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  • Website:
  • Year since: 2011
  • Headquarters: Belize City, Belize
  • Company registration: FX Choice Limited (reg.#105968), Belize
  • Regulation: Belize IFSC/60/191/TS/17

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299 Reviews

Excellent customer service, low spreads even during news events, Uptime is excellent.

Response to review (USA, Sinjin R, March 21, 2017)

Dear Sinjin R, Yes, we apologise for the inability to use Skrill by US clients. This is of course a limitation set by them (Skrill), not us. We hope that you will enjoy trading with us when you open your account and will find nice things to say about us in your future reviews. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our speedy Live Chat.

Response to review (Canada, March 16, 2017)

Dear Sir,
With all due respect, you are not telling the truth. First of all, it’s quite difficult to confuse the “Logout” button in the top right corner with the “Exit MAM Account” button located in a completely different part of the page. We were also wondering how you could possibly say that there is no warning if you also confirmed your wish to leave the MAM by confirming it in our pop up warning window? But to avoid such a situation in future we will amend the procedure and make it even more difficult to confuse the two buttons.

Response to review (United States, Larry H., March 8, 2017)

Dear Larry H,

We are sorry that you have had a negative experience with us due to the limitations of our strategy tester. We have conducted a more comprehensive investigation as to how we can satisfy you, and our other clients, and increase the limit. We have done the necessary changes and starting from this Monday (20th March) you will be able to open up to 1000 lots in the strategy tester. We hope that this will completely satisfy your requirements.

Best regards

Everything have been so great so far I love this broker

Response to review (USA November 28, 2016)

This review is quite similar to the previous negative review and maybe written by the same person. We would like to do the same as we did with the previous review, and simply ignore it.
We would, however, like to add that we don’t provide any bank information on our website, so to fund an account you need to have a verified profile with us. We are ready for any public investigation into this matter. Please provide us with your account number and confirmation of payment. If it was a mistake on our side, we will apologise and provide additional compensation. Until evidence is provided, we believe this is designed solely to smear our good reputation and damage our rating.

Dear Will Smith,

Unfortunately we were unable to find you in our records, in order to take a look at your situation in more detail before replying to this post. The situation you are referring to could be for several reasons. First, we use market execution and when you close a trade the closing price may change and, consequently, its profit will be changed too. The profit may be increased or decreased depending on market direction.

Second, this could be because you are trading with a Pro account and haven’t considered the commission charged. When trading with a Pro account, your open trades will display two profit levels: one with the commission included, one without. The upper number (which corresponds to each single trade) does not include the commission. It shows only the profit/loss of a particular trade. But, the lower number, which is the total profit/loss of your open trades, includes the commission as well. That’s why you may have noticed a total profit of $145 closing at $136 for one of your trades, because you haven’t taken into consideration the Pro commission.
Maybe one of these situations is the reason for your confusion.

We would be glad to assist you in this matter and are ready to schedule a call back, discuss it in live chat or by email. Please contact us as we have been unable to identify you based on the information you have provided.

Thanks in advance

Dear reviewer from Brazil,

We can understand your frustration and would like to make the situation a little bit clearer for you and other people who could find themselves in such a situation. First of all, it has nothing to do with regulation, Belize or some other factor. This is just the market realities of ECN. If you decided to trade with an ECN broker, this is a reality you should be willing to accept.

Let us clarify here that the spreads you mentioned are quoted to 5 decimal places, so actually this is 36.7 pips for USDSGD and 26.0 pips for GBPJPY. And yes, this is around 10 times wider than our usual average spread.

Why is this happening? This happens when liquidity providers execute a rollover and adjust their positions accordingly. Most of them just remove their offers off the book and liquidity becomes really thin. It happens for just 1-3 minutes at around 00:00 on our server time. This is similar to the situation normally found at the beginning of trading on Monday and at the end of trading on Friday. We are an ECN broker and we just pass the quotes we get from our liquidity providers to our clients. We don’t interfere in this process and sometimes this may lead to spikes. This helps us to provide our clients with real market quotes without any delay.

In your particular case it was the end of the trading session on a Friday and liquidity became really thin, and at this time spreads widen. Especially when talking about exotic currencies such as the Singaporean Dollar and volatile crosses.
We acknowledge that at the time of writing you may have been emotional and were not aware of this. But your words frustrate us too and your rating negatively affects our overall reputation. We do our utmost to serve our customers in the best possible way and are happy when our customers enjoy trading with us.

We respect everyone’s opinion, and that is all these thoughts are an opinion. This individual has provided no evidence or facts whatsoever, so we are literally unable to respond accurately to this post. We will therefore ignore it. It is our belief that this tirade is designed solely to smear our good reputation, for reasons known only to the author of the previous anonymous post.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thanks for your comment.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask you to elaborate on your claims. You say that we are dishonest. Could you be more specific on how so? What is it exactly that you claim we are dishonest about?

Be aware that we are an ECN/STP broker and as such whenever our clients place a trade, that trade is transmitted to our LPs (liquidity providers) for execution, thus effectively shifting all risks to our LPs, which makes “hedging” completely unnecessary and costly in our case.

You have written that we lied about “refundable fees.” If we did indeed lie about that to our clients, then every other post on here, and on other forums, would be about us not living up to our promises.

Kind regards,
FX Choice Limited

Hello Vince,
As we have already addressed your complaint, we did investigate the trade in question on your DEMO account and our records clearly show that the spread on GBPNZD pair during the period between 2016.01.13 00:02 to 00:03 (server time, GMT+2) widened to 64.9 pips because of extremely low liquidity, not volatility as per your post. These are two different things. This is the real market environment: whenever liquidity decreases, spread widens. We even sent you the exact price ticks that we received from our liquidity providers (LP).
Also in our correspondence, we mentioned that each broker has its own LPs, so spreads can differ from broker to broker. Here’s what you wrote to us:
“I contacted another broker, Tallinex, and they said the spread on 0219 was 6.8 pip…which is about in line with what GBPNZD normally is. You are manipulating the market, and I am going to write reviews to that affect!!!”
Please note that your DEMO trade was closed at 00:02 while you are referring to a different point in time. Having checked the price-ticks for 02:19, 2016.01.13, we received 130 ticks during this one minute and the average spread was 6.3 pips.
Also you wrote:
“That’s BS…You are taking the other side of the trade. Right after you stopped me out the market fell 120 pips!”
It sounds very much like you are implying that we deliberately stopped you out just before the market started moving in your favor. If this is indeed what you are trying to convey here, we would like to point out that there is no one on the planet earth that can see into the future.
We are an STP broker we do not take the other side of a trade.
Although we have repeatedly answered to this query, we sincerely hope this time our answer will suffice. If not, please feel free to contact us again if you have further questions/concerns.

Another [… edited out by administrator… ]
you can contact me, my skype is [… edited out by administrator… ]

Administrator note: the post was intended to promote own services, rather than review the broker.

We would like to inform the readers of this page about the feedback below regarding the 4% commission charges. This charge occurs when making a deposit only via Skrill. We offer many options for deposits and withdrawals with much lower commission charges, however some of the options are not available in all countries. We have introduced a new payment option which is available in that region called Perfect Money with a very low 0,5% commission charge for verified clients.

They charge 4% commision on every deposit.

Dear Scott,

We were extremely pleased to read your positive feedback about our support team. Many thanks for taking your time to share your experience and for your suggestion.
We would like to let you know that our IT team will be analyzing your recommendation and will inform you about the possibility of the changes.
Thank you very much once again and we wish you success in your future trading.

Kind regards
FX Choice Limited

Dear Francisco,
Thank you for your feedback.
Our Bonus Conditions (and Terms) are clearly visible in the Client’s back office profile, at the moment of depositing funds into the trading account. It goes without saying that Clients shall read carefully the Bonus Agreement before funding the account. There are some examples which show how trading volume is calculated and requirements to convert the Bonus into Balance.
Additionally, you can always look up how much of the required volume/turnover you have already traded, and how much more volume is required be the requirement is met.
If you have any further questions you can easily contact our support team via Live Chat and they’ll be happy to help you to resolve your doubts.

Best regards,
FX Choice Limited

Hello Willie,

We welcome both positive and negative feedback, especially if it is constructive, it helps us to stay on top of the game and we thank you for yours, however we strongly believe that you are exaggerating the significance of the matter in question. Besides, we are not forcing anyone to trade with us….

We wish you good luck in your trading endeavors.

Kind regards,

i am a bitcoin enthusiast has been trading forex before, i never thought that i really discovered a bitcoin-denominated forex account when i was browsing the internet. this is new to me, so i won’t have to mine bitcoin, there is a better way. the profit from trading forex can be withdrawn into bitcoin. that’s all i need. if the broker offfers high leverage up to 1:1000 i’d be glad too


Estoy muy satisfecho con el servicio que brindan, todos los problemas lo solucionan al momento y en sentido general todo trabaja muy bien

cs good.

Very helpful indeed. All the individuals remain focussed to get the best out of themselves in order to help us the clients. Well done and please keep it up.

Best Regards

Pierre Mifsud


Dear Garth,

Thanks for your feedback.

First of all let me point out that our customer service is available 24/5 via Live Chat or phone. Most likely you were not dialing the right number, as you needed to dial the country code (+501) before our phone number. Anyway, as our representative in the Live Chat advised, you could have submitted a callback request on our website if you had difficulties with contacting our phone number.
Also, please kindly note that there had been no trading activity on your live trading account in the recent 1,5 months. That’s why you haven’t received any trade reports recently.
Please feel free to contact our live chat or submit a callback request on top of our website, so that a member of our customer service will get back to you shortly.

Kind regards,

I have not had an e-mail or other correspondence regarding the status of my account in two months or longer. I have been unable to make phone contact as their phone has been disconnected or taken out of service. I talked to Violet on the help line and she gave me an E-mail address to contact someone with and it did not work either. What do you suggest I do to find out the status of my account?






In a previous mention, I was describing an experience with an individual and thus my comments were not about the broker but only this one person. FX Choice is about the best choice (no pun) for Forex trading, period.

Paul was a pleasure to talk to regarding deposits into my account

Dear Jim,
Thanks for your feedback.

We have investigated the issue carefully to understand what exactly was the nature of the problem you had with your trading platform. As we can see in our records, most likely your trading platform was not responsive because the robot you were running on your platform was temporarily out of order. It often happens that a MT EA hangs and this freezes MT. So the only way to retrieve your access to MT account was by restarting MT and removing the EA temporarily. This is what our customer service representative tried to do.
Also as you wrote: “while I was doing this chat timed out with no way to really reestablish it, only send email.”
As our records show, the chat session was closed by the visitor (i.e. by you) and there was no attempt to reinstate it. You could have connected to one of our chat operators by re-opening the Live Chat on top of our website.
That said we are truly sorry to learn that you had a negative experience in dealing with our customer service. We appreciate you doing business with us and we look forward to provide our best service.
Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service via Live chat or support tickets whenever you have any difficulties with your trading platform.

Kind regards,

I recommend this broker they work hard to fulfill everybodys needs they are simply the best iv come across my broker for life period.

Dear Dennis F
Thank you for your feedback.

Please note that the remote assistant solution suggested by our customer service operator has repeatedly proved itself as an efficient method and has been chosen by the majority of our clients.
That said, we’re very sorry to learn that you weren’t satisfied with the level of our service. In the near future, we’ll make sure to add detailed instructions regarding your query to the FAQ section of our website.

I had problems with MT4 and chatted with the C/S rep. After almost 15 min, I gave up. I aske for help walking me through setting up charts. he just wanted to get on my PC and do it himself, but I didn’t want that. All I wanted was a short tutorial but could not get the help I needed. I closed the chat without any help and totally frustrated. Good broker if you never need any help. Trying to fix it without any help I lost all my charts and they cannot be retrieved. I am so mad I could spit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Sirajul,

As we have already emailed you, there was an issue with our main Liquidity Provider, caused by the unprecedented event in the market. As you may already know, the Swiss Central Bank (SNB) changed their Franc-Euro policy and removed the 1.20 cap they had set on the EURCHF currency pair. This resulted in an unprecedented high volatility and low liquidity environment for CHF-pairs. It took 25-30 minutes until the price steam for CHF-pairs was back to the normal.
We understand that this issue may have caused you inconvenience and we are sorry for that.
If there’s anything that we can help you with, please feel free to contact our Customer Service.

i have experience in 3 forex broker and all are scam but fxchoice are the biggest scammer i saw ever.i have lot of bad experience with scammer fxchoice.example 16/01/2015 opening day 25 minutes they frized USDCHF,that nobody cant order and lot of i can prove it.
They will get your money by hook or by crook,so be carefull guys.

Craig J from the USA, I’m brand new to forex and the guys at FX Choice made sure the process to getting my acct verified was smooth and effortless. I highly recommend these guys!!! Can’t wait to make that serious dough.

Very accurate and very good service.Helpful and reliable.

Dear Steve,

Thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately one of our trading servers was down and coincidentally it happened at 15:25 server time, right before the highly-anticipated NFP release time.
We are sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused and hope for your understanding that certainly there was no deliberate intent to hinder the trading heading toward the NFP.

Had a few preliminary questions only.Answered in very informative manner.

Esta muy bien!Es la mejor!

Dear Novbli,

Thank you for your comment.

However it needs to be said that we do offer so-called “Islamic” or Swap-free accounts to our Muslim clients. You can apply for a swap-free account from within your back office profile.
If you have more questions, please feel free to contact our live customer service.

Very good customer service, quick response and solution any questions or concerns

the customer service assistance very fast and efficient …. that’s all i can say for now….

Hello a budh,

As we have already explained on multiple occasions, we have experienced a major issue with one of our liquidity providers, the issue affected our price feed and as a result, trades were executed at prices that did not exist. We have already taken steps and fixed the problem. All the trades that were effected during this period have been reversed. The situation is back to normal again.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

SCAM SCAM SCAM only thing I can say stay away
even if you plan on trade with this broker then DON’T EVER use EA’s on this broker (trust me you will lose)
I don’t know if its technical issue or they do it intentionally and this is second time in last 2 months.
this time my GBPUSD buy order at 1.6973 sl hit at 0.9400 on June 15th 2014. I guess if your in forex you would know that gbpusd has never gone below 1.33 in last few years then how come I had sl of 100,000 pips ?
and my account balance drooped to -32,000 and when I try to contact them they saying investigating and say if its from our end well fix it, makes me laugh they saying “IF”, dude look at SL (when I try to contact them couple of times they disabled chat on their website), anyways I not gone rate this broker, If I have to rate Ill rate -10.
and hope to get my account balance back.

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your feedback.

Unfortunately it isn’t clear from your feedback, whom did you contact to resolve the VPS connection issue. In addition to providing you with a free VPS, we also offer 24/5 customer support that you can get in touch with at any time. That said, after going through your VPS logs, we were not able to detect any connection issues on your VPS, so in our reply we asked you to reboot the VPS from within your back office profile in the unlikely event of having connection issues.
Regarding your account closure, as we have replied to you on two occasions, you are supposed to close your open trades and withdraw your funds before we can close the account.
If you have any question or need our assistance, please feel free to contact our Live Chat.

Good luck with your trading.

Fast, effective and excellent chat support on MT4 platform issues.

100% most helpful, very happy with their support and made a mistake depositing into an other account from FX and normally I should have lost my bonus. FX Choice credited the full bonus to my current life account. Quick response to any problem one my have
regards Maximilian

Just opened account today. Ajit, the customer service representative was very helpful.

Excellent service on the live chat. They are available 24/7 and very helpful. I would recommend them as a broker.

Fx choice customer service Executive Ajit is too good in clearing doubts . Thank you.

I have had very good service from opening my account, to funding , to having questions answered. All was easy and prompt. Thank you so far.

very good customer service and fast aprove accont… good broker for USA clients

very great and very fast customer service

Dear Clients,

Thank you for submitting you valuable feedback.

I’d like to start by pointing out that reviews received from “India, Kumar, March 17, 2014” and “Saudi Arabia, Ahmad Marzouq, March 17, 2014” were certainly submitted by our real customers. Mr. Marzouq for example, is a very dignified professional, whom we’ve had the pleasure to provide trading services in about 2 years. As we were informed by the forum administrators, those reviews were marked as affiliate by the system, because they were submitted in a matter of minutes.

As regards the review from “USA – a budh, March 18, 2014”, we have already contacted the client to investigate the issue further.

Spread-widening and price gaps happen from time to time, and there’s really nothing we can do about them, as that’s the real market environment. We receive from our LPs exactly the same price-feed that is reflected on our trading platform. However the issue our client “a budh” has complained about, seems to be a technical one, and we’ll certainly correct it immediately.

We do investigate each and every complaint we receive. To let us know of the issue you have encountered, please just send a brief email to [email protected].

Good luck with your trading.

I trading with this broker as it is best.

I highly recommend this broker and I’d like to tell all the world forex traders about.

(Regarding the review submitted from United States on February 27, 2014)
Dear Customer,
Thank you for leaving your review here.

First, let me begin by saying that we highly appreciate your feedback as it certainly helps us improve our service.
Please be kindly informed that to trade Bitcoin, as well as all other financial instruments that we offer, all you need to do is just open a demo account from within your existing back office profile, then log into MetaTrader4 trading platform and place trades.

Here’s our detailed tutorial on how to log into your account on MT4:

As for placing Market orders, please make use of the tutorial below:

Regarding our video tutorials, I wanted to address some possible confusion. I may agree with you that referring you to our video channel was a bit premature, and I’ll certainly do the necessary work with our customer service representatives to prevent such misunderstanding in future.
That said, please note that there are indeed tutorials in English on our video channel, however videos in other languages are being added and you just needed to scroll down in order to fund necessary tutorials.

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me to [email protected].

Dear Ms. Heather,

Thank your for your feedback.

We’re looking forward to service you and hope you’ll have a positive experience in trading with us.

Dear Charles,

Thank you for your feedback.
We’re glad that you found our customer service helpful and we’ll be happy to help you with any queries that you may have in the future.

Good luck with your trading.

activated their Live Chat and Ajit answered. Very unprofessional and cold. And took two whole minutes to answer simple questions. I disconnected and retried, only to get Ajit again.

very disappointed. I hate Live chat agents that take two or three minutes to answer each question.

I had problems accessing the Platform because an incompatible indicator I attached to some charts resulted in the generation of the “not responding signal. I chatted with a technician, who remotely fixed the problem to my satisfaction.

I have been most impressed with their CHAT service, i have had several problems which were sorted out most efficiently. Thank You, FX, it looks like we will have a good relationship.

Dear Mathew and Lukas,

We appreciate your valuable feedback and we’re glad that you found our customer service “fast” and “mature”.
We’re definitely happy to have you among our clients and we’ll be happy to help you with any queries that you may have in the future.
Good luck with your trading.

The online help is very mature. They give mature answer within no time. There no dialog for wait operator is in another call, Thank you for your patient.

To the support group of MetaTrader 4:
THANK you very much for your prompt response to the problem I had. Never received a support reply as fast as I did from you . When you could not find the problem on your side of my account , you asked my permission and logged into my computer and fix the problem that way .
With in 10 minutes from I logged the call my program was up and running. That is what I call service
Thanks again.

I was very satisfied with the accurate and friendly help for setting up the tradersstation.

I switched to fx choice to use MT4.

Its easy to open different account types and transfer funds, They provide a free VPS if you has $3k between your accounts, which is really handy.

Not made a withdrawl yet. So far so good.