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HFX Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2009
  • Headquarters: British Virgin Islands
  • Company registration: HFX Global Ltd., British Virgin Islands
  • Regulation: Not regulated.

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48 Reviews

I would like first to thank every one who works in hfx for their corporation ..
i started with no background on forex
they gave me educations and worked with me step by step
i gain a lot of profits
680 $ in currencies
1845 $ in gold
and 3860$ in oil

im very glad i traded with hfx

Truth be told, . As for somebody as inexperienced as I am, it could not possibly happen. Still, practically clueless and scared, I started with a small account. I was surprised that after a few months I earned 1500$ dollars.

i will start by saying that my experience with hfx has been more than a great one , I appreciate their corporation , Guidance and the daily market recommendations
i would like to recommend on hfx from my heart..
about my experience : i started to trade with the gold – amount about 2500$ and i gain 13.436 $ in one month – and i asked to withdrawal 9000$ and in the next two days i received the amount in my bank account
thanks again i hardly recommend hfx company one of the best!!!!!

يا ناس انتبهوا من شركة الفوركس
شركة غير مرخصة لمزاولة هذه المهنة
طاقم من المحتالين الكبار

——Google translate—–

Beware, O people of the forex company
Company is licensed to practice this profession
A crew of crooks adults

HFX Forex has stolen money from my credit card, big lie I check for the location in London they are not excisting they are fraud company, stay away of HFX.

a great company ! with a good bonus !! and daily review !!

this company has stolen money from my credit card they have taken at least 3 payments off my credit card without my authorisation they are criminals and should be locked up do not deal with this company

I’m Trading With HFX for the past 7 Month and I’m Really Satisfied about the service and they are always contacting me with new opportunities in the market they always helping me to expand my account.
i have 2 Account manager Jack for CFD’s and Commodities. and David for the Currencies.
they call me 3 time’s a week with hot new about the market.

i past 12 Brokers companies for the past 8 years and until now they are the best i had.

the sales person said one thing and I found the system is another thing, it doesnt matter what it is , it is a lie, stay away.

I think “stay away” from this broker is not enough. If I could I’d have them thrown to jail for fraud.
I opened and account with them and started with a demo account to test the surface. After a week I spoke with a friend of mine who accidentally heard from another friend that this company is not from the UK. It’s an Israeli company,sitting in Tel-aAviv. They hire English speaking staff and they lie to their customers!!!!!! The staff don’t even use their real names!!! I don’t want to even start and talk bout ethics or regulations…Everything they say it’s a lie.
Obviously, I did not deposit any money with them.
Now, If you think I’m not telling the truth, it’s very easy- When you talk to them- ask for their address and then, even if they give you an address in London, you can check in a second that there is no company called HFX forex in London/

I have been trading with HFX for a while now and they served me very well until now.
Paul Collins was very professional and David, the market analyst always kept me updated about the market sending me e-mails with news and market analysis, Until now, I have nothing to complain about.