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GKFXPRIME Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2014
  • Headquarters: Tortola, British Vigrin Islands
  • Company registration: GKFX Investment Group Ltd., BVI
  • Regulation: FSC of BVI (licence SIBA/L/11/0964.)

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Nigeria MANOC

September 27, 2016

1 Total
I have been trying to reach with this Broker

I have been trying to reach GKFX PRIME for over two months to get my money but they never come online to chat and they do not have a phone number,i have written several emails with no response at all.I have tried to even to chat with the other live chats from other countries,including Spain and there headquarters but all of them do not respond even when they are signifying that they are online,its like whenever they see my name they refuse to response because they want to steal and rip me off my hard earned money.this is sad and not right for someone to suffer and trade for months only not to get paid what you earned.we all know how hard Forex trading is and yet this kind of broker has the heart to steal and refuse to pay someone what they earned so hard.
Please,GKFX PRIME i need my money,but if GKFX PRIME insist on holding on to it and stealing my little money.Well i leave them to God. i suffered to earn this money.My login is 39524.the amount is $60.it's small but it means a lot to me. and this company has decided to take away the little i manage.I put them in prayer everyday,This is a small money to them but they simply steal even from the poor with as little as $60 its a shame.I have not been replied or answered ever since i requested to withdraw my $60.I have all the proof.this kind of brokers should be shamed and kept out of the reach of traders.They also destroy the name of good companies. GKFX PRIME uses the name of GKFX to get clients and also makes use of their flyers,i thought they were GKFX at first and when i found out i spoke with GKFX about it and they told me they had nothing to do with GKFXPRIME,then i asked,why do they allow GKFX PRIME to use their flyers and other materials even online and they said they didn't know about it,this i still strongly doubt,maybe GKFXPRIME is a rip off/spin-off section for GKFX.i don't know,but GKFX PRIME's office is at BVI(British Virgin Island).
Its now clear that any company that is NOT located in either UK,AUSTRALIA,CYPRUS.USA or GERMANY and regulated best you just keep off,its extremely risky to deal with the others outside this listed SAFE LOCATIONS,i have come to realize. And now i can tell you this is one thing GKFX PRIME has thought me.But still I wonder how a company can just hold on to a clients $60,well,its just nothing but pure shameful GREED.
But all the same If they do pay me my money i will write a review and keep this updated.My quote is this:



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Nigeria MANOC

September 22, 2016

1 Total
5 with this Broker

Be advised DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS BROKER.They are totally unreliable,they don't pick calls or reply emails soon as you deposit THEN you will grind your teeth to get your withdrawal.it takes weeks to get your withdrawal if you ever you do, i have not been paid my rebates for months,my withdrawals took weeks to get before i ran away from them but yet they seized some of my money yet to be withdrawn now going into the 3rd month.when i send emails i get no reply,their customer support is never online,they are rude when they do come online..which is once in a 'GREEN' moon.i can go on and on about this Scammers..but like they say a word is enough for the wise,stay away from this broker,there are other better brokers out there.This broker will frustrate you.KEEP AWAY FROM THIS SCAM BROKER.

Why is it mostly affiliates that recomend them and i must tell you this are in house people.THEY ARE THIEFS.SCAMMMMMM.PLAIN ANS SIMPLE.

Tags: GKFXPRIME reviews

Nigeria MANOC

August 16, 2016

1 Total
1 with this Broker

This the worst broker i have ever seen.My hard earned money has not been paid for weeks with no apparent reason.i have sent several emails and no reply.i have tried going on chat but no support team available,I've called several times no response have called the UK office and they asked i should contact GKFX PRIME that they are a different entity from GKFX PRIME. Be careful dont risk your money with this broker cause soon as you deposit to get your withdrawal is always a thug of war noiw its like they have taken my money finally.they just refused to reply or even pick calls or come on live chat.i dont know what else to do.my Account login is 39524.Please people should be careful and wait to see what comes out of this before depositing money to GKFX PRIME because a friend of mine also said he has not received his withdrawal for over two weeks and another company told me they have lots of clients who have also reported that they have not received their withdrawals.its unjust that for no reason whatsoever, to hold on peoples funds and refuse to pay them their hard earned money.For me i wont stop until they pay my money.

Tags: GKFXPRIME reviews


November 29, 2015

23 Total
3 with this Broker


Tags: GKFXPRIME reviews


February 21, 2015

2 years Total
1 week with this Broker

Fantastic broker all round!

Very helpful and compitent.

Tags: GKFXPRIME reviews


July 27, 2014

2 Total
6months with this Broker

experience with them is still ok..not a bad broker

Tags: GKFXPRIME reviews

Malaysia, RahmanSL

December 22, 2013

<1 Demo and >3 Years Live Total
Not likely with this Broker

Total 8 reviews, with at least 4 of them (50%) by affiliated persons.
Trademark of a desperate broker??

Tags: GKFXPRIME reviews

Egypt, karim rateb

March 17, 2013

5 years Total
5 months with this Broker

I personally recommend this broker to any one

Tags: GKFXPRIME reviews


September 22, 2012

demo Total
1 year with this Broker

super support assistenz

Tags: GKFXPRIME reviews


September 6, 2012

3 Years Total
5 Month with this Broker

Very good broker with fixed spreads.

Tags: GKFXPRIME reviews

Pakistan Karachi Cecil

April 7, 2012

9 years , love + demo Total
3 months with this Broker

good broker

Tags: GKFXPRIME reviews


April 7, 2012

20 years Total
1 year with this Broker

I have Trading with GKFX with no complain

Tags: GKFXPRIME reviews

Nigeria, Chuks O

February 13, 2012

3yearz Total
Please i have a question with this Broker

Please i have a question instead, Is this Broker offer ECN platformz Please anyone with an idea???

Tags: GKFXPRIME reviews

Nick, germany

January 31, 2012

5 years Total
4 months with this Broker

Have been trading with GKFX for the last 4 months and no complaints so far. since they are FSA regulated account opening process might be a bit of a pain in the a.. but i rather be on the safe side and trade with a regulated broker. excellent customer support ( English & German ), answered all my questions patiently and showed a high level of understanding the market. execution is great, spreads are tight, made 2 withdrawals that went smoothly ( CC & Bank wire), defiantly a good alternative to the big brokers out there!

5 stars all the way from me!


Tags: GKFXPRIME reviews

John Reznikoff

November 2, 2011

4 years Total
2 months with this Broker

I have been trading with GKFX for 2 months and have been quite satisfied with their services and trading facilities thus far. The execution is fast and positions settle almost immediately. Even better, customer service reverted to my query regarding a funds transfer within 3 hours, which is much less than the standard 48-hour SLA provided by most other brokers I have traded with in the past.

This being said, I think they could do with some better branding since the whole account opening process is a bit col and mechanic. But having a fast-response time and quality resolution on customer-service issues def. gives them a lot of credit in my book.

- JR

Tags: GKFXPRIME reviews
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