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ICM – iTrade Capital Markets

ICM Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2009
  • Headquarters: British Virgin Islands
  • Company registration: iTrade Capital Markets Ltd, reg.# 1524526, BVI
  • Regulation: Not regulated.

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Company is a burglar.
They received my 500 USD money brokers deposit.
I made only 1 trade and realized it is so difficult (almost impossible) to have somebody on the phone or live chat.
I was afraid and changed my mind.

I filled the withdrawal form and faxed.
First 2 weeks i could not contact anybody and received no feedback.

Than i reached live chat. They confirmed me that the payment will be done that day. But 2 weeks passed no money , no answer.
They have no regulation.
They might be thieves , if you deposit and loose at trade , it is welcome.
If you earn at the trade , they will never return your money.



ICM a good broker.for 4 month using their platform,i never experienced problems.i’m using cloverix for my ea,because i saw in is a good ea.and i see that FPA using ICM for their demo,so i choose ICM because i see the result is better than my tadawulf.i have a great result,from 500 usd to 3425 usd in 4 month. i have problem when 1-7-2010,i want to withdraw some money.but they didn’t transfer my money.ICM said they have trouble with paypal,since they didn’t work with paypal again.i waiting,but in 22-7-2010 i have this email

Dear Sir,
As per section 10, paragraph ‘d’ of your Risk Disclosure Statement:
“Should quoting errors occur due to a dealer’s mistype of a quote,
errors in an automatic price feed, or an erroneous price quote from a
dealer, such as but not limited to a wrong big figure quote, ICM will
not be liable for the resulting errors in account balances. ICM reserves
the right to make the necessary corrections or adjustments on the
account involved.”
After reviewing your account we note that you have been consistently
trading on price quotes that were not reflective of the true market
prices. Your trading patterns showed that you performed arbitrage trades.
Our platforms are for speculative trading – not for arbitrage trading.
We have refunded the balance of what constitutes your original
deposit and advise you to trade with a different broker.

Martin Williams

iTrade Capital Markets Ltd
tel: +1.284.494.5504

honestly,i am a beginner in forex trading,so i have to use ea,in this case i’m using cloverix.and i don’t understand,what is arbitrage trading because i didn’t trading by can see my trading in and compare the cloverix result in FPA.
with thisforum, i want to share,don’t trading with ICM when you using ea.they only approve FapTurbo, Piptronic and IvyBot in their platform.if not,you will have the same experience with me.your account will be closed by them.
thank you for letting me writein this forum

be careful do trade on I Trade Capital Markets Ltd ( is a fraud company, if you get the benefits of trading you are doing or your benefits may be greater than the deposit, you will begin to have problems