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  • Website:
  • Year since: 2016
  • Headquarters: Ajeltake Island, Marshall Islands
  • Company registration: MarketOnUs Ltd. (reg.#81547), Marshall Islands;
    Yorkshire HG Ltd., UK
  • Regulation: not regulated

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2 Reviews

cosmic spreads

stay away

trey are proposing hedge and big earnings

tragedy, big spreads and execution, stay away

slippage on DAX!


very not good

zero client service, high spreads, shit!


this is scam broker, no contact with broker when you have issues

big slippage on DAX


Awesome trading conditions! No slippage or platform hanging, great execution and low spreads even on market data release.

FxOnUs offers leverage 1:500 so i was looking for that. Typical spread on EURUSD is around 0.3-0.5 pips so unbelivable low! Great! Even on macro data release works well!

Very very low spreads with awesome executions, no problems with withdraws. One of the best brokers i’ve ever used.

DAAAX!!!!! good conditions !! <3


I am the owner of IB business FXWolves, this is professional trading team under my IB. We all have accounts at FXONUS broker from Marshall Islands as this is the requirement of the regulation of our team. All traders from our group arevery happy with this broker and nobody complains. I have very good conditions as their introducing broker and all group members also have. I consider this broker as one of the best on FX market. Please visit the www of my IB business http://www.fxwolves.pl . I am ready to make 1700% per year for you!

I am conducting IB business protradeadvisors.com and I used to cooperate with this broker so I can tell that I not recommend them.

problem with execution of orders, calls with hedging proposals all the time

I trade nights as I’m working days. They have to large spreads and I get SL because of this.

I am a leader in FXWolves trading team and I have account in fxonus, I am IB and all my clients have accounts in this broker and everybody are happy. For me this is one of the best broker in the world. Please visit our http://www.fxwolves.pl

Adam Lenik are you so naive or you have something to do with this broker??? What if somebody from FXONUS who is authorized to the accounts will transfer money of the clients from Czech bank to another? Where will you go to find him? On Marshall Islands? Office in London is virtual one. It took mi 1 minute to discover this. This is scam broker!