company has told their clients that if you want your money back you can either transfer all your money to trade credits so we can sell for your or you can buy the IFSFX company share. When you transfer to credit they will not sell it. If you follow up they will tell you that you need to market it yourself. Basically they are forcing you to do marketing for them.Their Director in Malaysia named David (Dawwod) Alizadeh called me and said he is not renewing his contract with the IFSFX. It is funny because he is literally the only contact person we ever had from IFSFX since no one in the HQ will ever answer your calls. When I asked for a contact from the company he promised to pass me some managers number which he never did.

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February 14, 2013

2 years Total
3 months with this Broker

I tried various brokers, but i prefer this broker. I haven't any issue with them during my trading.

Tags: IFSFX reviews
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