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Gallant Capital Markets (GCMFX) reviews

Average: 3.3 based on 7 reviews
Gallant Capital Markets (GCMFX)
Gallant Capital Markets broker reviews
  • Website:
  • Year since: 2008
  • Headquarters: Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  • Company registration: Gallant Capital Markets Ltd., BVI
  • Regulation: FSC of BVI (License#: SIBA/L/11/0964)

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Uk Forexpro

October 10, 2016

9 Total
8 with this Broker

Incredible experience. This is a great broker with tight KYC procedure. I have lodged and withdrawn multiple times annually for almost 9 years now. Great reliable Company with great customer service too!

Tags: Gallant Capital Markets (GCMFX) reviews


April 27, 2012

2 years Total
1 year with this Broker

I’ve been trading with Gallant for going on a year now. I’ve never had any issues with them and whenever I had a question their support team was always on hand and ready to assist. There execution and spreads are top rate. I’ve recommended several friends who have also had the same trading experience as I’ve had. If you’re looking for a legit STP broker I would highly recommend Gallant.

Tags: Gallant Capital Markets (GCMFX) reviews

Canada, Dee

April 23, 2012

3 years Total
0 days LIVE with this Broker

I was originally told I could withdraw via Moneybookers, which is the same method I used for depositing the funds into this broker. After opening a live account, and depositing the funds via Moneybookers, I look at the withdrawal methods and the ONLY method of withdrawal is via bank wire and it is $50, plus $10 that my bank charges. I only deposited $500, so that means 12% of my account will go to withdrawal fees. They were all nice trying to get me to fund and open an account but then when I wanted to withdraw things got sour.

It seems like because they were pissed off I wanted withdraw my money, they took an extra $4.95 (after they assured me to close my account down I would receive the full amount I put in) and after I was told numerous times there were no fees for using Moneybookers.

Moreover, when I asked about the $4.95 they charged me on live chat, they quickly ended the conversation with me. It also seems as though they have blocked me from using the live chat now, because I have tried several times to reach someone and it just goes to a blank screen.

If this is how they treat customers, then I am glad I only took a loss of $4.95, however, I don't think it was right of them to make up a fee to charge me just because I am withdrawing my money and closing my account. Shouldn't I have the choice of what fees I want to pay? I think I should. Besides, they are way too many brokers out there to be putting up with anything less than perfection.

Thanks Anish and Tony for giving me a bad experience, I just wanted my own money back.

Tags: Gallant Capital Markets (GCMFX) reviews

Israel Gustavo

February 17, 2012

4 to 5 years Total
2 days with this Broker

I open the Bonus account of 25 dollars; the spreads are variable from 3 to 4.5 pips in the majors,plus what the price in the chart is not the same what in the wachlist and in every trade they took around 0.6 pips more what you can see. I have one order with take profit what they close before my take profit too. The only one form to withdrawal profits from the bonus is bank wire!!! If you want to play with a plattform open the bonus account, the conditions to trade seriously are awfull and I don't see it in another broker.Very, very bad.

Tags: Gallant Capital Markets (GCMFX) reviews

Australia, Adel El Barcha

January 1, 2012

30 years Total
4 months with this Broker

this broker is a Scam company, because they canceled all my wining transactions histoiry from 2 months earlier, and after having a balance 32679 usd my balance now is 1279 usd , they stopped me to trade, blocked my account and said your account is blocked for investigation, and after 2 weeks they sent me a statement of all adjusted transactions, the reason for that is during two months time they received wrong data feed and errors on gold prices.
Do you believe that, or have you ever experienced such case before, during all my life and with 30 years trading experience never ever meet such audacity, any error may happened but should be notified instantly, and immediately, or at least on the same day.
if nothing secure, what for the confirmation of executed trades, what for the statement you emailed us ?
on top of that i made a withdraw of 10.000 usd after 3 days they confirmed the request was processed and after 2 days while waiting to receive the funds, I have been advised that the funds that confirmid sent not been sent and they put it back into my trading account which is blocked, then the 10.000 usd was evaporated by the adjustment they made.
Is that fair? is that allowed? is that trustfull?

this message is a warning to all traders who trade with GCMFX or willing to be their customers, stay aside and do not try them or you will loose all your money with them.
if you loose never be able to get back your money and if you win , you will loose them by an adjustment.
they said their price is transparent and reflect market price and market execution, and they are a real STP broker.
Those people they treated me very badly, tried to send them tens of messages and emails and phone calls and call requests but never tried to answer any query.
from this Site I am asking the CEO of Gallant capital if he is interested about what is going on in his company to call me on 61393247247 or email me to [email protected]

Tags: Gallant Capital Markets (GCMFX) reviews

United kingdom, Eddy

June 9, 2011

2 months Total
1 month demo and one month live with this Broker

I am a new trader and one of my friends recommended this broker to me. So far my ea is trading good and the spreads are nice in tight even though I have a small account.

Tags: Gallant Capital Markets (GCMFX) reviews

UK, Peter

October 21, 2010

10 years Total
1 month with this Broker

I have only been trading with GCMFX for a few weeks now and so far I would say this is the best forex broker I ever traded with.

Tags: Gallant Capital Markets (GCMFX) reviews
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