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Average: 2.7 based on 18 reviews
FXCENTRAL Forex broker reviews
  • Website: www.fxcentral.net
  • Year since: 2007
  • Headquarters: New Zealand
  • Company registration: in NZ - FXCENTRAL LTD FSP #: FSP55781
    in UAE - FXCENTRAL COMMERCIAL BROKERAGE LLC, D&B D-U-N-S Reg#: 1068427, License#: 647429
    under RBI as NBFC reg#:000043
  • Regulation: Financial Services Providers Register(FSPR),
    Financial Services Complaints LTD (FSCL), New Zealand.

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India,chandra c

February 11, 2015

5 years Total
4 years with this Broker

I have been trading with them for the last 4 years from India, yes they are the closest you can get to the Quality Broker and they are good in support and i didn't faced any payout issues from the company iam getting it in time , any of persons are not cheated by the company. fxcentral is good broker which i have never seen

Overall, everything that I have experienced with this Broker is better than the other brokers in India. (No One has stuck for 7 years in India)

Thanks regards
chandra c

Tags: FXCENTRAL reviews

India, James

August 8, 2013

8years Total
5years with this Broker

I have been trading with them for the last 4 years from India. I do have accounts with other brokers but I work from abroad. This broker has been decent enough to stick to what they have been telling. I have experienced the problem with the Payouts which was a delay in India, but I haven't missed getting the payouts. Yes, they are the closest you can get to the Quality Broker. Gladly, they have stuck here in India for 6 years.

I did get suspicious due to the office addresses being removed and no access on the phone. They don't work 24hours. Majority of the people who trade in the market don't know how much risk to take and understand the trading discipline.

Three Main Points to understand while trading in this market.

Choice of a broker who gives quality market

Trade as per the capital that you've invested.

Over Trading or getting carried away will be the main problem while trading. (Make a Target Based Trading)

Overall, everything that I have experienced with this Broker is better than the other brokers in India. (No One has stuck for 6 years in India)


Tags: FXCENTRAL reviews

India, Deepak

August 18, 2012

2 years Total
Demo with this Broker

Some very Important questions which I expect FX Central Bosses to answer:

1) FX Central went overboard last year proclaiming to the world that they are the 1st Forex Broker to be approved by RBI. They put this ad all over the net and on their website FXCentral.net. But now all that has been removed and they are very quiet. Why ? Did RBI warn them for misleading peoplegines easily in India ?

2) Why is it that their website now does not feature on search engines easily wherein if you type FX Central now in google, you will not find the website easily ?

3) Previously they had all their India offices addresses and phone numbers on the website. But all that has noiw been removed and there are no India office details on their website. Why ?

All this makes FX Central a suspicious broker, unless the FX Central bosses clarify these points. Guys - If these are not clarified you can be sure that this is a fraud company. Do not risk your money !

Tags: FXCENTRAL reviews


June 1, 2012

1+ Total
1+ with this Broker

They are frauds and have cheated me by closing my trades without my knowledge.
first they show good profits for a month and then do heavy losses and close your account for lack of margin money even when the losses are notional.

Tags: FXCENTRAL reviews

India , Cesna

February 5, 2012

2 years Total
1 year with this Broker

No. No customer service . Forex requires 24 hours customer service. Are they selling vegetables ? No body picks up phone during night hours . Phone numbers mentioned in web site is out of service.

Tags: FXCENTRAL reviews

india ,chris

January 14, 2012

3years Total
demo 4 months with this Broker

see they charging for 1.oo lot nearly 42 $ its not at all earning system ,u will be always under pressure and easy way to lose money ,one thing they got rbi approval ,but spread gap is 20 pip ,comission is 24 $ for 1.0 lot its too high not easy at all ,so kind advice is to be aware of that and do trading with them

Tags: FXCENTRAL reviews

osarun: Japan

January 2, 2012

over4yeras Total
nothing with this Broker

Their name is not in the list of the Financial Service Provider Registry in New Zealand (FSP).

Tags: FXCENTRAL reviews


October 12, 2011

12 years Total
never with this Broker

A fruadulent Broker that has no experience. Recently aquired by the previous owner who was deeply in debt. I would NOT recmend these individuals.

Tags: FXCENTRAL reviews

India, SJD

October 10, 2011

0 years Total
3 months with this Broker

They provide real time quotes for NSE and that's why I signed up. They are now down for over 2 weeks and no fix in sight. The calls to their phones are not picked up. The support tickets are not responded. However, they claim to have fixed all issues (on a forum) to avoid breach of contract from their side. When asked questions, the responses are derisive ... "you knew what you were getting into". Sad state of affairs.

Tags: FXCENTRAL reviews

india, aristo

August 2, 2011

4years Total
2years with this Broker

one of the finest brokers i hav ever seen, im doing good with them, no probs to trade with them ppl who are intrested can trust fxcentral.

Tags: FXCENTRAL reviews


June 29, 2011

3years Total
2years with this Broker

one of the finest broker i have ever seen,

Tags: FXCENTRAL reviews

India, raj

April 2, 2011

1 year Total
2 months demo with this Broker

No 1 fraud broker. They are not not authorized by any reguality authority. Don't through ur money..

Tags: FXCENTRAL reviews


February 28, 2011

4 Total
3 with this Broker

Pure ECN Broker ;)

Tags: FXCENTRAL reviews

USA, hillbilly

February 18, 2011

5+ years Total
They failed due-diligence with this Broker

The registration claims appear bogus. NFA app withdrawn last July. Not found in the other agencys' directories... Do your homework.


Tags: FXCENTRAL reviews


February 9, 2011

5 Years Total
3 Years with this Broker

FXCENTRAL has got multiple regulation in the world

> UAE we are registered as FXCENTRAL COMMERCIAL BROKERAGE LLC, D&B D-U-N-S Registration #: 1068427, LICENSE #: 647429, Licensed as: Commercial Broker,.

> New Zealand we are registered as FXCENTRAL LTD FSP #: FSP55781 as investment house incorporated under the Companies Act 1993 and registered with both the Financial Services Providers Register(FSPR) and Financial Services Complaints LTD (FSCL).


For more information about FXCENTRAL LTD, feel free to search our Financial Services Providers membership registration.


> India we are registered as FXCENTRIC BULLION FINANCIAL SERVICES PVT. LTD. under RBI as NBFC (Non Deposit Based) Registration#:000043

> USA we are registered as FXCENTRAL INC and is in the process of obtaining a regulation from NFA which is pending.

Tags: FXCENTRAL reviews
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