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GCI Financial Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2002
  • Headquarters: Anguilla, British West Indies
  • Company registration: GCI Financial LLC, British West Indies
  • Regulation: Not regulated.
    In USA – as Introducing broker – CFTC (NFA #481530)

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37 Reviews

They are thieves
GCI worst Broker
Do not trust them

1.systm very bad business
2. Your money is returned.
3.myz not trade
4. GCI is really crook

dealing desk broker no rapid execution

They are scams
Stay away from this server

They speak constantly of customer service. Too bad it is all talk.

stay away from them, they are lying all the time and take your money, really bad service and high spreads and not execute the orders in the news.

It is a dishonest broker
Beware of liars
Spread too is announced

======================== Scam Warning=========================

This broker is terrible! They always slip against you. I have accounts with different brokers and they all give better fills while running the same EAs. The commissions are unbelievably high and they feed wrong prices into MT4 and blame their liquidity providers.
There are so many good brokers out there … stay away from GCI

Not recommended
This is a dishonest broker
They spread at the time of the transaction rises
They do not pay profit

STAY AWAY from this broker
The trading profit of $ 2080 stolen
GCI Crook

This is just an scam. I opened up account with this broker. They opened account. When I tried to withdraw money, they hold for long time more than 1 weeks And in the mean time, i found that they are trading against me and i lost trade. They closed my open positions. I lost CAD$8000 and never got a single dime back.

STAY AWAY from this broker.

Bad liar Forex Broker
100% scam

This is dishonest broker

They will steal your money under various pretexts

Of course, this is a dishonest broker
Do not return your money

Bad liar Forex Broker
100% scam

GCI deactivated my account without any prior notice because I made profit,,, Scam broker

In response to “UK – no name” posted 31-DEC-2015: GCI prides itself on excellent customer satisfaction and we are very sorry if you had an unsatisfactory experience. If you will identify yourself, I would be happy to look into your specific circumstance.

That said, GCI’s trading policies clearly state that scalping is permitted on our ECN platform and we reserve the right to reverse trades that are not executed in accordance with these policies. If this has happened to you, we invite you to execute your trading strategies on our ECN platform.

If you are the trader who emailed us on the day of this posting, 31-DEC-2015, with the following text and link, then I must point out that you received a profit trading with GCI and have confirmed receipt of funds in excess of those deposited with us.

I picked you $200
And as I have said fraud in transactions
Please de Laar my 200 deposit to my account
If I do not take my $ 200 at all sites
I said you’re crook
I’d do it all forex sites
I tell everyone you’re a crook
Please give me $ 200

We are happy to see clients trade profitably in accordance with our trading policies and believe GCI provides the best environment for profitable trading. We hope readers of this forum will consider the posting by “UK” objectively because we take our reputation for client satisfaction very seriously.


Mark Thomas
Managing Director
GCI Financial

In response to “usa” posted 23-DEC-2015: GCI Financial LLC does not conduct business with US residents nor US citizens. We believe you have posted a comment for the wrong broker. We kindly ask that you direct your comments to the broker in the USA with whom you are conducting business. Thank You.


Mark Thomas
Managing Director
GCI Financial LLC

Are scams
Their Spered is a real account
The money I paid after 6 months

They are 100% scam

This is dishonest broker
They are very bad
I withdraw money from my account to request they send
They took my money of $ 200
I said I have to deal fraud
And the remaining money does not

They are swindler
The broker is very, very bad
They never give you money

In response to “Canada, HR” – Firstly, I am sorry that you were not satisfied with your trading experience. GCI prides itself on customer satisfaction. I can assure you that GCI has never refused to effect any customer withdrawal. It sounds like you are saying that you received your withdrawal after 2 weeks, but also that you “never got a single dime back,” which seems contradictory. If you’d like to provide your account number, I’d be more than happy to look into it and either clear things up or provide a resolution if appropriate.


Mark Thomas
Managing Director
GCI Financial