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FXOpen Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2005
  • Headquarters: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Company registration: FXOpen NZ Ltd, New Zealand;
    FXOpen AU Pty Ltd, Australia.
  • Regulation: FSPR License Number: FSP192685); is a member of the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme
    ASIC Australia (ACN 143 678 719, ABN 61 143 678 719);
    FCA UK #579202

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46 Reviews

I havn’t traded with this broker but have been looking at the reviews before deciding who to open an account with. I checked the registered address / head office of this company into google maps and clicked google’s yellow man to see the building photo from the street. It shows a average quality house/flat in a residential suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. Looks like the home of my grandma or a car salesperson…not a reputable financial institution.

No one is good in forex industry, no broker, no dealer, no bank, no one.
But it also true a huge numbers of people are engaged in trading forex. They Hate forex for unpredictable losses, they hate Brokers for bucketshoping or non paying issues, even some moments may be They hate themselves by asking “why forex! and why am here!”
If you know to trade forex then you can find some good broker atleast a good broker within your reach, but if you are not fully adjusted with trading forex with it’s styles then no one can help you from losses.
Regulated brokers, Valid paying Brokers, Big Brokers, Small Brokers all are same.
They are here to do business, And it’s simple if i loss money my broker will win that, so be aware from this point, try to shorter your losses and keep profit making on while trading forex, and when you know that then don’t cry or beg infront of your brokers, just ask to pay if you asked for payment if not yet received then just kick them Go to elsewhere, open your a/c and do trade where you feel more comfortable about payment receiving issue.

Personal Experience : at first I was convinced that Fxopen is scam, but soon i changed my mind when i got my first asked payment exact in time with good support. And Till then still today they are really the best for me.
I started my fx trading career very firstly with FxOpen and still now to me they are GREAT by all means, (no matter they are regulated or not), And Mr Jafar C. is the guy with actual feelings who – always ready to help people like me who do small trading, they never distinguish high volume trader vs low volume traders, To Fxopen Micro trader of 1 buck a/c balance gets equal privilege of support who thares in ECN.
So according to my review FxOpen is the best.

I also write in a forum named pipcity.forumotion.in if any indian or other nations people need free help in forex career he/she may meet me there. Just enroll there and post your question i will answer as soon as i be online.

Thanks alot.
Enjoy Forex.

I have contacted you several times regarding, with documents showing
how you manipulating prices to catch SL or SO up to 50 points away from market!!.
you try to cheat people in forums, that you do care for their cases;
but once contacting you for the issue, […]!
I will keep following my case legally, as you have no licence […],
even the very funny “Mauritius” Licence was revoked as the authorities
there knew […].

[…] – language expressions deleted by moderators.

Dear Blue-ice please provide order’s number so I can check for you if there was any problem in order’s execution. So far I can say that there are no such situation happened in real accounts.

Hello delac from Croatia,
Kindly send your info to me to [email protected] I would like to check your case.

let’s be honest, i found them on internet nearly 1 month ago , i deposited sum of 15k$ with them, when i did make profits and make the money 30k$ , i got pessimist with them, i searched google for review of them , i all have read was that they are scams , i really scared , i chatted with bodies they said it too, and they said that i most withdraw all of my money from them but if they pay you, so i requested the withdraw of 450$ , first time they rejected the request, i got scared more, i mailed them they said that you most provide the webmoney number that you have deposited from, i did correct the number, oh yes they paid me, i did request another 2210.48 $ , they paid me again, i did request another two 5000$ , oh come on they paid me again, oh my god , only after 1 month i did double my money and all of my deposits in my bank accounts , they are really nice, fast deposit, but slower withdraw, don’t scare, you are safe with them , trade with honest and you will get your money more honestly.

thank you fxopen, and thanks to all the guys that works for fxopen.

if you want i can upload my statement and my screen shot of my withdraws in any where.

i will post this review on other sites too , so if you seen this review elsewhere I’m not a bot , I’m a real person from Iran.

This is one of the best broker i am trading, well the best broker from pro perspectiv is dukas, but fxopen is one of the few best wright now.
Never had problem with platform, never had problem with withdraw , never had problems with support.

Regards Damir