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ForexMart Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 2015
  • Headquarters: Cyprus
  • Company registration: Tradomart Ltd., Cyprus
  • Regulation: CySEC license number 266/15

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56 Reviews

Forexmart has been very patient with me when I was starting. They are accomodating and they assisted me in managing my account when I don’t know much whne I started.

ForexMart telah menepati kata-kata mereka apabila saya meminta bayaran balik dengan akaun saya. Saya menghubungi sokongan pelanggan mereka dan menyuarakan kebimbangan saya dan mereka bertindak balas kepadanya dalam tempoh hari. Respons mereka cepat dan saya mampu untuk mendapatkan wang saya dalam masa kurang dari seminggu.

ForexMart mempunyai perkhidmatan pelanggan yang benar-benar luar biasa dan saya boleh mengatakan bahawa saya telah mendapat apa-apa tetapi bantuan pelanggan yang terbaik daripada mereka.

I can trade with ForexMart with their platform and they provide everything within the platform that makes it more convenient to use.

Their platform is easy to use since everything in the cabinet is organized in tabs. I can monitor all my ins and outs of my account with the updated charts so i can see everything in one place.

ForexMart has helped me settle my minor problem in my account. I contacted their customer support immediately when I had error when placing my order before it affects my capital and lose money. They are very prompt in responding to customers.

ForexMart offeres excellent services in almost a year of traidng with them. I discovered this from a forum and people give positive feedbacks and I second those reviews. They are a trustworthy broker that offers profitable deals.

ForexMart is a very reliable broker since I am always kept up to date with the latest economic trends in the market, thanks to their economic news.

I chose ForexMart because their tight spreads and high leverage attracted me to trade Forex with them as my broker. Plus,I read positive comments from other members.

ForexMart allows me to trade with ease and still get the most out of my capital because they have very competitive spreads, plus their mobile MT4 application allows me to keep track of my trades even when I am away.

With ForexMart, I am always assured that I am protected from any kind of online fraud since they are regulated by CySEC.

ForexMart exceeded my expectations and it was very great. Last week, I deposited $150 and I received my premium after 2 days.

Since ForexMart launched their web terminal, my trading has never been easier and I can make the most out of my time thanks to this particular feature from ForexMart.

ForexMart really caters well to their clients since they make sure that my funds are always safe and immune from online fraud.

I read ForexMart’s news and educational materials to get better in forex. It has helped me a lot and keeps me updated with the latest news.

I can select the best price in ForexMart and execute trades without complications. All my trades for the past three months has been smooth sailing and I will continue trading with ForexMart.

ForexMart is very sincere with their clients. They have high regard unto their customers that’s why many of my personal friends and co-traders transferred with them. All of us says one thing, execution is very quick plus any currency can be traded with a very good deal of spread.

I found out that ForexMart has been awarded by ShowFx world as best broker in Europe and Asia for 2015. I am impressed considering that ForexMart has been in the industry for quite some time. I will expect more from this broker.

I could check my account anytime through my account and I get updated with the latest events in the global market which is good since I cannot monitor the news 24/7. This helps me with my trading and know the right positions to trade.

I tried trading with ForexMart for the first time using my live account and so far so good. I like that I can see all my transactions in the platform already and updated charts are shown while I can trade positions simultaneously .

I would definitely recommend ForexMart for new brokers since they really look after their clients and keep their accounts safe from any kind of online fraud.

Aku penasaran tentang tawaran ForexMart ini sekitar spendiong hanya $ 1 untuk membuka rekening di bawah mereka dan itu bagus bahwa broker populer ini memiliki jumlah terendah untuk menawarkan ke berbagai klien seperti saya. Saya mengharapkan tawaran lebih baik dengan broker ini.

Saya dapat perdagangan kapan saja dengan pc saya dan semua saya butuhkan adalah koneksi internet. Mereka platfrom adalah kesalahan-bebas seperti yang dijanjikan. Saya tidak mengalami masalah besar.

So far, the services of this broker is great, I would like to commend their staffs that are very willing to addressed all my concerns. After 5 months of trading with ForexMart still I haven’t deal major problem especially when it comes to withdrawal and execution.

They have weekly contest and the highest prize is 300 USD! I won once before the 6th place where I got 60 USD. I hope I win again next time.

I was lucky enough because I got a chance to deal with this company. From the day I’ve transferred to them the results of my trades are usually profitable. Every time I needed to make some withdrawals, I don’t encounter any bad issue.

I trade with ForexMart for a long time and their simplicity with their platform and interface is what got me to stay. Also, their transparency to transactions is a big factor when I trade.

I tried the educational tools of different brokers which confused me more but ForexMart is the only broker who helped me to have further understanding and I didn’t experienced any confusion anymore.

Thanks to ForexMart and to their very brilliant trading instructors for teaching me well because I was able to gain not only money but also confidence in executing trades.

I have encountered many fake brokers and caused me to jump from different brokers. But when I found ForexMart and followed the strategies they taught me, I made an additional earnings worth $30 on my first trade for the first 3 weeks.

I have been trading with ForexMart for over a year now and so far I haven’t encountered any problems with this broker. Tight spreads, low margin requirements, they really make sure that trades are well-executed.

ForexMart has helped me to get better in Forex Trading as they provide tools to guide me. Also,after trading for some time with continued support from them, I became more strategic in positioning my money.

I feel secure whenever I trade with ForexMart because they are transparent with fes and they follow the standards in Forex trading.

I withdrawn my profits in forex trading and got it as soon as I have submitted the required documents. The steps to withdraw are easy and transparent.

“This broker guided me as I learn step by step how to perform live trading of stocks at the same time helping me to win big trades while losing small money only. I enjoyed my transactions here with ForexMart.

As a trader I felt confident when I transferred to ForexMart because at the very beginning they prove that they are obeying the laws in the market since ForexMart is regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange (CySEC)

I am serious whenever I trade and ForexMart offeres services that I am looking for. They are fast, reliable and regulated by authorities. Makes me feel assured whenever I trade.

I became interested in trading with the commodities three months ago and ForexMart is the best company that can handle my investments since they provided quotes and charts so as to enhance my skills in trading.I salute you ForexMart!

I trade with 2 accounts and both receive bonuses. I had no problems with both of my accounts. I could trade breezely even with transactions.

ForexMart is very convenient for me since they have no minimum deposit amount for new traders and they allow their traders to customize their margins according to their preference.

When the day came that I made up my mind to start participating in the Forex market, I suppose that it will be difficult for someone like me. From the very beginning I already accepted the fact that it is inevitable to suffer from major losses. But ForexMart helped me to change the way I think about forex trading, I opened an account and experienced to have a healthy margin level. Thanks to ForexMart!

All of my orders have been filled. Great support from my account manager. I totally recommend this company from my personal experience.

Estoy en una vacaciones ahora en Asia, millas de distancia de Canadá y no tengo un problema con Forexmart. Todavía podía procesar los retiros y llevar a cabo el comercio con facilidad.

Todos mis transacciones comerciales con ellos sean suaves y rápidos. También el comercio con ellos en grandes volúmenes y no he encoutered ningún problema con mi cuenta en un plazo de 8 meses de negociación.

Soy cliente habitual de ForexMart y estar seguro de que son un tipo de elogio del corredor. Cada vez que me encuentro con algún conflicto en mis transacciones, que son receptivos a ayudarme. Uno de los mejores que me gusta de ellos es que son accesibles, la forma en que tratan con los clientes como yo.

Nunca me sentí preocupado por el riesgo para el capital que he invertido con ForexMart porque ya lo he comprobado sus sistemas de negociación y creía que son inteligentes y dignos de confianza y corredor de la divisa.

The platform of Forexmart is easy to use and navigate around compare to other platforms in my own opinion.

When the day came that I made up my mind to start participating in the Forex market, I suppose that it will be difficult for someone like me. From the very beginning I already accepted the fact that it is inevitable to suffer from major losses. But ForexMart helped me to change the way I think about forex trading, I opened an account and experienced to have a healthy margin level. Thanks to ForexMart!

Cuando llegó el día en que me hice a la idea de comenzar a participar en el mercado de divisas, supongo que va a ser difícil para alguien como yo. Desde el principio yo ya acepté la factthat es inevitable a sufrir grandes pérdidas. Pero la divisa Mart me ayudó a cambiar mi forma de pensar acerca de las operaciones de cambio, abrí una cuenta y experimentado para tener un nivel de margen saludable. Gracias a la divisa Mart!

Nunca pensé que podría encontrar un excelente corredor de la divisa eje Mart hace. Esta empresa está muy valiente, ELLOS biedt ejemplar servicio al cliente y las reglas sin estrés, más el sistema de retirada ha demostrado ser rápido e instantáneo.

Ik hou van de recente bonusaanbieding van ForexMart, ze echt laat me het meeste uit mijn kapitaal. Ik kreeg meteen een bonus van 50%!

Deze makelaar is onmiskenbaar de enige makelaar ik vertrouw. Ik ben één van de cliënten ForexMart voor meer dan een jaar en ik heb nog niet ondervonden geen problemen met mijn transacties.

Ik denk dat alle makelaars tegenkomen probleem, maar het is afhankelijk van hoe ze tegemoet te komen alle klanten zorgen. Maar voor deze no deposit bonus is goed. Ik ervaar enige moeite op het eerste. Maar later met de hulp van ForexMart Customer service support, zijn mijn zorgen meteen op te lossen. Daarom zou ik kunnen zeggen dat ze een geweldige service.

Als een beginner handelaren, heb ik niet het gevoel geen zorgen te maken toen ik begon de handel in Forexmart. Omdat ik vertrouw mijn vriend en ze vertelde me dat ForexMart is zeer betrouwbaar en beleefd te helpen me als ik wat problemen ondervinden. ForexMart is goede makelaar en beproefde.

Ik beveel dit Broker vanwege hun zeer toegankelijke website en onderhouden dit is een goede makelaar die ik zoek.

Ik probeerde Forexmart en ze zijn een legit makelaars. Mijn financiële transactie met hen heeft geen verborgen kosten en transparant. Keep it up!

Мой друг направил меня к ForexMart и он уже доказал, что этот брокер действительно заслуживает доверия. Я наслаждался мои сделки с ForexMart, я не испытывал никаких проблем на моих изъятий и что сделкам финансирования поэтому я решил регулярно торговать с ними.

Ik had geen klacht tegen deze broker zo lang als ik kan genereert meer geld met behulp van hun betrouwbaar platform. hebben verhandeld op dat geeft me de prijs die ik klik meteen, geen wachttijden, geen manipulatie, geen deal bureau, de absolute een van de goede prijs die ik ooit in deze markt ontvangen.

Ik Toen begon te handelen , HAD ik geen eigen strategie, maar met hun dagelijkse prognoses , trading tools en rubriek “For Beginners ” in haar the website of met veel informatie , bouwde ik mijn eigen strategie stap voor stap .

I will continue working with this broker. Received a bonus in the amount of 120$ and after 6 days got a 60$ profit. I recommend to try Forexmart.

Ik bijna minder dan een jaar handelaar van ForexMart, kon ik zeggen dat hun Customer Service Support Group zijn echt goed. Omdat ik ervaar eens moeilijkheden in mijn bonus terug te trekken en ik weet niet wat te doen. Daarom heb ik besloten om gericht aan hun support groep en ze onmiddellijk beantwoordde al mijn vragen en helpen me om mijn bonus te kunnen opnemen.

I had made few trades every now and then with Forexmart. It is easy, reliable and fast.

Their tools are very helpful. Before I trade, I always check their calendar to know the current trends.

Los borkers sensibles y satisfactorios deben recibir comentarios positivos con el fin de diferenciarles de las críticas dadas por los falsos traders Estoy aquí para demostrar que están equivocados, ForexMart me ha ayudado al trade ventajosamente. Solicité la retirada de mi beneficio y lo conseguí fácilmente

El precio es muy competitivo y ofrecen algunos de los márgenes más bajos en el mercado, junto con la opción de diferenciales variables y fijos. Y la retirada muy rápida , my experiencia en el forex de unos 6 meses y tengo una muy buena impresión.

Esperé mucho tiempo para obtener mi bono sin depósito, pero con las buenas explicaciones de la atención al cliente y un seguimiento constante, ya lo tengo y comencé a trabajar. Espero que dure por mucho tiempo y nunca me arrepentiré de elegirlos como mi nuevo broker.

Ik heb mijn bonus gemakkelijk Ik weet niet waarom, anderen niet? Misschien zijn ze niet volgens de makelaar regels of eisen daarom namen ze een aantal problemen door intrekking van het.

Casi menos de un año de usuario ForexMart, podría decir que su servicio de grupo de soporte al cliente son muy buenos. Debido a que experimento una vez dificultades para retirar mi bono y yo no sé qué hacer. Por lo tanto decidí que ha dirigido a su grupo de apoyo y de inmediato respondió a todas mis preguntas y me ayudan a retirar mi bono.

For all traders, beginners or who have tried trading across multiple brokers must register an account at this broker. With a minimum account size is only $ 1 trader get very satisfied service and also very kind trading server. I have been trading for over 7 months and have gained amazing profits . Trading process until the withdrawal of the profit goes smoothly. Experts also every day provides an analysis of the Forex market that really helped me make the strategy. I am very satisfied and very pleased to be trading at ForexMart.

Зареєстровано з цим брокером 2 місяці тому. До сих пір не відчувати будь-яких проблем в моєму виконанні торгівлі і зняття. Хоча був випадок, мій рахунок перевірка так довго через моїх документів з простроченим терміном. але в цілому я був задоволений і розбитим на їх проблеми і намагається дотягнутися до мене. спасибі, що forexmart.

it took 2 weeks before i received the bonus from their no deposit bonus, i got $100 only, how pity right, however will make it profit, after all its for free. looking for more with this broker.

I was satisfied with the services provided ForexMart. Every time I contacted customer support, they respond directly what I asked. Trading is always smooth and no problems.

Они установили хороший пример условий торговли и узкие спреды. У них также есть несколько вариантов вывода. Я пытался уйти и ушло всего 1-2 дня. Очень быстрый и надежный. Хороший брокер для меня.

Forex is a good online business that every one want to do but now these days many scam broker are on market so my friend tell me about a legit and true broker who pay the money and also pay peoples bonus in different way to make succeed them.

They gave my no deposit bonus with a very simple requirements and started to trade.I am looking forward also for an easy withdrawal because I can see in their website they have lots options for deposits and withdrawal that are very convenient to use by the clients.

Right on the money here, ForexMart has the best spreads that are fixed. You can’t find better overall broker in one place, takes credit cards, metatrader platform and good service. ForexMart is really reliable, trustworthy broker. Best thing is the spreads and fast transaction times.

Differents Affiliate programs that will give you lots of commissions,this broker is very generous you can gain profit thru your own account but you can still gain more if you refer many friends.This is inevitable offer.

Tengo mi bono de ayer. Muy contentos de comercio de divisas con este corredor

Great trading platform with polite customer support service. They are very interested in the success of its clients. They also offer educational tools for training and demo account to make familiar with the trading tools and it is free of charge.

I highly recommend this broker to anyone who wants to wrestle in the forex world, no commissions, quick execution, low spread, CS very welcome for serving client,,,,great

Differents Affiliate programs that will give you lots of commissions,this broker is very generous you can gain profit thru your own account but you can still gain more if you refer many friends.This is inevitable offer.

Trading with ForexMart I can say is great experience. Good trading execution, customer support is very attentive and helpful. Nice job

My trading experience with this broker has been amazing. Since the beginning, I received all the help from its reps and they were nice and polite with me. Also, they call me weekly to offer me new promotions. Spreads are tight and trading platform is stable.

I trade for morethan 1 year, I tried different brokers but only Forexmart made me satisfied in terms of giving good promo and quality service.

I have no dread to invest my money with this broker simple because they are Cysec Regulated with an authentic license.

ForexMart is highly recommended because of their transparecy and direct to the poit terms and conditions.

As a new trader Forexmart website is a beneficial tools to learn how the trading works, especially they have some examples to follow.

The best thing with ForexMart is you can use EA’s and it is swap free, really compatible for the newbies like me.You can ensure that your money will be use in a good faith.

ForexMart website is always updated , with useful learning tools that can helps traders to succeed.

Recommended for newbies they have a live support and live chat that can assist you 24 hours.You can ask them your inquiries with a direct to the point answer.

Very honest broker, I tested it a few months, input and output are very convenient and fast, a lot of payment systems, there are no restrictions on the deposit, you can at least $10-$20 dollars to use. Trading comfortable, no intervention.

ForexMart best broker that I’ve been trying for almost a year,great execution fast deposit and withdrawals.Professional customer service.

I have been trading with this broker 1 year and i must say, that i am very satisfied. Their service is very quick and they solved problem immediately. Spreads are low, platform is stable and fast execution.

After some rejections on account verification becomes annoying because I really want to trade immediately but after following all their instructions my account was approved. I started trading and now I gain a lot profit that I am planning to withdraw. It is worth waiting for the right time.

While I am waiting for my Bonus I joined on their MoneyFall Contest and won 2nd rank with $300 that to be added on my real account.It is a double earning I can get a bonus plus my prize on the MoneyFall contest.

I have no dread to invest my money with this broker simple because they are Cysec Regulated with an authentic license.

I have already been using ForexMarket for 6 months. I am very satisfied with them, all my order execution were processed without any re-quote. The most important thing is withdrawal,Bulls Capital Markets always processed my request.

Joined ForexMart 2 seachtain ó shin. Dá bhrí sin tá an próiseas fíoraithe bhfad fíneáil. Gan hassle ar chor ar bith agus a fhaigheann mé mo sonraí cuntais láithreach. Is trádála Started agus a fhorghníomhú go leor go réidh agus gan aon aga moille. Mór go deimhin.

Grateful with ForexMart for the opportunity given to me as a trader that I gained knowledge and experience.

big bonuses, free demo account, all these are available only in forexmart, If you want to trade with confidence, choose true ECN brokers with solid licenses

its been 11 months since i start forex trading, And so far i can now manage good trading. But i think i still need to be careful on my moves so i won’t encounter loss at this early time.

In my 3 months in Forexmart as demo account I encounter a good service from them. From their Website which is really easy to use and explore, therefore in a short time I decided to open a live account to this broker because i feel comfortable and secure.

All my orders got executed on real time. No problem at all. The staff of this company are very helpful.

Authentic Broker with best offers, useful trading tools and articulates customer service.

So far, no problems encountered until now. smooth sailing with my trading. but hoping for higher profit next time.

Their customer support is easily contacted and very articulate.

An authentic broker that giving a real bonus that you can use on trading with them and profit can be withdraw.

For me, I am very happy with ForexMart and it’s services.There are so many innovative tools.Trading conditions are the best for me.

When it comes to Customers Satisfaction you can rely on ForexMart! As one of the many Brokers of ForexMart I recommended this to all my friends and we all have great experienced. You don’t need to Deposit in order to Trade as they are giving Bonuses for their new clients and the best part is using their superb MT4 Platform it is very useful!

well, its been six months since i start with this broker, so far having a good time. Planning now to go live since i think that i’ve learn a lot already but still that i won’t encounter difficulties on first try.

At first I doubted their No Deposit Bonus offer but I got it and currently trading with ForexMart. Planning to withdraw my profit after met the withdrawal conditions.I think in order to be have a hassle free trading with them we should follow their rules and regulations.

got good results from my trade today, but still looking forward for higher and better profit next trade.

They have a great Bonus for a trader like me. I wish that they continue good promo so we will enjoy trading with this broker. Aside from that they are really accommodating and politely response for my query when I miss some step in opening account. Hopefully they will remain and continue their good service. Good job ForexMart.

I am grateful that ForexMart gave me an opportunity to be one of their traders as I gained so much knowledge and experience that I can used to my future trades.

Forexmart is very accommodating when you have some concern they will help you immediately. Good Service.

This broker offer as low as $1 for opening an account, so to know if it is true, i did use $1 to open. well, it is nice that they really accept low amount just to make clients open account.more to expect with this broker.

Used the $90 bonus they gave me to first try trading with them, so far after 5 months, I profit emough from it. looking forward for better results on the next trade i will make.

I practiced a lot in a demo account, then, I passed to a real one and I saw earnings in a short time of period. Analysis and forecasts are very accurate, they help me a lot to set my orders.

With their helpful and knowledgeable customer service I executed my trade successfully. Always ready to guide you and understand your concern because of that I am confident that my trade will be successful.

I can see all my record in client cabinet, very well designed. Also, ForexMart offers several payment methods to withdrawals and deposit and up to now, all has worked for me. Spreads are very tight and in its website, I can see a lot of information about forex market.

I am recommending this broker to all because despite of the negative issues that was throwing to them they professionally address the issues in a graceful manner. This is a trait of a trusted Broker

I tried their Demo Account and it is very useful. Soon I will open a real account and I am expecting that it will be greater experience because of their accommodating customer service and their no deposit bonus offer!

I am trading with them for six months so far no hassle encountered and currently doing good on my trading. Hoping for a long business relationship with ForexMart!

no big problem encounter until now, except that i only got $90 bonus from this broker. but i still thank them . after all $90 is not that small amount to give just for free.

ForexMart is a serious broker that true to their words even I don’t invest anything I got a bonus that I am using right now in trading. The best thing is I can withdraw my Profit.

I got no problems in dealing to ForexMart. I am satisfied for their services. Hope they will maintain this record to be always on update.

Worth the wait! Even I waited long for my Bonus I got it already and started to trade immediately so far it is doing fine and I am planning to withdraw my profit.

I’m very pleased with their services and my results. Everything works very well. I never had any problem. Platform has excellent functionality and tools.

I think all brokers encounter some problem, but it is depending how they cater all the clients concerns. But for this no deposit Bonus is good. I experience some difficulty at first. But later on with the help of ForexMart Customer service support, my concerns are immediately resolve. Therefore I could say that they have a great service.

I think all brokers encounter some problem, but it is depending how they cater all the clients concerns. But for this no deposit Bonus is good. I experience some difficulty at first. But later on with the help of ForexMart Customer service support, my concerns are immediately resolve. Therefore I could say that they have a great service.

verification is approved to me. process was fast though there was a tiny problem on the document i uploaded which is not clear i think. but i already started trading and fortunately tried to withdraw from my account and got it already. good job forexmart

good and a decent broker with a great service works to provide customer support. I was able to withdraw my profits without any problems and delay.

They have been okay for me in the last six months as i have been steadily building my account. They pay me and their custmoer service is great

waited 2 weeks to received the bonus i applied from their no deposit bonus. and so far its nice i got $100 from them. And i add it on my funds and use it as my capital.

deo ibgeum boneoseu ForexMart choboja leul-wihan joh-eun su issseubnida. geudeul-eun simjieo eotteon geum-aeg-eul ibgeum haji anhgo mulyolo jabon-eul eod-eul su issseubnida. geunyang boneoseu sincheong ttoneun konteseuteu e cham-yeo .

Watashi wa 6-kagetsu-kan, sorera no akaunto o motte iruto watashi wa watashi no torihiki keiken wa kanari yoku aru to iu koto ga dekimasu. Kasutamasapōto wa, watashi wa tasuke ga hitsuyōna baai ga arimasu.

I was pleased to get a 30% bonus, that was deposited at once. I am a beginner in trading and I’m learning yet. I tried other dealing centres, but I liked this one the most.

One thing I can say about this broker is that they are serious when it comes to customer service. They also keep clients informed via email of any significant new changes or issues.

I have a Standard account with them, which I opened a few weeks ago, so far they seem good. All my entries and stops were executed and they have good customer support. They seem a lot better than some of the other Brokers I came across.

I like my broker be my friend because I can be sure of their loyalty keep my money and not let him lose. I’ve heard from other broker that are good enough, but everyone has a good and a bad side.

so far, they give me good service. i just hope i can improve my skills on trading by their demo account.

I’m quite impressed since I don’t get delays in trades and no freezes, so it is very possible to make consistent gains as long as you just do things right.

Very good broker. I am trading with them for 10 months and I never had a problem. looking forward for more good trades with them.

ForexMart offers such a great trading platform capable to sets up my orders on time, it is very easy to handle and understand, therefore I could obtain good profit. I don’t have any doubts that ForexMart is really good broker, you should trade with them too.

Opened an account there just two weeks ago. So far so good. Have received prompt replies to all my questions and issues.

ForexMart is very accommodating especially when you have some concerns. They will attend your concerns immediately and promptly. That is why I am enjoying my Trading Life in ForexMart.

Saya rakan kongsi selama hampir 5 bulan dengan ForexMart tetapi sehingga saat ini juga saya tidak mengalami apa-apa tindakan yang berniat jahat daripada mereka. Telah mencuba 30% bonus dialu-alukan mereka dan benar kata-kata mereka, mereka membiarkan saya menuntut bonus bersama-sama dengan keuntungan saya tanpa sebarang isu. Dan mungkin ia adalah sebab mengapa saya masih berdagang dengan mereka sehingga kini. Tidak seperti broker lain saya datang dari, broker ini adalah benar-benar jujur dan sangat cepat.

For 8 months no major problem encountered. Just encountered minor problems which is pretty normal in the industry. Very good customer support. More reliable platform compared to three other broker I used to trade with. Competitive spreads.

This is a good trading company. They give you 30% bonus on your money when you start, which is good for newcomers that want to start and make earning in here.

In my trading at ForexMart from Demo up to now in live account, they always give my satisfaction in terms of good service and their promotions.

Until now there are no problems of their services to support them. all is well…

I like their no deposit bonus where in a received a $300 bonus after applying for it last week. maybe i ca use it to do trading later. i just hope it will get good result.

“I got my money after an hours I requested to withdraw half of my profit. Very responsive. This is what we call “” they valued their clients””.

Very patient and fast to answer my questions. I’m a newbie so I need people who are willing to guide me patiently. Deposited $100. I’ll see how it goes. But so far, they’re good.

ForexMart is my first broker, but I really enjoy trading with them. Their web site & platform are friendly use. And one of the best in this broker is their Customer Service Group support, they are excellent.

Dear Ma’am/Sir,

I would like to ask if you could include on your list of brokers our company, ForexMart, in order for users to write reviews about our service/product. Please see company info below:

About Us:

The industry’s rising game changer, ForexMart is an investment company operating worldwide. ForexMart is regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange (CySEC) with license number 266/15 and a member of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). The company offers numerous financial instruments to diversify a portfolio. It also adheres to the regulations set forth by the Cyprus Investment Services and Activities Regulated Markets Law of 2007 and the European Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).

For as low as $1, a novice trader can open a ForexMart account and enjoy superb trading platform, incomparable trade execution, and competitive spreads. Clients can trade forex, CFD on shares, and spot metals (leverage for gold and silver trading is 1:100). Traders can also use a leverage of 1:1000, one of the highest leverages on the market. The Cyprus-based firm also takes pride in its 24/5 client support, as well as latest and substantial educational materials to discover new opportunities and improve trading skills.

ForexMart has two bonus offerings: 30% Bonus and No Deposit Bonus. When a trader opens an account and makes the deposit, the company deposits 30% of the total amount of money deposited. The No Deposit Bonus allows clients to test trading platforms without experiencing any investment risk.

The company also provides free VPS hosting to all its clients. ForexMart has recently unveiled Money Fall, its first weekly contest where traders can win up to $2,000 every week.

ForexMart is the official partner of Union Deportiva Las Palmas, a Spanish La Liga football team.

Trading Terms:

Leverage 1:1 – 1:1000
Minimal deposit $1 / 1EUR / 1GBP
Spread 2 pips
Lot 100 000 (standard)
Minimum trade 0,01 lot
Stop out 10%
Margin call 30%
Trading instruments 108 currency pairs, 53 CFD on shares, 3 metals (164 total)
Trading Platform MT4
Account types 2 (ForexMart Standard and ForexMart Zero Spread)
Number of Digits 5
Bonuses yes
Demo Contest yes
Regulation CySEC

Payment Methods:

China Union Pay
Bank Wire
Yandex Money

I am hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Julius Novak

ForexMart are truly licence and safe. With in my 6months of trading with them I experience their support and guide when I encounter difficulties in withdrawing, because I don’t have any idea what will I do. They have Good quality Customer service.

i am new with this broker well, i got $90 bonus when i applied for their no deposit bonus. actually i add it up on my funds so it would be enough for trading, but for now so much thing to know about the other service they can provide me.

Saya mempunyai pengalaman yang hebat dengan ForexMart. Mereka tidak memegang dengan dagangan saya tidak seperti broker lain yang senyap mengawal platform mereka pelanggan mereka dengan suapan salah dan menyebarkan dan mereka juga mengubah suai leveraj dan pelayan mempunyai akaun segera dan tidak dijangka berhenti keluar. proses pengeluaran yang baik dan tidak mengalami apa-apa kelewatan.

I am new in ForexMart. But as I open in Demo account I really enjoy it because I got my first bonus in Forexmart amounting 90$. And I am now planning to open a live account here. I come up with this decision, because in my 3 months in Demo Account at Forexmart, I reviewed, observed and experienced, that they have good program and services for their clients which is the one that i am looking for a Forex broker.

still on their demo, well so far no problem encountered until now, still gaining experience on this broker. 2 more months and maybe i can now use live account and do serious trading. just hoping for more profitable trades withm this broker.

Ik was heel blij met de support service van ForexMart want zelfs ik ben niet in staat om forex trading begrijpen dat ze me veel leren en de website biedt educatief materiaal. Ik kan nu de handel met een prachtig resultaat.

I have an account with them for 6 months and until today, I’m not facing any problem. MT4 platform is easy to use. have good offer especially their no deposit bonus, you just have to apply and wait for it to send on your account and even can use it to trade.

Yes, for now I do satisfied to their services. Because they are easy to contact and access for my some queries. They gave me immediate response and feedback. Hopefully they will maintain and they will be consistent to the services they offered every clients they have.

Buen broker, se aseguran que sus clientes están satisfechos con el servicio que ofrecen, sobre todo dan el bono.

I had no complaint against this broker as long as I can generates more money using their reliable platform. have traded on that gives me the price I click instantly, no waiting, no manipulation, no deal desk, , the absolute one of the good price I have ever received in this market.

5 months in demo, so far no problems encounter until now, i just hope i’ll get higher profit next time. and can make huge earning with it.

I have an account with them for 6 months and until today, I’m not facing any problem. MT4 platform is easy to use. have good offer especially their no deposit bonus, you just have to apply and wait for it to send on your account and even can use it to trade.

Brokeri nisu savršeni, i to je razlog zašto morate odabrati brokera koji bi mogao lako kontaktirati kada se pojave problemi i to je jedna od dobrih stvari koji su moje povjerenje sa svog brokera iz depozita do povlačenja oni su uvijek rade hitnu akciju.

Never had any problem with withdrawing profits, so all good for me. Today got to do trades again from the profit i withdrawn.

I start trading I never found a broker that my terms adapts until I forex mart you found are good broker. Real-time execution and a good demo account. Processing revocation quickly. never find brokers like this

so far, i get good results from all of my trades with this broker, but i hope higher profit for next time. and maybe if it will favor huge profit is much better.

I had a good experience with ForexMart company! they really have a nice service and the staff here are all polite and they know how to respect their customers. Great work!!!

No Deposit, $ 150 I expected, but it was only $ 60, well, that’s okay, in his charge as a bonus. I would like to make a profit from it and may use it to trade

it took 2 weeks before i received the bonus from their no deposit bonus, i got $50 only, how pity right, however will make it profit, after all its for free. looking for more with this broker.

They give very active support and follow up my issue to make sure I am satisfy. suitable for new and experience trader

J’ai plusieurs comptes avec ce courtier et profite de différents bonus. Jusqu’à présent, je fais profit et heureusement, je l’ai gagné beaucoup d’argent avec eux. Voilà pourquoi je vais rester avec ce courtier pour une bonne

I just open my No Deposit bonus to this company,verified and applied Bonus. I waited for the bonus to my account but ForexMart told me that processing of bonus is in order and while I am waiting for the bonus I can join to their Contest then I did join I ranked 2nd and it was credited to my real account that will be added for the bonus that I can get. Isn’t great!

well, 5 months ago, received $90 bonus from their no deposit bonus, but i ruined my bonus, and trying to profit and never repeat having loss.

forexmart hizmetlerinin kalitesini artırmak için ellerinden geleni veriyor sevindim im. Ben ilk başta bu broker şüphe ama yanlış hırsız olma, onları suçlayarak. geçen hafta işlem gören ve yaklaşık 130 $ için yararlandı. Ben bir geri çekilme isteyin. iyi belki bazı sorunlar nedeniyle bana paramı almak için 2 gün sürdü ama yine de ben aldım. diğerleri karınızı ödemezsiniz söylediklerini aksine.

Я надеюсь, что их процесс проверки более быстрым и надежным, потому что время ожидания иногда слишком долго. но, как их состояние торгового и исполнения это хорошо со мной

just a newbie to this broker, still on demo account and got to received a $80 bonus last month. I did use it to open a new account with them. so far so good.

I opened account with this broker just to try how it is going, I made a withdrawal when I got my first profits and I was surprised that I received my funds within 24 hours since the request was made. so far so good, expecting more good work with them.

i like their no deposit bonus, recently i received a $80 from them, its not that large money but at least they gave something that i can use to start my work here in forex trading.

saya terkesan dengan staf pendukung di forexmart karena bahkan saya tidak mampu memahami perdagangan forex banyak mereka mengajari saya dan mereka situs menyediakan bahan-bahan pendidikan. sekarang saya bisa berdagang dengan keuntungan.

I never have difficulty in my deposits and withdrawals for they have several payment methods. Will probably trade with them for a long time.

i don’t know why some people are posting negative about this broker, for me they are good and reliable broker.

well, so far i still have no complaint with this broker. receiving good and polite service from them. i just hope next time i can get higher profit compared from my previous one. so far so good.

aikhtarrat ‘ann alttijarat mae hdha alwasit bsbb almakafiat muthiratan lilaihtimam wamawthuq biha taelimuhum w mukhtalifatan wamusabaqat . waealaa alrghm min daem aleumala’ fi bed al’ahyan la ymkn alwusul ‘iilayha biqadr ma ymkn ‘an yakun. lkn kl shay’ fi kl shay’, wa’ana ‘uhibb khadamatiha w ‘ana rad tamamaan .

I’m on my seventh month with this broker an d so far i like the flow of my trades. their no deposit bonus is helpful since i use that bonus they gave to do trades. maybe next time rather next month i’ll be in live account.

I’ve been being trader for a long time and have joined in many brokers in this forex world. I’ve experienced with them and know well about their service and their attitude. I recommended to trade in ForexMart broker. Why??.All their services will make you in first priority. They always hold their words, FAIR, and very responsible..

this broker here is good. It is suitable for beginners that want to turn into professional traders if they want to. I could trust on this broker. Spreads are fixed in major currencies and up to now, I haven’t seen requotes in its trading platform.

i am new with this broker, i’m still in demo account to practice more before i open an live account. even got a $80 bonus from their no deposit bonus when i open and apply for it. looking forward for more good results from it.

I’ve been being trader for a long time and have joined in many brokers in this forex world. I’ve experienced with them and know well about their service and their attitude. I recommended to trade in ForexMart broker. Why??.All their services will make you in first priority. They always hold their words, FAIR, and very responsible..

I still on demo account. i want to practice more before i open a live account to make that my plans are effective and can gain good results and earn large profit from it. I’ll post update if ever something went wrong. but for now, i can say, their good especially on giving nice services to their newbies,.

I try them out with a small amount of money and see how they treat me. The most important thing I need from a broker is good fair pricing and fast execution. You don’t really need anything else, its all bells and whistles.forexmart gave me good fair pricing, fast execution AND keeps out of your way and lets you get on with it.

So far it’s been nearly 4 months and I’m satisfied. I would recommend to others if you’re looking for reliable and good service. I also have a demo account for 2 weeks and now open a real account. So far it’s been great and I have never done this before.

Sehr gute Forex Broker. Ich öffnete Live-Konto und versuchten, ihre MT4 Plattform und es geht gut und glatt. Support-Teams sind ausgezeichnet. Alle meine Fragen wurden elegant und schnell beantwortet. Entnahmen ist auch gut es nur ein Arbeitstag dauert.

The most necessary part of forex trading is to practice on Demo account. Actually experts says demo is the only platform to test your strategies, check your skills and test any kind of indicators without even losing own money. Using demo with different brokers and reading some reliable forex forums will help you better understand the market and build your own opinion just like I did before I traded with forexmart their demo account help alot in trading.

So far everything seems working fine now, i used the bonus they gave me to start trading with this broker. but i am still in demo account because i want to practice more to make my trading better and earn large profit.

m ForexMart ciniki. ta cinikai tafi, ta hanyar sosai da sauri. Abu mafi muhimmanci shi ne janyewar, wannan dillali ko da yaushe sarrafa ta request. An sarrafa a lokacin 12 hours a aiki lokaci

I like my broker to be somebody who is my friend because I can be assured of his/her loyalty to keep my money to the best and away from losing. I have heard though, of few brokers who are good enough, but each has a good and a bad side.

I have been trading for a long time with different Forex companies but here I felt the difference because they will ask you to try the Demo first and it is up to you if you will pursue on Live.Unlike the others you are clueless of what is going to happen.

just new with this broker, so far still using demo accounts. but i hope i’ll learn even more so i can get good profit.

Ich glaube, ich bin eine Art von qualifizierten Händler, weil ich seit fast 3 Jahren gehandelt. Dieser Makler scheint stabil und passt für Scalping Handel. der Bonus ich mehrmals auf zwei meiner Konten verwendet haben, und es kann große Hilfe bei der Nachricht. Abziehen von Geld aus beiden Konto war wie 4 Stunden lang in maximal

just new in this broker. still in demo account, but i hope i still get good profit even just a little. so far seems fine with this broker.

When I saw their adds on the website at first I doubted their No deposit bonus but I said to myself there is no wrong in trying so I decided to join and I got my $50 bonus quite small than what I expected but it’s Ok. I gain profit and withdraw it easily!

The no deposit bonus that ForexMart offers helped me to start in my trading with them because i used the bonus they sent me for me do begin trades. $80 is not a small amount to give for free but they still gave me such amount. now my trading i can say so far so good.

Brokers aren’t perfect, and therefore you must pick a broker that you could easily contact when problems arise and that is one of the good thing that caught my trust with my broker from deposit to withdrawal they are always doing immediate action.

cepat eksekusi perdagangan staf yang baik. menarik dana saya berhasil

I was having trouble with my previous broker. it is always a pain to deposit and withdraw due to broker policy and bank communication problem specially if you are doing everything at home with your computer and card but with when I started trading with ForexMart I more of a worry free trader because everything is smoothly processed.

This is my first time in trading and I really didn’t expect it that on my first attempt I can get a bonus of $80 I thought it was just a promotion on their website but when I tried I got luckily given a bonus. I started trading then I gain profit and I withdraw it easily. After this I will try their other bonus offer the 30% bonus. I did not invest my money instead I got money from them.Thank you ForexMart and more power!

I never faced any issues with them ever since I started trading with them.They are not like the others that makes me wait forever with my withdrawal request. Not to be exaggerating or something, but they really do have very good offers to clients.

I was just like trying to trade on this broker before since it’s really hard for me to trust but when I did check their background and offer I can say bonus is quite fair for firs time trader but here I am still trading with this broker.

For now, still using demo account with this broker. so far, getting good service from them every time a have inquiries. Looking forward for more good work with this broker.

I don’t experience any issues in my account especially in my withdrawals so far. Amazed by their great service, accurate analytical reviews and very responsive customer service reps.

so far everything seems working between me and this broker. received $30 profit yesterday on my account.


I was always having issue on my previous broker because of the deposit method same as with other existing broker but when saw ForexMart I was having doubts due because of possible scam, what I investigate their license and tried a demo account and I can say they are legit because I am trading with this broker now and satisfied and making deposit is not a problem with this new broker of mine.

So far my trading is in good start with this broker. yesterday i profit $70, i hope next time it would be better than $70.

I like my broker to be somebody who is my friend because I can be assured of his/her loyalty to keep my money to the best and away from losing and I’m happy ForexMart did that to me. I have heard though, of few brokers who are good enough, but each has a good and a bad side.

Some traders experience problems with the real time data accumulation of a platform. And I am one of them. Finally, I found a platform that suits me well and I found it in ForexMart. They have real time data, fast trade execution and smooth transaction.

So far i’m still in demo and practicing my trades, i used the bonus ForexMart sent me when i apply for no deposit bonus. Not that large amount but at least it helps me to start. i just hope i can profit even more for next time.

ForexMart people are professional and trading with them is the mostly profitably one.Good platform great customer service.They always works hard to resolve my problems. Withdrawals and deposits are very fast. Well executed terms and conditions and customer oriented team.

just want to share my experience on reason on choosing my current broker Good Forex brokers will allow you to deposit funds and withdraw your earnings hassle-free. Brokers really have no reason to make it hard for you to withdraw your profits because the only reason they hold your funds is to facilitate trading.

Your broker only holds your money to make trading easier so there is no reason for you to have a hard time getting the profits you have earned. Your broker should make sure that the withdrawal process is speedy and my current broker Forexmart.

I have nothing but positive review with ForexMart ! I am currently trading with them and enjoying the bonus that they offer. No glitches so far and hoping for the best result.

I expected $150 bonus from them for no deposit bonus but i only received $50 3 days ago, well all is fine, after all it is for free, hope it’ll profit.

In ForexMart, my trades pass through rapidly and execution never misses a beat. My emails and withdrawals were attended and processed my requests promptly and without keeping me waiting for a long time. The client’s support team were friendly and accomodating

It lets me invest to managing traders that has a big potential of gaining profits and get portion of it. It’s a good strategy for a newbie like me, as I can manage to earn profit with the help of a skilled trader. I’ve been gaining quite enough through this System and I really recommend traders to try this one out

after execution of trade withdrawal is my always problem before from my previous brokers but with ForexMart I never had problems like my previous brokers.

Trading with the reliable broker like ForexMart is stress free! They will guide you all the way with the help of their competent Customer Support and to name of the few benefits that I experienced is their No Deposit bonus you will get Profit thru their own money and easy to withdraw.two thumbs up for ForexMart!

I was surprised that ForexMart gives the information and everybody can read it. I think it’s the honestly.Last 6 month trading experience I can say that, this is a great broker for newbies. I’ve learned a lot of new things already from their forum. There’s even an online trading discussion, where you can find some experienced traders posting their comments and forecasts on where the price will be going in next few hours. This is really great to talk to such people.

I always have a hard time on deposit from my previous brokers because of their deposit system but when tried this broker I never expect this one will be processed with-out me thinking that I need deal with my bank manager again.

I thought I was going to try only this broker because nothing to loss on my money because they provide bonus. after getting my profit and I just observe how they process trading if it will take long time before I can get my money but now after getting my profit I’m still trading with this broker, fast, efficient and secured transaction.

I am always happy doing my business in forex trading at ForexMart. I am happier using forex broker with offering me the lowest spreads in the world. ForexMart
is really good broker. So far, I’m positive about this broker with amazing conditions for trading.

I am always happy doing my business in forex trading at ForexMart. I am happier using forex broker with offering me the lowest spreads in the world. ForexMart
is really good broker. So far, I’m positive about this broker with amazing conditions for trading.

I am always happy doing my business in forex trading at ForexMart. I am happier using forex broker with offering me the lowest spreads in the world. InstaForex is really good broker. So far, I’m positive about this broker with amazing conditions for trading.

This is the first time I worked with such good broker that allowed me to increase my money a lot without being aware of the market every moment. If you want to participate in the forex world, ForexMart is one way towards it.

I tried several brokers before but in the end I pursue my career with ForexMart and I felt that they are fair enough to trade with. They also have good reputation and also good in other features. They provide wide range of instruments to negotiate in currency pairs and metals.

I opened a demo account last week then apply for a bonus, after 2 weeks got $60 in my account. what is scam there ? maybe it is not still for withdrawal, we must also follow their rules on how to withdraw your funds.

I started trading with this company 3 months ago and I don’t regret anything. Gainful bonuses, contests and campaigns, I find these offers a very great deal to test my luck. Their server is quite comfortable to use and does have smooth connections.

I’m just a part time trader and always earning a bit in trading, but for that strategy I’ve been doing it for a long time now because this broker is really great, never fails on my expectation after every close deal and getting my profit.

ATTENTION !!! Final update about NO DEPOSIT BONUS !!! I wrote few days ago very glorified notice about Forexmart. It was my biggest mistake with any broker company. Be carefull and don`t waste time with them. Till your withdrawal process is everything ok and they are very friendly against you but then you don`t get anything to your bank account or credit card, or skrill or whatever other you use for deposit and withdrawal of your money. Their trick is very easy, read carefully this point in the no deposit bonus agreement: 5.4 The maximum sum available for withdrawal from accounts with No Deposit Bonus doesn’t exceed the amount of initial bonus. This rule does not apply if the profit was derived from real funds deposited by client. So, you will be able to withdraw max. about 100 usd from your account in real and doesn`t matter if you will have in your account 1000 usd /how i had it/ or 2000 usd. 100 usd and no more, rest of your profit is moving to forexmart pocket, plus their loan 100 usd they take back with 20 percent extra and also spreads from every your trade is also their profit. Is it funny enough for you? Yes, they are pretty crazy company. So, be carefull and move to better, serious companies like a XM, or DMM, OctaFX or Harborx is.

Trading with ForexMart is really fulfilling,you can trade without sending out your own money but they are giving money and that is their No Deposit Bonus.

I am having a good time in trading with my new broker ForexMart they gave me a $40 bonus although I am expecting a $150,but it is okay at least I did not invest any single amount. When I already met their withdrawal conditions I can withdraw it and I am planning to open a new account for their 30% bonus because you can open an account with them with your $1 imagine how generous they are. Thanks ForexMart for the good experienced.

They serve me very well and I do not found difficulties when try to contact them about account problem. I have made some successful trades with them. Their services are really professional and good for traders.

this is good broker, no commission, fast execution, low spread, friendly support i do recommend this broker for every one who interest forex….

I’m a new guy to trading and this broker got recommended by my friend and now here I am still trading with this broker.
Platform tools, deposit and withdrawal everything is being done by my click here in my computer.

I am just a part time trader but did not expect to found another trusted broker where I can invest my money in trading.
customer service and lots withdrawal is very efficient.

Reliable customer support and dedicated staffs to help out their clients. They meet all my needs and expectations and all my order execution were processed without any issues or requotes

I personally like the variety of bonus and contest programs and services to support a newcomer. Their website provides sufficient information. Their spread is very low; executions are so fast that their system is also good and have no delay; their trading platform is good and stable.

I recently opened a live account at ForexMart and I am grateful for they send me daily and monthly transaction details. At first, I decided to give them only 2 stars and to let them have my ratings of 5 stars, they must prove to me first that I can make a withdrawal and they are legal. To my surprise, they let me withdraw and received my fund in less than a day.

Already found the Broker that I am looking for, I saw their ads of giving No deposit bonus and I got interested so I decided to join. I claimed my bonus and it was automatically credited to my account. I started trading using their useful MT4 Platform and have profit when I decided to withdraw the process was so easy with the help of their Customer Support and I got it immediately!Gracias ForexMart!

I am really glad with this broker because i could start trading with just one dollar. That was great for me because I didn’t have too much money, but with its wide range of bonuses, i can increase considerably all my deposits.

I found another trusted Broker I thought I wouldn’t try other Brokers because of scams and fraud incidents in Forex Trading. I am happy that my friend recommended this Broker with easy withdrawal and not to mention the bonus they provide is really great!

I recommend ForexMart especially for those who prefer manual trading. I normally let my trade go on for at least 5-7 hours and for me it’s essential to have less swaps and less execution problems at the right moment. And this broker here can give you that kind of trading conditions.

I am satisfied with their services, they really know how to make their clients comfortable with them, with this broker i have assurance that my money is in the safe broker, I like also their bonuses it make me trade more and its really attracted especially for newbies who just starting.

I am satisfied with their services, they really know how to make their clients comfortable with them, with this broker i have assurance that my money is in the safe broker, I like also their bonuses it make me trade more and its really attracted especially for newbies who just starting.

ForexMart is much better than my other one. I can deposit for as low as $1 and even get bonus with out putting any amount. And there mt4 platform is Convenient and glitch free.

ForexMart is such a good broker. when i apply for bonus last week, i received $50 after 5days, the good part there is even i don’t have any amount deposited i still got bonus even it is only that much. nice !

I have traded with many brokers since trading. I can honestly say that ForexMart have been by far the trades go through very quickly and I always get my monthly statement promptly. My trades never face delays, no spread blowouts and best of all is their service to me.

I can say that ForexMart is a reliable Broker. It is easy and convenient to trade because of their useful Trading Tools and supportive Customer Service. When I decided to closed my trade and withdraw my money I got it on time same on what is on their withdrawal processing time.

I’m happy to find a new broker now. All trading transactions that was processed on this broker is really secured and getting your profit after every trade is not a problem because the customer support is always ready to assist me. unlike my previous broker It’s really hard to do trading due to limited client support.

bonuses for every deposit and the possibility to open an account with even 1 dollar! I’d like to recommend you to trade with this broker because for me it is better for now. Good luck!

The platform of this broker was quite impressive. No disconnection issues or whatever.I actually surprised I got nice service from them. I was test them since only small money to opening an account, I did surprised and the customer support very good!! And they are fast also, I don know why but maybe I still new that’s why they good with service.

ForexMart has never failed me after years of trading with them. They try to make trading more safe and profitable. They always see to it that you get what you deserve through their fast and reliable withdrawal process. Improvements of their website has probably adds up to their quality services.

I have a great time of trading with ForexMart because it is really great brokers with nice system. Although I have some trades failed but it is ok when they offer more bonus and contests for clients in their page. I am also impressive with their customer Support which are very friendly to give supports and professional in forex business. I strongly recommend ForexMart to you.

ForexMart platform is great because I am able to start trading with as low as $1. I’ve been trading with ForexMart for 2 years. I think it is one of a good forex brokerage company. They has the lowest spreads in the market. In addition,ForexMart has advanced and powerful platform without errors. I will keep up with this broker.

If you’ve heard ForexMart? Want to know the real experience directly from the client? I myself just trading one week together ForexMart to try Program No Deposit Bonus. Wow,, is real, my equity to many times its strengths, of course, I was able to profit awake, wondering how my profit? 400% friends in 4 days or 1 day 100%, I recommend immediately tried it, ForexMart broker is a good one, registered and have a lisence too.

“Before trying to trade, familiarize you check in advance the license owned by the broker. I did that for 2 years before I tried one broker. The result of my experience one Broker ForexMart, the analysis results and checking me, ForexMart really a great broker and has lisence and always pay. My current broker recommendations, Try Trade with ForexMart, ForexMart my options broker.

“Ever get a bonus of brokers trading? Usually the requirement is quite complicated to make withdrawals from the bonus. Other terms with No Deposit Bonus at ForexMart, actually directly added in my real trading account, so that the strength of my equity was increased. The result, of course, only the profit of 100% per day I get. Want to try ? please visit ForexMart, I recommend to you.

My forex trading since 2 years ago and fluctuations in terms of profit or lose. Since one month I followed and tried No Deposit Bonus at ForexMart, 4 days I can direct 400%, the secret is in Program No Deposit Bonurs ForexMart, wanted to know the secret? please try trading with ForexMart, my recommendations for your nice broker, ForexMart.

“Before you comment, please try first, experience of trading with ForexMart with No Deposit Bonus which adds to the strength of my equity. Repeatedly I share some trading experience and joint broker ForexMart I recommend to you.
Real ForexMart Broker registered with lisence and properly paid. ForexMart really good broker.”

Never imagined could profit 100% per day? Just try trading in ForexMart download No Deposit Bonus to increase the strength of your equity. Deeply felt the benefits of No Deposit Bonus at ForexMart, in 4 days I can profit by 400%. ForexMart original joint. I recommend ForexMart for you.

Nothing is impossible in Forex Trading, a 100% profit per day? not the impossible. I along ForexMart get it in 4 days where I actually get a profit of 400%, this is nothing on strengthening the equity of No Deposit Bonus ForexMart given to me. I recommend a good broker for you is ForexMart. Real on my own experience.

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ForexMart is one of the great broker i’ve been trading with, fast execution and no issues on withdrawing my funds. And their service makes client to be comfortable with them in terms of money matters.

ForexMart is one of the great broker i’ve been trading with, fast execution and no issues on withdrawing my funds. And their service makes client to be comfortable with them in terms of money matters.

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i hve been trading for only a year, and i have traded with a couple of brokers. it’s unfortunate that i lost a lot with them. but when a friend told about forexmart and their services, i gave it a shot. i am happy that i tried them. they offer such good bonus programs. recently they launched the 30% deposit bonus. it helps a lot of new traders trying their luck in this field.

ForexMart is one of the 3 brokers I’m currently trading with. I’ve been a satisfied customer so far. Issuers are inevitable, but they are prompt to address. Their platforms don’t lag, and their payment options are convenient. They can still improve, but right now, I am happy.

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