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FOREX.com reviews

Average: 1.6 based on 26 reviews
FOREX.com Gain Capital group Forex broker reviews
  • Website:
  • Year since: 1999
  • Headquarters: New York, United States
  • Company registration: GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc., United States
    Forex.Com UK Limited, United Kingdom
  • Regulation: NFA (ID # 0339826), CFTC;
    FSA UK (ID # 190864)
  • Notes: GAIN Capital operates FOREX.com®

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United States David C

February 19, 2016

10 Years Total
Never with this Broker

Haha.. I decided to check out their platform demo. Started to download their trading platform demo and ..boing!.. my security and anti-virus programs started to go nuts and immediately killed it. Then, out of curiosity I decide to see if there are any reviews on these guys. I guess the consensus here speaks well to that and says it all. Avoid it like a pestilent virus.

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January 16, 2016

7 years Total
non with this Broker

I was above to open an account with Forex.com and Thanks to all who have taken time to write their Reviews about this Scam broker , you guys saved my $1000 and not forgetting to thank BrokerGuru thank you Sir.

Tags: FOREX.com reviews

China, Jeff Zhou

February 19, 2015

3 years Total
5 months LIVE with this Broker

Traded on forex.com in 2013 and last year, after they returned to China.
Spread is low and withdraw is okay.
But disconnection, slippage (esp. on gold/ silver) occurred very often.

Tags: FOREX.com reviews

United States, Jim

March 28, 2013

since May 2010 - May 2011 Total
1 year LIVE with this Broker

in 2011 my father realized the severe pain in his lower back wasn't going away so he went to his doctor. immediately the doctor realized my father had a severe medical condition. he had multiple blood-filled balloon-like bulges called aneurysms in his chest and his abdomen and he needed emergency surgery. usually i was the one to phone my father so his call to me that day came as a surprise. when he told me what the doctor told him, i felt like i'd been hit by a train. during this time i'd been hot and heavy with "forex.com" and i'd given a presentation in my economics class about them. at the time i had a decent opinion of them. i didn't like everything they did but i didn't have any reason to hate them as i do today. during that year my father had two surgeries. the first one was successful and during his second surgery he died on the operating table. as you can imagine i was stricken with grief. time passed and my mother had a second and third heart attack and several surgeries of her own. thank God she is doing a lot better these days (march 2013). needless to say my family has had my undivided attention and i thought it would be nice to get back to spending some time with my forex account. during the time i was away, forex stole the remaining money from my account claiming it was due to my "inactivity" on my account and they tried to convince me it was in the contract i signed with them. i informed them, i had never signed a contract with them. they continued to attempt to justify their reason for taking my money by repeatedly talking about a non existing contract. i have investments with fidelity and american funds that i haven't touched in many many years and nothing bad happened to my accounts with them (my money has grown with them). i quickly used google.com to look up forex's reputation and within a few clicks found this site and began to read what others posted about their experience with forex.com and i now believe the bernie madoff scandal is amature hour compaired to the forex.com scam. let me be very clear, this company is slick and slimmy - do NOT put a single penny in their direction because you will never see it again. in 44 years i've had many types of investments and they've been good experiences. that was until "forex.com". forex.com is a company choc full of thieves at its helm, consider yourself warned and don't do any business with them. my final words to them were, i expect a letter of apology and the balance in the form of a check to be delivered to my mailbox. the manager ended my call by acknowledging it happens a lot at "forex.com" (meaning money frequently gets taken from people's accounts). f*ck forex forever - i'm pissed!! one final thought. they had the audacity to suggest i add more money to my account and they would credit my money back to me. i told them i'd do that when hell freezes over (all three of their employees suggested i add more money to my account to get credits for the money they took from my account).

Tags: FOREX.com reviews

United States, Jerry T.

January 6, 2013

4+ Years Live Total
2+ Years Live with this Broker

My account balance dropped to around $35 this past summer, 2012 due to some bad trades which I had made.
I intended to deposit more money into my account, but never got around to it until today, Jan. 6, 2013. I tried to make a deposit, but my account was closed. I called and they said my account balance was $0 due to inactivity charges of $15 a month for every month over 90 days of inactivity. My complaint is that they never notified me when they started taking money out of my account, at which time I would have closed the account and withdrawn the small amount which was left. I would think an honest company would have closed the account and sent a check for the remaining balance to the client instead of coming up with different excuses to confiscate the clients money. That used to be called stealing!
My advice...Stay away or if you already have an account with them...WATCH YOUR MONEY!

Tags: FOREX.com reviews

chris, US

October 28, 2012

more than 2yr Total
1yr with this Broker

You have to think about having business with this broker again.. They seems so nice before opening account ,but when You try to withdrawl your money and get away from this broker.They never return your money.

Tags: FOREX.com reviews

United Kingdom cool daddy

September 27, 2012

8 years Total
2 years with this Broker

Hi Tamer Ali,

Clue is, no broker will have a case against two complaint at same time period and opposit to eachother.

Tags: FOREX.com reviews

United Kingdom cool daddy

September 27, 2012

8 years Total
2 years with this Broker

stay away from this broker

Tags: FOREX.com reviews

Egypt,Tamer Ali

September 16, 2012

Year and half Total
Year and half with this Broker

Hi ,
I'm Tamer Ali , From Egypt

i was a client in the Forex.com company for more than a year and half and now ,i had a problem with the Forex.com company which located in UK ,
The issue is :

i have made a profit 12500$ by trading in their software and i requested to get the money back ,BUT they refused the request and said it was a transaction in "UNTRUE RATE" which is wrong and there is nothing to prove what they are saying .

They debited the money without any approval from my side by entering in my account ,and it is illegal way ,I will use all ways to get "my money" back by media and news that you had a great awards from them "the journal and profit & lose magazine" ,I will complain you in the Securities Commission ,and i will go to build a case against the company to get my money back and to have a compensation according to what happened .

i will not leave my money to be taken like that .

i have all emails and the system reports which prove my case ,

Hope you help me to close this case and get my own money back .

Tags: FOREX.com reviews


September 3, 2012

7 Total
2 with this Broker


At first in 2009, I open a mini account of only $250. It was not a big deal. Even the practice forextraderpro is not enough to understand this fraudulant broker.
All I can say that later I invested all my saving in this broker. Today I am depressed, lost, badly shattered, and ruin.
It seems they know your passwords and username. So nothing is a secret. Once you are offline, they will log on into your account, and bid in your place.
In 2011, last years i asked for a withdraw. But they informed me that until i have not cleared utilised margin I cant withdraw. The only solution is to add fund. They continue to manipulate my fund invested without my consent.
They know that my location is remote and very away from US and UK, so they dont care about how I will complained.
At first I feel someone is playing in my account. The live chat or the customer support never care and took it seriously declaring me to be negligent and asking me to be more prudent next time.
There is no need to change passwords as they will know your new passwords.

Finally i no more have access to my aaccount. My money was never returned. I am left bankrupt.
They played a dirty tricks with me.
This evil action of them has completely left me with tears.

I do not know how still on earth people are dealing with this broker or why it is not yet closed.

This is a pure scam and fraudulant broker.

Please I pray to every people on earth to withdraw their money as soon as possible from this scam firm and stay away and advise all other people to stay away from it.

I hope nobody again cry out from his heart because this firm has no pity for anyone they will strip you from your money.

Tags: FOREX.com reviews

UK, Hassan

August 23, 2012

4 years (live+demo) Total
3 years with this Broker

I thought they were fine and gave them the benefit of the doubt until I saw these reviews.

I noticed the spikes and the huge spread at times, I thought it was normal....there were slippage many times before and times were my stop loss or my order limit has reaches and NOT fulfilled....there was nothing but loss, and I thought it was normal...how naive!

I did go through a good period for a month or so but otherwise it was really bad. Charts used to give me wrong information and generated gaps for me at times (where I rushed to get a position)....only to find out an hour later that the chart was not correct...it magically refreshes itself and changes (although I refreshed it manually several times before and it kept giving me the gap or other "false/misleading info")..... I asked them many times and they said it shouldn't have happened, but it did.

there were times when the market was very volatile where they ended up giving me +8 pip spread in GBP/USD!!!

I would give them 5 stars for customer service and shit like that but otherwise they're liars and thieves.

Tags: FOREX.com reviews


May 1, 2012

000 Total
000 with this Broker

I am so thankful to people who take time to make a review and who had experience with the brokerage firm.
Just from these reviews that I think express a realness from people who reached out to touch and got slapped back. No thanks I am staying away from this Forex.com and if I see Gain Capital Holding Inc. affiliated with any brokerage, that's a "RED FLAG".


Tags: FOREX.com reviews


March 2, 2012

3years Total
1 year with this Broker

dealing desk broker no rapid execution

Tags: FOREX.com reviews

Egypt, Mohamed K Abdelnabi

November 12, 2011

1 year Total
10 months LIVE, 1 month DEMO with this Broker

1- A highly effective trading system without delays.
2- A friendly, so nice& helpful customer service.

Tags: FOREX.com reviews

Portugal, Pedro Grilo

November 7, 2011

Live & Demo accounts for more than 5 years Total
4 years with this Broker

I was reading this reviews, and i thought that even after 5 years i was a newbie around but reading this reviews really turned me into a PRO.

First, the deposits and whidrawls with Gain Capital using Forex.com usually takes 24 hours to be in and out my account. I have hundreds of report pages with more than 100 deposits and whidrawals.

Second, each time i saw the chart touching my SP or TP without closing the order, i've contacted my account manager and he closed the position in that minute with the value of the SP or TP placed in that order. That happened to me only ONCE in 2 trading years!

Third, now they are only working with Market Execution, i want to see all these "macho-mans" placing orders and complaining about slippage cos now there isn't none!

Last, if you want to trade and get money dont trade with LIVE accounts that doesn't have enough margin to support your freakin errors and after that dont blame broker for them! Trading live with $500 usd's????? So what? You want to get to 1 million in 60 days? Forget those myths and climb down to earth... using a $25.000 account and getting between 10% amd 30% monthly is awesome with some great strategy and discipline... dont be greedy and wish to quadruplicate your $500 account in 1 week... if that happens you are a luck %%$$#%/!

Even today, that i am not working with them by legal reasons, but soon i will be back for sure, i made friends there and if someone ask me a broker to trust the earnings and savings i would say whithout any doubt, Gain Capital with Forex.com.


Pedro Grilo

Tags: FOREX.com reviews
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