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FXTM (ForexTime) reviews

Average: 4.3 based on 122 reviews

FXTM Forex broker reviews

  • Website: www.forextime.com
  • Year since: 2011
  • Headquarters: Cyprus
  • Company registration: Forextime Ltd, FT Global Ltd, Belize
  • Regulation: CySEC license number 185/12;
    IFSC Belize (IFSC/60/345/TS and IFSC/60/345/APM); FCA 777911;

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March 24, 2017

5 Total
5 with this Broker

Best broker

Tags: FXTM (ForexTime) reviews


January 20, 2017

3 years Total
1 months DEMO, 6 months LIVE with this Broker

I have been trading on FXTM for several months, and both invested in the PAMM accounts and run my own managed account.
So far the trading is normal.
My robots work on a VPS with quite a ping, but I feel OK with everything.
I got all my money back (1K EUR) once when I decided to quit.
It was normal (1-2 days via a bank card transfer).
We will see what happens next.

Tags: FXTM (ForexTime) reviews


January 5, 2017

3 years Total
4 Months LIVE with this Broker

i go with this broker and start $250 fund. i earning now and the broker teach me well with trading.
Platform easy to use.i earning good for only few months now.

Tags: FXTM (ForexTime) reviews


December 28, 2016

1 years Total
6 Months LIVE with this Broker

When I start to trade on forextime,
I liked interesting promotions and contests.
All that is Ok, but now I know that other things are much more important.
For instance, order execution, not in half an hour, not in 5 minutes, but immediately.
I prefer scalping, and it’s important for me. And fxtm is Ok about it

Tags: FXTM (ForexTime) reviews


December 22, 2016

1 years Total
6 Months LIVE with this Broker

Good experience - competitive spread, fast liquidity, service support, Thanks

Tags: FXTM (ForexTime) reviews


December 20, 2016

2 years Total
4 Months LIVE with this Broker

FXTM is my second brokerage, I might not have enough experience to judge a brokerage, but FXTM been improving a lot since I first joined them.
my trades is swing trades there where my trades keep open for more than 5 days.
And depending on trend swaps can be positive or negetive. But it does not create any problem for me or till now I did not get any complain from them.

Tags: FXTM (ForexTime) reviews


December 16, 2016

2 years Total
7 months LIVE with this Broker

The main reason I choosed FXTM was ( besides the reviews ), Support team has been a great help so far.
I have gained 320% until now.
there is much to improve for this broker, but so far I am glad with the results.

Tags: FXTM (ForexTime) reviews


December 15, 2016

2 years Total
3 months with this Broker

There is no perfect brokers anywhere.
Pros : Good choice of currency pairs & CFDs, solid customer support,fast depost and withdrawal and fast execution speeds
Con : spread on cent and standart account, Need more serious trading competitions

Tags: FXTM (ForexTime) reviews


December 13, 2016

1 years Total
1 years LIVE with this Broker

as long as my trade executed fairly. made some profits and some losses, got 40% profits, and decide to withdraw my profits, and recieved it fast in my skrill account.
Good broker with good services. they are fair and not mess with your account with you made some profits.

Tags: FXTM (ForexTime) reviews


December 9, 2016

1 years Total
2 months DEMO 5 months LIVE with this Broker

Deposit of $700 to open a live trading account with them.
Definitely novices friendly broker and also for the experienced ones.
I read some negative reviews below but I have to say that traders have to be responsible of their own trades and must know clearly the broker's rules and regulations (just saying).
Having tried their products services, I can’t say that I have any complaints against them.
Hard to find a better broker around actually.

Tags: FXTM (ForexTime) reviews


December 8, 2016

1 years Total
2 Month Demo with this Broker

Everything is simple: before opening a real account, you should try to get the maximum knowledge.
If there are necessary materials on the website of your broker from, it makes your task simpler.
I, for example, did so. The site of FXTM has enough information, which helps to get the basic knowledge on the trade.
And I immediately went and traded on the demo. In fact I combined theory with practice. Due to this very I acquired all skills very quickly.

Tags: FXTM (ForexTime) reviews


December 5, 2016

2 years Total
6 Months LIVE with this Broker

After a few months since i open my account, I have No Problem with FXTM.
if we talk problems of indicator or expert advisor that we use in one of the charts, I think it might be wise if we re-check settings of the indicator or EA.
Because my experience of using indicators that I often use in another broker, there is no problem when I use in FXTM.
I'm sorry if there are less good sentence to be heard, this is only my personal experience during use FXTM as my broker.
Thanks to its service Dear Admin FXTM.

Tags: FXTM (ForexTime) reviews


December 3, 2016

4 years demo, 1 year live Total
3 months with this Broker

This is a good broker. They have a comprehensive website and support is very good. The only problem is that they widen the spread up to 4 times during the night. For instance, EURUSD spread is normally 18 points while it rises up to 54 points during the night. I think it lasts 3 hours during the midnight and then they come down to normal.

I haven't had any withdrawals yet because I'm on a demo for now so I can't judge their financial support but in general, they seem OK to me.

Tags: FXTM (ForexTime) reviews


December 1, 2016

1 years Total
4 Months DEMO, 2 Months LIVE with this Broker

fxtm really good broker to my suppose and my little practise here, I advise this broker to the newbies. Aslo I saw this broker in many approved lists. It seems that it's seriouse company.

Tags: FXTM (ForexTime) reviews


November 30, 2016

3 years Total
7 months LIVE with this Broker

Very good and honest Brokerage!I have been working with them already 7 Months!
Real conditions,fast support,no-problems with deposit-withdrawal.
The only one thing-not very narrow spreads at majors.
But at all its very good!

Tags: FXTM (ForexTime) reviews
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