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IC Markets reviews

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IC Markets
IC Markets broker reviews
  • Website:
  • Year since: 2007
  • Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
  • Company registration: International Capital Markets Pty Ltd., Australia
  • Regulation: ASIC (license # 335692)

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February 6, 2017

5 years Total
- with this Broker

Regulated broker with long history of doing business in forex industry. Good trading conditions and fast registration. Quite fast execution and no requotes, so did not have many problems with them. My manager is very skilled and professional. If you seek a reliable broker, add me in skype, vovkfx, i will help to choose the best one for you.

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Craig Bromley

September 3, 2016

8 years Total
2 years with this Broker

By far the best spreads out of any regulated broker. I was with Finfx and FxPro for many years until I discovered IC Markets. EURUSD spreads are 0 pips a lot of the time and excecution is good, very little slippage, only a small amount around news events but this is expected.

Very responsive support team also, turnaround time is less than one hour and in most instant is you contact them on live chat.

Servers are reliable, I have never had any issues, uptime has been 100% but the do stop pricing for a few minutes when the New York session ends, I think this is normal though as FXPro did the same.

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canada, Alex

September 2, 2016

5 months Total
1 month with this Broker

the small spread are good, but this broker keep ereasing my trade, this morning i was in a 100+ pip profit and after an hour, 2 of my 3 lot disapeared with no profit, it happened 3 time in 1 month, and there is heavy slip with this broker, i don't recommend it

Tags: IC Markets reviews


August 15, 2016

7 years Total
4 weeks with this Broker

I have tested email Aussie brokers who all claim tof be ecn brokers. After testing I am convinced that most brokers lie about being a true ECN broker. I wrote two of the brokers off after 1 week as I realised that they were not real ECN brokers. IC markets is the only forex broker that I can be confident in believing that they are a true ECN broker. There is no funny bussiness when it comes to my trade fills and the execution is fast.

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August 6, 2016

7 yrs Total
3 month with this Broker

I traded with other brokers in the past and did not get such good spreads. Since IC Markets my scalping strategy is much more effective as I can make make lots of small profits fast which add up to big profits.

Tags: IC Markets reviews

Australia, Blair

July 30, 2016

8 years Total
2 years with this Broker

Trashy review site in my opinion. Too many bias reviews positive and negative. Anyhow I'm going neutral just to make it a bit more real. IC Markets are a good broker, never had any issues with deposits or withdrawals, support is fast and spreads are great. That's all I have to say for now.

Tags: IC Markets reviews


July 4, 2016

8 years Total
1 month live with this Broker

I discovered this broker on one month ago and to my surprise their spreads are amazing. I found them on myfxbook as I was looking ingredients for a broker with the lowest spreads. IC markets have 0.0 pip spreads on EUR USD mostly, I have never seen such good prices ever. I do pay a small commission but it's not much compared to the spreads I get.

Very impressed indeed.

Tags: IC Markets reviews

Indonesia - Black Angel

July 4, 2016

15 Total
2 with this Broker

This broker will kill you in the right time.... they play soft to kill you.....
Only IB account will stay more longger...
this broker close my all positions with no reason. margin level still above 2600%.
and they also delete the expert log jurnal exactly in time they playing you.

Tags: IC Markets reviews


June 27, 2016

FOUR YEARS with this Broker

I am 04 years with this broker.I am very much satisfied with this broker.

Tags: IC Markets reviews

To get, Dubai

June 14, 2016

6 years Total
8 months with this Broker

I moved from Pepperf#$ck to these guys and have never been happier. Pepperf#$ck are a scam. 5 from 5.... clean and genuine broker

Tags: IC Markets reviews


May 16, 2016

8 yrs Total
1 yr with this Broker

They are consistently reliable, no outages, crisp execution and oustanding customer service.

Tags: IC Markets reviews

Indonesia, Roy

March 27, 2016

5 years Total
3 years with this Broker

I used to recommend this broker to all my clients and I'm an Introducing Broker too.
However, I just realize this broker has no responsible with the spread. They just make an ads that their spread is very low. Try to trade it at night, then you know what I mean.

On Friday before market close the spread just jump uncontrollable which results lots of our clients make so much loss.

After we complain on Sunday, the reply on Monday just say that

"For the purposes of spread widening however, I have to reiterate again that we cannot control this event in illiquid holiday trading conditions".

So, what's the purpose of joining Ecn broker if the spread has no maximum value. The spread is much much worse then other brokers. Compare it yourself.

Below is the spread on Friday.


Tags: IC Markets reviews


January 16, 2016


Tags: IC Markets reviews

Australia, Rory Kennedy

January 12, 2016

8 years Total
2 years with this Broker

It is very sad to read about the gripes of losing traders. I'm a swing trader and have made about $250,000 trading with IC Markets. I have never had any problems with withdrawals or my trades. Loosing traders will allways come up with stories to bad mouth brokers, they should just get over their losses and move on. I'm proud to say all the Aussie brokers that I work with have been exceptional and I will continue to trade with all of them including IC Markets.

Tags: IC Markets reviews


January 11, 2016

3 Total
3 months LIVE with this Broker

IC Markets is not an ECN Broker

Stay away from IC Markets! My experience with this broker lasted from March untill May 2015. I traded FX majors on their cTrader platform. IC Markets closed my account on the 11th of May when they saw I had made too much profit for them and started with their laim expanations: firs, they said I had been using latency arbitrage strategy (I proved I had not); second, IC Markets said I breached their T&Cs on electronic trading (some BS paragraphs that had nothing do do with my case); finally, IC Markets decided it would be best to invoke the "manifest error" - they said the cTrader platform had technical issues from May untill June 2015 and in their T&Cs they are not liable in any way. Nice played, no?!

IC Markets aslo failed to prove that they are 100% ECN brokers as they say. I asked them to proveide all the confirmations for all my orders from their LP but I did not get any answer on this. Moreover, in their first answer to me, IC Markets provided a spreadsheet where all my trades were placed on B book. That means IC Markets is not an ECN broker at all. This would explain why they are having such a hard time in paying my profits: they would have to pay from their own pockets.

All in all my experience with IC Markets must be a heads-up for all traders out there who think that this broker wants the best for you. Wake up! IC Markets wants to make money! Lots of it ! And their strategy is the best: they promote thwmselvs as true ECN brokers, they don't hedge your trader with their LP; if you loose they will gain your money and if you make money they will void your trades. Good job IC Markets!

Tags: IC Markets reviews
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