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FxUnited reviews

Average: 3.6 based on 484 reviews

FxUnited Forex broker reviews

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  • Year since: 2006
  • Headquarters: New Zealand
  • Company registration: United Global Holdings Ltd, New Zealand
  • Regulation: FSPR in New Zealand
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Msia, Angry Bird

April 5, 2017

1year Total
1 year with this Broker

Tis company promise pay out wallet 1 money, but until now no 1 get money! How many months already? Yet still keep asking member invest in wallet 3(IMA), 1 day they sure close wallet 3 again, and giving alot of excuses, and ask investors rest assure, then start wallet 4 ask member invest again. Wake up! Don put money in this company anymore!!!

Winst : 1015802

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April 4, 2017

1 year Total
FX UNITED WITH NEW PLAN with this Broker




Dear Leaders & Agents....

The msg below is a legitimate news from broker...

Thank you
Dr Moorthy
Fx Action Team

Dear valued clients,

We are fully aware that everyone is very upset with their current pending withdrawal requests. We sincerely apologise for this. We as the broker have been going through some very bad times recently, something that has never happened to us since our incorporation. These are very difficult times for us as well as for our valued clients. In this email, we will try to explain to you the current situations and how are we going to handle it.

At the moment all our funds are frozen with our previous LP due to the de-registration of UGHL in New Zealand.It was de-registered because the NZ authorities could not accept our CGAT product. They will only allow us to operate from there if we removed the CGAT which we had refused. We have some reserve funds to support the situation but it never occurred to us that it would take such a long time to get this settled. We have reached to a stage where we have to make it clear to you guys that our reserve funds is not able to accommodate the current situation. The fact is that we are currently at a loss because we are not able to secure the profits and deposits with the current LP. On behalf of the company, we apologize for we have to suspend all activities at this moment. It is due to the fact that the company just can't afford to allow any more deposits through the current wallet because it will cause a serious liability to us. Anyway, future payments for withdrawals from the old wallet will be handled totally by the broker. IBs will only be allowed to process the withdrawals for the new wallet. All the withdrawal requests that have been made to the IBs will have to be returned back to the old wallet by the broker. We will start to make payments gradually from the profit secured from the new business. This is the best effort we can take rather than waiting for a long time until we secure our deposits and profits made with our current LP.

Currently we have already acquired a new Forex license under a different entity. For security reasons as well as to avoid having any interference from our competitors, FXU will not reveal the country where we are getting the license from neither the name of the new entity.

We are also working on a new product that we are targeting to launch in the early weeks of December. This new product will be a replacement to the current CGAT which will be phased out gradually. We are fully aware that most of you will start to panic assuming that all investments in the CGAT platform will be lost. Do not be alarmed, we assure you that you will get back your investments gradually. All investments from the new business with the new wallet will be managed via this new entity and linked to the new LP very soon. Honestly, it is true that the broker has only a very small reserve. But it was due to the fact that right now all of our funds are stuck with our previous LP. Anyway, with the fresh intake of funds, it will easily help us to diversify the fund into many channels or LPs. The new profits will help us to settle your withdrawals from the old wallet. With the experts on board, we believe that we will have the strength to overcome and settle our current CGAT issues. We will give priority to those who haven't got their money back to break even, until we are able to acquire back our deposit with current LP. All withdrawals to IBs will be rejected back to the clients wallet. However withdrawals that have already been approved by the IBs will be subject to payment by the respective IBs. Anyway a detailed explanation about this new product will be announced soon.

We are really struggling to make ends meet and utilizing to the fullest our current advisor and engaging more people to help us through the current situation. The amount of funds stuck with our previous LP is huge but we believe with new business volume and the expertise that FXU has in making the money grow, it will help to solve all problems and we are really confident that eventually we will be the strongest broker in this decade.

FXU has decided to go ahead with the current deposit method via digital money under the name of FX United but the growth of funds will be handled separately via our new entity. We are now ready to handle our new business money flow volume from digital to real cash and also to utilize the new licensed entity for the trading with the LP. I believe FX United will be standing 100% as a World Digital Money Machine for everyone without any interference. Being safe and self regulated is much more easier rather than being attacked by the competitors. Please allow us another chance to proof to the world that Fxunited is truly a phenomenon in the Forex Industry. Everyone knows that FX United wouldn't be facing all these problems should the license and the company were not revoked besides having problem with our previous payment gateway. By now, it should be running smoothly in creating more millionaires than we ever did in the past. Every problem have a solution. We hope the leaders will help to explain the situations to your network and hope that they will stay calm, will not make any wrong judgements as we are now working on many things to go through this current situation. Lets grow the money together again and be the World No 1.
Thank you.


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April 4, 2017

1 year Total
2 with this Broker

again, I want to share about Fxunited failed to pay us as promised. Emails were sent to us as replied email- stated the CGAT payment has started from Feb 17 and based on the 3 categories. However, to date, no payment made. new problem cropped out ie all MT4 accounts were disabled for last 2 weeks, also promised via company news to fix and normalise, but the problem remains...we have no chance to use these accounts for our own manual trading.
communications by agents ... cursing and asking on the issue... but we have no guidance how to proceed with legal action... now I feel, as a registered agent, fxunited is playing game with us... send us false statement ... what a broker....
I urge people please STOP invest with them until this issue resolved...

Feb 5, 2017 - 1 Star Emails from Jean Marc were keep on coiming to justify for the long pending CGAT withdrawals. I keep on asking myself who is Jean Marc? Is this guy real? Or somebody from Fxunited upline, tried to be funny to us! No identity revealed so far ! Anybody has his identity appreciate if can share at this forum. I found his previuos emails were not up to the standard, the way he wrote, many grammar errors. So please share his identity here, guys...

My bonuses and capital stucked for months. Now new issues came out, all standard and winst accounts were disabled.. I still want to know what actually the game done... lets write to finance ewallet support team to show our protest... the promised to pay gradually is not happening yet... LIFO - last in first out... Leaders are hiding something to agents... thats all I suspected.. worse case I will proceed with legal actions to take back my Capitals and profits... but how to???

Pls guys... we have to unite to get back our $$$.

ID: 517723

Tags: FxUnited reviews

Singapore & Marcello

March 24, 2017

1 year Total
1 Year with this Broker

Stay away from this broker. They collapsed in June 2016 last year and since then they continue to send msg with apologize and saying that they will pay soon. Om top they have taken money from our personal manual trading WINST account (probably these are the only real money made through trading). Our WINST account disappeared from the system in January 2017 with all money. There was no sign of trading on my CGAT account and they don't share at all if they are making money through real trading and we don't know who is managing this company.
WINST account 1025742

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March 9, 2017

1 Total
1 with this Broker



Agent ID : 310721

Tags: FxUnited reviews

Malaysia, Adalakolikari

March 1, 2017

1 year Total
1 year LIVE with this Broker

Dear investors,

Firstly we would like to apologize to you regarding the outstanding matters with our previous LP, the current issue with MT4 and everything else. The broker would like to give you an update.

The broker is still working on how they can solve the matter with the previous LP. Its not an easy task as there are so many procedures and protocol to follow. But we are looking forward to getting it resolved. Broker requests that you do not pay attention to rumors that are being spread by people who do not understand how the system works. If you have any questions please forward them to us.

Currently we are making payments to withdrawals from wallet 1 though not the full amount but at least everyone gets a fair share of the cake. We are spending a lot of our own money to solve this whilst our funds are stuck. Broker could easily declare bankrupt and shut down like other companies but we believe that the company is still strong and we believe in returning what is not ours. Thats why we are still here.

The IMA which started last last year with a slow start has now begun to pick up momentum gradually. Lots of new clients from Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Australia, Korea, UAE, Pakistan and the list goes on. These people are very receptive to our product and show a tremendous prospect.

We sincerely hope that you will be with us through this stormy period which has never happened since we opened 10 years ago and we assure you that if we stand together and fight this we can wheather this out.

Thank you.
Jean Marc

Tags: FxUnited reviews


February 23, 2017

10 month Total
10 mth with this Broker

FX United is Scamers...

Stay away from this broker .... lame execues and till now they never pay single cents .... Now the MT4 is down almost a month and not yet recover...

Agent ID : 338792

Tags: FxUnited reviews

David malaysia

February 10, 2017

1 Total
1 with this Broker

FXCM is currently collapsed !! Fxunited how long u can stand??? Is time to run ??
Fxunited ID 55774a

Tags: FxUnited reviews

Malaysia, DA

January 22, 2017

1 Total
1 with this Broker

Dear valued clients,

We just want to share some updates on the IMA & outstanding withdrawal payments.

As of today we are pleased to say that the response to the IMA has started to pick up allowing us to be able to make some profits. This in return is helping us to keep our commitment towards you....we have started to configure the payment listing. Even though the payout is huge we are willing to meet the challenge and would like to thank each and everyone of you for your patience and understanding.

We must say here that we went through some extremely hard times not forgetting you as well but we can assure you that not many brokerage houses would have been able to or rather willing to sustain as long as we have. Look around you there are many brokerages houses that have collapsed after 6 months in the business but we prevailed because we believe it is our commitment to all of you who have trusted and invested in us.

We would like to thank all the teams for their support especially in the IMA. Reports received from various departments prove that the IMA will progress positively. Here we humbly request that nobody gets involved in any form of manipulation whatsoever. Our system will certainly be able to detect and we wouldn't want to suspend any accounts because of this.

Last but not least thank you once again and lets look forward to building FXU to greater heights!!!

Thank you.


Tags: FxUnited reviews

Malaysia, ZAR

January 17, 2017

2 years Total
2 years with this Broker

Broker have been 10 years in forex industry and now rock'in with new IMA system that able to help many [email protected] trader to earn while learning to trade from zero to hero. Strongly suggest to new comer (^_^).
don't hesitate to email me at [email protected] for further detail.

Tags: FxUnited reviews

JIMMY NG Malaysia

January 15, 2017

1 Total
1 with this Broker

Stay away from this broker fxunited!! Pending huge payment from investors.

Fxunited ID 45634

Tags: FxUnited reviews

Malaysia, Rafiqmastermind

January 14, 2017

8 years, 12 years Total
2 years LIVE, 2 month DEMO with this Broker

I'm very satisfied trade and make money with FXUNITED. Highly reccommended for new trader.

Tags: FxUnited reviews

Malaysia, Adalakolikari

January 10, 2017

1 year Total
1 year LIVE with this Broker

The following summarizes the outcome of FxAction Team Retreat 2017 meeting held at Genting View Resort at 8-January:

1) Pending withdrawal requests of Perfect Money/Bitcoin will not be reverted back to wallet 1. So, we do no need to perform withdrawal again.

2) For wallet 1 withdrawal, broker will payout gradually according to priority level estimated starting between February to April 2017. You may continue to perform withdrawal.

We have 2 types of investors under the wallet 1:

i. Those who had earned their ROIs - Example: an investor invested $10k. He/she had earned or withdrawn (via broker or IB) his $10k deposits in full.

ii. Those who have yet to earned their ROIs - Example: an investor who invested $10k. He/she has yet to earn or withdrawn (via broker or IB) his/her full capital. - means, those who invested but yet to make any withdrawals. All the returns are still in the wallet.

Under current condition, FX United will focus in this initial phase to honour those who have yet to earned their ROIs by percentage

Those who have earned their ROIs, will gradually receive their returns based on the new entity performance.

It is only fair for those who have yet to earn their ROIs to be given priority at this juncture.

3) New product known as Intelligent Manager Account (IMA) was introduced by the broker and has begun to accept funding effectively. IMA is currently expanding aggressively to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Dubai, Nigeria, Cambodia, Indonesia........

Pls refer to below link for IMA details. http://www.fxunited.com/Intelligent-Manager-Account.php

4) Withdrawal from Wallet 2 & Wallet 3 can be performed via broker and approved within 5 business days.

Thank you.
Jean Marc
Management Team FX United

Tags: FxUnited reviews


December 26, 2016

4 months Total
4 months with this Broker

im from indonesia, i joined fxunited when the most difficult time for FXUnited.. before i joined i know all the risk.. i read all the review.. and still joined..
guys come on.. if something happen to fxunited you all know that your money will be lost..
by the way why dont you shouting when your bonus paid by fxu???? like yeaahhh my bonus finally transfered.. all bonus in to your bank account in december 21 2016 rite???
if you all cry like a baby u are not a business man.. and i still confused why did you deposit your money here in fxunited... seems to me you fooled by your friend or you are unrealistic about business..



Tags: FxUnited reviews

Malaysia, Tony L

December 23, 2016

10 months Total
10 months with this Broker

Life still have to go on.
Lesson well learned.
Hope better luck next time.
Wish all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017.
Take care always.

Tags: FxUnited reviews
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