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Forex-Metal reviews

Average: 3.5 based on 22 reviews
Forex-Metal broker reviews
    The broker is out of business
  • Website: forex-metal.com
  • Year since: 2007
  • Headquarters: Panama
  • Company registration: FM Financial Services Ltd, Belize;
    Dunboyne Investment, S.A., Panama
  • Regulation: Not regulated. Not found in the IFSC Belize register.
    (IFSC Belize, license # IFSC/60/156/TS/10; Commercial License Type A #2004-4123.)

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Panama, Don Julio

June 19, 2014

3 years Total
3 years with this Broker

Forex Metal RIPPED US OFF!!! Names REVEALED! (e-ForexGold.com too!)

We expose Forex Metal and owner VLADISLAV KOGAN (Born 1973, living in Sydney, Australia) in this Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMruhPTsXBY

(To read all details, PAUSE THE VIDEO often.)
00:00 Our story
00:21 Forex Metal web site
00:25 Victims
02.54 Forex Conclusions review
03:31 How Forex Metal describes itself
04:35 Who they really are
04:38 Photos and the Truth about their Century Tower address
05:32 Panama’s SMV (Superindencia de Mercado de Valores) listing of authorized Forex brokers and September 1, 2011 law requiring government licensing
05:51 More on their fraudulent address
05:58 Their Credit Card
06:11 Employee Names and some Marketing Sites
06:43 Bank of New Zealand wire transfer
07:16 Details of his many corporations, starting with New Zealand
08:35 Photos of his old residential address (apartment building)
08:56 Photos of his recent residential address ($2.2 Million AUD home)
09:49 Domain Names, and Cross Relationships linking names and corporations
10:58 Corporations since 2001 and more victims (Calobar LLC, Credit Alliance SA, Dunboyne Investment SA, e-ForexGold, FM Financial Services Ltd, FM Financial Solutions Inc, Forex Metal (Australia), Forex-Metal Exchange Services Inc, Forex Metal Exchange Services UK Ltd, Forex Metal Holdings Limited, Forex-Metal Limited SA, FX Index Limited, FX Index Pty Ltd, FX Index PTY Ltd, FX Markets PTE Ltd)
14:06 Aliom Trading not compliant with ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission), revoking most of its representatives, including VLADISLAV KOGAN
14:47 VLADISLAV KOGAN still claims Forex Metal (Australia) operates under Aliom’s License
15:02 Targets Binary Trading and India Forex markets
15:14 Forex Metal in 2014
15:31 In Conclusion
15:45 Research & Web Links, including Timeline (2001-2014), Corporations at a Glance, Domain Cross Relationships, Forums that Forex Metal Markets to, and Forums to Contact
16:57 Recent Updates
17:42 Updates and more to be listed under video “Description”

We will post this info at many popular trading forums (complete list under video); many already have posts on Forex Metal.

Where possible, we will start a new thread “Forex Metal Ripped Us Off!” for victimized traders to post comments.
To warn other unsuspecting traders, we will also post in the most viewed relevant threads.
Search “Forex Metal” for specific threads until we list them under Video Description.

We suspect Forex Metal created several personalities or used its affiliates either to say what a great broker they are or to market promotions, or both. Usually details are vague. Click on the names; often all their posts talk more about Forex Metal than actual trading.

We apologize for any repetition, but VLADISLAV KOGAN must be stopped from ripping off traders.


Please post your personal stories in this forum, and ALSO under the VIDEO’S “COMMENTS,”
This way, you have a record of your post at each forum and well as at one CENTRAL LOCATION for ALL traders to share comments.

A fellow trader that produces many videos exposing Forex, binary trading, and other financial scams has also created videos about Forex Metal:
Forex Metal - Avoid this Broker:
Forex Metal - This Broker is a Scam, BEWARE:
Forex Metal - Use this Currency Broker and Feel the Pain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IQEuzLJbBk

He also recommends that victims create and post their own videos (Ezvideo.com is free and simple), and include a link to our detailed video.

VLADISLAV KOGAN is Forex-Metal Payments Department at [email protected]
Traders, let him know what you think of Forex-Metal.
Email him your comments and copy his employees at:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

If VLADISLAV KOGAN eventually returns ALL of our funds, we will post that information in the future.

Traders, thank you all for your time, as well as any additional help or information you may offer.

Tags: Forex-Metal reviews


October 6, 2013

2 years Total
7 mouths with this Broker

Withdrawal NOT processed. Over 30,000 USD is still stuck in the withdrawal process. Please refer to the case at FPA.

I will update the withdrawal progress if it's processed.

Tags: Forex-Metal reviews

Australia, Sally

August 5, 2013

10 years Total
2 years live account with this Broker

I found Forex-Metal accidentally, while reading brokers reviews. I am very lucky to find this broker and trade for a while and have not had any problems with them. I have traded with other brokers before and can compare, they are pretty good guys, easy to deal with. They have live chat and ticket system and reply via email promptly. Order execution is great. Funding is instant, withdrawals quick enough for me. I enjoy their deposit bonuses as well.

Tags: Forex-Metal reviews


July 29, 2013

3 years Total
2.5 years with this Broker

Thank people. Took 40% bonus and joined to Man At Work (one of signal provider, find on their site). It made 200$ for me already, just in one week!!!! and I didn't do anything. So cool.Respect, I recommend.

Tags: Forex-Metal reviews


September 17, 2012

6months+1month Total
6months+1month with this Broker

I don't know,but I liked this broker. Just started to use their 100$ no deposit bonus. Works great for me, especially because I'm new at this business. Thanks guys for giving this opportunity :)

Tags: Forex-Metal reviews

ALGERIA, alhadi

September 17, 2012

more than 4 years Total
1 year with this Broker

I see many" scam" comments about Forex-metal, and all of this comments come from peoples who get the free 100$ bonus. After I read many of this reviews in many websites/forums I realize that many of them don't read terms and conditions of the promotions and if they did, they don't understand when they can withdraw any profits made.

I have an account with them for 1 year now and I am happy with there services, I didn't get any bonus from them but I know many who did and they withdraw profits without any problems.


Tags: Forex-Metal reviews

Portugal, Nunez

September 11, 2012

year Total
6 months with this Broker

I tried that bonus before and it was OK in my case, got $100 withdrawal.

Tags: Forex-Metal reviews


March 7, 2012

5 years live Total
1 month live with this Broker

I have open account on 1-1-2012 and they verified my account. after that i get $100 welcome bonus. after on month trading my account balance right now $1066. When the trading requirement of 50 bonus points has been completed, I sent the request W/D from their website. but until now there is no support can contacted to confirm the W/D request. I'm affraid they are scam.! for any trader in the world. stay away from this broker..Don't fund your account with your money..they will not give it back..

Tags: Forex-Metal reviews


February 1, 2012

7 years Total
2 months with this Broker

this very bad broker i trade make profit 600$ whenmake withdrawal i not get any money never

and support very bad
this broker scam all

Tags: Forex-Metal reviews

USA, me

July 13, 2011

I am looking for a FX broker but reading their website indicated that you can NOT submit a request to withdraw your money until all positions are closed. So this means i have to stop trading in order submit a withdrawal some of my money when i need it to? Can someone share experience how this works? many thanks.

Tags: Forex-Metal reviews


April 5, 2011

1 Total
8 monthes with this Broker

I opened an account with Forex Metal on the recommendation of my friend. For my purposes that's a really decent broker. With no reqoutes assuming that I am not scalping. Attractive promo offers - I've got ATM debit card from them. Excellent customer support, which responds shortly, is very helpful. I had never had problems with withdrawals.

Tags: Forex-Metal reviews

Mei Ling

July 10, 2010

two years Total
2 Months LIVE with this Broker

Forex Metal tempts people to open accounts with them by providing bonus with no swaps account at the following link,
https://forex-metal.com/discount/discount05. I opened account with them on 13th of May 2010, I traded more than 1,500 lots with them up to 25th of May, but only 300 lots calculated to get the bonus (It was not fair to me). Afterwards they rose up 2 pips for my account without any notice, few days later; they gave me the following email:
Dear Mrs. Mei Ling Chen,
We believe that forex trading is a two-way street: it should be profitable to both parties. We make our money from hedging customers trades through other forex companies or banks. Your trading pattern over the past few days shows that you prefer to hold positions for a short period of time, ripping 5-10 pips profit in most cases. At the same time your friend gets 1 per lot in commission payments. Of course it is your choice how you want to trade, but in such circumstances we cannot keep extra low spreads and make profits from hedging. Besides, our counterpart where we hedge our risks has changed our trading conditions, this prompted us to act.
We are re-assessing the situation and if we can offer you something better, we will. Rest assured that we want to keep our customers happy, but at the same time we cannot put our business at greater risk.
Forex-Metal Customer Support 31th/May/2010
I was forced to withdraw my money back; the money not belongs to me alone (two of my friends involve as well). I sent them 100K withdraw request on 25th of May; I shall get the money back at the end of May if Froex- Metal processed it properly. Unfortunately, they made the excuse like: One of our banks has a very strict anti-money laundering procedures for over 25,000 international payments. I asked them to separate into 4 wires, each one 25,000. With the help from PFA, they sent the first wire 25,000 to me on11th of May. But up to now, I have not heard from them regarding the next payments. I still have 75,000 with them. I am suffering a lot from withdrawal and trading experience with forex-metal. There is no way to contact their payments through the telephone.
I contact with their live chat twice per day. The answers are the same --- Please email your enquiry to the payments. I am under depression with this withdraw issue. What shall I do if they continually keep me waiting? Shall I report the government department which regulated the forex coms in Panama?

Also check the following link: http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/public/review/www.forex-metal.com

Tags: Forex-Metal reviews


June 30, 2010

2yrs6mnths Total
about one year liveaccount with this Broker

okay, so I am ForexMetal affiliate meaning that I refer my fellows from my country and my friends and I get comisions for this. THIS IS VERY GOOD BROKER, I also trade with them and they really pay and many brokers now do not pay. I want to say Viva, forex-metal and keep it that way!

Tags: Forex-Metal reviews


June 5, 2010

two years Total
one month with this Broker

Is Forex-Metal a scam company?
I open an account with them on 13th of May this year. They rose up 2 pips for my account one week ago without any notice. I sent the 100,000usd withdraw request on 25th of May, but the money still in their bank up to now. Do you know this company? How do you think about this company? Sarah

Tags: Forex-Metal reviews


December 26, 2009

3 years Total
1 year live with this Broker

They have a lot of server problems which causes orders not getting closed on TP or SL which causes a lot of losses, they act as if its not their fault and dont answer emails or phonecalls, if they do they just deny any fault.
Stay far away from this one.

Tags: Forex-Metal reviews
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