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Broker information Gain Capital group Forex broker reviews

  • Website:
  • Year since: 1999
  • Headquarters: New York, United States
  • Company registration: GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc., United States
    Forex.Com UK Limited, United Kingdom
  • Regulation: NFA (ID # 0339826), CFTC;
    FSA UK (ID # 190864)
  • Notes: GAIN Capital operates®

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One Review

I was above to open an account with and Thanks to all who have taken time to write their Reviews about this Scam broker , you guys saved my $1000 and not forgetting to thank BrokerGuru thank you Sir.

Hi Tamer Ali,

Clue is, no broker will have a case against two complaint at same time period and opposit to eachother.

stay away from this broker

Hi ,
I’m Tamer Ali , From Egypt

i was a client in the company for more than a year and half and now ,i had a problem with the company which located in UK ,
The issue is :

i have made a profit 12500$ by trading in their software and i requested to get the money back ,BUT they refused the request and said it was a transaction in “UNTRUE RATE” which is wrong and there is nothing to prove what they are saying .

They debited the money without any approval from my side by entering in my account ,and it is illegal way ,I will use all ways to get “my money” back by media and news that you had a great awards from them “the journal and profit & lose magazine” ,I will complain you in the Securities Commission ,and i will go to build a case against the company to get my money back and to have a compensation according to what happened .

i will not leave my money to be taken like that .

i have all emails and the system reports which prove my case ,

Hope you help me to close this case and get my own money back .

I have already left a review, but I wanted to show some evidence of their thieving ways. If you are familiar with Bank of America, you should know that they accept all retail refunds to debit/CC cards the same day the retailer processes them. Well, that’s my bank, and despite what says, there is no pending credit. I spoke to BofA customer service personally, and the refund was never processed. BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT FOREX.COM SAYS, SO THEY REFUSE TO EVEN RESEARCH THE REFUND ON THEIR END TO SEE WHAT THE DELAY IS! Considering the ways they cheat their clients (confirmed for me), and now this, I warn you: trade with at your own risk.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with ‘Craig D’
Craig D: Hello Rebecca, welcome to Client Services. May I have your email address to better assist you?
Rebecca: my account ID is ——
Craig D: Thank you for your information, how may I assist you?
Rebecca: I am contacting for the 3rd time because my withdrawal STILL has not gone through
Rebecca: I placed the request on Monday morning last week, I contacted customer service Wednesday evening because the “2 business days” had passed and I found out it hadn’t even been initiated,
Craig D: I would be happy to assist you with that.
Rebecca: that CS agent sent a message to expedite it since we are having a family emergency,
Craig D: I do see that your withdrawal was processed on April 7. The funds were returned tot he Visa card ending in xxxx.
Rebecca: and last Friday I was told it was processed and I would have it no later than monday.
Rebecca: so here it’s monday, and I still don’t have the money.
Rebecca: if they were refunded to my card the refund would have shown within 24 hours.
Rebecca: someone needs to check if they refunded to correct card number because there is no reason I shouldn’t have that money back in my bank at least pending by the 11th
Craig D: I do see that this has been processed on our end. I would recommend contacting the card’s bank to see why it has not posted as of yet.
Craig D: The posting time would depend on your card’s bank after it is processed on our end.
Rebecca: I’ve been banking with BofA for over 10 years and it has never taken this long for any credits to my card. They are very fast to process these things. Funds I requested from Paypal on Friday afternoon are already there now
Rebecca: I will call them, but if they tell me they have never heard of then I’m coming back here. I’m really upset about this.
Craig D: I do apologize, however this has been processed on our end.
Rebecca: I’ll check. Thank you.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with ‘Julia’
Julia: Hello Rebecca, welcome to May I have your account number (User ID) to better assist you?
Rebecca: ——
Julia: Thank you for your information, how may I assist you?
Rebecca: I just contacted chat 5 minutes ago complaining about my withdrawal not going through yet, and Craig D told me to contact my bank because he insisted it was a problem with Bank of America, NOT
Rebecca: so I called
Rebecca: they show NO RECORD of attempting to credit my card
Rebecca: EVER
Rebecca: supposedly my withdrawal was credited on the 7th, but this is not true. If someone doesn’t get this money credited to my card today I will have to contact my attorney
Julia: We sent the funds on 4/7.
Julia: A withdrawal back to card is like doing a return at a store.
Julia: It can take anywhere from 1-4 business days for the funds to post back to the account.
Rebecca: NO, no you did not. I verified this with the bank. NO ATTEMPT TO CREDIT MY CARD HAS BEEN MADE
Julia: Yes it has been sent out.
Julia: Your bank is incorrect.
Rebecca: BofA would show the credit pending. My bank is not incorrect.
Rebecca: I have been banking with them for over 10 years. I know how they work, and they are very good about keeping records of all transactions, even pending ones that do not appear on my statement online yet because it is too soon
Rebecca: and I just got off the phone with their customer service rep PETER, who confirmed that there is no pending credit from
Julia: One moment please.
Rebecca: Maybe your company should call BofA and confirm that you processed the right account. I already checked and they told me you have not
Julia: We are not authorized to call banks on behalf of clients.
Rebecca: I am completely livid. I made it clear last week that this withdrawal was due to a family emergency
Julia: You can have your bank call us.
Julia: I’ll be happy to email you confirmation that your funds were sent on 4/7
Rebecca: then you need to figure out some way to process this credit appropriately, because it has NOT been processed. Checked and confirmed on my end.
Julia: Again, I see that the funds were sent out on Thursday.
Julia: It is like doing a return at a store.
Rebecca: An email confirmation will not make this fake refund any more valid. If whoever made the credit pressed so much as one incorrect number then the credit will not process
Rebecca: and please stop repeating yourself about store credits. I know exactly how retail refunds work, and the day that the bank receives the request they have a record that it is pending
Rebecca: they do not hide the pending credits for 4 days
Julia: I will send you the transaction receipt in a few minutes.
Julia: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Rebecca: If I do not have the money by tomorrow I am filing a complaint with the CFTC and contacting my attorney. This is ridiculous. I belong to forex forums, and has a reputation of doing this to other customers. I know people who have had this same argument for over 2 weeks before getting their money back. If I had known about this before opening my account, I would have gone elsewhere.