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FXPRIMUS reviews

Average: 3.5 based on 32 reviews

FXPRIMUS Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2009
  • Headquarters: Ebene, Republic of Mauritius
  • Company registration: FXPRIMUS Ltd., Mauritius
  • Regulation: CySEC

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October 3, 2016

6 years Total
I don't know how this broker with this Broker

I don't know how this broker get such high rating, because it's average offshore company with minimum reliability. Besides it trading conditions are poor. So think a little bit about it! I advise you to choose true STP brokers with solid license. If you don't know what broker to choose, I will help you. Just add me in skype - vovkfx.

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India, Rohit

September 20, 2016

8 years Total
2 months LIVE with this Broker

Very bad service. I Was lured by their 100% double dynamo bonus and deposited money and traded as the equity looked double. Later i realised the rules of their bonus that leverage will be reduced to 1:300 and their bonus do not support your margin, loosing trades, capital. Bonus will just sit in account waiting for right time to be removed.
My trades went into loss and had few other fully hedged trades.
One fine day they removed the bonus and closed all my trades in a fraction of second including my fully hedged trades leaving 30$ out of 550$ deposit.
They say that margin call had occured but why does anyone care to close a fully hedged position which takes no margin at all? Thats a pure scam to loot clients.
BEWARE FROM THIS FRAUDSTERS who will trap you to loose all your money.

Tags: FXPRIMUS reviews

Canada, John

March 1, 2015

4 years Total
4 years with this Broker

The most advantage for this broker is Deposit instant (credit card/moneybookers) and Withdraw quick.
This is reliable broken.

Tags: FXPRIMUS reviews


February 3, 2014

10 years Total
1 year with this Broker

Initially this broker looked good, until they suddenly closed my position without warning. When inquired why, they made so many excuses. But the truth was that they changed the data feed (drop some contracts) without telling me the customer. This demonstrates that they have no concern for their customers. And I voted with my feet.

Tags: FXPRIMUS reviews

Austria, Patrick

December 21, 2013

4 Years Total
3 months with this Broker

- tradeable markets
- customer service
- spread
- good bonus conditions when available (Frenzy Bonus)
- Education + Trading tools
- fast withdrawals

- high commission on ECN (USD 10,-/Lot)
- lagging spread (slippage!) also in normal market conditions (up to 4-5 Sec.)

I do not recommend this broker for Scalping or News trading because of the slippage.
Even though I experienced the slippage also in my favour.

If you are not a scalper or newstrader, give FXPrimus a chance


Tags: FXPRIMUS reviews

Singapore, C.Kong

March 1, 2013

10 years Total
2 years with this Broker

I've changed so many brokers over the years I can't remember how many of them. I'm comfortable trading with them for the past two years. The first year was pretty unstable but they have strong presence here and Mario Sant Singh their Director of Education is also a Singaporean. Execution and their web performance get better end of last year and has been consistent up till today.

So I'm not sure why there are some negative comments here but I suspected those are from the competitors. I will stick to Fxprimus and do not intend to change to any broker at the moment because the company is gaining strength by their presence on the recent expos like the recent one in Macau.

Good execution, top notch customer service, a lot of products we traders can choose from. Period.

Tags: FXPRIMUS reviews

Australia Steve

January 22, 2013

10 Years Total
5 Months with this Broker

I use several MT4 brokers, so I get to compare and this broker is by far the worst performer of all, constant requotes when the market is moving, its hard to see how anyone could make money using them. Also recently many outages on their server when trades are open and wishing to close them.
Support seems friendly is about the best I can say.

Tags: FXPRIMUS reviews

Aus, Walter

December 20, 2012

2 years Total
1+ LIVE with this Broker

I have an account with this broker and I am quite pleased with their service. This is the upcoming best Forex Broker in Asia (no pressure)!

Tags: FXPRIMUS reviews

Egypt & PrinceofTower

October 31, 2012

3 months Total
3 months with this Broker

It surprises me with the negative comments in here but I can see some good comments too.

I picked Fxprimus because my friend recommended to me. I'm not complaining because we have a supportive IB here.

Normally, I tend to avoid the market when it is most volatile. I have yet to experience any slippage. I'll usually read the daily articles written by Fxprimus Director of Training Mr Mario Singh, the guy from CNBC from his blog to pick up some hints on how to observe the market. I'm still a new guy in Forex so wish me luck!

Tags: FXPRIMUS reviews

Indonesia, Henry H

October 18, 2012

8 months Total
2 months DEMO, 1 month LIVE with this Broker

My experience so far has been good. Earlier before I started joining, I contacted the company to ask for discount on initial deposits and they approved it. I had a couple of hiccups when downloading my MT4 but support responded and helped. No slippage at the moment. But I know I'll be ready to complain >:D if there's any issue.

Tags: FXPRIMUS reviews


October 16, 2012

1 year Total
1 month DEMO, 2 months LIVE with this Broker

I think the negative comments are rather unfair. I've been trading for a year and I've changed a broker once. Now I'm happy with Fxprimus because it is safe for me to know that their support group and their Facebook site have been active and never failed to reply my questions and clear my doubts. Execution has been quite stable so far. Moreove, there are so many competitors in the market especially in this region but Fxprimus is the only one genuinely into sharing knowledge through Mario, their well known coach in Asia.

Tags: FXPRIMUS reviews


September 7, 2012

STUPID Fxprimus...don't trust them. they trade against you!!!

Tags: FXPRIMUS reviews

france, Louisette M.

August 2, 2012

8 years Total
1 year live with this Broker

Dear Louisette ******,

Stop loss & freeze level or "imminent distance level" on the Eur/Usd currency pair for our ECN Premier spread have been updated. The levels have been updated to Stop Loss: 3 pips and Freeze Level: 2.5 pips. Please note that the Fixed & Variable Spreads remain the same and this only affects the Eur/Usd currency pair.

Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns regarding this by emailing [email protected]rimus.com

Warm regards,

Stay away from this F.C.ing broker you will never win a penny width them !

Hope teir boss will go to jail as soon as possible !!!

Tags: FXPRIMUS reviews


April 20, 2012

5year Total
1year with this Broker

This broker is one of the relaiable brokers in the world.
The deposit money is perfectlr safe.

I had been looking for fast execution and nano lots .
The position can open 5positions less than 1s without requote or slippage.
The best broker I have experienced in my trading life.

Strong recommend trading on ECN Premier account with VPS.
I guess people who write negative comment here doesnt have both of them.

FXPRIMUS is for my professional trading life.

Tags: FXPRIMUS reviews

Canada, John Yeh

April 13, 2012

1 year Total
2 months Live with this Broker

I write this negative review because this broker is Not scam but thief.
On Feb. 29 2012, I placed a trade selling oil at 106.66 and later set TP(take profit) at 105.36. In the later morning, I checked log and the trade was closed at 105.56 Not 105.36. I checked the chart, it showed the lowest point was 104.82. Taking the 0.05 spread into account, it still has a moderate distance from my TP setting.
In addition, times to times, this broker also changes your entry point of the trade by reducing 0.01 for short position and increasing 0.01 for long position when the trade is closed after a period.

Here is the summary.
(1) this broker Change your TP and your original entry point to shrink your profit.
(2) Erase the history of the trades except the most recent one
(3) slippage in favor of broker side is very serious in comparison with the other brokers.
(4) expensive fee for even deposit. Many other brokers do not charge fee for deposit

(1) Fast deposit by credit card and withdrawal by moneybookers within 1 day.
If you have too much money to cash flow and don't care transanction/exchange fee, this broker is right for you.
(2) No swap fee for Oil.
(3) Leverage up to 500:1 for currencies
In conclusion, If you are small money investor, stay away from this broker because there are some other brokers offering high leverage and NO swap fee for currencies.

Tags: FXPRIMUS reviews
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