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  • Year since: 2007
  • Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
  • Company registration: International Capital Markets Pty Ltd., Australia
  • Regulation: ASIC (license # 335692)

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3 Reviews

I discovered this broker on one month ago and to my surprise their spreads are amazing. I found them on myfxbook as I was looking ingredients for a broker with the lowest spreads. IC markets have 0.0 pip spreads on EUR USD mostly, I have never seen such good prices ever. I do pay a small commission but it’s not much compared to the spreads I get.

Very impressed indeed.

There is a pending scam alert on this broker over at the Forex Peace Army (FPA) site. The site forum Moderator has invited their representative to clarify their company’s position but none of them would do so.
This is really very disconcerting as it clearly indicate that this broker is indeed in trouble.
All existing “happy, happy” clients of ICMarkets should take note and would be wise to take out their money while they still can.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing . Be carefull with this broker.They have alot of trick to burn out your account.

Very goog Chinese support and China Union pay deposit. Ctrader fast platforom but can not use EA. It is ok anyway becase EA dont work well on Gold anyway. Gold spread small so fast trading is profitable. Very good.

Nice client area and good cTrader broker. Money arrived in my account in real time so I was able to trade immediately. I have tested ther support and they are extremely responsive and friendly. I have no problems at all with this broker.

There may be some dubious negative reviews on this review site but the last three positive ones are all written by the same person, the writing style is way too similar. I’m over on donnaforex where IC market has been caught out a few times with fake posters and the website has had them all deleted.


I don’t no why the bother so much with the fake reviews it can’t help that much. I love how ManX had to get on here to stand up for the broker he loves, who actually thinks that way about an FX broker?? Hilarious thread here.

Seriously, who in their right mind posts in a forum about getting a broker email, either “A” you work for a competitor or “B” you suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Me personally I have accounts with heaps of UK and Australian brokers and in general I am happy with all of them, I always get calls and email from other brokers, sometimes I tell them to bugger off but in most cases I actually like getting info about what is out there I helps me stay on top of things, of course I can ask them not to call again or just unsubscribe from their mails, this does not require a PHD. All this leads me to believe that the posts below are actually fake and from people who coincidentally like to use the same wording, talk about “Dr Jekyle” and “Dr Hyde”! And yes, I also get emails from ICM, its nice to know what new stuff they have. Keep up the good work you are doing some cool stuff.

Dear A Singer,

We find it hard to believe you were able to pop your head into our office given the main entrance to our office requires a security pass to gain access. Furthermore our front door is made from frosted glass meaning it is not possible to see inside our office. In any case should you have been able to see into our offices you would have only been able to see our front reception.

Given your apparent curiosity of IC Markets we welcome you to make an appointment to visit us so that you can meet our staff and we can take you on a tour of our Sydney office. IC Markets employs over 40 staff in our Sydney, Hanoi and Beijing offices.

It is quite obvious that your post is not not genuine, if in fact you are not just another competitor please call us on +61 2 8014 4280 to arrange an appointment. We look forward to your visit.

IC Markets Support

I actually went to check up on a few broker in Sydney in the last few weeks, didn’t speak to any just popped my head in to look at there operation. And I was surprised the most with these guys, looked like about 6 staff max, and this was compared to vantage FX which had about 25 in there. But like the wizard of oz, not much behind their image

Dear Brisvegas,

We have no idea who you are what your issue with our company is, however is it clear that you have a bone to pick with us.

To set the record straight in your post on the 15th of July you say that IC Markets has 4000 clients and state that you were able to ascertain this information online and from speaking to staff. We have reviewed the majority of telephone conversations between our support staff an client over the last few months and there is no mention of client numbers. Furthermore your information is actually incorrect, to set the record straight IC Markets has 62000 clients on its books, not the fictitious number of 4000 that you have obviously made up.

Regarding posts on this site, IC Markets staff members do not post on review websites; however it is common knowledge amongst our clients that we actively ask them to leave us positive feedback online if they are happy with our products or services.

If in fact you are a genuine client not just a jealous competitor we would appreciate that you contact our support team on [email protected], we look forward to hearing from you. Alternatively if you are ever in Sydney we welcome you to come and visit us in our offices. Please feel free to call us anytime on 02 8014 4280.

We look forward to hearing from you ‘Brisvegas’.

Regarding the post from ‘Canada’, IC Markets time frames on our demo are flexible and are not locked to any period. If you are infact a genuine poster please contact our support team on [email protected] or call us on 02 8014 4280 we are available 24/5 alternatively you can use our live chat service for instant communication.

Kind regards,

IC Markets Support

Thank you for your feedback regarding IC Markets. We have not had any reports from other clients regarding performance issues of our platform, in fact the reports we have been receiving since our server upgrades are quite the contrary. Many clients are seeing improvements in execution times and users of scalping EAs are noting exceptional performance especially during the Asian session.

Furthermore, we do not have any IB’s in Germany and are not aware of any IBs with server performance issues. In addition to this we are not aware of any IB’s being told that they would not be getting rebates for the clients they refer. In any case any such action would be contrary to the legal agreement between IC Markets and its IBs.

All IBs are rebates are credited to an Agent account which works in much the same way as a trading account. IBs can check rebates by simply logging into the MT4 Agent account that we provide and withdraw any amount of money in the same way as they would make a withdrawal from their normal trading account.

In relation to your comment relating the positive reviews on this site, IC Markets openly encourages clients who are happy with our services to provide us with feedback whether it is via email or on review sites.

It is sad that in this day and age review sites seem to be riddled with negativity. No amount of money can buy the smile that a positive review puts on a staff members face when they see a client whom they have worked so hard to service post a positive review online praising them for their hard work.

We openly encourage our clients to post reviews and put a smile on someone’s face one the other side of the world that they only know by email address.

Excellent spreads and price feed, except for last Fri during NFP. As per previous reviews, lost data connectivity for a good hour (No issue at my alternate broker Global Prime). I was told today by ICM they are installing a new server prior to next NFP, advised this was the first time issue such as this occurred and is due to recent large increase in customers and high data at that time. I will give them benefit of doubt, as one glitch only – otherwise very good. If issues later, then will consider other broker but still happy customer.

Today (5th April 2013) IC ECN REAL account terminal has no connection since 1 hour, from 13:30 – 14:30 (IC MT4 time, GMT+1). I recommend FxOpen ECN which has less commission and no such kind of troubles.

I only use EA for my scalping, it is working good with ICM ECN platform. Tight spreads are very good for scalping. I did have to make the EA work on GMT time but once done my EA start making money. VPS with CNS is also very fast making scalping much better for me, would be happy if it was free but they said when I trade more they will pay for VPS.

Scalping is good on my IC Markets account, tight spread and very fast trading make for a good tradng experience. Much better broker than Alpari UK. Very easy make deposit and withdrawal nice customer support people. I run a MAM account also and they have very good money management and trade allocation tools just for this. Probably the best broker I have used, with the most flexible MAM also.

My mentor recomend IC Markets to me. I am glad to be dealing with such a respectable regulated broker popular in the UAE. I feel safe that the have my money in a Segregated account and are ASIC regulate. I try some other broker in London also but I think IC Markets has better speads and easy to use platform. Service and chat is also good, i have no problems speking to my account manager at any time, he help me with Metatrader alot and I thank him for that. I like forex tradng with this company.

As a long time client of IC Markets I highly recommend this broker.

This is why I like them:
1) Regulated broker in Australia under ASIC.
2) Funds are segregated.
3) Funds are held in AA rated Australian banks not European banks.
4) Meta trader 4.
5) Low spreads, average EUR/USD spread is 0.1 pips.
6) FOREX, CFDs and indices trading on Meta trader 4.
7) Outstanding 24 hour customer support.
8) Very high tick rate so excellent for EA trading.
9) No stop loss or take profit order distance restrictions.
10) Very friendly and well educated employees.

This company is so far the most professional company I know.

Thank you

Been with this broker since I started trading forex. They are a good, reliable and honest forex broker and I have made allot of money with them. I considered other places but I could not trust any of them with my money because they were unregulated or form a dodgy eastern European country. They are an excellent forex broker and deposits and withdrawals are fast.

I might also add that they have tight spreads and very good leverage for an ECN broker, if thats what you are looking for.

If you are looking for an honest broker, I recommend them.

Very happy with this broker, they use the Metatrader 4 platform.
Can trade micro lots 0.01 so they have been a good broker to learn with.
Service has allways been professional and staff are very infomative and helpful.
I have never had a problem withdrawing my cash, it was back in my bank account the very next day.
I recomend them to anyone that wants a broker with a very stable Metatrader 4 platform and tight spreads.

Satisfied and happy with IC, spreads and customer service is exceptional. Platform is metatrader which is also my favorite becuase robots work well and it is reliable. I rank them as 5 star brokerage firm.

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your feedback.

It would be of great help if you could email us your Metatrader 4 account number as we are not aware of any clients who have had difficulties making any deposits or withdrawals, we do in fact have a variety of different funding methods available to clients both online and offline.

We are also concerned about your comments regarding the prices we quote. After offering the Metatrader 4 platform for 3 years this is the first time we have heard about missing data or spreads. We take all client feedback seriously so we would like to look into your problem. However unfortunately we cannot do so without your account number.

Furthermore we are unaware of any clients who have had customer service issues. We have a multilingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese) 24 hour support team based in Sydney.

We are quite concerned about your feedback and take all client feedback seriously. We would like to hear from you so as to enable us to resolve any problems you may have had. We are of course also concerned that your post lacks factual information and is quite different from the positive feedback we have on this site and many others.

Please email us on [email protected] or call us on 1300 600 644 or +61280144280 so we can investigate your problems.

Kind Regards,

IC Markets Support

All these reviews are fake… this is one of the terrible brokers out there. IT is very
hard to make a deposit, and also hard to make withdrawals. The trading quote is
missing many data, so the 0 spread is useless. There is absolutely no customer
service, you have to wait weeks for reply from them.

I should of stayed away when I saw the unprofessional website they had, but I
just gave them a chance. So to all you newbies want to trade, you want to lose all
your hard earned money, go ahead and make a deposit.

There are many forex brokers to choose from especially here in Switzerland and I have accounts with almost all of them. I discovered IC Markets for the first time when I was a painted Tram promoting in Bahnhofstrasse, I had never heard of them before this. I called up a few of my colleagues to see who had heard about then and quickly discovered that they are the biggest forex broker in Australia and popular in the EA and professional trading community. My account has been opened for three months, I trade nearly every day except on days where there the market is acting out of panic rather than logic. I have extremely happy with the reliability of their platform and the pricing which remains extremely tight during volatility, trade latency is also extremely low.

just a QUESTION to anyone who might know.
i read that they dont accept US clients but they show up as accepting US clients, so do they or don’t they?

Thank you for your feedback/post.

Would you be kind enough to call or email us your IC Market’s account number as we are not aware of any clients who have contacted us regarding withdrawal problems, platform data or the manners of our staff. However we would like to look into your complaint. Furthermore, we are not aware of any clients on our ProDeal trading platform who have not been given the opportunity to transfer their positions to our market leading Metatrader 4 ECN platform which enables them to enjoy significant spread and commission discounts.

We would appreciate if you could provide us with your contact details and account number as we would like to resolve any problems that you may have had with us. Furthermore, we are concerned that your post lacks factual information and is quite different from the feedback we have received on this site and on many others.

We respect all client feedback and look forward to hearing from you. Please email our support team on [email protected] or call us on 1300 600 644.

IC Markets Support

I am an IB (Introducing Broker) to IC Markets so, I thought that it would be better if I left my trading history and broker rating blank for this reason. I decided to write a post only because I get at least 3 calls a week from others in the industry and clients from other brokers that know who I am, so rather than saying the same thing over an again I thought that I would make a post and so that I can send people a link to this page. Hi everyone 🙂

I know it might be boring but I am going to keep this bland and a copy what I saw in another broker review an just list the pro’s and con’s of IC Markets (in 5 words or less). So here goes.

1. Super Duper Spreads
2. Great Customer service
4. ASIC regualted
5. Great trading platform (Metatrader 4)
6. Interesting Educational Webinars
7. Fast cash-ins and cash-outs
8. Good for Scalping
9. Fast trade execution
10. Good for EA trading

1. No Dow Jones Index CFD
2. Too many currency pairs (apparently 41 pairs in total)
3. Do not accept US clients

I am not going to write anything else. The rest is up to you.

My queries have ALWAYS been answered super fast! Even when I email in their peak time (or even after work), I get responses (sometimes 5 minutes later!) promptly!
The team at IC Markets are so helpful which is important as a newbie at trading! To have a great company you need to have an efficient team, and these guys are fantastic!!

I only have positive things to say about IC Markets. I have been dealing with them for one month now and Im really happy. Their educational webinars are great and their service sure beats that of my old broker.

I don’t expect alot from my broker as most of my trading is done using an EA. What I found different about IC Markets is that they worked with me to tweak my EA and gave me 5 years worth of historical data to back-test on.

If your running automated trading strategies and looking for an Aussie broker who knows their stuff you should definately consider IC Markets.

IC Markets are one of the best forex brokers in Australia. I moved my account over to them from another broker Axitrader after I got slipped 20 pips on a EUR/USD trade. I have not had any problems with IC Markets, they have been really helpful, my trades are executed in less than 20 milli seconds and the prices on their demo system are the same as those on their live which means I can forward-test strategies on my VPS without any issues.

One thing that I didnt expect was to get a free VPS which was a little bonus for me as I had to pay $45 per month for the VPS that I was using with Axitrader.

I have no problem recomending anyone who reads this post to IC Markets as they are by far the best forex broker in Sydney.

Just thought I would make things quite clear.. I am not the Lionel that put the first post.
If one looks carefully at the trading experience and the time with IC Markets that should be quite obvious.

On top of that I am NOT an employee or affiliate of IC markets.

I trade through these guys because they serve my needs in the ways I described below:
1. Tight spreads
2. ECN
3. Professional service etc

I even had trades that had spikes due to computer glitch and my money was refunded that day.
When I requested drawdowns, this was done in a day.

All I can say is that I have been with over 5 brokers over the 12 years and these guys are the best.

So those people who accuse others of being who they are not, need to look within themselves and determine what is the real issue of what is actually going on. It is definitely NOT IC markets
Thanks IC

Hello Nathan from Account Services,

Firstly, you know Geoff is not my real name [censored]! I’m not going to go around all over the internet using my real name as I describe the legal actions I am taking against your scamming company. You know exactly who I am. I’m the guy you are trying to blackmail because I found out you are scimming pips off traders and now you are tying to keep my quite by refusing to let me withdraw my money. I only posted here to warn others to STAY AWAY from you. I’ll get my justice through the legal system. Unless of course you thieves are finally willing to release my money. Otherwise I’ll see you in court.

BTW, all these reviews on this website are obviously from your own company. How stupid do you think people are? Why did Lionel post 2x reviews?! Because Lionel is IC Markets thats why! You lying thieves!


Hi Geoff,

This is Nathan from the Account Services team at IC Markets, I noticed your recent posting and thought that I would respond as I manage all client withdrawal requests and new account setups.

Over the last 3 months I can confirm that we have not had any new accounts that have been setup with the first name Geoff, neither has the Account Services team received any withdrawal requests or account closures from anyone with this first name.

Your posting is obviously not legitimate, and rather than utilizing this forum to provide genuine legitimate feedback about forex brokers as it was designed for, it is a personal attack against IC Markets and Andrew himself.

You can call me on 1300 600 644 or email me on [email protected] if you have any questions, alternatively you are welcome to visit our Sydney office at Level 2 / 2 Bligh St, Sydney and meet with me personally.

Kind Regards,


I also met the staff from IC Markets at a Knowledge to Action workshop in Sydney about one month ago. I use their Metatrader platform with the MYFX console, its really easy to use and lets me scalp the market without the headache of filling out an order ticket each time.

I highly recommend IC Markets platform, their platform, service and support is great.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your valuable feedback, I am the Managing Director of International Capital Markets (IC Markets) and I really appreciate your comments, however I can assure you that we have 24 hour support 5 days a week and will attend to client email queries within 1 hour. We are one of the fastest growing CFD and Forex brokers in Australia and have been around since 2007.

I’m not sure what trade-show you are referring to as we have not attended any trade shows in the last couple of months, perhaps you are confusing us with someone else.

Regarding the other two people commenting on this forum with the same last name, unfortunately I cannot provide you with anymore insight into this except from the obvious in that they are likely related to each other (perhaps brothers or cousins) and are clearly happy with our service and trading platform.

In relation to our spreads, as we are an ECN broker we always quote the best bid/ask from the banks we deal with meaning that spreads can be zero or negative. Given we don’t profit from the spread or client losses like most STP/market maker brokers we do charge a commission and make this quite clear to all clients and prospective clients, in any case this still works out cheaper than the spreads most other brokers charge.

On another note Peter I have looked through our new demo client accounts over the last 2 months and notice that there have not been any new demo accounts registered from Australia with Peter as their first name, could you have perhaps used a another name?

As I am quite concerned about your comments I would appreciate that you call or email me on 1300 600 644 or [email protected]

Kind Regards,
Andrew Budzinski

I only started trading with IC Markets 3 months ago and service that I have received so far has been second to none. I found them online, downloaded their MT4 platform and got a call within 10 minutes from a friendly chap who was able to help me place my first trade on my demo account. I have never experience such good customer service!

I highly recommend these guys.

IC Markets is a fantastic broker. I moved over from IFX 10 months ago and have never looked back. They offer a true ECN so I can put large trades through without any problems.

Their customer service is also really good I deal with a chap called Angus Walker who knows allot about the market and the platform.

I would recommend IC Markets to any trader who wants a professional trading solution.