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  • Website:
  • Year since: 2015
  • Headquarters: United Kingdom
  • Company registration: Grinta Holdings Ltd, UK
  • Regulation: not regulated. (FCA in process).

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12 Reviews

They offered to pay only 20% of the profits, referred to the LP. I had to agree. it’s finished.

Going on all websites and making lie after lie won’t help you much in this case.
We are already in a live discussion with FPA website and by emails.

I promised you an answer soon and soon you’ll get it.


Allow me to reply to your “half truth” Mr. Ahmed.

You have serious issue with your head.
There’s nothing called Israel except of the Prophet Israel.
And I don’t care who the hell Micheal thing is ..
I got all the crap from Grinta-Invest.

Grinta-Invest is the scam .. You are the mirror of that Scam company.”

This is your reply for my decision to NOT WORK with you due to TRUST ISSUES.

“Yea, let’s drop the politics .. However I couldn’t ignore the lies you just said about losing wars .. As I remember the last war was in 1973 and as I recall We got our lands back from the invaders killers.
But for me as a Muslim I don’t even care too much about that or about your lies .. I only remember when every and each one of your grand parents were kicked out by Muhammed peace upon him Army .. I couldn’t imagine loyal jaws like yourself would forget Khaibar.”

THIS argument isn’t about Forex trading. It’s much much more serious – it’s about Arab hating (former) Israeli because of his political views.

I ask to remove this flase complaint and do better research for next time. Just google GRINTA-INVEST online and see for yourself – broker couldn’t be cleaner than what it is right now.

Ahmed, I didn’t want to buy your advertising package, and pay you the amount you want for rev-share and this is how you act? shame on you.